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20,2012 Pacquiao’s Unexpected Defeat Was Due To Overagressiveness and Overconfidence Pacquao’s defeat, sudden and unexpected, was caused mainly by his own carelessness, overagressiveness and overconfidence. Some of his fans, however, including those older adults, not sparing even his mother, have blamed his defeat to his leaving the Catholic Church and joined another religious organization. With his conversion to other church claiming to be Christians as well, he stops wearing the crucifix and has abandon making the sign of the cross, which he used to do before and after each fight at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vigas, Nevada. I repeatedly heard the abovementioned comments right after his upset with Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez on the last second of the sixth round. That religious side of the comments from some fans of Many Pacquiao is just the product of sheer ignorance of God’s laws and commandments. By reading the passages of the New testaments in the Bible nowhere could one reader or a believer find that our Lord Jesus Christ commanded his first followers the Apostles to make the sign of the cross neither He instructed them to wear crucifixes on their chests. What is important for our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ is to follow and practice what the Law says and not otherwise. Hence, their comments cannot hold water and has no force. Due to his carelessness, overagressiveness and overconfidence Pacquiao smack in haste for a kill on the last 2 seconds on the sixth round when Marquez received rough beatings instead of going slowly with the fight. Despite his knockout on the third round, hitting his left face with Marquez’s right hand, Pacquiao was able to reciprocate a knockout with the former on the fifth round. Feeling the heat of his hands on the sixth, he hammered his opponent’s face until his nose bleed before it ended. He then sensed that he has the edge and with the surge of his uncontrolled aggressiveness and overconfidence he quickly grabbed the last 2 seconds by going near his foe. Delivering a heavy straight, it missed its target when Marquez ducked away. He counterpunched and hit Pacquiao’s jawline and fell down unconscious for less than three minutes. With bleeding nose, Marquez raised his right hand in conquest then walked towards the corner facing his compatriots with raised hands as they responded with loud roar of jubilation. If only Pacquiao was able to control his temper during that crucial period and reserved his overheat for the seventh round, he could have continued to pound Marquez relentlessly until he would be weakened by his heavy punches.

The injured condition of Marquez’s face is already a good target for constant butting, as always is the common observation by spectators during boxing bouts. This would lead to his probable and decisive defeat, or even to the point of knocking him out before the 12th round.

This is the second defeat in a row of Pacquiao this year when William Bradley who was outjabed, outpunched and outpointed by him was declared by the 3 judges as the winner, considered as a cheated claim on the part of those who watched closely their titled fight, most particularly on the results of the compubox. The pound-for-pound fighter of the world with his conquest in 8 boxing divisions has learned his bitter lesson by now. Nevertheless, he can still have a re-match with Marquez. Perhaps in less than 2 years from now, as both fighters have suffered serious injuries-Marquez with his broken nose and Pacquiao with his jaw and brain examinations to be released yet. Marquez nose needs repair and recovery takes months; while Pacquiao’s medical examination result is needed by his promoter Bob Arum before he can deicide when to have a re-match of the two ring gladiators. If the Pacquiao-Marquez 5 would push through next year, whoever shall win and whoever shall loss, Pacquiao should retire and Marquez has to decide for himself. Enough of their 5 encounters. There should be no more P-M-6. Nevertheless,despite of Pacquiao’s defeat, Filipinos are still be proud of him because he is the only Filipino boxer who has conquered 8 weight divisions in boxing, the very first time that such fate was achieved. To all fans of Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao,who blamed him for his stoppage in wearing the crucifix and shunning to make the sign of the cross during his latest fight,Dec. 9,2012,in Las Vegas, should reflect now and ponder this: The truth is: the cross during the Ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ is the instrument of death. That’s why he was crucified on the cross together with two thieves flanking him. Making the sign of the cross is not also the Lord’s commandment neither that of the Apostles nor that of the Heavenly Father’s. It has no profound meaning to any Christian or followers of Jesus Christ and its practiced by some people can be abandoned and phased out. I repeat, the wearing of the crucifix and making the sign of the cross are unnecessary adds on to some of the professing Christians who can do without.(Jun Gorpido)

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