Looking Towards the Future
December 2008 Baulkham Hills Shire Council Community Magazine

Carlingford and Dural libraries with your regular Council business? These libraries are also a ‘onestop-shop’. Council has long sought transport improvements for the Shire and supported this community direction by urging residents to participate in a New South Wales Parliamentary inquiry established to address transport and infrastructure deficiencies in the NorthWest Sector of Sydney. residents said they wanted Council to work together with the community to advocate their needs. chaired by the Hon. Residents no longer need to drive to the Council Administration building in Castle Hill to perform simple transactions. One of the community’s goals is ‘I can get where I need to go’. Rate payments. Payments can be made by EFTPOS ($10 minimum). Please check Council’s website for updates and further information. The Legislative Council’s General Purpose Standing Committee No 4. Vinegar Hill.TRANSPORT INQUIRY CAN YOU GET wHERE YOU NEED TO GO? As part of the Hills 2026 Community Strategic Direction. Focus on: Customer Service Did you know that you can now combine your visit to Castle Hill. No cash is accepted. Please note there is a 1% surcharge on all credit card transactions. 2 . credit card or cheque. for Council services. providing people with greater choice and access. rail and bus links and the planning and funding of a rail network. pet registration and building certificate applications and general enquiries can take place at your library. Baulkham Hills. Council has long sought transport the Shire improvements for The Inquiry Committee is looking in particular at the requirements for future road. is conducting the inquiry and held public hearings in early November. Jenny Gardiner MLC.

Balanced Urban Growth. No Council meetings are held during nsw. Protected Environment and Modern Local Economy. environmental. Vibrant Communities. Council’s financial indicators were well above accepted industry benchmarks and the long-term position of Council projected by the auditor shows a positive and strong financial position for the future. Members of the community are encouraged to attend. Council reports reflect the themes of Hills 2026 Resilient Leadership. Details of all councillors can be found by turning to the Councillor Comments pages in this magazine. The purpose of this framework is to translate our community’s aspirations into Council planning for the future. Councillor Larry Bolitho was elected Mayor and Councillor Peter Dimbrowsky elected the Deputy Mayor at the extraordinary meeting of Council on 2 October 2008. with $4 million generally being considered an acceptable amount. and people have an opportunity to address Council in “community forum” . Meet the new Council for 2008-2012 In September this year. When does Council meet? Baulkham Hills Shire Council holds its Ordinary Meeting on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Council had no borrowings and no If you have any specific enquiries about Council meetings please contact the Public Officer on 9843 0122. The report outlined that at 30 June 2008. 12 community representatives were elected to Council. Council has remained debt free for many years now and by applying conservative investment strategies has avoided direct exposure or loss to the sub-prime mortgage or equity markets.baulkhamhills.OUR FINANCIAL POSITION STRONG FOR THE FUTURE In September 2008 Council’s financial statements were presented by its external auditor. Where can I find information about Council meetings? Business papers are available for viewing on Council’s website on the Friday preceeding each meeting. resulting in favourable returns compared to other Councils. financial and governing responsibilities to put the community on the right path for a sustainable future. Council news and media releases outlining the decisions of Council can be accessed from the front page of Council’s website . 3 . Resilient Leadership Come to a Council meeting economic. beginning at 7pm.a time set aside especially to consider issues raised by residents. much higher than most other Councils. but held cash and investments of $64 million. Minutes of meetings.see “Media and News” at www. It is a framework that balances Council’s social.5 million on which to build its 2008-2009 budget. Council has an effective working capital of $19. All of these themes bring together Council’s plans and activities and align them with a shared community direction. with Council able to fund major infrastructure projects. confirming Council’s strong financial position. How Council reports Hills 2026 is Baulkham Hills Shire’s Integrated Planning Framework.

commencing in March and ending in August 2009. resources and information that support business planning. All information obtained will be treated as confidential. The initiative is designed to build capacity by connecting local businesses to programs. skill development and business growth. phone Raquel Bloom on 8853 and follow the prompts. Eligibility criteria applies For information about the 2009 Mentoring Program. so why not consider joining a program that can help build future growth in your business. What’s involved? Council’s mentoring program spans an intensive eightmonth period and includes 12 hours of facilitated workshops with a minimum of 10 hours face-to-face meetings with your mentor. What will I achieve? Guidance and assistance will be provided to you by successful business owners sharing knowledge about marketing. achieve their goals and grow our local economy. as well as offering networking leaders are encouraged to apply to help other businesses become more successful.Modern Local Economy BUSINESS MENTORING Stepping up Need a business mentor? Business development and growth is the objective of every entrepreneur.baulkhamhills. cash management. 0412 705 081 or email rbloom@bhsc. Go to www. The program can assist your business by addressing your individual needs and providing customised guidance from business leaders. please take 10-15 minutes to complete an online survey. Any person who has been operating a business in the Shire for over 12 months can apply to participate.nsw. Can I be a mentor? Yes . workbooks and workshop participation. How can I take part? Opportunities are available for the 2009 turnover and profit. Is there a cost? There is a small cost involved which covers one-to-one mentoring. nsw. increasing sales. SYDNEY HILLS BUSINESS CLIMATE ON-LINE SURVEY What are the issues or constraints you face in daily business life? Do you have trouble recruiting staff or getting the right skills? Help us understand what you need! Council is developing its understanding of the business climate for companies operating in the Sydney Hills. To help Council increase its understanding of current business issues and future opportunities for growth. 4 .

5 .HEAD FOR THE HILLS Why Head for the Hills? Did you know that currently 60. Residents have told work close to home us that they want to Focus on: Business Visits Do you need background information as part of developing your business strategy? Council provides the following free assistance for local companies and those considering heading for the Hills including: • • • • local business statistics business demographic information population forecasts market analysis and research • referral services to key business connections • typical real estate costs • labour market costs and availability • relocation and recruitment support • leasing and sales opportunities research Council’s Economic Development team is available to meet with you to find out how we can better support your business. with 47. Council has developed a campaign called “Head for the Hills” to attract companies to relocate to the Shire. By 2031. retail and industrial land for future generations. one of the Shire’s key employment hubs is expected to be full by 2015.000 additional jobs needed. Employment Lands or contact the Economic Development team. . Why not encourage your boss. recreation and lifestyle opportunities on offer . For an appointment call +61 2 9843 0131. How is Council planning for future employment? Council recognises that it is industry’s role to create the jobs and local government’s role to support business by making the right long-term planning decisions. Council’s Employment Lands Study will identify and set aside areas of commercial. In response. i n v e s t s y d n e y h i l l s .000 people leave the Shire each day to work? Residents have told Council they want a diverse range of jobs close to home. Where can you find more information? For more information about economic development in the Hills.000 people.take advantage of the great employment. visit the website w w There is currently just over 500 hectares of employment land existing in the Shire with an additional 147 hectares expected to be needed for the population growth in an area becoming known as the Box Hill Employment Precinct. the Baulkham Hills Shire is expected to grow by 100. Norwest Business Park. your friends and your colleagues to “Head for the Hills” .and get on with business.

6 Excellent barbecue areas. . built in five stages in 1895. The original homestead. comprises four rooms around a central hall. Project Officer . on 8853 1911 for a chat about how you can become involved. sporting facilities. tennis courts and clubhouse. The property has formerly been used for sheep and poultry farming.MUNGERIE HOUSE A boost for visitor information Restoration work has begun on historic Mungerie House at Rouse Hill. including rent. Alterations and additions to the house continued until the 1980s. visit Council’s website and click on the “Our Shire” tab at the top of the page. the $4 million restoration of Mungerie House and its surrounds will deliver a range of resident facilities including a swimming pool. Mungerie House is an example of late Victorian architecture and was one of the earliest homesteads established in the Shire. and a further $100. The newly restored homestead will become home to the Rouse Hill Visitor Information Centre and provide an historical anchor for amenities in The New Rouse Hill community. bushland walking trails. When will the project be completed? Due for completion by March 2009.000 for Mungerie House’s fit out. Community facilities will include a children’s play area and landscaped gardens. children’s playgrounds. Interested in becoming a tourism volunteer? Council is currently looking for community volunteers who would like to join the Tourism team in providing information services. a verandah on three sides and a kitchen at the rear. The History of Mungerie Built in the 1890s. The name “Mungerie” is aboriginal and is believed to mean “eating place – tall trees”.and has been used as a backdrop for film and television. Council’s commitment Council has pledged up to $100. orchards and dairy farming . including “Dad and Dave” and “The Squatter’s Daughter”.000 budget over five years to fund ongoing operating costs. Focus on: Our Reserves beautiful formal gardens and wide-open spaces are perfect for social or formal events or to simply take time out and relax. For information about parks and picnic spots. Council is looking for to join the team community volunteers Why not spend some time over the holiday season exploring our Shire’s parks and reserves? The Garden Shire has 325 parks and reserves in both urban and rural environments. Interested in volunteering in your local community? Contact Raquel Bloom. then select “Parks and Recreation” from the drop-down menu.Economic Development and Tourism. plus the fully-accredited Visitor Information Centre promoting both local and regional tourism.

The Local Strategy is a land use planning document to guide local planning and reflect the themes of the Hills 2026 Community Strategic Direction. and guide the preparation of Council’s new Local Environmental Plan 2010 (LEP 2010). Council is working on a new Centres Direction and Employment Lands Direction (see page 5 for details).gov.Balanced PLANNING THE HILLS Are you aware that by 2031 the Baulkham Hills Shire will grow to approximately 270.000 dwellings needed to be built to accommodate that growth? To plan and manage this growth and change. of your street 7 . fencing. work or own a business in the Shire.nsw. As part of the Local Strategy. Streetscape is created by features including kerbs. bulk and scope of homes. What is streetscape? Streetscape is the “look and feel” of a street. colours and materials and architecture.Residential’. For more information on Planning the Hills Projects.000 with 36. Public exhibition of the draft documents is anticipated for early in 2009. click on the ‘Development’ tab at the top of the page. These changes aim to strengthen existing controls and provide new building controls to improve the quality of developments and consider streetscape. The relationship between these elements creates character which contributes to the look and feel of a street and sense of identity. Like to know more? To view the Development Control Plan visit Council’s website. entertainment or to access services. Council adopted the Draft Local Strategy in June 2008. click on the ‘Planning the Hills’ link under ‘Highlights’ on the home page of Council’s website or contact Council’s Forward Planning team at planning@bhsc. select ‘Baulkham Hills Development Control Plan’ from the drop-down menu and click on ‘Part C Section 3 . setback. lot size. or use our centres for shopping. and blending a new home with the existing streetscape is important for maintaining the Garden Shire image. Urban renewal Currently many parts of the Shire are undergoing change as existing housing makes way for new dwellings. If you live. Urban Growth Love the LOOK and FEEL Are you a local builder or building a new home? Council is encouraging residents and builders to consider the streetscape and character of an area before building. look out for your opportunity to comment on these documents. Draft amendments to the Baulkham Hills Development Control Plan (Residential) have been exhibited.

an assessment of your ecological footprint and practical suggestions to improve your sustainability credentials. What’s on offer? Council is offering your business a free sustainability review. potential to increase productivity. Annangrove. reductions in energy and water consumption. you can contact Council’s Business Sustainability Project Officer on 9843 0362. 8 . click on the “Business” tab at the top of the home page and select “A Sustainable World in the Hills Business Project” from the drop-down menu. The Centre has an extensive reference library and environmental education officers are on-hand to provide advice and assistance with any environmental issue. positive effects on employees and customers. Being a ‘Green Business’ is fast becoming a marketing advantage. To find out about workshops visit Council’s website and click on the “Environment” tab at the top of the home page. improved waste management. free workshops are held throughout the year. cnr Annangrove Road and Currie Avenue. The Environment Centre is located at Annangrove Park. and is open every Thursday from 9am – 4pm. and the ‘Hills Shire Horse’ project assisting rural landholders in the environmental management of their properties. Some of the benefits of the project to businesses. Several key environmental projects are coordinated from the centre including ‘Privet out of Cattai’. the ‘Waterwise Garden Demonstration’ displaying various drought tolerant plant species. greater marketing opportunities and exposure. IT’S EASY BEING GREEN Supporting Business Need some advice on sustainable practices? Council is inviting local businesses to join an exciting new environmental project called ‘A Sustainable World in the Hills’. Contact 9654 3571 (Thurs) 9843 0579 (Mon-Wed & Fri). aimed at eliminating this highly invasive weed. The project is designed to help your business become more environmentally friendly.Protected Environment Visit your Environment Centre Interested in your local environment? Since 2006 the doors of Council’s Environment Centre have been open to locals. How can my business become involved? For more information about Council’s Business Sustainability Project. visit Council’s website. Alternatively. As well. their staff and customers include improved bottom line.

taking in some of the most picturesque rural communities in NSW? The Rural Community Action Plan is being developed to address the specific social and service needs of residents in our Shire’s rural areas. developed and implemented. Following the successful sixmonth trial earlier this year on four works vehicles. This place-based approach to community planning will build on existing Council plans and strategies. 9 . reinforcing our commitment to the Cities for Climate Protection Program. By running 90% of Council’s fleet on biodiesel. The next community consultation is planned for December 2008 at Wisemans Ferry with further consultations within the Annangrove and Kenthurst areas in the New Year. green Shire’ by using blended biodiesel fuel to power diesel plant in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Biodiesel is an alternative to crude oil based diesel and is derived from vegetable oils or animal fats and can be blended with standard diesel. Council has opted to expand the use of the alternative fuel to power 90% of its diesel plant.RURAL COMMUNITY ACTION PLAN Have your say! What is the plan? Did you know that our Shire extends from North Parramatta to Wisemans Ferry. The community will continue to be heard as projects are designed. Community members throughout the process can have their say Focus on: Reducing Emissions Council supports the concept of a ‘clean. Want more information? For further details contact Council’s Community Planning Coordinator on 9843 0361. How can I have my say? Community members can have their say throughout the process with ongoing community engagement activities. significant reductions of up to 42 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year are anticipated.

This route is relatively flat. click on the ‘Residents’ tab and select ‘Children’s Services’ from the drop-down menu. All funds raised are used directly for the benefit of the service. Enrolling your child in one of Council’s child care centres will ensure your family is supported with the highest standards of early childhood care and education. including the varying dietary needs of individual children. All our staff are trained in understanding the needs of children and parents at all ages of early childhood development. Looking for quality child care? Council’s child care Baulkham Hills Shire Council can provide your child with a safe and happy child care environment that is fun. click on “Off Road Cycleways” then select the Baulkham Hills Off Road Cycling Map.nsw. through to the M2 and Old Windsor Road in the south. Select the “Our Shire” tab at the top of the page. West Pennant Hills 9871 2553.baulkhamhills. except for some areas near Seven Hills Road and in Sophia Doyle Reserve. We are here to support you as a family at every step of the way. Carlingford 9873 A detailed map of the cycleway can be downloaded from Council’s or phone Customer Service on 9843 0555. choose “Parks and Recreation” from the drop-down menu. General Manager and staff of Baulkham Hills Shire Council wish you and your family a safe and enjoyable Festive Season. Dural 9651 3998. For more information visit Council’s website. 10 . Our early childhood learning programs are fully accredited and developed by university-qualified Early Childhood Teachers. The Baulkham Hills Loop Cycleway provides around 8km of off-road pathway. This provides you with a choice of times to attend. mostly travelling through scenic parklands. For information on Council’s opening times over the Christmas and New Year period please check Council’s website at www. Castle Hill (Castle Glen) 9680 4824. Come for a visit We invite you to visit our centres as we are certain you will find many benefits that will meet your needs. Councillors. educational and nurturing. Castle Hill (Excelsior Avenue) 9680 2735. Seasons Greetings! The Mayor. drinks and snacks are supplied and families are offered support on a wide range of health and developmental needs.BAULKHAM HILLS CYCLEWAY Keeping you in the Loop The Baulkham Hills area has over 10km of off-road cycleways available for cyclists and pedestrians. Centres are open on week days at 7am and close at 6pm. Centres are located at Baulkham Hills 9639 4212. Deputy Mayor. extending from Windsor Road near Showground Road in the north. Our service is not for profit. What does a Council child care centre offer? Nutritious meals.

check Council’s website in the New Year for more information. your environment. 2009 in Council’s Administration Building . The Centre is located at the Baulkham Hills Community Centre complex (off Conie Avenue) and also utilises a variety of facilities within the Shire. people with disabilities and/or their carers. Council’s ‘Say G’Day’ Expo will run on Monday 26 January. our community’s Hills 2026 Vision. centre-based day programs. Focus on: Say G’DAY at Don’t miss the 2009 Australia Day celebrations at Council. Hills Community Care conducts a variety of programs funded at local. and transport to medical appointments. library and senior services and more. Australia Day 09 Drop in and say ‘G’Day’ as the doors to Council open for our annual Council Expo as part of the Australia Day Celebrations. please call 9672 6308. What is Hills Community Care? Hills Community Care is a Baulkham Hills Shire Council Community Service and commenced operations in 1991. If you would like more information. click on the ‘Residents’ tab and select ‘Hills Community Care’ from the drop-down menu. recreational support. State and Federal levels to assist frail aged. Find out about bushcare. The ‘Say G’Day’ Expo is all about showcasing Council’s services and Council staff will be on hand to provide information and answer any questions you may have about Council services. 11 .Vibrant Communities HILLS COMMUNITY CARE Mental Health Program Respite Are you caring for someone with a mental illness or someone with an intellectual disability? Hills Community Care’s Mental Health Respite Program can help you have a break by providing in-home respite. Castle Hill. people with dementia. youth. childcare. stalls. For more information visit Council’s website. an affirmation ceremony and fantastic on-stage entertainment throughout the afternoon. Our sensational annual event has something for everyone with thrill rides. corner of Showground and Carrington Roads. great food.

I have the additional honour of being elected Deputy Mayor and I am thankful to my Council colleagues who elected me to this position.nsw. being elected as one of your Councillors. It is an honour and a privilege to be given the opportunity to serve the Hills community that I have lived in for most of my life. We have for the first time in living memory a Council comprised of two professional political parties.Councillor Peter Dimbrowsky (Deputy Mayor) Councillor Tony Hay Councillor Justin Taunton I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the community for voting for me and my team at the recent elections. It is now time to extract real commitments to the necessary major state projects from these opposition members. responsibilities job.dimbrowsky@bigpond. R iv er I believe the public got it right on September 13 and all twelve elected Councillors have the best interests of the community at heart and I look forward to working with all of them as a team. The process of an election campaign is an amazing experience like no other. PORTLAND R iv er Old Hawkes bu ry MAROOTA Nor the rn es SACKVILLE NORTH er ry Ro bu ad R iv CENTRAL WARD Ha wk es bu SOUTH MAROOTA ry Old CATTAI GLENORIE Ro ad 9680 8420 0419 664 438 Fax: 9659 2162 peter. They say that Spring is a time for renewal and new beginnings and for me. to deliver the best outcomes WISEMANS FERRY for the people of the Baulkham Hills LEETSVALE LOWER Shire. Putting yourself up for public judgement is not easy and I congratulate all candidates for caring enough about their community to put up their hand and for being prepared to contribute in a positive way. not just continued unproductive criticism about a State Government holding no seats in the area. together with the new local initiatives that we will complete together for the benefit of our residents. it certainly is the case.tonyhay@bhsc. • To protect the amenity of Castle Hill Showground as a cultural and heritage asset for future generations. Please feel free to contact me should you wish to discuss any matters relating to Council and our community. I look forward to the completion of local projects and initiatives that were commenced during my term as Mayor of this great We are humbled and honoured by the overwhelming support. Even when our State members are in Government our region has been taken for granted as ‘safe seats’. What I hope is that locally Council will be capable of working together to deliver constructive outcomes in those areas that are the responsibility of Local Government and to meet the needs of our local community. some of my top priorities are: • Lobbying State and Federal Governments for funding to construct the North West rail link and the upgrade of Showground Road to 4 lanes. All of us accept the that come with the the tasks ahead and be the Council team expects us to be. The winds of change also reached the top levels of our State Government and for the first time ever we have a Premier who grew up in our district and attended Northmead High School in our Shire. For too long our elected State representatives have done nothing but criticise and complain about the failings of State Government to deliver for our Ro ad Old No rth er n 0422 508 975 Fax: 9838 0205 MARAYLYA Bo un da ry MIDDLE DURAL NELSON KENTHURST No r th BOX HILL in d so W AN e rn r ROUSE HILL NA NG RO VE DURAL Ro Ro ad Ro BEAUMONT GL HILLS EN HA KELLYVILLE V Old EN CASTLEC as tle HILL BELLA VISTA BAULKHAM HILLS Ro H il Councillor Comments Ro a ad ad 12 d Win sor l WEST d PENNANT HILLS il PennantH ad WINSTON HILLS NORTH ROCKS M2 CARLINGFORD NORTHMEAD NORTH PARRAMATTA OATLANDS ls . Let’s hope that now we have a local as the Premier of NSW action is taken to address some of the pressing needs facing our Shire! As one of your 0414 519 750 justin@taunton. We know we’re ready to the community 2008 -2012 will be interesting times for Baulkham Hills Shire. • Working with key stakeholders to ensure the completion of the Castle Hill Ring Road project in a timely and efficient manner as well as implementing the Castle Hill Town Centre Master plan. It potentially will be the best of times if effective representation can be made on behalf of our community.

As your East Ward representative. These are expensive and essential works but with goodwill and sound leadership we will deliver. if approved. Thank you for trusting me to represent you for another four years.bentham@bhsc. have placed a great responsibility on us in electing their new Council for the next four years. It is an honour to have been elected as Mayor of this wonderful Shire. R iv er Old Hawkesbury R iv er LOWE R PORTL AN LEETS D VALE Northern Ha e wk sb ur y MARO SACKV NORTH ILLE er OTA Ro ad ur y R iv SOUTH MARO OTA I Old H aw ke sb CATTA EAST WARD No 0427 928 111 clrjefferies@live. Hopefully we can renew infrastructure and enhance the built environment and the oa YL MIDD DURALE L DURA Ro ad R MARA Old AN NA NG RO VE N or th ern L Old Win ds or l R R oa d . I am always happy to help you with any council related concern or matter. Parking is also a major policy area that needs attention in this term of Council. I’d also like to thank the many members of the community who volunteered their personal time to assist with my election campaign. I am looking forward to working with all members of the community and my State and Federal colleagues to achieve greater outcomes such as improved transport infrastructure. Bus facilities will need to be accelerated if we are to cope with the pressures already in the public transport system.Councillor Andrew Jefferies Councillor David Bentham Councillor Larry Bolitho (Mayor) I’d firstly like to thank the voters of the Hills for the strong endorsement of the Liberal team right across the Shire and particularly in East Plans already approved call on our Council to expend major capital. I am confident that your new Council W has the knowledge. so again your input is planning for new growth areas and the revitalisation of residential areas. The newly elected Council with its generational change and younger representatives is now far more balanced and reflective of the Shire’s demographics. their counterparts here in Baulkham Hills and other groups who aligned themselves with Labor over the last four years. Be Informed. Please feel free to call or email me if I can be of any assistance. The people of our Shire. Your input is still valued. dedication andFEISEMANS RRY skills to meet these YA clr. I welcome the community’s clear message to reject the behaviour and policy direction of the NSW State Labor Government. Your hard work and effort is greatly appreciated and I hope to maintain your support over the next four 9630 5290 0427 292 140 Fax: 9630 9402 un da ern rth GL 0412 174 413ENORIE Fax: 9843 0410 Ro ad ry Bo BOX H ILL W in ds or NELS O N KENTH U RST ROUS HILL E Ro ad BEAU HILL SMONT Councillor Comments KELLY GL VILLE ENH AV EN BELLA VISTA CASTL HILL ECa BAUL HILL SKHAM M2 s tle H il WINSTO HILL S N WESToad PENN HILL SANT Pe nn an H il ls t Ro ad 13 NORTH NORTH ROCK S MEAD CARLI NG NORTH PARR AM AT TA OATLA NDS d clr. I hope to bring forward major policy changes in this area to our Council. we will be placing a high emphasis on the professional development of Councillors to enable us to represent the whole of the community to the best of our judgement and ability. East Ward is changing as renewal of the building stock occurs. Carlingford Precinct will need a lot of community consultation and be a major capital expense over the medium term. In this term of Council. through our local democratic system. better customer service delivery and upgrades to our parks and playing fields.nsw. we must show strong leadership and unity. In order to do we will need to be careful with our financial affairs. There are many challenges before us including the provision of infrastructure for our rapidly growing area.nsw. As a member of the Liberal team. Be involved. Apart from the global and State financial problems. The clear message is that residents want all Councillors to act as an interface between the community and Council. The next year will be eventful. The election is over.bolitho@bhsc.

R iv er The recent Council Election sent a clear message that we must consult. there are many challenges ahead. and I look forward to working with them and my other fellow Councillors to make a difference and serve our community. strengthening its financial position and achieving the outcomes expected by the community. The highly trained men and women of the Rural Fire Service do a wonderful job helping to protect us. Council’s Bushfire Awareness website is well worth looking October to March. clear gutters regularly of leaves and debris. North Ward has such a broad range of needs. From rural to residential. but it is up to each one of us to play our part by preparing our homes against bushfires. prepare firebreaks and have a fire safety plan. The NSW Legislative Council Standing Committee No. As an active sports person I recognise the value to the community in having room to play. One of the first major items for the new Council is the Shire Local Environmental Plan Ro ad No rth er n MARAYLYA Old Bo un da ry MIDDLE DURAL NELSON KENTHURST No BOX HILL in d W AN ROUSE HILL Ro ad r th e rn so r NA NG RO VE DURAL Ro ad BEAUMONT GL HILLS EN HA KELLYVILLE V Old EN CASTLEC as tle HILL BELLA VISTA Ro ad Ro ad 14 d Win sor H il l BAULKHAM HILLS WINSTON HILLS NORTH ROCKS M2 CARLINGFORD NORTHMEAD NORTH PARRAMATTA OATLANDS ls Councillor Comments il PennantH WEST d PENNANT HILLS Ro a . I look forward to engaging the community and stakeholders and hearing your interpretation and opinion of one of the most significant documents that governs development and forward planning in the Shire. Council needs to provide adequate funding for our local roads too. Please stay involved and WISEMANS FERRY stay in touch.preston@bigpond. The territory is the largest of the four wards and offers a diversity of living environments. particularly in the rural and bushy areas of North Ward. I am really pleased that there are two other new women Councillors.Councillor Robyn Preston Councillor Greg Burnett Councillor Barbara Burton As a new Councillor I want to thank you for your support in the recent local government election. I am mindful of the need for dedicated open space. and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Council has been building footpaths around our newer areas such as Rouse Hill. Due for public release and exhibition shortly. enabling residents to walk to shops and schools where possiblegetting healthy exercise. Please feel free to contact me regarding any issue for which I may be of assistance. It will be a pleasure to work alongside my fellow Councillors with their differing backgrounds.4 has commenced an inquiry into the transport needs of the Northwest. The outcome and recommendations of the inquiry should confirm what the public already knows: the need for immediate additional substantive investment and consultation in relation to public transport in the Northwest. retail services to small businesses. I am thrilled to join Council as the first Labor woman and the first Labor Councillor representing North Ward in 100 years and I will be working hard to live up to residents’ expectations. taking Baulkham Hills Shire 9651 1865 0417 254 171 Fax: 9653 9474 burtonbarb@ozemail. It is a privilege and an honour to serve the community. manage and deliver to the community that has elected us to represent them. compete and relax. Old Hawkes bu ry LEETSVALE R iv er Nor thern LOWER PORTLAND MAROOTA SACKVILLE NORTH er ur y ad Ro H aw ke sb R iv Ha wk es SOUTH MAROOTA bu ry Old CATTAI NORTH WARD GLENORIE Ro ad 0419 200 300 Fax: 9894 7779 9839 3117 0402 849 794 gaburnett@bigpond. Please feel free to contact me about any matters which are concerning you. Unfortunately there are some missing footpaths causing difficulties so it is time for us to take action and complete the footpaths and cycle ways as planned. We need rail to unclog our roads and I am determined to put pressure on the state government to provide a rail clr. We are at the beginning of the bushfire danger season. goals and priorities. We need to reduce ground fuels around our houses. Inadequate public transport has been our burden for decades. saving money on petrol. Thank you for the opportunity to represent the community of Baulkham Hills Shire. achievements. I look forward to representing your concerns in council over the next four years.

0423 798 891 Fax: 9614 3437 thomas_mike@optusnet. As a long term resident of Baulkham Hills. particularly without adequate community facilities. My priorities for this term are unchanged: Our Financial Position . Less important expenditures often crowd out spending on our open green Bo un da ry BOX H ILL W in ds or NELS O N KENTH U RST MIDD DURALE L ROUS HILL E Ro ad BEAU HILL SMONT Old DURA Ro ad GL KELLY VILLE ENH AV EN BELLA VISTA CASTL HILL ECa BAUL HILL SKHAM M2 s tle H il Ro ad Councillor Comments WINST HILL S ON WESToad PENN HILL SANT Pe nn an H il ls t 15 NORT HMEA CARLI D NG NORT PARR H AM AT TA OATLA NDS NORT ROCK H S R oa d 9646 0106 0412 265 876 Fax: 9838 0994 Ro GLENO RIE ad WEST WARD Old N or th ern MARA 0448YL268 140 YA AN NG NA RO VE L Win ds or l R R oa d . roads and transport infrastructure being provided to cope with increased population and demands for services. Hawkesbury Ri ve r WISE FERRMANS Y LEETS VALE Northern Old R iv er LOWE PORT R LAN D Ha e wk sb ur y MARO SACK NORT VILLE H er OTA Ro ad ur y R iv SOUT MAROH OTA I Old H aw ke sb CATTA No rth ern raymondharty@comet-training. Over the course of the next four years the Council will face many challenges. I am excited about our new Council and welcome all the new Councillors elected for this I am very pleased to be returned as a Councillor on Baulkham Hills Shire Council to represent our community. I am passionate about protecting the unique lifestyle that the Hills Shire has to offer. The lack of public transport continues to impact negatively upon Baulkham Hills Shire and has been the focus of much media attention in recent weeks. under the service provisions of the contract that private bus companies have with the State Government. It is an unsatisfactory situation given the high level of car dependency in the Hills that there is not one designated priority bus route. Once bus routes are designated as such. which is an issue I watch carefully.Residents love their green areas and too often come to me about losing their promised open our residents know the traffic problems. It is a pleasure to have been elected as Councillor to West Ward in the recent Local Government elections. Council needs to provide adequate funding for its roads and pressure the State Government to fund their I wish to take this opportunity to express my thanks and gratitude to the residents of the Baulkham Hills Shire. not least amongst these challenges is the issue of an integrated transport system involving rail and bus services on priority bus routes like in other areas of metropolitan Sydney. I am opposed to medium-density housing developments being forced upon residents. I am pleased that the park at Wrights Road Castle Hill I undertook to have commenced this year has begun development. lead to increased frequency under the terms of the contract. Our Shire is a growth area and needs more State Government funding especially on our clogged up roads such as Showground Rd. I oppose higher density units in our Shire without the infrastructure required. I would like to thank the public for their support at the recent Local Government Elections. Traffic . Public Green Space . Notwithstanding the political make up of the newly elected Council I will use my best endeavours through the forums available to me to pursue a better transport outcome for the michellerbyrne@yahoo.Councillor Mike Thomas Councillor Raymond Harty Councillor Michelle Byrne Firstly. We need to be responsible in our finances so we can maintain our ageing infrastructure and provide facilities such as the green space promised to our residents. I look forward to making a positive contribution to our community in these areas and am keen to hear residents’ concerns. it would. These funds are used to fund promised community facilities. Now is the time to really take the fight up to the State Government to obtain the funding and infrastructure that we so desperately need.Council has an enormous shortfall in its developer contribution plans. I encourage residents to bring to me issues that concern you. and in particular the residents of West Ward for once again being given the honour and privilege to be their elected representative.

au 24hr Emergency Number: issues relating to roads. Why not turn back time and spend the day at beautiful Wisemans Ferry in our Shire’s north? What can you do at Wisemans Ferry? ● Enjoy the panoramic view from Hawkins Lookout ● Picnic in Wisemans Ferry Park ● Take a scenic drive along the river ● Take the ferry across the river and discover historic St Albans and the Convict Trail ● Cruise along the Hawkesbury River ● Hire a houseboat ● Explore the river on waterskis ● Enjoy lunch at the historic inn For details about things to see and do in our our Shire’s Attractions semans Ferry Wi Our Shire has some of the best natural assets in New South Wales. development control or emergency environmental issues call 9843 Castle Hill NSW 2154 PO Box Focus on: Baulkham Hills Shire Council 129 Showground Road. Vandalism Hotline (24hr): 1300 884 885. Auslan interpreters can be provided on request for all public Website & e-request system: www. Castle Hill NSW 1765 Ph: 9843 0555 Fax: 9843 0409 Email: baulk@bhsc. visit www. drainage and trees on public land call: 0412 705 090. Waste Hotline: 1800 623 895 or email baulkhamhills@cleanaway. For after-hours assistance with animal control. Council’s TTY phone number is 8850 5622.

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