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We find, we do!!!

PHASE 1 The main objective of the meeting is to establish a working framework and also to achieve team spirit among us, so it is just a working discussion. We are a team here in Broadnet. We now have to coordinate our activities. Sales and marketing plus service provisions We find the jobs, we do the jobs On day one do not set some targets What kind of targets will you think we can work on Incentives (main advantage of targets) also note that targets should not be a policing tool. Target setting mutually benefits the company and the individual *Demoralize & Distort* Go and think about it (targets proposal) and write back your thoughts ensuring that the content includes at least the following issues:How are we going to achieve any agreed target and write down notes to help convince us on those targets if there are attainable? Include how you intend to approach the market, in short (how are you going to find your leads/prospects in the market, existing & future. What products or services would you be comfortable to deal with Where are you going to preach & which word? In your imagination how would the rest of the team (including the seniors) assist/help you achieve your proposed target * What are your hopes and or fears in this new job? - Why? I did not have the benefit to discuss this since I was not in the interview panel - I am asking this hoping that your individual career goal will match with those of the company. - In a nutshell (one major goal of the company is to attain continuous growth and another is to create value for all its stockholders who include workers as well.

PHASE 2 The main objective of implementing this phase is to focus on the day-to-day operational activities of the sales team and the framework within which it operates. This includes but is not limited to the following considerations:-Leadership and guidance by relevant senior members of the Department/Company. -Synergy with other functional units of the Company. -Synergy among team members to achieve maximum throughput by avoiding ills such as:a) Uncoordinated activities. b) Poor communication among team members and beyond. c) Duplication/overlapping of sales/technical efforts due to poor planning. d) Unproductive grapevine activities. -Instill/reinforce a sense of belonging among team members. -Establish a foolproof & efficient reporting and evaluation system (the basis also for administering commissions). Tawanda Mataruse CSCO122243003