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2012 Tatva- Great Lakes Institute Of Management

From Beginning Of a New Life... To Scripting Of Success.... You Dont Own a Xylys A Xylys Owns You

Neha Johari (9176669873) Suchita Gupta (9884448367) Preeti Singh

Marketing Mix Analysis ( 4Ps)

Below Promotional Startegies can be adopted to promote Xylys.

MOVE Company Website FEATURES Interactive website featuring Only Xylys Watches Xylys positioning resonating with the brand HOW: Dedicated team monitoring the clicks and website traffic Monitor user feedback for regular website and product updates Regular updates on intriguing Blog current topics Topics could range from: Recent fashion trends among men including topics on Watch wearing trends , Metro sexuality and India Social issues like AIDS HOW: Dedicated team for updating the blog and responding to user comments Titan should feature xylys products Online Selling for online distribution Launch of xylys as an international brand by selling through HOW: Tie up with sites like eBay and shopping.indiatimes for online shopping Search results for Swiss watches Search Engine Optimization should feature Xylys in the first REASON Currently no focus on the website

Ubersexual is the new Metrosexual A blog reader spends 23 hours each week on blog in India 51% of above bloggers shop online which is our target market

Tissot , Armitron some of the brands featured in online selling Online shopper base for India is 34.5 million

Tissot is the first search result for both web and image in Google

Facebook Promotion FOL Feeling Of Love League

Radio FM

few searches HOW: Tie up with Google, the most widely used search engine for ease in online search Focus on Indian Men / Women Emotional aspects related to wearing a watch. Watch for various Occasions eg: Wedding , Classical DUO couple collection , Laddering collection for success <Details of creating FOL is in Appendix> Special programs related to Health to be aired in at peak timings 7am 10am and 6pm to 8pm in association with Titan Xylys. Conduct games in association with Titan Xylys Associating TITAN Jingle with Xylys everytime the ad is aired on FM Teasers showing a watch brand for few days in newspaper , preferably in the right section. Launching Xylys after few teasers with brand TITAN in brand architecture of xylys Promotional events in malls Creating personalised EMI offers for credit card holders of certain banks Promotion in Inflight Magazines , Catalogue Marketing ,Excahnge Offers, Displays Creating a Xylys contemporary CCD drinks Menu <Please refer appendix for details>

89% Indian internet population looks for product information online Currently TOMA for xylys is low among female users. Over 500 mn users, Avg friends per person- 130. We are talking a Forest fire here!!

Most of the working professionals spend free time doing workouts and driving during these timings . This is the best strategy to capture customer TOMA

Teaser advertising in newspaper & associating Xylys with TITAN watches Brand Elements. Association with SWISS brand elements

Creates customer curiosity & helps capture TOMA

Promotional events in Malls & Target Personalised offers

Catalogue Marketing

Maximise Reach Capture Consumer Surplus and target middle class working professionals Increase awareness & TOMA

Collaboration with Cafe Coffee Day / Starbucks

Aimed at target market of working professionals & females who often visit CCD

Budgeting for INR 3 crore for 1 year:

Newspaper add,Magzines Mall promotion facebook prizes FOL League winners(daily goodies) Trip to Mauritius Radio After sales service Avaliabilitys at Amazon Avaliabity at Flipkart Monthly Budget Year Budget 450000 15000000 1,000,000 1,000,000 300,000 5400000 1000000 150000 45000 24345000 292140000

XYLYS EMOTIONS : Feeling Of Love (FOL) League 1) Creating a facebook page

FOL Creating Feeling of love league 4 worldly emotions symbolic of 4 stylish xylys designs A grueling, engrossing war for the most poignant xylys fantasy girl FOL Facebook Community page created to fight for being liked, tweeted and discussed the most SCREENSHOT girl. 6) Designing Xylys Instinct Calender and supply to corporates for corporate engagement 7) Winner of the FOL league will get prizes in form of trip to some exotic location. 2) 3) 4) 5)

Primary Research Analysis & Recommendations:

Currently xylys is a Market Challenger for premium watch brand Tissot in its category. Category Development Index (CDI) is constant (20%) for premium watch segment , hence to capture the market share the Brand Development Index (BDI) for xylys should be higher than 20% Xylus should focus on offering Value sales proposition for selling under organised retail sector Under unorganised retail sector the selling should be volume based.

Primary Research: Total of 44 responses collected across various sectors by online surveys & field surveys. Awareness found for xylys but users were unaware that xylys is a brand from Titan before buying.

Opportunities / Gaps for Xylys : Prioritized as per Primary Research done at Retail Outlets A Survey was conducted in 7 Retail Stores including Multi Brand Retail Stores in Chennai Area. The Inferences & Opportunity analysis is done based on the Gap Analysis tool as shown below.

Opportunities for Xylys: Through primary research we have identified Brand Recall for Xylys is extremely low for its category . Also awareness need to be created that xylys belongs to house of Titan . Xylys designs doesnt appeal customers much . Women mostly choose Raga over xylys and Youth choose Fast Track over Xylys.

Inference: The Reason multi Brand Retail stores does not sell xylys is because customers dont prefer to buy it in lieu of above reasons and competition from Tissot & Casio are eating its market share.