Back To The River Back To The River, Back To The Sea Back To The Ocean, One With Thee Back To My Blood, And Back Through My Veins Back To My Heartbeat, One And The Same Back To The Forest, Back To The Fields Back To The Mountains, Her Body Revealed Back To My Bones, Back To My Skin Back To My Spirit, The Fire Within

Be Like A Bird Be Like A Bird Who Halting In Her Flight On A Limb Too Slight Feels It Give Way Beneath Her Yet Sings, Sings Knowing She Has Wings Yet Sings, Sings Knowing She Has Wings Blood Of The Ancients It's The Blood Of The Ancients That Runs Through Our Veins And The Forms Pass But The Circle Of Life Remains


Dark Death --Lord of Winds. Pure Vision Come To Me.Horned One Come Seed-sower. Dark Death Bright Sun. Grain reborn -.Horned One Come Seed-sower.Sailor of the Last Sea Guardian of the Gate. Brid is Welcome. We Sing With You Cauldron Of Changes . Goat and Bull -. We Hear You Call Us Bright Moon. Grain reborn -. Oh Brid Is Come Bright Sun.Brother and Lover Seed-sower. and Winter-born King -. Untamed Stag and Stallion.Horned One Come Burn Fire Burn Fire. Burn Bright. Guide My Path Tonight With Your Strength And Light Call To The Moons Dark Moon. Welcome Brid. Lord of the Dance Sunchild. We Call Your Name Crescent Moon. We Sing With You Crescent Moon. Untamed.Brid is Come. -. Grain reborn -.Hanged One.

. Loved Ones Come. Loved Ones Come. Silent And Deep. Roots Of The Mountain.Join Us Now Cern-nu-noh-oh-oh-oh-os Herne And Pan And Every Man . Come To The Beat Of The Heartbeat Drum Earth My Body Earth my body(bending at the knees with palms facing the earth) Water my blood(making a huls motion with hands at womb level) Air my breath(hands reaching up) And fire by spirit!(passing hands above the head in a clap) Repeat as energy builds.Cauldron Of Changes. Blossom Of Bone Arch Of Infinity. Come To The Beat Of The Heartbeat Drum Come. Hunted One . Shapes And Forms.Join Us Now Come Loved Ones Come Come. Earth Spirits Chant Guardians Of The Dreamtime. Hole In The Stone Cernnunos Call Cern-nu-noh-oh-oh-oh-os Stag Horned Hunter.Join Us Now Cern-nu-noh-oh-oh-oh-os Greenwood Lord Of Life And Death .

Burning.Earth Spirits Dreaming. Fly. Endless Eternal Endless Eternal.Song For The Horse Goddess Waves Crash. Flow Through Us Now Epona. Fly.We Who Live In Time.Epona Winds Gust.Flow Through Us Now. Hoof Beats On The Sand . Fire.Come To Us Now. Winter Is Coming . Powers Of The Day Endless Eternal.Endless Eternal.Fire Flow Through Me Fire Soul Fire. Awaken To Our Touch. We Who Cross The Veil We Who Live In Time. Shapers Of The Crystal. Higher Fly. Come To Us Now We Who Live In Time. Are Here And Are There .Epona Fire Flow Free Fire Flow Free -.Epona White Mare. Fly Fly. Manes Ablaze Go Free . Soul's Desire • Changer Change Me Burning. Powers Of The Night. Shapers Of The Valley Beneath Our Feet. The Leaves Are Leaving The Branch Cold Are The Winds. Fly. Shapers Of The Leaf. Spirit Of The Wild . By Dusk And By Dawn . We Who Live And Die .

Joining. Full Moonlight Dance Under The Full Moon Light We Dance. Spirits Dance We Dance.Land. Lugh. Lugh. Those Are My Care. Shall Not Wholly Fail In My Task If Anything Passes Through This Night That Can Still Grow Fair Or Bear Fruit And Flower Again In Days To Come . For My Part.But All Worthy Things That Are In Peril As The World Now Stands. Manannan • Bile. Lugh. And Sea Gandalf's Pledge The Rule Of No Realm Is Mine. Manannan Open Up The Gates . And I. Hands We Dance. Full Blessed Children Of Space Light Shines Full On Our Faces Giving Love.Full Blessed Children We Have All That We Need. Joining Souls Rejoice Gate Keepers Three Bile.. Manannan • Bile.. Illumination Peace. And Sky.

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