What is ICT?

That is the first thing that comes into people’s minds when told we live in the ICT/IT age. Actually ICT is acronym . It stands for Information Communication Technology . The same goes for IT . It is Information Technology. Many people are under the mistaken assumption that ICT is the internet , also known as world wide web . ICT is actually not only that but also includes intranet , telephony services , GPS and much more. The impact of ICT on everyday life is exceedingly tremendous. From aeronautics to zoology ,art to science ,Amish to Zulu , ICT has revolutionized the way we do things to the extent that some Americans have admitted that they are unable to imagine a life without ICT . A life without Instant Messaging (IM), General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) , laptop , Personal Device Assistance (PDA) , iPod , Bluetooth , Facebook , Twitter ,Myspace , Wikipedia , Google , Windows Live Messenger , Walkman and so on… To predict how our life will improve based on ICT-related applications is hard . But to predict near future ICT developments shouldn’t be difficult if we base our predications on the past and present. However , to predict far future developments is near suicidal . An ancient Chinese proverb even went as far as saying “Only a fool will predict the future.” Since microprocessors are following Moore’s Law , we can assume that this trend won’t be changing anytime soon . As with any argument , there are two sides every argument . Likewise , the argument concerning ICT is the advantages and disadvantages of ICT. As this magazine focuses on the good side of ICT .We should ignore the negative side . In fact , there are more points pro ICT than against it . It is known fact that sector of ICT , internet has a wealth of information like a pot of gold contains money . ICT has helped students, teachers scientist , mathematician and even garbage collector! It also helps create new specialized job opportunities . For example , there are computer programmers to create software for computers , white hatters who check security systems for “holes” and others. In the future , there will be more of such jobs concerning ICT . Humans will be specialized in computer-related topics. It is possible that computer will replace humans and calculators in solving mathematical problems .ICT may be able to help certain careers like police , doctors , teachers and many other careers . A case in point is the police . They can detect crime location fast using satellite . As with doctors , they can be aided by ICT by detecting their sickness. Teachers can be helped by ICT by reducing their workload. Nowadays, a substantial and increasing number of people are getting , using , producing ICT-related items . In fact , the very fact of the existence multimedia hubs worldwide , is silent testimony to emergence of the new world order . Because of that , ICT has improved the standard of everyday life, raising the quality of our life , making it easier to perform menial tasks , making complicated mathematical problems elementary problems . Supercomputers , a by-product of ICT , helps calculate tens of thousands of calculations per second . This aids in theorising how aerodynamic an aircraft is , a better way of trapping leaked oil , finding new arrangement of atomic molecules , creating new resource-saving items , find new energy-saving-methods , and many other new applications that we can only dream of Doing tasks manually is a limitation of ICT-internet . This limitation of ICT can be overcome by having a robot connected to either internet or intranet, design to obey commands sent to it by owner. It also possible that webpages can be uploaded virtually instantly . The buffering time of a movie could possibly be reduced to the extent that in the current time it takes to upload a movie . We could upload tens of movie fast . ICT as shown above , has the potential to help people especially old people , how to use computer by learning it in the Internet . The Internet could become more people friendly . Other benefits of ICT include being able to contact old friends on internet social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace , Twitter , Friendster and others faster . As more information can be spread faster across the globe , people can get information such as Bryan scandal faster than newspapers, radio , news wire ,magazine , telegram , television and many other sources . Only dedicated services such as the Central Intelligence Agency Emergency Early Warning System will able to get warnings. If any at all , of impending terrorist attack and perhaps the agency could get better warnings from Intel Centre . The internet can also give us idea for our assignments , provide receipts and potentially reduces profit of big selfish conglomerates such as FIFA World Cup by unknown persons illegally broadcasting live . Among the potential for the internet , quirky or otherwise , it can suggest baby names unique and suitable for your baby according to your religion names. Back to the rational world , the amount of memory stored in a pendrive would increase dramatically . Supercomputer could calculate ways to increase crop production in drought . With all the improvements , health standards would inevitably increase . As with increased usage of computers, its role as a tool in work and play will be ever more important . It is then , that online game and entertainment producers will experience a boom in sales and be hard pressed to produce new games .

The conclusion is ICT is good to us as what I we explained above.

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