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PROJECT TITLE A compact three-phase single-input/dual-output matrix converter Adaptive dc-link voltage-controlled hybrid active power filters for reactive power compensation Analysis and design of a zero-voltage switching and zero-current-switching interleaved boost converter Analysis and design of active NPC (ANPC) inverters for Fault tolerant Operation of high electrical drives Analysis of a self-oscillating bidirectional dc–dc converter in battery energy storage applications Derivation, analysis, and implementation of a boost–buck converter-based high-efficiency PV inverter Design and implementation of a ZCS-PWM half-bridge boost rectifier with output voltage balance control Design and performance of a bidirectional isolated dc–dc converter for battery energy storage system Efficiency-optimized high-current dual active bridge converter for automotive applications High efficiency ac–ac power electronic converter applied to domestic induction heating Improved transformer less inverter with common-mode leakage current elimination for a photovoltaic grid-connected power Modeling and control for a bidirectional buck–boost cascade inverter Assessment of PERTURB an observe MPPT algorithm implantation techniques for PV pumping Applications Practical design and implementation procedure of an interleaved boost converter using sic diodes for PV applications Soft-switching boost converter with a fly back Snubber for high power applications Step-up dc/dc converters with cascaded quasi-z-source network. Switching strategies for fault tolerant operation of single dc-link dual converters. Zero-speed operation of high-power PWM current-source-inverter-fed induction motor drive A carrier based PWM strategy with zero sequence voltage injection for a three level neutral point clamped inverter A Diode-Clamped Multilevel Inverter with Voltage Boost Function A management strategy for solar panel –battery – super capacitor hybrid energy system in solar car A Novel Scheme Suitable for High-Voltage and Large-Capacity Photovoltaic Power Stations Analysis and Design of Single-Stage AC/DC LLC Resonant Converter DC Link Active Power Filter for Three-Phase Diode Rectifier Design and Analysis of Interleaved Boost Converter for Renewable Energy Source Modeling and Control of a Three-Phase Four-Switch PWM Voltage-Source Rectifier

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28,South Usman Road,, TNagar, Chennai-17. Ph : 044-43855940 Mobile : +91-9042085008 Web : email :

in d-q Synchronous Frame 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. Supervisory Predictive Control of Standalone Wind/Solar Energy Generation Systems SMES Based Excitation System for Doubly-Fed Induction Generator in Wind Power Application Matrix Converter-Based Unified Power-Flow Controllers: Advanced Direct Power Control Method Impact of Distributed Generations with Energy Storage Devices on the Electric Grid A Modified Three-phase Four Wire UPQC Topology with Reduced DC-link Voltage Rating PS01 PS02 PS03 PS04 PS05 2011 2011 2011 2012 2011

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