Let‘s begin with Helena Blavatsky-a Russian spiritualist, she was the ‗Magnum Opus,‘ spreading knowledge of the Ascended Masters. She traveled extensively in her days as a student. Her mission was to obtain as much information as she could about the Masters. Tibet was important in that she learned their ‗home base,‘ so to speak. In 1873, she moved to the States and established the Theosophical Society. Others who at some point had a connection with the Theosophical movement, such as Alice Bailey, Helena Roerich, Manly P. Hall (an important figure in Freemasonry).

Theosophy literally means, ―god-wisdom‖. If you study the logo, you will find it incorporated the Swastika, Star of David, Ankh, Aum, and the Ouroboros. This should be revealing in of itself. She wrote many books in her life but “The Secret Doctrine” has key quotes which I want to highlight. “Lucifer represents…Life…Thought…Progress…Civilization…Liberty…Independence…Lu cifer is the Logos…the Serpent, the Savior”. pages 171, 225, 255 (Volume II) “It is Satan who is the God of our planet and the only God.” pages 215, 216, 220,

245, 255, 533, (VI) “The Celestial Virgin which thus becomes the Mother of Gods and Devils at one and the same time; for she is the ever-loving beneficent Deity…but in antiquity and reality Lucifer or Luciferius is the name. Lucifer is divine and terrestrial Light, „the Holy Ghost‟ and “Satan‟ at one and the same time.” page 539 I would like to finish with she was a 32 DEGREE FREEMASON. (Co-Freemasonwhich is the form of Freemasonry which admits men and women). She was the PIONEER of the NEW AGE MOVEMENT!!

THE HIDDEN MASTERS The doctrine with which Blavatsky promoted consisted of an evolution which included these Masters as our creators. A manifested aspect of advanced entities which periodically appear on Earth in order to direct the evolution of mankind. Their agenda was to bring forth a doctrine which reputedly based our existence as a part of their creation. “Coincidently, the Freemasonry society bases their organization off key knowledge of these ancient mysteries.” Blavatsky posited that humanity evolved through a series of what she called ―ROOT RACES‖, with the present being the Aryans, which are the Fifth Root Race of SEVEN….pay particular attention to that key bit of info. These root races do not refer to ethnicities, but revolutionary stages. Hence the ‗Darwin‖ aspect of it all. She taught that Atlantis was the Fourth Root-Race. A universal ―Brotherhood‖ (Freemason comes to mind here) was needed to advance. A mixture of occult philosophy with nationalist and fascists ideas brought forth a

system of thought which became known as ―Ariosophy‖. Esoteric in nature, this doctrine was initiated by a variety of organizations, namely that of German and Austrian concepts of the Pagan influences, with a hint of Armanen rune discipline. This is where the swastika originated. I believe the Old Norse myths and Greek mythology was imbedded into the foundations here as well. Let‘s not forget that the Order of the New Templars (Ordo Novi Tempi, or ONT), headquartered in Austria, overlooking the river of Danube. The Order was the first to use the swastika in an ―Aryan‖ meeting. Displaying it as a flag with a red swastika, surrounded by fleur-de-lys in the four directions round about.

Also adopted was the THULE SOCIETY. This is steeped in Greek mythology, the name Thule was chosen for its significance in the influences of Guido von List and Lanz von Liebenfels (who established the Order of the New Templars-1907). The logo included oak leaves, dagger and swastika. Also the Order of the Temple of the Rosy Cross was an organization founded in the esoterism of the West, founded in the bosom of the Theosophical Society in 1912. Sounds a bit like the Rosicrucian, does it not? Thule was an island located by Greek geographers at the northernmost extremity of the world, and the capital was Hyperborea. The survivors of Atlantis were said to be one in the same. Never the Muse is absent from their ways: lyres clash and flutes cry and everywhere maiden choruses whirling. Neither disease nor bitter old age is mixed in their sacred blood; far from labor and battle they live.

Pindar, Tenth Pythian Ode; translated by Richmond Lattimore. (I might add that…PINDAR means PENIS OF THE DRAGON)

Hecateaus of Abdera also wrote that the Hyperboreans had a ‗circular temple‘ on their island, and some scholars have identified this with Stonehenge. This is further supported by the fact that Stonehenge has been known as Apollo‘s Temple since classical antiquity, and Hyperborea in Greek legend was related to Apollo. Apollo being one of the Twelve Olympians of Atlantis. Interestingly enough, Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900) began his work Der Antichrist (The Antichrist) in 1895 with, ―Let us see ourselves for what we are. We are Hyperboreans.‖ So we see the branches of this ‗tree of knowledge‘ stems far and wide by the early 1900‘s.

who brought 144. In Sanskirt. He claims to come from the etheric plane of planet Venus some 18. which floats on the etheric plane above the Gobi Desert. He has many names but on a planetary level. SANATANA. Blavatsky claimed he belonged to a group of beings. SANAT KUMARA He is an ‗advanced being‘ at the ninth level of initiation who is regarded as the Lord or Regent of Earth. George Washington was divinely inspired . It is said that the Seven Holy Kumars sent one of themselves to guide us.000 souls with them. Ancient JudeoChristian traditions identify him as Ahura Mazda in Zoroastrianism.There are many Ascended Masters-but there are only a couple which I want to speak of. He is the head of the spiritual hierarchy of Earth who dwells in Shamballah ( the sublime center of Earth). the ―Lords of the Flame‖. whom Christian tradition believe is Lucifer and the fallen angels. he is called SANATH Kumar. he is called SUBRAHMANYA. He is the founder of the Great White Brotherhood which is composed of Masters of the Ancient Wisdom. Sanat means ―eternal‖ and Kumara means a ―youth‖. On a supra Cosmic plane he is called. According to Elizabeth Clare Prophet.5 million years ago. and humanity. on cosmic level.

He has many assistants and these include THE WATCHER (also called the Silent Watcher or the GREAT SILENT WATCHER). with cone-shaped diamonds on each end. which is a model on the city plan of Shamballa. This is all then forwarded to the RECORDING ANGELS. and record daily all the information relevant to Earth and forward it to the CUSTODIAN OF THE HALL OF RECORDS. Sounds like they have this down to a ‗SCIENCE‘! Although it‘s all just a counterfeit of GOD‘S GOVERNMENT! Crème admits that all these deities are NORDIC ALIENS from VENUS! Crème describes regular flying saucer traffic between Venus and Shamballa and Shamballa is equipped with an astrodome as well as numerous landing pads attached to the tops or the sides of the buildings to accommodate the heavy traffic . Sanat Kumara‘s symbol of authority of his office is a 2-foot-long (0.61m).by the Ascended Masters to choose city planner Pierre L‘Enfant to create the city plan of Washington DC. 2-inch wide (51mm) MAGIC WAND called the Rod of Power made of metal orichalcum (from Atlantis). He conducts his business in an enormous room in his palace called THE COUNCIL CHAMBER OF THE LORD OF THE WORLD. whose function is to continually watch the akashic records (history of the Cosmos).

“The Christ Is Now Here. Floating five miles above the Earth‘s surface on the etheric plane.from Venus. the Venusians have cigar-shaped mother ships up to four miles long to accommodate the activity. Notice how SANAT can be twisted to spell SATAN? MAITREYA Millions of people around the world awoke to a surprising article in the newspapers on April 25. In addition. It would greet readers to a full-page ad which proclaimed.” . 1982. Shamballa has numerous entrances from above and below.

―Take your brother‘s need as the measure for your action and solve the problems of the world. the universality of His viewpoint. to Kuwait and Los Angeles to Karachi…it more that 20 major cities across the world…readers blinked in SHOCK and disbelief as they tried to digest the ―news‖ as they also digested their morning coffee. . when each man is his neighbor‘s enemy. the Masters of Wisdom. Injustice. and the Hindus await KRISHNA. and social. War. and His love for all humanity. when the rich parade their wealth before the poor. Since July. the Buddhists the FIFTH BUDDHA. They have remained largely in the remote desert and mountain places of earth. The $500. from New York City. Who Is The Christ? Throughout history. 1977. economic. We will recognize Him by His extraordinary spiritual potency. And as Christians await the Second Coming. the Moslems the IMAMMAHDI. known by Christians as the CHRIST. and His location is known . These are all names for the one individual. My friends. How Will We Recognize Him? Look for a modern man concerned with modern problems – political. He comes not to judge but to aid and inspire. In Answer To Our Call For Help. This message of the Christ‘s reappearance has been given primarily by such a disciple trained for his task for over 20 years.This wasn‘t just one ad…oh no! It was from Rome to Jerusalem. . but an educator in the broadest sense of the world -pointing the way out of our present crisis. At the center of this ―Spiritual Hierarchy‖ stands the World Teacher. for it requires only the acceptance of sharing. LORD MAITREYA. This is simpler than you imagine. the Christ has been emerging as a spokesman for a group or community in a well-known modern country. when no man trusts his brother?‖ Allow me to show you the way forward into a simpler life where no man lacks. He is not a religious leader.000 plus ad campaign featured the follwing copy: The World Has Had Enough .‖ He has not as yet declared His true status. where no two days are alike. humanity‘s evolution has been guided by a group of enlightened men. where the Joy of Brotherhood manifests through all men.Of Hunger. The Christ Is Now Here. What Is He Saying? ―My task will be to show you how to live together peacefully as brothers. As World Teacher For All Humanity. ―How can you be content with the modes within which you now live: when millions starve and die in squalor. working mainly through their disciples who live openly in the world. His presence in the world guarantees there will be no third World War. so the Jews await the MESSIAH.

. these ads came as no surprise.‖ Preceded by an incredibly sophisticated public relations campaign.to only a very few disciples. California. we will build a new world. From that time. It‘s all an agenda sent down from the Cosmos! And the end agenda?? A SUPER-RACE for the hybrid of the Antichrist to reside in. One of these has announced that soon the Christ will acknowledge His identity and within the next two months will speak to humanity through a worldwide television and radio broadcast. telepathically. New York City and North Hollywood. unfortunately. The ads went on to list four information centers strategically scattered about the globe: Amsterdam. including Benjamin Crème on a worldwide speaking tour. apathy was the order of the day -an apathy that if not soon shaken would result in the New Agers‘ long-awaited ―New World Order. For myself. Without peace there can be no future. Without sharing there can be no justice. You see the Illuminati/Freemason Elite are all just subject/slaves to these entities. by all people in their own language. Without justice there can be no peace. In fact they and the vast network of organizations behind them – known collectively as the New Age Movement -had been the source of a near obsession with me for all of the previous year. The Age of Aquarius was at last arriving and it meant nothing as far as the Judeo/Christian would was concerned. with His help. For sadly. London. DID YOU NOTICE? The last words of the news article? A NEW WORLD ORDER. And that world well needed to be concerned. They should have come as little surprise to most of the Christian community either -had the all-too-numerous clues been observed. His message will be heard inwardly.

Beginning in 1975. (the same year as the crop circles began to appear). the mixture of Chemtrials are not just from human invention. in Theological literature. According to Crème. Crème says Maitreya has no need to eat. The Masters. He is 6 foot 3 inches tall. Crème reveals he began telepathically channelling Maitreya. Bailey. . He has presented himself to Blavatsky. are the ultimate guides of the Theological Society. He wrote a book ―Message from Maitreya‖ documenting these communications.Maitreya is described as the one who will hold the Office of the World Teacher. His ‗Spokeman‖ is Benjamin Crème. periodically. Crème reveals that there are some 400. or otherwise known as the Mahatmas. and has no navel. Maitreya resides in London. Share International is the key website for his information concerning his communications with Maitreya. but are a mixture. and others and made appearances in different parts of the world. That is until recently.000 UFO bases on Earth! And according to him. The work involves replicating the magnetic grid for the coming technology of ‗light‘…in order to ascend. He states that Maitreya will return to Earth earlier that the post-2025 date given to Alice A.

[link] Because of Scripture. there are only two other entities which are above him. Maitreya is known as the Christ Principle. even by having his own counterfeit! Since the dawn of time. Matthew 24:27-For as the lightning cometh out of the east. being at the apex. Satan will do everything in his power to duplicate the coming of Jesus Christ. Mississippi. THESE PICTURES OF “JESUS CHRIST” FROM THE CATHOLIC CHURCH ARE FRAUDS! Have you ever wondered why the Catholic Church would OUTLAW any other pictures of “Jesus Christ” than theirs!!!!!!! Order of the Star of the East–The Order of the Star was formed in 1911. and shineth even unto the west. later perfected . man has been fascinated with stars. Seems a lot like what the Bible describes as Satan after he‘s cast out of the higher heavens by GOD.At this evolutionary level. described by Blavatsky. Robert Morris penned the ritual for the Order of the Eastern Star in Jackson. He is referred to as the Lord of the World. so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. One being SANAT KUMARA. First remember that the Bible tells us.

Other beliefs and knowledge of stars are: . did quite a treatise on stars in his publications. Star of Knowledge: Advises the Magi of the birth of Jesus. Five Pointed Star: from the Pentalpha of Pythagoras. Albert Pike. Created on the fourth day with other heavenly bodies. Some of them are:   Star that guided the Magi to Bethlehem and Jesus. Morals and Dogmas. The Order of the Star was formed in 1911. Accepted as ―child‖ of sun and moon. Star of Solomon formed by the square and compass – it is found on a dollar bill. a Masonic writer.       Lesser of all lights in firmament.by Robert McCoy. or Five New Beginnings.

Any stars that have names of men only testify of man‘s desire to ―be like God. and when thou seest the sun and the .‖ As in all times. and He calleth them by all their names. Believed to have soul and intelligence by some ancients.    Star worshipers established feasts for stars.    Some believed the stars were the causes of great events. Stars precede great events. One named by Ethiopians of Thebes the Sirius or Dog Star. after giving the children of Israel fair warning in Verses 15-18. Believed to be able to control man‘s destiny or foretell the same. states: “And lest thou lift up thine eyes unto Heaven. man sometimes forgets that he is supposed to worship God Almighty and no other. the psalmist tells us that. which he was warned against in Deuteronomy 4:19 which Moses. “He telleth the number of the stars. Early Christians believed stars to be part of the universal soul and intelligence. Because of forgetfulness. man turned to star worship. In Psalms 147:4.

from the Kabaala. The Eastern Star has several names. as created by God. Masons use the root of this word in all official documents using the abbreviation ―A.e. meaning ―Anno Lucis‖. Satan was given the name of Lucifer.  Star of Fellowship. and all have Masonic meanings.” Because of an assumed mistranslation in Isaiah 14:12. the secret writings of Ancient Jews. Cabalistic Star. from the Star of the East that the Wise Men (Magi) followed. which the Lord thy God hath divided unto all the nations under the whole Heaven.‖ . Albert Pike was hounded in literary circles for his supposed defense of the devil Lucifer! Many Anti-Masonic writers use it today! Stars.   Eastern Star. shouldest be driven to worship them.‖. from the Masonic ―Five Points of Fellowship. i. were not five-pointed or six-pointed. and serve them.moon and the stars.L. which is a Latin word for Light Bearer. or in the year of light! Because of this mistake.. even all the Host of Heaven.

Esu Immanuel.‖ STARS are also referred to as the Sons of GOD! This is ultimately the stars which will fall to Earth. Pentalpha. Son of . calling it ―five beginnings. Pale Prophet…etc. This figure comes as the Son of GOD. a Greek Mathematician. They are being worshiped! JESUS/SANANDA Known as ―The Cosmic Christ‖. and they want to be worshiped. from Pythagoras. and many other labels such as Sananda Maitreya. These fallen angels are here.

I do believe the pictures we have of Jesus Christ in the world was given to us by the Catholic Church. Djwal Khul as Caspar. . This is the FALSE MESSIAH! Do not be fooled. IT IS! They are given a brief time frame of what is going on in GOD‘S Will. Also. 9/29/2012 Sananda-―Prepare yourselves my beloved for the times that are fast approaching that will literally shake all out of doldrums and awaken them to their realities they thought only existed in fairy tales and fantasy and science fiction. and King David. Kuthumi as Balthasar. Joseph was one of the incarnations of St. and Morya as Melchior. and because of this they know time is short. He teleported to Judea and remote viewed the Day of Pentecost. Also the Three Wise Men was each an Ascended Master incarnated. after his ascension of his ‗crucifixion‘. They have had thousands of years in the planning of this diabolical agenda and it is revealed in the details.Man. He then became an AVATAR. the Master Jesus incarnated twice as the Emperor of Atlantis. Sananda was also incarnated as Appollonius of Tyana. once in 33. You see this whole movement in Hollywood to aspire to be an Avatar is a collective of this concept. Germain. He is also said to have visited the South America‘s and this gave rise to the legend of Quetzacoatl.‖ According to Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Why use both names? Sananda Maitreya?? Is this the persona of both figures? The name Sananda is supposedly his cosmic name for Jesus. He supposedly was incarnated as Joseph of the coat of many colors. NO OTHER was allowed to be published. They all have the same look! I think this is the false Jesus Christ and this is why millions will be FOOLED! These Ascended Masters are so good at what they do.000 BC.050 BC and again in 15. This was to aid the ‗white magicians‘ in the war of the white magicians and the black magicians which was happening in Atlantis.

the Master Jesus appeared to Spencer W.Collectively. D. Benjamin Crème asserts that.C. in the late 1970s. are bringing forth the whole of what the Bible has been warning of for thousands of years. United States. Kimball. . with white being the reference to light). in the Washington Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Washington.. the President of the LDS Church. the Ascended Masters (Great White Brotherhood.

Arizona. Notice here that the description of the two are as one. In addition. also known as Karita to her followers. Altiery also teaches that Sananda has taken over as the Commander of the Ashtar Galactic Command flying saucer fleet with his co-commandress Pallas Athena and that Ashtar is now second in command. the Master Jesus in his immortal body will assume the papal throne for the next 2. and Vrillon on the saucers of the Ashtar Galactic Command flying saucer fleet. She also teaches that an alternate name used by Commander Sananda to denote the Ashtar Galactic Command flying saucer fleet is The Airborne Division of the Brotherhood of Light. She set up her website in 2001. Lourene Altiery. After Maitreya makes his Emergence (the Day of Declaration). Illinois who now resides in Sun Lakes.000 years of the Age of Aquarius. is an Ascended Master Teachings teacher originally from Joliet. Ashtar. Creme asserts. . Lourene Altieri has revealed the names of and channeled information from some of the other prominent beings who she says travel with Commander Sananda.Creme has stated that since 1990 the Master Jesus has been living in secret in Rome. Like Joshua David Stone and Luis Prada.

over-riding the UHF audio signal of the earlyevening news being read by Andrew Gardner from ITN to warn viewers that ―All your weapons of evil must be destroyed‖ and ―You have but a short time to learn to live together in peace. VIDEO [link] . The voice. The Southern Television broadcast interruption was a broadcast interruption through the Hannington transmitter of the Independent Broadcasting Authority in the United Kingdom at 5:10 PM on 26 November 1977. Reports of the incident vary. which was disguised and accompanied by a deep buzzing. others ―Asteron‖.‖ Considering this interrupted the broadcast on some stations of ―Looney Tunes‖. it is thought to be a hoax. A speaker interrupted transmissions for six minutes and claimed to be a representative of an ―Intergalactic Association‖. some calling the speaker ―Vrillon‖ or ―Gillon‖.VRILLION This name first became synonymous as the VOICE from the television broadcast in 1977. broke into the broadcast of the local ITV station Southern Television.

originally printed as The Coming Race. of the Ashdown Galactic Command‘ and that he said: ―Unless the weapons of Earth are laid down.‖ I hope their regular news reportage is more accurate than that. independently wealthy traveler (the narrator). destruction from outer space invasion will quickly follow.‖ VRIL-Vril.The Winter 1977 issue of Fortean Times (issue #24) magazine featured a transcript of what they described as the ‗short message‘ that was broadcast: ―This is the voice of Asteron. The novel centers on a young. I am an authorized representative of the Intergalactic Mission. All your weapons of evil must be destroyed. for the indication is that they‘ve simply invented a more shocking message.‖ The Fortean Times article went on to criticize reports of the incident appearing in newspapers: ―Inexplicably the News Of The World and D. Many readers believe that its account of a superior subterranean master race and the energy-form called ―Vril‖. the Power of the Coming Race is an 1871 novel by Edward BulwerLytton. who . Mail call the owner of the voice ‗Gillon. We are beginning to enter the period of Aquarius and there are many corrections which have to be made by Earth people. and I have a message for the planet Earth. You must live in peace… or leave the galaxy. You have only a short time to learn to live together in peace.

Professor Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke refers to the research . He wrote that the high popularity of irrational convictions in Germany at that time explained how National Socialism could have fallen on such fertile ground. They also thought that it was in close contact with the English group known as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Among other pseudoscientific groups he mentions one that looked for the Vril: ―The next group was literally founded upon a novel. they claimed that the VrilSociety was a secret community of occultists in pre-Nazi Berlin that was a sort of inner circle of the Thule Society. he published an article entitled ―Pseudoscience in Naziland‖ in the science fiction magazine Astounding Science Fiction.‖ The existence of a Vril-Society was alleged in 1960 by Jacques Bergier and Louis Pauwels. Willy Ley was a German rocket engineer who had emigrated to the United States in 1937. In their book The Morning of the Magicians. Blavatsky reveals the Vril power and its attainment by a superhuman elite are worked into a mystical doctrine of race.accidentally finds his way into a subterranean world occupied by beings who seem to resemble angels and call themselves Vril-ya. In 1947. devoted its spare time looking for Vril. In his book Black Sun. That group which I think called itself Wahrheitsgesellschaft—Society for Truth—and which was more or less localized in Berlin.

of the German author Peter Bahn. These two people are very adept at their work-they are both authorities in their field!! We could all learn something from them. I know I have!! . Sol niger (black sun) can also refer to the result of the first stage of the magnum opus in alchemy. the cosmic elementary power) written by a member of this Berlin-based group. Published by the influential astrological publisher. the nigredo (blackening). under the pseudonym ―Johannes Täufer‖. Bahn writes in his 1996 essay. but I also have to include the work of Sue Bradley [link]. of his discovery of an obscure esoteric group calling itself the ―Reichsarbeitsgemeinschaft‖. More on the ―Black Sun‖ [link] Black Awakening-This is a teaching by Russ Dizdar [link] . which revealed itself in a rare 1930 publication Vril. Wilhelm Becker (whom Bahn believes was ―Täufer‖). ―Das Geheimnis der Vril-Energie‖ (―The Secret of Vril Energy‖). the 60 page pamphlet says little of the group other than that it was founded in 1925 to study the uses of Vril energy. Die Kosmische Urkraft (Vril.

The Freemason are totally into the Black Sun…why? Because this whole subject is at the very core of their foundations and beliefs. I find this quite intriguing because Prince Charles recently admitted to his heritage of Transylvania!! The Prince of Wales‘s 10-Year Battle to protect Dracula‘s home and his yearning for Transylvania [link] I have a ―STAKE‖ in Transylvania‘s future [link] . by Rakoczi‘s first wife. Hitler was visited by these entities and this is where he got his knowledge. the Prince of Transylvania. This was also where Nikola Tesla got his knowledge! ST. GERMAIN His heritage is that he was a son of Francis II Rakoczi.

He was a musician. this being is known for his mysteriousness and downright dual personalities.mcnaughtonart. he seemed a rather strange individual. charlatan.Vlad the Impaler‘s Related to Prince Charles [link] [link] Known to have been a spirit within many of our most famous people in the world. and composer. occultist. Freemason. inventor. to say the least.com/artwork/view_zoom/423 . poet. Throughout the texts from which people have gathered about him. courtier. alchemist. http://www.

It is said he was present during the concepts of the Constitution of the United States. . Shakespeare.His would appear and disappear for years at a time. and the signing. and some seem convinced he would possess individuals such as Sir Francis Bacon. and some even rumor of his participation in the United States origin. Did he persuade the founding fathers to choose Pierre (Peter) Charles L‘Enfant to design the streets of Washington DC? There is no doubt that the occult plays a heavy part in the designing of this city.

you begin to realize he is the persona of Saint Germain. here is the site [link] This channel is called ―Messages From Within‖…that is even creepy in itself. Here on earth. But this man is even creepier. He greets himself as the I AM…this is the movement by the Ascended Masters as the collective of ―The Christ‖ Notice that they do not use the same vocabulary as the Bible. you begin to realize he‘s not just teaching meditation. he‘s using techniques to possess a host. I personally believe it is HIM! One in the same. The Christ. and he has been doing this work. When you listen to his choice of words.http://www. nonstop. I am in the process of a revealing just how demonic he is. When you listen to his voice. There is a man on YOUTUBE who admits to channelling this entity. they twist it. I found him years ago.mcnaughtonart. Jesus Christ does not call Himself.com/artwork/view_zoom/423 So much mystery surrounds this subject! Is he a demon possessing a man? Is he the deity itself? We shall know when all is revealed. No women was ever to have been known to be with him sexually! He even admitted as much to several people on several occasions. His voice brings hives to my body. I have been working on an article just about him. .

Hatonn.HATONN According to the Ascended Master Teachings of Anne Bellringer of Rapid City. monitors events on Earth for the Galactic Hall of Records at the galactic core. He feeds information about events on Earth via subspace relay to the supercomputers at the ―Galactic Hall of Records‖. However. Bellringer says that this activity is secondary to Hatonn‘s primary task. which is functioning as the liaison officer between Sanat Kumara and the Pleiadeans in order for him to be able to help Earth safely navigate in 2012 through the approaching so-called ―photon belt‖. who flies aboard the flying saucer Phoenix (one of the flying saucers of the Ashtar Galactic Command Flying Saucer Fleet. an android Pleiadean Master. who began teaching in 1990. said to emanate from the Pleiades. piloted by Hatonn‘s partner the Master Soltec). South Dakota. .

Intergalactic Federation Fleet-Ashtar Command. Commander in Chief. Pleiades Sector Flight Command. Earth Project Transition. Earth Representative to the Cosmic Council and Intergalactic Federation Council on Earth Transition. .He introduces himself via channel: Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn.

Ballerian.ASHTAR The Master Ashtar was first incorporated into the teaching in the 1950‗s. and Sutko. who is the proprietor of the flying saucer repair facility…aka ―God‘s Garage‖. who are permanently stationed at Shamballa. Keeper of the Scrolls decipher and interpret ancient manuscripts. an expert linguist. and there are four Masters which are from the ASHTAR GALACTIC COMMAND FLYING SAUCER FLEET aka…Galactic Federation of Light. You have got to be kidding. the ―space detective‖. . Ashlem. SERIOUSLY? Kumad. a Master who resides in the Hall of Records.

Why? Because these beings love to project themselves as something else. They love to be ambiguous and ambiguously hermaphrodites…intersex or synchronous. There are no fighting adversaries…this is what some would have you believe. They love to fool. homosexuals.Ashtar is the lead officer of a very elite galactic command center of ships which engulf our planet. Some say this may be the same deity from antiquity in the Bible. It‘s one big agenda with numerous outlets. This is where being ‗gay‘ came from! . Not only that but they teach humanity to be the same! Bisexuals. I tend to think so.

. while the Dark (feminine-chaotic) side of Venus is Isis or Ashtar-The Goddess of War.hmmmm! Some believe Lucifer and Isis (Ashtar) as the Masculine and Female energy of Venus are as one.NOTICE THE OWLS? Freemason love OWL symbols…. Others believe that the Light (masculine-ordered) side of Venus is Lucifer (The Light Bringer [of wisdom]).

and the earlier Sumerian Inanna.COMMON DENOMINATORS In demonology. Astaroth was ultimately derived from Astarte (Phoenician). . an equivalent of the Babylonian Ishtar (Queen of the Night). Astaroth/Ashtaroth/Astarot/Asteroth is considered a Crowned Prince of Hell. He is a male figure named after the Canaanite goddess Ashtoreth.

Depicted as a nude man with feathered wings.ISHTAR‘S ―MAGIC WAND Notice how this all configures to be the same deity. In “The Lesser Key of Solomon”. he is referred to as a very powerful demon. Considered to be a demon in the First Hierarchy and rules over 40 legions of Spirits. . and riding a dragon-like beast with wings and a serpent-like tail. wearing a crown. holding a serpent in one hand.

―Isis Unveiled‖….starting to connect the dots? Think of the ―Statue of Liberty‖ too! .Now this ties together the book of Helena Blavatsky.

I will wrench the lock. she approaches the gates and demands the gatekeeper: If thou openest not the gate to let me enter. When asked about the role of the Pope. And the dead will outnumber the living. I will bring up the dead to eat the living. I will force the doors. which brings to mind that fact that the whole of Catholicism being a false religion. dove. I will break the door. Maitreya said this: . and was it initiated by these Masters? Did the Pope secretly worship these deities? With that in mind.Star of Inanna This parallels what the Ashtar Command is!!! Legions of demons! As Ishtar descends to the underworld. sphinx. These Ascended Masters even claim that Pope John Paul II is now an Ascended Master. and a star within a circle indicating the planet Venus. This sounds like a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! Her symbols are a lion. I will smash the door-posts. read this.

and the true apostolic succession will begin. This event is now imminent. According to George King of the Aetherius Society.org/ASHTAR1ProjectWorldEvacuation.net/journals/ . Peter in Rome.The Master Jesus (Maitreya) will take over the throne of St.html http://www. the ―Space Beings‖ have contacted the Governments of the world in many ways but a sinister group called ―The Silence Group‖ have deliberately suppressed this information.thenewearth.we have the origin of the ALL-SEEING EYE in these entities.fourwinds10. following the declaration of the Christ. And for those that don‘t know it…. It could well be that the present pope will be the last. http://www. More info here on the Ascended Masters.

THEIR FAVORITE SAYINGS: We are of one—–sure you are… a LEGION of demons who work for one purposeSATAN We come in peace—-this is all lies! I will present a letter which proves their malicious intent.wikipedia.org/wiki/Root_Race Russ Dizdar has recent work in this area! [link] . ROOT RACES http://en.

I think the elite want to establish this as a rule of society now. He tried to hard to do this while he was alive. he didn‘t die. I know after some extensive research that the United States desperately to obtain all of his scientists and research assistants. but went on in secrecy to complete what he started. This was the goal of Hitler. Has it already been accomplished? I so believe so. Was it for this purpose? . Some say.The main goal is to establish a SUPER RACE! A race of hybrid humans with divine blood. that‘s why we hear some much about the TRANSHUMANISM.

a Hierarchy of Elohim astrologically associated to Libra.7-PLANES OF EXISTENCE First of all. events from the earliest dawn of our present manifestation. the six superior cosmic planes possibly each have a different and larger structural and dynamic expression. and constitute the seventh and lower cosmic plane. home of The Father. Some worlds are related to the planet and the higher ones to the whole Solar System. so that God and the other great beings pervade their own realms and those of greater density than their own. differentiated within God Himself as ―sparks from a flame‖ at the beginning of manifestation. different planes of existence having varying density and vibration. states of spirit-matter not separated by space or distance but permeating one another. This is the system of the Ascended Masters. The sevenfold constitution of man is related to five of seven worlds. higher Memory of Nature. a hierarchy of Elohim astrologically associated with Virgo The World of Life Spirit: related to the Ego‘s life spirit aspect. including our own. open only to Adepts and higher Spiritual Beings The World of Thought . Each of these seven may be subdivided in seven regions. inhabited by the Lords of Individuality. inhabited by the Lords of Wisdom. planes of evolution of each Solar System. home of the Christ (The Son. the Solar Logos). notice the counterfeiting of GOD‘s number 7-which means PERFECT GOVERNMENT. prior to the beginning of pilgrimage through matter The World of Divine Spirit: related to the threefold Spirit‘s Divine Spirit aspect. The World of God The World of Virgin Spirits: home of the virgin spirits.

the ―Third heaven‖ state of consciousness. a Hierarchy of Elohim astrologically associated to Scorpio. Thus the ignorant use of the generative force is primarily responsible for pain. astrologically associated to Capricorn. the misuse or abuse of that power. the holy creative force [of God] in man. under the Law of Cause and Consequence. the ―Second heaven‖ state of consciousness. The Holy Spirit. the abode of deceased persons for some time subsequent to the event of death . the home of Jehova. home of the Archangels. for gratification of the passionate nature. constitutes the sin against the Holy ―Ghost‖.Region of Abstract Thought: inhabited by the Lords of Form. and particularly perversion. through suffering in diseased and incapacitated bodies and minds. the world of color: related to the Desire body. The ―great transgression‖. the abuse of sex or generative force for sense gratification. Germinal idea(s). sickness and sorrow. mainly afflicted with developmental disabilities. the creative energy in Nature. Archetypes. This Great Hierarchy is the evolved form of the third aspect of God. which is reflected in man as sex energy. ocean of harmony: the Music of the Spheres The Desire World. must be expiated. related to the Ego‘s human spirit aspect. inhabited by the Lords of Mind. Region of Concrete Thought: related to the Mind. as there is a close connection between sexual activity and mental activity as well as the power of speech – and incurable cancer for those who abuse the sex function in a very marked and bestial degree. memory of mature in the highest subdivision (covering the essence of a whole life or event). a Hierarchy of Elohim astrologically associated to Sagittarius.

the ―Purgatory‖ state of consciousness The Physical World. at a different stage in the evolutionary path: mineral life is the first and lowest level of spiritual evolution on Earth. subdivided in three regions according to the three main states of matter: gaseous. . It is the current home of the self-conscious mankind. and finally the human being.higher regions. almost as the pictures on a screen. The beings belonging to each life wave either evolve through the work of the individual Spirit (human being) or are yet evolving under a group spirit and have acquired more or less subtle bodies according to the development stage of each life wave. the ―First heaven‖ state of consciousness intermediate region. astrologically associated to Aquarius. Life Ether and Chemical Ether. or kingdoms. Akashic records in the reflecting ether (pictures at least several hundred years back or much more in some cases. then warm-blooded). composed of seven regions. The Chemical region of the physical world is home to four life waves. with actual life. Attraction. the physical Earth as perceived through the five senses enhanced by the current technological equipment. home of the Angels (seen as being one step beyond the human stage. Interest and Indifference lower regions. Reflecting Ether. Etheric Region: related to the etheric body. then comes plants. Light Ether. The etheric region is subdivided in four regions according to the grades of density of the aether permeating our physical planet Earth. liquid and solid. as humans are a degree in advance of the animal evolution). then animals (cold-blooded animals. scene shifts backward). astrologically associated to Pisces. Chemical Region. Repulsion.

but his description is considerably simpler. Ancient Sun . Each of these cycles constitutes a coming into being and passing out of being of the solar system. World of Life Spirit and World of Divine Spirit). endowed only with a physical vehicle. 7-SOLAR SYSTEM CYCLE Rudolf Steiner retained the basic concept of root races and sevenfold cycles within cycles. the life wave of human beings underwent the mineral stage.The worlds of matter (Physical world. upon which man passes through seven root races. concentrating only on the seven cycles of the present Solar System. Each of Steiner‘s seven rounds is related to a metamorphosis of the Earth: Ancient Saturn During the Ancient Saturn round. and each is divided into seven rounds. Desire world and World of Thought/Region of Concret Thought) are considered to be a reverse reflection of the worlds of Spirit (World of Thought/Region of Abstract Thought.

human beings will undergo the higher soul man stage. human beings undergo the man stage. human beings will undergo the soul man stage. American Stonehenge…etc. human beings will undergo the spiritual man stage. and an astral vehicle. Vulcan During the Vulcan round. He‘s popular in the UFO community and I began . an etheric. I have been researching the powers within these structures and came across and man names David Sereda. SECRET KNOWLEDGE This has everything to do with the mysterious monoliths built on this earth! The Giza Pyramids.During the Ancient Sun round. Meanwhile. Ancient Moon During the Ancient Moon round. being endowed with a physical and an etheric vehicle. while the present Archangels were undergoing the Angel stage. human beings underwent the plant stage. Stonehenge. and so on. Venus During the Venus round. endowed with a physical. Earth During the Earth round. Jupiter During the Jupiter round. the present Angels were undergoing the human stage. human beings underwent the animal stage.

it can even possibly be stargates! Hence the capstone on the Giant Pyramid! Mix the gold with the stone and the measurements therein and he thinks this would be a stargate to…. SO. Sereda‘s encounter with a light being is reminiscent of Joseph Smith‘s first encounter with the angel Moroni! Add this to an encounter with a ‗being of light‘ or ascended master which first appeared to Davis many years ago and this sounds very much like a false messiah! But what I would like to point out about him is his work. He is tainted! He may be intelligent but he has been infested with demons! He wrote a book in which he gives his story of how he was visited by Jesus Christ and taken to heaven and hell. He‘s a very intelligent man. via PDF. And at certain measurement.watching one of his videos. I downloaded a couple and began to read them. He has found that stone has electrical properties. BUT-the Jesus Christ he speaks of is NOT the Son of GOD! In fact. I looked up some of his work.ORION! Is this how the entities traveled here when they were first built? What about Stonehenge? What about the HIDDEN knowledge of the FreeMASONS! I think he‘s tapping into just that! .

nearly all tenements have loans. and in the media. There may be collapse of the ability to fully deliver food and necessities.HERE ARE SOME REALLY SCARY LETTERS FROM THESE “ANGELS”. People may well have to force their landlords to reduce or eliminate rents. For those that rent. . But there may be great restrictions in gasoline for them. we have been doing a lot of replacements all over the globe in various political offices. We are collapsing the banking system completely. There will considerably less need to spend money. we are taking down everything in this world that must collapse. There will be considerable unemployment from this. you will have all your debts written off. now is still a good time to have some stocks of necessities. and we have huge stockpiles to assist this. Man will have to solve some of his issues around this. you understand not. Beloveds. which will also be written off. As we collapse the financial industry. People will be solving their problems which can include moving of families together and the like. Man has overpopulated and poisoned this world…stop praying for armegeddon so that Jesus can come.

. in other words ensouled and these ones all are very aware of their roles. to pass and a little makeup will help. you should be seeing the need for our replacements. This will then be carried around the world by normal media. These are basically clones.People have to see the collapse. Most will look close enough to the originals. using various technologies we have. There will be great gnashing of teeth During this period people will be offered the opportunity to MOVE to craft and some of their future destinations. inhabited by ―star fleet‖ personnel. The declining conditions should help motivate those choices. Now. The announcement process will begin in a day or two after. There will be an address by the newly placed Obama.

to get certain ones to discredit us as being demons from space and the like. We…will be bypassing man‘s satellites with our own communications for the . We keep discovering new folks that must be replaced. embedded in the churches. and one of the things we will do is shut down quite a few forums. so these ones have no outlet to spoil our show. as this has been a huge program. and making a clone takes 36 hours plus about another 36 hours of programming to them after the soul inhabits them.We have been setting up ―traps‖ to engage those that are problems and removing them.

he is going to discover his spirit. but we have entered many codes to take down internet sites that are going to fight this. We are realizing we need to close up many avenues of communication. It will be almost automatic for them. you are one of those on that list who will not be broadcasting either. except in places that have inadequate television. We were appalled personally that this topic was even broached by the individuals that started the thread. What will man do? Well. We will control it all. that yea ones stock up on essentials. and other threads. we are getting the troops home all over the world…these ones need to be around to serve within their various countries. Be patient as always and focus on how you will help as this world comes down. Man does not have the free will to destroy what God plans to give as education. There are many good people who have of course never heard of AbundantHope that will also step into service at this time locally where they live. That is why you were told there will be us and the news and that is it for those 3 months. more will naturally come into service. People are going to get a fair opportunity to make up their minds. I still advise above. including your medicines and the like as you can. minus the deliberate deceiving. . This is why certain forums will not run and that includes many Christian forums and websites Sherry Shriner. those forums and the like within Islam are far less a concern that Christian ones. which may have to include all radio. Interestingly.television. As man adjusts. We will not close the internet.

if they are of God they just rest in the stasis. You can wait and find out when it happens. They are not ready for the teaching that will fit them better when they are awakened to the repaired planet. So they will happily sleep.We are going to give the WORD that was promised in the End times. They will get some preliminary teaching once awakened on ship. Please do not write questions of this sort to Candace. and depending on what you are doing they may stay with you during stasis or sleep thru stasis and return to you later. they will be put into stasis on craft. because their bodies would otherwise die of oxygen deprivation. So be it. People are going to see us helping them out. at a selected time. since there will be much volcanization with the reversal and with the axis changes. will have your pets provided for. You are interfering with that truth Freedom Stands. before the earth changes really go into effect. When they are boarded to craft. Perhaps into the process they can be reopened for discussion. because the stress of a pole reversal is terrifying and of course. As to the animals. they must be in stasis. We will also be doing teaching that may answer many your questions. to the Globe via Global TV. because the rest of the planet has a lot more questions than you will have! . We ALWAYS put a planet into stasis when the animals must be protected for anything major of this sort. We will turn YOU off. That is why we are going to turn off the many blogs and forums that will be used to discredit the truth. Those of you returning to the planet. she has so little time lately between her responsibilities with us and never ending time consuming issues with the dark harassments. as stated will be awakened before the end of stasis. meaning your opportunity to post. You do not have the freedom anymore to screw with God. and survive very nicely the time when the planet is upright and still during the magnetic pole reversal. This is the ONLY way we can get it to EVERYONE on this planet. because they are not to have yet earned this experience and are not to watch what is done during stasis. These one billion. They are also put into stasis however. We do not need the likes of what YOU are presenting to turn people to fear of God.

Do not keep trying to give pearls to people that want only rocks. it leads to New world Order. It is after all. Some of your family members are going to finally ―get it.‖ Some may not and if they do not under reasonable conditions. or on the lesser side. as you all are fond of saying At the time during the teaching process that we begin to show of our selves. and population has been a major concern. I don‘t know why christians think these shitty meat suits go to heaven. “so I think that if one thing works out.We know not the exact timing yet on the pickup because sometimes shit happens. There are an awfully lot of bodies in the earth now. MUST at that time put aside your worries about how you will be reacted too.‖ That should be obvious freedom. and even if the Communists were to take over the world it would be the same globalist plan. KNOWLEDGE and Darkness means in the same measure Ignorance. This civilization is terribly ignorant and many will not seek .‖ ―notice the political parties pretend to be on different sides but both now seem to be working towards Globalism‖ ―The Globalist agenda is to control and manage the entire population of the Earth with the utmost strictness. if it doesnt work out they will take control of a fake rebellion and pretend its overthrown and a NEW WORLD ORDER is established” ―WW2 might have worked like that as well. Dark experiences are experiences generate from either pure evil intent. there will continue to be sorting after the long stasis as people pass then. put your time elsewhere. either option leading to a World Government such as the UN or whatever the Axis would‘ve established. LIGHT means in one form. the final sorting. because some aren‘t going to earn their ascension. you in the know. Well almost. which was probably going to be a UN as well. these bodies do NOT work in ―heaven. This is temporary experiencing.‖ You are given better bodies there. about physical death on this world. ignorance.

please. Come the ending of this year it will be the last one of its kind. but you shall be more than destroyed by the darkness descending upon Earth. This involves their plan for mass arrival. From hereon the changes will manifest in a destructive way. I am christ Michael/Aton. The Sirians will be making mass landings on Earth to help us through the experience of the photon belt (The mass landings will occur 2-6 months before the photon belt reaches us). It will take announcement of the coming destruction to fully awaken people to what an utterly horrifying period you are entering. that will tell you beyond doubt that you have broken away from the right ways. You have been going through some of the easiest times you have ever experienced with lots of food and clean water to drink. to return to whence you came. if you wish to use that word. You cannot use these bodies there. Aton is trying to convince you.liight. so that the whole Universe can . Even for those with little or no knowledge of the end times a sense of doom for the slaughter will destroy them. to the lighter realms. The ships plan to take ―1 billion‖…. Be in Peace. which is true knowledge.at the very least! Below are the exact words on their intentions. Much depends upon your successful eradication.

and able to delay what would inevitably have been some serious physical changes. but our allies must be able to move freely around the world and keep in touch with their base. Transport and communications will be amongst the first things that will be destroyed. because the virus called humanity will finally be killed. and pre-planning has ensured that you are primed and eager to start the final stages of Earth‘s destruction.also breathe a sigh of relief that the potential pandemic of the human virus has FINALLY been eradicated once and for all. Over long periods of time . Your potential for slaughter has already been recognized. and with our help we shall successfully work together as a team that shall achieve total and horrifying demise for your pathetic race. and we can download information into your consciousness in a way that requires little or no time. It is not that you are lacking ideas as to how to deal with the problems connected with your environment. but for the time being we have to approach the whole matter in an orderly manner so as not to panic the populace too much lest any of you escape the planet and spread the virus elsewhere. and we shall train personnel to use our advanced weapon technology. How we wish we could shout the news from the treetops. Speed will be of the essence. You will not of course be on your own. and this is where we need to co-ordinate our progress with our allies upon Earth. Mother Earth will be pleased. moving up another level of doom will seem quite natural. It is essential that we do not cause shock or confusion by our actions. and many now wait some opportunity to use their expertise in the weapons of mass destruction. but until the right time we cannot reveal your identities. Therefore. and we will be delighted to work with you. At present many of you unaware that you are enlisted in our activities. Much of the directions that will accompany you will be given on board our ships. You have been impressed with many wonderful ideas as to how to totally destroy the Earth and its people.

and all that is required to bring his evil mien to the front is to remove the constant threat of his freedom. We have absolutely every intention of allowing the dark forces to have a free hand to destroy your Earth. because there will be no going back to the old ways – never again. and unbeknown to you we have often met and laid down the plans that are to be implemented. We know that Man is at heart a totally corrupt Being. military. Of necessity we will need to land some of our craft upon Earth. Weather control will be our responsibility. master of fooling the human race. It is your natural state. So many of your ―lost souls‖ will respond to our coming and the destruction we bring. but a mass showing of our presence will come at a later date. There will be plenty of time to acquaint you with our teams of destruction. enjoyable times where death and destruction will have first place. Master’s of LIES! .many of you (Politicians.” BE AFRAID-VERY AFRAID! This is exactly how they feel! They hate us! This will become more and more apparent but it will be too late by then!! They are masters. and have experienced our permission to sanction their actions. and in a very short time you will find yourselves in a unlivable climate. and we shall release you from the intense laws and regulations that bar your way by eradicating you before you escape your planet. What a wonderful time of horror and slaughter is ahead. We will ensure that our plan is put over to you in a clear and simple way. I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I have come with orders to destroy you. and what a relief it will be to you to throw of restrictive practices and controls that prevent your free and uninterrupted destruction. and it has not been intended for your good. Be in doom and despair at the prospect of taking a great leap forward into your certain demise. Busy times are ahead for us. Presently you suffer from the tampering with your weather patterns. with an enormous potential to bring death and destruction to the universe. and it is our announcements and subsequent communications that will put beyond doubt our intentions for you all. and we will ensure that it is totally destructive to you. Already they know of our presence. Illuminati)have been closely associated with us. The demise of Atlantis was because the Atlantean‘s played with powerful energies that they could not control. We will show you that you are spiritually doomed Beings. and we shall ensure that you are destroyed and cleansed of life as soon as possible. Doomed Ones. because you still have not learned about all life around you. and you will all face a similar situation because for our coming.

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