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1. When applying makeup, the base must be?

One shade darker than
your skin tone.
2. What color should the stage crew’s clothes be? Black
3. What are the two main features your makeup needs to emphasize?
Lips and eyes
4. What are the areas to the left and right of the stage? The wings
5. The area between the front of the stage to the main curtain.
The apron
6. The horizontal, iron rod the hangs things above the stage.
The batten
7. The audience. The house
8. The angle of vision from the audience. Sight lines
9. A system of weights, ropes, and pulleys. Fly system
10.A canvas covered wooden board. A flat
11.Who runs the performance during the show? The stage manager
12.Who handles the costumes before, during, and after a show?
Costume designer
13.Who begs, borrows, and pleads for props? Prop crew
14.Who advertises for the play? Publicity crew
15.Who holds the play book if you need to see it? Assistant director
16.Who gives the ushers instructions? House manager
17.Who is in charge of blocking? Director
18.Who raises or gives the money to a play? Producer
19.Who is in charge of ticket sales? Business manager
20.What are two main types of lights used? Ellipsoidal and Fresnell
21.A loose-weave curtain on a batten used for “visions,” “flashbacks,” and so on.
The scrim.
22.A curtain or wall that surrounds the back and sides of the stage.
Cyc or cyclorama.
23. Who has clean-up duties? Everyone.
24. How do you paint a flat? “X” style or “cross-hatch”
25. Do lights change the color of outfits? Yes

*Stage rules (You only need to know 6)
-No food, drinks, or gum backstage or onstage.
-Don’t jump off or on the stage.
-Don’t touch anything backstage that’s not yours.
-Always wear shoes onstage (preferably closed-toed)
-No one goes on the catwalk unless Ms. Brooks tells you to do so.
-Battens are heavy.
-Do not play with the fly system.
-When moving battens, say heads up, # of batten
-You must have 2 people and gloves for the fly.
-Do not touch the curtains (or play or hang on them).
-Do not peek out of the curtains during a play.
-Walk slowly backstage and away from the curtains.
-In a complete blackout, do NOT move.
-Don’t touch the light board.
-No food or fire backstage.
-Do not play on platforms or set.
-Do not touch props or move anything.
-Do not put props on the piano.
-If you can see the audience, they can see you.

*3 types of stages (Be able to draw them and put the audience in the right
-Arena stage- A stage completely surrounded by the audience.
-Proscenium stage- A stage with a permanent framed opening through which the
audience sees the play.
-Thrust stage- A stage that just out into the audience area, with the audience
usually sitting around its 3 sides.

*Ways to paint (know 3)
-Rag rolling
-Dry brush streaking