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QUICK START GUIDE Please read this guide! There are many valuable tips here on using this watch that you might not otherwise discover. This guide is meant to help you get a quick start on the use of the Ironman* Triathlon watch with Data Link system. For complete instructions on using this product, see the Watch Help and Software Help, which are loaded automatically onto your computer when you install the Timex Data Link software.

Install To install the software, follow the instructions provided on the diskette label. Run After installation, the following program group will appear on your computer:

Using this software, you can create phone number databases, set alarms for use as appointments, anniversaries or reminders, and customize your chronograph and timers.

Type in your information

Then you can download to your watch the information you need for a given week, month, trip, sports event, etc. In addition, this software allows you to set the time zones and even watch options from the computer. Watch-setting made easy!
This number in ( )s indicates how many entries are selected to be sent to the watch. Click here to set time and date for two time zones.

1. Enter your information on the PC. 2. Verify that you actually have data selected to be sent to the watch. 3. Click Send to Watch. MODE BUTTON 4. Press the MODE button repeatedly until it reads COMM MODE. Release the button. After 2 seconds your watch will read: COMM READY. 5. Point the watch at the center of the monitor. Hold 6" - 12" away from a 14" monitor. For larger monitors try up to 24" away. Your arm may be horizontal or vertical. Timex Data Link transfer works best in a well-lit room with a bright monitor.
If you have a notebook computer or Windows NT, you need to purchase a Timex Notebook adapter, which is sold separately. See adapter packaging for instructions. Contact your retailer or Timex for more information.

Click here to start the Timex Data Link software

Click here to set the 5 countdown timers. Choose from built-in timers or create your own.

Click here to access complete Timex Data Link Help information

Click here to read important information

Click here to set your lap storage requirements (up to 50 laps) and select a chronograph label to send to the watch. Click here to store up to 500 phone numbers and names. Select up to 38 to send to the watch.

Click here to set up to 10 appointment, anniversary and reminder alarms and arm/disarm the alarms.

WHAT YOU NEED While a computer is not required for most watch functions, it is needed for some, such as phone number storage, and helps customize others. To take advantage of all the watch functions, you need: s The included Timex Data Link PC software.

Take the tutorial

The first time you run the Timex Data Link software, you will be instructed to go through tutorials that will help you to: a. Auto calibrate your monitor b. Download to the watch properly c. Test out PC to watch communications

Click here to set button beep and hourly chime. PC clock, date and time. Click here to see the watch tutorial. Click here to send data from the computer to the watch.

Successful Transmission (READ THIS!) When the watch is receiving data, it will beep periodically. Then, upon successful completion of the transmission, it will give one long beep. Then, for 4 seconds, the watch will display the following message:

Indicates how much of the watch data memory will be used up by the data you have selected to send (if more than 100%, select less data to send). Only phone numbers and chrono lap storage affect watch memory. Choose fewer laps to hold more phone numbers and vice-versa.

s 80386 PC, or higher, running Microsoft Windows 3.1, 3.11, Windows 95 or Windows NT. s A CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitor with VGA resolution or better (the usual type of monitor for a desktop computer). s 2.5 MB of free hard disk space. s A Timex Data Link notebook adapter (sold separately) if you have a laptop computer or Windows NT.
NOTE: Will not work with Apple Computers. Part number: 990-094067

Send to the watch 5 Just in case you missed some-

thing in the tutorial, please review the Communications Summary.

If you dont get this message, the download was not completed properly. If an error occurs during transmission, the watch will sound an alternating tone, similar to a European siren. Try sending again with your arm positioned at a different distance from the screen. If you cannot transmit successfully, refer to the Appendices of Software Help under the following topic: If the PC and Watch do not Communicate.

Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks and Windows NT is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. Apple is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.

Learn how to look at the data in your watch

See How to view watch information on the back of this guide.

Dont miss out on the Hints & Tips

Read the info on the back of this guide.


Indicates that the stopwatch is running or stopped Date AM /PM (will not appear when in 24hour time format) Indicates that a timer is running Time Day of the Week Indicates NIGHT-MODE feature is active Indicates one or more Alarms is armed Indicates Hourly Chime is armed Time Zone abbreviation


s MODE BUTTON Pressing the MODE button, while in the Time of Day Mode, allows you to change modes in the following rotation: 1st Press C h ro n o Press again Timer Press again Alarm Press again Phone Press again Communication The next press returns you to Time of Day Mode. Note: If any button is pressed while in a mode (other than INDIGLO), the next press of the MODE button will return you to Time of Day. TIP: If no phone numbers have been sent to the watch, Phone Mode will not appear in the list of modes. s PHONE MODE


This feature measures the time remaining from a preset period of time, with an alarm sounding when it reaches zero. to display next entry to scan list forward to display previous entry to scan list backward to delete entry Press SET/DELETE Press START/SPLIT Press Press STOP/RESET STOP/RESET again Press Press STOP/RESET RECALL to display next timer to display previous timer to set timer manually to start timer to stop timer to reset timer

Each time you send data to the watch, it erases and replaces ALL previous data, so you always know what is in the watch. Use the watch memory wisely! Longer text fields use up more memory than shorter ones. If you want the watch to hold more entries, use as little text as possible. If you want more text, put in fewer entries. Examples of what the watch will hold: s 38 phone numbers, if the names are 11 characters in length and you have 2 laps of chronograph memory. s 23 phone numbers, if the names are 15 characters in length and you have 50 laps of chronograph memory Refer to the Appendices of the Software Help for details on the following topics: - Importing Data from Other Software - Using your Data on Another PC If several people want to use this software on the same PC, simply install it several times into different directories. Each person will have their own copy. If you want to use the watch with a laptop computer or Windows NT, you need to purchase a Timex Notebook adapter, which is sold separately. Contact your retailer or Timex if you need this adapter. Tutorials are available on the software for using the watch features and for sending data. To take the watch tutorial, simply click on the watch face on the main screen of the software. When installed at the factory, the battery life is estimated at approximately 3 years. Battery life may vary depending on your actual usage. Timex strongly recommends battery replacement be done by a jeweler. For full battery details, refer to Watch Help in the software. For care, service, warranty and extended warranty information, refer to the Watch Help located on the software (click on warranty topic for details).

Press Hold Press Hold




s TIME OF DAY MODE INDIGLO night-light STOP/RESET Press Press STOP/RESET RECALL to peek at timer to peek at chronograph to set time manually to peek at 2nd time zone to switch to 2nd time zone

TIPS: Numbers can be labeled for home, work, fax, cellular or pager. A 15-character message can be set using the software.




This feature allows you to record the elapsed time of an activity. Both lap and split times can be recorded and stored in memory. Lap time is the time of an individual lap. Split time is the cumulative time or total time of a number of laps. Press START/SPLIT Press START/SPLIT to start the chronograph to record lap time (10 second auto release) to stop chronograph to review lap readings to reset display to zero

TIPS: The timer can also be stopped by pressing START/SPLIT. Press this button again to resume timing. A timer can be set to repeat, stop, or start the chronograph at the end of the preset time. A timer cannot be set to start another timer at the end of the preset time. An eight-character timer label can be set using the software.


Only the Time of Day, Alarm and Timer modes can be set manually. 1) From Time of Day, Alarm or Timer mode, Press and Hold SET/DELETE. 2) A field on the watch display will blink, indicating that you are in Set mode. 3) Press STOP/RESET to increase (change) the blinking value or press RECALL to decrease (change) the value being set. Hold either button to scan values. 4) Press MODE to move to the next field to be set. 5) When you have finished setting all of the fields, press SET/DELETE to exit Set mode and save the changes made. TIPS: Alarm messages and Time Zone abbreviations can be set manually. Phone Numbers, Chronograph and Timer Labels must be downloaded from your computer. When setting alarms manually, MM means every month, and DD means every day in a month. Therefore, MM-DD means daily (i.e. every month and every day). A setting of MM-15, for example, indicates an alarm set for the 15th of every month.



TIPS: A three-character time zone abbreviation can be set using the software or manually on the watch. Hourly chime and button beep can be set manually in this mode. s ALARM MODE Press Press STOP/RESET RECALL to display next alarm to display previous alarm to set alarm manually to reset alarm to arm/disarm alarm


Press INDIGLO night-light button to turn on the night-light. Hold for three seconds to activate the NIGHT-MODE feature for six hours. Hold again to deactivate the NIGHT-MODE feature. With NIGHT-MODE feature active, pressing any button will keep the night-light on for three seconds!

Press Press Hold


Should you have any questions on the operation of this product, please refer to the Watch Help and the Software Help in the software. Should you have any additional questions: Call our technical support line in the US and Canada: 1-800-328-2677 Call our technical support line Internationally: 1-501-370-5782 E-Mail: d a t a . l i n k @ t i m e x . c o m Web Site: h t t p : / / w w w. t i m e x . c o m CompuServe: 7 4 7 7 4 , 5 5 7
NOTE: The Ironman* Triathlon watch with Data Link system is not a medical device. Users should not rely on the watch for reminders to take medication, obtain medical treatment, attend medical appointments and other similar uses. Users should have alternate methods for such purposes. *Ironman is a trademark of the World Triathlon Corporation. Indiglo is a registered trademark of Indiglo Corporation in U.S. and other countries. Night-Mode, Timex Data Link and Triathlon are trademarks of Timex Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.


TIPS: When stopped, chronograph can be restarted by pressing START/SPLIT. Lap times can be recalled while the chronograph is running or after it is stopped. When recording a lap, the display will freeze for 10 seconds to show the current lap time and then be released to show the next lap time. An eight-character chronograph label can be set using the software.

Do not press watch buttons underwater as the watch will not remain water resistant.

TIPS: When sounding, alarm tones can be silenced by pressing any watch button. If an alarm is not silenced, a five minute backup alarm will be activated. Alarms can be set for daily, monthly or yearly use. Select the yearly setting to set the specific date and time for a one-time appointment. A 15-character message can be set using the software or manually on the watch.