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I've read the Koran and the Hadith before on the Internet. Let’s make things clear
before I start discussing about Islam. I don’t hate people of Arabic descent or
consider most Muslims as terrorists. Neither do I abhor Arabic culture that God
blessed them with like calligraphy, architecture, language, trade, science,
astronomy, mathematics, history, etc., but I strongly dissent with the Islamic
religion for many reasons. Islam is a very popular world religion in the world
today. I remember in the mid 1990‘s when I learned about it in a high level.
Islam means to submit to God not peace. In the Islamic view, you must submit to
the Islamic version of God to have peace as mentioned in “The Joy of Sects” by
Peter Occhigrosso in 1996 at pgs. 394-397. Islam actually means “Submission.”
Only the word Salaam in the common greeting “as-Salaam-I’ Alaikum” [or Peace
be upon you] means peace in Arabic. It is obvious that God blessed the Arabic
people in numerous ways that I’ve mentioned above. The Arabic people came
from the Saudi Arabian Peninsula. The Bible mentioned their progenitors as from
Joktan (who lived in the South mainly from Eber) and Ishmael (meaning God
had blessed) existing in central and Northern Arabia originally. God in Genesis
blessed Ishmael with 12 nations, then Isaiah 60:6-7 called Ishmael’s descendants
as living in peace with Israel during the Messiah’s Millennial Reign and then
forever in the future. Many Muslim theocratic nations would issue death as a
punishment for criticizing Islam. Islam is very fast growing religion as mosques
are spreading throughout America rapidly.

Some folks in Islam follow the culture of 7th century Saudi Arabia (in speech,
dress, food, etc.). Muslim scholar Dr. Ali Dashti, a former Foreign Minister of
Iran, explains in his book 23 Years: A Study of the Prophetic Career of Mohammad
that Islam must be understood in terms of its essential identification with
seventh-century Arab culture. Other Muslims follow the modern customs of
today just like Christians do. Christianity" is "supracultural" in that it allows
people to live, dress, and eat in accordance with the culture in which they are
living. Josephus [a Jewish historian] in his “The Works of Josephus,” Raphael
Patai (another Jewish scholar wrote the “Seed of Abraham” on pg. 23), and
countless scholars proved that the Ishmaelites make up the Arabs of today. Patai
wrote 600 articles, 20 books, taught in Princeton, taught in Colombia, and the
University of Pennsylvania. Arabic and Jewish scholars highly praised Patai, so
he knows what he’s talking about. Raphael Patai, a Jew, tells us in his book, Seed
of Abraham, p. 23, that the name "Arab" is in the same inscriptions with that of
Kedar, a son of Ishmael, in the ninth century BC Assyrian. Allah is not the name
of Almighty God for numerous reasons. Allah is divided into 2 syllables that are
Al and –Ilah. Al means “the” in Arabic and “Ilah” means “the god” in a generic
deity not the name of Almighty God of the Universe. In fact, Allah is never found
in the Bible in Greek or Hebrew. Even the 1st Arabic translation of the Bible in
the 9th century don’t have the word “Allah” in the Old Testament or New
Testament. I don’t agree with Steve Van Nattan on everything, but his work
exposing Islam is right on calling Allah as relating to the solar deity.

The truth is that Muhammad chose Allah from among the 360+ false gods in the
Kaaba. The origin of Allah was from Babel as the god of Enlil. The root LiL
became –ih. There was also a goddess counterpart, which was Ham’illat. Allah
was mentioned in pagan inscriptions in Babel, North Arabia, Jawf, Petra,
Phoenicia, Palmarya, Assyria, and other places. Muslim apologist Ahmed Deedat
claimed that the name of Elah, a Hebrew Bible name, is the same as ILAH in
Arabic. There is just one problem. Nowhere in the Hebrew Bible is Elah the name
of God. It is the name of a man and the name of an oak tree. Islamic Sheikh,
Ibrahim Al-Qattan, in a lecture given to the International Progress Association in
Vienna, said that Allah was a pre-Islamic pagan diety. The Quraysh tribe used
Allah as Baal. Allah being equivalent to Baal (Satan) is mentioned by Dr. Cathy
Burns and other researchers. James Hastings’ Encylcopedia. Here's some sources
on this issue:

“All said 'Allah', but each one had its own deity in mind. The expression 'the
god' (al-ilah), which became the only usage, became the bridge to the concept of
an identical god which all tribes had in common” (J.Wellhausen, p. 218)
"In times of great stress, or pleadings, the Northern Arabs used the god-from,
FHLH, which meant "so O Allah." The goddess from used just as often was
FHLT meant ,"so, O Allat." This shows that Allah was well established in North
Arabia and that he ahd a consort, or lady friend of high esteem, named Allat.
ILAHA was used for god. This shows that Allah was the sun god figure and
Allat was the moon goddess." (Hastings, James, Encylopedia of Religion and
Ethics, Scribners, NY pg. 248).

“Historians like Vaqqidi have said Allah was actually the chief of the 360 gods being
worshipped in Arabia at the time Mohammed rose to prominence. Ibn Al-Kalbi
gave 27 names of pre-Islamic deities...Interestingly, not many Muslims want to
accept that Allah was already being worshipped at the Ka'ba in Mecca by Arab
pagans before Mohammed came. Some Muslims become angry when they are
confronted with this fact. But history is not on their side. Pre-Islamic literature has
proved this.” (G. J. O. Moshay, Who Is This Allah? (Dorchester House, Bucks, UK,
1994), pg. 138).

*Allah just originated from Mesopotamia and caught on by Muhammad to
devise his religion of Islam:

“We will now discuss the derivation process of the god's name from the
beginning. We might have waited until the end for this revelation, but it seemed
good to me to let you in on the plot so that you can follow the Hajj of Allah
better. The root form of the name of the earth god in Sumer is found in Enlil, the
primal god. If we drop the gender prefixes from Enlil and his consort Ninlil, we
are left with the root, "LIL." This is reduced later in many cultures to "IL." (Some
"scholars" have tried to say that IL is EL, but the root form of IL is LIL, so this
notion just won't work. Of course these "scholars" have no respect for the Bible
unless it supports their presuppositions.) The system of putting prefixes before
the god names was used in the Hamatic cultures like Sumer. After the god /
goddess moved on to Semitic cultures such as Assyria and Semitic Babylon, a
suffix was attached after the "LIL" or "IL" root.
The most startling coincidence to me, of ancient Sumerian god names
concurrently inscribed in the same epigraphs with much more recent god names,
is in an inscription in stone from Al-Ula in Northern Arabia, circa 500 BC, just
1000 years before Muhammad. In the same Semitic language dialect, and in the
same time frame, are two other names of the gods- Mar-Allah, meaning Lord
god, and Adar'IL, a Sardonic contraction using the root form of the name for god
from Sumer, LIL. This shows that the basic IL or LIL root form survived for 2500
years, appearing in both names in ancient and recent forms! In Jawf, in the same
area and time frame, the feminine form for Allah is found commonly as in
Ham'illat (ILAT is the goddess). Also, in inscriptions near oases, Allah and Allat
(sometimes ILAT) appear with no descriptive attachments, either in appeals for
help in travel, or as part of the signature of the suppliant (like Abdallah-- IL root
in name!). What does this mean? This means that IL and Allah shared the
reverence of the ancient Sumerians, circa 3000 BC, and the northern Arab tribes
in 500 BC. Survival time-- 2500 years. (Winnett, F V, and Reed, W L, Ancient
Records From North Arabia, Univ. of Toronto, 1970 [This is a key source for
epigraphs.] pg. 79,126-127 /245, 253b. Winnett has done some of the best and
most recent work in inscription interpretation.)

*The Answering Islam site says this : “This is not a pretty sight to the Muslim
reader because it clearly shows that Allah descended from the original pagan
god, Enlil, after the tower of Babel. The reason we can be sure of the connection
between Babel (or Sumer) and Mecca is that Enlil, whose LIL root name would
not go away, survived for 2500 years to be included in Northern Arabia in the

Allah’s ancient history is shown here: “…Allah was the highest deity, and his name
was inscribed in stone by Jewish traders along the Arabian trade routes. These
paganized Jews also called him Rahman, while the Arabs called him Allah. (Al-Qattan,
Sheikh Ibrahim, Lecture on Monotheism, I P O Journal, Vienna, pg. 26-29). “…It is very
clear that these sacred concepts, such as Allah, the Kaaba with its black stone, running
around the Kaaba seven times, climbing mount Arafat, as well as the god-name
Rahman, and stoning Satan, (which Muhammed got "by revelation") were salvaged
from the dung heaps of ancient paganism in Arabia…” (Gabrieli, Francesco,
Muhammed and The Conguests of Islam, World Univ. Press, NY, Toronto, pg. 41). The
name Rahman which the Arabs later took from the Jews is named after a pagan diety!!!
All of Muhammad’s ideas about the Kaaba and the god-name Rahman can from ancient
Arabian paganism.

Here’s another source on this issue:

“Muhammad cleansed the Kaaba of 360 pagan idols and gods, but he retained
the resident god of choice, Al-ILAH, or Allah. If he was extending the heritage of
EL or Elohim into the world, as he claimed he was, then why didn't Muhammad
use one of the clearly biblical names extant in the Bible AND right there in
Arabia? In fact, Allah and Elohim are mutually exclusive, so Allah is a pagan
counterfeit.” (Van Netton, Steve, Allah Divine or Demonic, pg. 113-14, 1998).
There is another source on Allah: “The Quraysh ADOPTED ALLAH AS BAAL,
and added the goddesses to his cult the same way as Baal had three daughters in
the Fertile Crescent. They venerated him and his three female companions in his
new House, the Kaaba at Mecca.” (Bergsson, Snorri G., Goddesses and Wica
worship,'Neo-paganism at its most deceptive form, Islam and Goddess Worship
Chpt. IV, pg. 15, 1998-2000). Muhammad's father's literal Arabic name was Abd-
Allah. His uncle's name was Obied-Allah.

Islam is not related to Christianity at all. Muslims would readily tell you that
they believe that God has no Son and Muhammad is his prophet. The Koran
denies that God has a Son (Surah 4:171, Surah 19:92, Surah 23:91), but the Bible
purely outlined that the Father has a Son (Psalms 2:7, Luke 22:70, Luke 1:35).
Islam denies the divinity of Jesus Christ and calls him just a prophet. On the
other hand, there are a lot of Bible verses to prove that Jesus Christ is God in the
flesh being more than just a prophet (1 Timothy 3:16, Col. 2:9, John 4:26, Mt. 8:2,
Mark 5:6). In Islam, there is the Hajj. The Hajj is a requirement for all Muslims
who are able to make a pilgrimage to the Kabba in Mecca (in Saudi Arabia).
There, they praise Allah, do rituals, and throw stones at a pillar. This pillar to
Muslims is symbolic of Satan. Now, the Kabah is a stone, which is rumored to be
a meteorite from space. The most controversial aspect of Islam is the concept of
the Jihad. The Jihad means struggle. Now, in the Koran and the Hadith shows
concepts of promoting peace and violence. There is one part of the Koran
banning killing innocents as similar to killing all mankind. There is Surah 9:5 also
saying that: “…Fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them,
beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every strategem of war…” Surah 5:33
records that punishment for so-called infidels: “…Their punishment
is...execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from the
opposite sides, or exile from the land…”

Here’s another quote on this issue: "Allah's apostle was asked, 'What is the best
deed?' He replied, 'To believe in Allah and his Apostle.' The questioner then asked,
'What is the next (in goodness)?' He replied, 'To participate in Jihad (religious fighting)
in Allah's cause.'" – The Hadith, Al Bukhari, Vol. 1 no 25.

Here‘s another quote on this issue: "O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and the
Christians for your friends and protectors. They are but friends and protectors to each
other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is one of them . . ."( Surah

Radical Muslims (not all Muslims) have used a violent form of Jihad in Sudan,
Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. for centuries. Surah 4:154-158 even denies the
crucifixion, death, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ rose from the
dead (Romans 6:9, Philippians 2:8, Luke 18:33, etc.) In Islam, you must fulfill 5
pillars to be saved, so you can go to Heaven. In reality, you can never be saved
on what you do. You are saved by faith through grace by the Lord Jesus Christ
alone. (Ephesians 2:8, 9, Romans 3:20, Romans 4:4). Heaven in Islam is pervasive
sex, drink, and other sexual perversion (Surah 56:15, Surah 56:54, 67-71). The
Bible says that in heaven, we will be like angels to those who are saved, no death,
suffering, no homosexuality, and no alcohol consumption readily. The Quran
accepts the beating of women: Let's look at the Quran, in Sura 4:34:

“…Men are the managers of the affairs of women...Those you fear may be
rebellious--admonish; banish them to their couches and beat them…”

Women today in the Islamic world are treated much better than back them. Yet,
there is a long way to go in giving women full respect and honor in Muslim
theocratic nations. In Iran they must carry written permission from their
husbands to go outside the house. In Saudi Arabia, they are prohibited from
driving a car. When some women in Saudia Arabia drove cars in the fall of 1990,
they were castigated from every direction and admonished not to talk to Western
reporters. The Quran views Allah as unknowable, the Bible says that God is
knowable. The Quran says that Allah is no personal, but the Bible called God as
personal. The Quran even shows Allah as having no feelings towards man, but
the Bible says that God loves all mankind. The Quran says that Muhammad
preached to genies in Suras 46:29-35; 72:1-28. Islam believed that the Koran is an
inspired book along with the Torah, Zabr (the psalms), and the Injil (the NT
Gospel). The truth is that with the book of Revelation, the canon of the Bible is
Revelation. Since the Koran adds concepts contrary to the Holy Bible, it’s adds to
the Word of God, therefore it’s forbidden to be placed equaled to the Scriptures
(Deut. 4:2, 12:32, Revelation 22:18, Proverbs 30:6). Muslims claim that the Koran
don’t have contradictions, but this is false because there are many apparent.
Muhammad wasn’t a perfect character as well. He had more than 4 wives (as
many as 22), which violated the Koran of having 4 wives of one man. According
to the Hadith, he married a 6th year old girl, so he was a pedophile. He owned
many slaves, was a terrorist by killing a man and enslaving others in Nakhla
Raid, and stole his son’s wife in Surah 33:36-38. He admitted to being sinner in
Hadith vol. 1, no. 7111 and Surah 18:10. Hadith vol. 5, no. 266 have Muhammad
not knowing what to do. Muslim Scholar named Ali Dashit said of the Koran

"Unfortunately the Qor'an was badly edited and its contents are very obtusely
arranged. All students of the Qor'an wonder why the editors did” The Koran
gets things wrong biblically as well. Abraham father's name was Azar (Sura
6:74). The Bible says it was Terah. The ark came to rest on Mount Judi (Sura
11:44). The Bible says it came to rest on Mount Ararat. Abraham went to
sacrifice Ishmael (Surah 37:100-112). The Bible says it was Isaac.
Robert Morey

Robert Morey’s Islamic Invasion “Islamic Invasion” is fraudulent. Morey is an
Arab basher, Hyper-Calvinist, Reconstructionists, and refuse explicit soul winner
for Muslims, so he’s spewing false doctrine. The essence of Reconstruction
theology is the lie that man must use force to herald the coming of Jesus Christ.
That’s unscriptural since Jesus will return on his own time. The Kingdom of the
Messiah will exist by Jesus himself not by mankind using force. Robert Morey is
loved by the establishment, pro-Billy Graham Christianity Today magazine.
Christianity Today once hired Kenneth Kantser, who mocked Christian concerns
about New Age and the Antichrist. Morey promotes a crusade in his website when
only Papists would promote crusades. I don’t promote crusades at all. Robert
Morey’s famous book is “Islamic Invasion,“ which promotes paranoia about
Muslims including Arabic people (and the book promotes the Allah is the moon
god myth. Morey asserts that the word used was al-ilah, later shortned to allaah, citing
Carleton S. Coon as his source. Coon, however, states otherwise - that Ilah, the general
term for "god", became Al-Ilah, "The God", or Allaah, the "Supreme Being.” Allah is a
pre-Islamic pagan deity though). According to S. Friedlander‘s “Ninety-Nine Names of
Allah source in 1978 all Allah was worshipped as a Supreme God along with the 3
Goddesses of al-Lat, al-Uzza, and Mannat as his daughters in pre-Islamic times. Pagan
readily believed in a Supreme God and worshipped other gods and goddesses at the same
time. Allah wasn‘t worshipped in a monotheistic way before Islam was created. Allah
was used for many names for God in the in the Arabic pantheon as well. Many
Christian or fundamental circles have took up for this book, because either they
haven’t researched Morey (or share hatred of Muslims and Arabic people like
Robert Morey does). Although, most real Fundamental Christians don‘t harbor
hatred of Muslims or Arabic people at all. “Islamic Invasion” from Morey on pg.
61 says that Allah’s 99 nations are all negative in form when some of Allah’s
names are positive like Compassionate, King, Most Holy One, etc. On pg. 70, the
book says that Muhammad’s grandfather died a pagan and didn’t embrace. The
problem is that Muhammad’s grandfather died before Muhammad created
Islam. Muhammad was only 8 years old when Muhammad’s grandfather died.
Morey has also written predictions that World War III will be caused by Islam, which
isn’t prophetically mentioned in the Scriptures at all. We can disagree with Islam, but
we shouldn’t show hatred of people because of their race or creed. His hatred of
Muslims and Arabic people runs deeper. For example, Morey said, in his rag,
The Truth Seekers, Sept-Dec, 1995, "...if the Muslims have their way, they will
kill every Jew and every Christian on the planet." That isn’t true since most
Muslims don’t want to kill every Jewish person or Christian on the planet at all.
When Zionist settlers came into Israel in the 1800’s and the 1900’s, they saw
Jewish people, Catholic Arabic people, and Muslim Arabic human beings living rather
peacefully. This can be seen in the old geographical books like John Stoddard's series,
from the steel plate etchings and editorial.

These are Arabic Christians that Robert Morey probably doesn’t want people to
know about. Well, these Christians give us the inspiration to carry forward in
Robert Morey lied and bashed Erasmus (he called him embracing liberalism and
New Age tenets. These lies aren’t true of course since he was conservative in
theological terms) and the King James Version of the Bible. Robert Morey called
King James a crypto-Roman Catholic and a homosexual, which all are slanders
against King James. Robert Morey is obviously covering up for Freemasonry on
some level. Morey researched Freemasonry. At the House of the Temple, he
asked the librarian if they had Billy Graham’s Masonic membership file. She
replies that they did have such a file on hand. Yet, he goes on to say that no
Freemason worships Lucifer when some do (as evident by Albert Pike and
Manly P. Hall’s words). Robert Morey claims in one of his books to have studied
Masonry indepth and found it was Christian before Albert Pike. One wonders if
he missed the great Evangelist Charles Finney's statements. Finney was a Mason,
but left to be a Christian in 1824. He stated in the 1830’s that:

"Surely, if Masons really understood what Masonry is, as it is delineated in these
books, no Christian Mason would think himself to remain at liberty another day
as a member of the fraternity. It is as plain as possible that a man knowing what
it is, and embracing it in his heart, cannot be a Christian man. To say he is to
disbelieve the very nature of Christianity."

He lies and said that Ishmael was absorbed into Midianite tribes and Arabic
people today aren’t related to Arabic people. 1 Chronicles 27:30 called David’s
camel keeper as an Ishmaelite 300 years after Morey classified Ishmael’s
descendants gone. Even the Nabateans existed from North Arabia and historians
deduced they were from Ishmael’s son who was Nebiaoth in 500 B.C. to the time
of Josephus. Isaiah 60:1 outlines blessings of God to the descendants of Ishmael
as well. What needs to be done is voluntary, peaceful conversion of all Muslims.
Dr. Ben David Lew (a Jewish person ironically) have gave the Gospel to
Muslims, Jewish people, and Arabic people for years. He sold Arabic Bibles in his
mission also.
The Roman Catholic and Islam connections:

These connections are accurate. There is more between Romanism and Islam
than meets the eye. I knew of the links, but I found even more connections
among the 2 religions as time went on. Alberto Rivera (who was an ex-Jesuit
priest) accused the Vatican of covertly creating Islam with Muhammad as an
agent. Many have disagreed with these claims. Rivera is a credible source of
information since he accurately expose Jesuit evils for decades. Regardless of the
truth, there is no doubt that real links between Islam and the Roman Catholic
religion exist. Here are some:

1). Each have roots from the ancient Babylonian Mystery schools. The Pope's
mitre came from the Dagon false fish dog of the ancient Phoenicians. For The
Roman Catholic Church the traditions of a goddess, rosary, pope, relics,
purgatory, transubstantiation, praying to dead people, and idol worship are all
based on paganism. The god of Allah in Islam existed as a sun god in pre-Islamic
times as well. Some sources like the Encylopedia of Religion mentions that Allah
pre-Islamic name can also correspond to the Babylonian god of Bel.

2). Both religions require mandatory fasting, they praise Fatima plus Mary, they
use pagan prayer beads, and Romanism recently teaches that Muslims can be
saved (according to #841 of the Roman Catholic Catechism). The Roman Catholic
Church gives titles of God to Mary like the co-Mediatrix. Islam highly esteems
Mary and she is mentioned 34 times in the Qu'ran.

3). They agree with crusades or battles. The Vatican slaughtered the Indians both
before other non-Catholic new world settlers arrived. Each have a history of
hating Jewish people and persecuting them. Both religions add books to advance
their false doctrine (from the Apocrypha, the Quran, the Hadith, etc.).

4). Many Muslims elites or leaders are in Papal knighthoods. For example, the
President of Syria Bashar al-Assad is apart of the Papal Order of Francis I.
Nadhmi Auchi, is a Billionaire Knight of the Papal-loyal Royal Order of Francis I
& who has received honours from that body's sister order, the Franco-Neapolitan
Constantinian Order. Recently, the pro-Jesuit Sinn Fein met with Sunnis and

5). Both the Roman Catholic Church and Islam believe that they are the one true

6). Romanism and Islam embrace a works-based religion. Both cults deny the
Biblical view of the Atonement. The Roman Catholic Church doctrine dictates
that one must go to Purgatory to have his sins purged, Jesus just paved the way.
The Bible shows nothing of Purgatory at all. The Muslims believe their works
will save them but will not know until Judgment Day. This is because there is no
atonement for sin in Islam, and God's grace does not exist in Islam.

7). The Roman Catholic Church claims special visions and apparitions can be
embraced in an effort to add false doctrines. Muhammad claimed to be purified
as a child by angels. He claimed to receive revelations from Archangel Jibril or

8). The Roman Catholic Church’s priest system (including Popes and its agents)
has a history of sexual abuse of women and children. Islam has a history of its
members (including Muhammad) in doing sexual abuse of women and children.

9). Historically, when each religion was a theocracy, suppression of religious
liberty and other rights existed (especially centuries ago). Islam and & Roman
Catholicism were complicit in pogroms, Inquistions, Crusades, and wars for a
long time now.

10). Romanism and Islam have collaborated for centuries. The late Yassir Arafat
kissed the hand of Pope John II. There have been conferences where Muslims
and Catholics have agreed to work with each in Ecumenical purposes. For
example, Leaders of the Catholic Diocese of Rochester and the Council of
Masajid (Mosques) of Rochester have signed an agreement pledging mutual
cooperation and support (from 2003). They signed a two-page document called
"An Agreement of Understanding and Cooperation" after a May 5 dinner at the
Islamic Center of Rochester. The document pledges both communities to respect
each other's religious traditions. The Vatican has worked with Arabic leaders to
develop a Palestinian state. Each religion’s promotion of “interfaith dialogue”
has always been a code name for the advancement of the Ecumenical Movement
(and others want a one world religion to replace it). It’s apparent that the Vatican
and Islam are joining forces with each other.
Radical Islam/Nazi Connection

Radical Muslims worked with the Nazis to kill Serbs, Jews, etc. Of course,
this has nothing to do with regular Muslims. These people or extremists
are terrorists not Muslims. One major one was Mohammad Amin al-
Husseini (he was a friend of Himmler and Adolf Eichmann) who organized
riots in Israel. This isn’t a recent policy either. Roman Catholics and
Muslims oppressed Jewish people in pogroms. In the ninth century, for
example, Baghdad's Caliph Al-Mutawakkil designated a yellow badge for Jews, setting a
precedent that would be followed centuries later in Nazi Germany. Even the Omar
charter forced Jewish people and Christian to wear identifiable clothing, can’t own arms,
etc. in the dhimmi system. The Roman Catholic forced Jewish people to wear similar
badges in the Middle Ages as well. There were murders of innocent Jewish people by
Muslim radicals in Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and other places in the Middle Ages.
al-Husseini was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem from 1921 to 1948. He
conducted a pogrom against innocent Palestinian Jewish people in 1920.
He was a convicted criminal, yet he pardoned by the British Mandate
Governor and Jewish person named Herbert Samuel. He also instigate the
Fahud or the murder campaign against the indigenous Jews of Iraq, which
is compared to Kristalnacht of Germany. Al-Husseni was called to
exterminate Jews in Israel via a special corps of Einstaz commandos if
Rommel (who ironically rejected the Jewish Holocaust just before he died.
He was one of the most intelligent military generals of all time. His
nickname is of course "the Desert Fox") managed to break through the
British lines in Egypt. Mohammad Amin al- Husseini was educated in Al-
Azhar University inside of Egypt. Al-Husseini left Israel after he agitating
against the British during the Arabic revolt of 1936-1939. "The Arab riots of
1936 in Palestine were carried out by the Mufti with funds supplied by the Nazis" (Arab
Higher Committee, submitted to the United Nations, May 1947).

He found refuge in Iraq after instigating the Iraqi coup of 1941 orchestrated by Hitler.
Later, he left Iraq to Berlin. al-Husseini met with Hitler in November 1941 at
Berlin. Hitler promised al-Husseini that he would be chief administrator of
the Arab world after the Nazi "liberation." Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al Husseni
and the friend of Adolf Hitler stated, "I declare a holy war, my Moslem
brothers! Murder the Jews! Murder them all!" (Leonard J. Davis and M.
Decter. Myths and facts 1982; a Concise Record of the Arab-Israeli Conflict,
Washington DC: near east report, 1982, p. 199). On a visit to Auschwitz, the
Grand Mufti reportedly admonished the guards running the gas chambers to
work more diligently. Throughout the war, al-Husseini appeared regularly on
German radio broadcasts to the Middle East, preaching his pro-Nazi, anti-
Semitic message to the Arab masses back home. You have to thank God that
Hitler's promise was never fulfilled. al-Husseini would recruit Bosnian
Muslims (as apart of the 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS
Handschar. There were Catholic recruits in this clique as well) to murder
innocent people in the Balkans, especially during 1944. The Handschar
group has a logo of a sword with a hand on it including the swastika. The
late Yassir Arafat would be a protégé of al-Husseini in the future. Al-Chuck
Morse written a book proving the Muslim radical/Nazi connection also.

The origin of the crescent and the Moon

The star and the crescent of Islam were clearly based upon the moon goddess,
Allat, and the astral goddess Al-Uzza. Allat and the Al-Uzza figure in Surah 53 is
what is called “the Satanic verses” which Muhammad initially gave, but later
deleted. The moon and Venus connection to Allat and Al-Uzza are one of the
most embarrassing matters for the Mullahs of Islam. The star in ancient Babylon
is known as the Isthar and Ashart, and was known in Saba as Atar. So, the moon
goddess is Allat in Mecca, while the star was Al-Uzza, a very local lady and star.
Thus, the origin of the star and crescent in Islam is apparent. It makes sense.
Allat was the moon goddess and Allah was the sun god. Allah was the phallic
symbol and Allat was the vaginal deity. The moon deity in Arabia was Wadd
from Saba, who had NO relationship to the Meccan pantheon from which Allah
was chosen by Muhammad. The southern Arabs include the Saba or the Qatab
and the northern Arabs are found in Mecca, Jawf, Sin, and Petra. Here’s a source
proving it:
“…Worship of the moon appears to have been native with the Semites. Wadd
in Arabia, Sin and Nannar in Babylonia, Sahar in Mesopotamia…” (appearing
on Aramaic steles at Merab near Aleppo; cf. C. Clermont-Ganneau, in
Bibliotheque de l'ecole des hautes Etudes, fasc. 113, pp. 193-195, 211-215, Paris,

Allah was just one of the many names for God in the Arabic pantheon: “…The name
'Allah' (from 'al-Illah' - the god or 'al-Liah' = the one worshipped) was well used in pre-
Islamic times. It was rather a title than a name and, was used for a diversity of
deities...” (RESTE ARABISCHEN HEIDENTHUMS, p. 221 by J.Wellhausen). "While
the rituals performed are still addressed to the respective deities, Allah is seen as the
creator, the father and with that the superior Lord. But he is viewed to be too general,
neutral and impersonal a Lord" (ibid p. 219). "Allah became the Islamic substitute for
any idol" (ibid p. 85).

All said 'Allah', but each one had its own deity in mind. The expression 'the god' (al-
ilah), which became the only usage, became the bridge to the concept of an identical
god which all tribes had in common' (J.Wellhausen, p. 218)".

Female goddesses as consorts to a male god is one essence of pagan religions
worldwide. In summary, the name of Allah comes from the Babylonian false god
of Enlil (who was solar). Enlil consort was the moon diety named Ninlil. Later,
changes in names turned Enlil into Iilah into Allah. This is from Steve van
Nattan's research. I don't agree with Steve on everything (like on his views on
race), but his information on Islam is very documented and his best work.
Therefore, The Koran is different from the Bible. Allah is definitely not the God
of the Bible at all. The lesson is not to promote stereotypes or unnecessary hate. If
we truly care about Muslim people, we would offer the Gospel to them and tell
them the truth in a righteous way. We have the First Amendment right to
peacefully offer the Gospel to Muslim and any other human being in a peaceful
way: “…For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that
whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life…” (John
The Life of Muhammad

Easily a controversial figure in history is a precise description of Muhammad. He was the
founder of Islam, which is a very popular world religion. Today, much of Muhammad's life
story is transparent. Yet, mysteries still surround the interesting and intriguing life of
Muhammad. I wrote about Islam intensively before. Now, it's time to outline the life story of
Muhammad, because in the mind of this man proceed the doctrine (and other compositions
within the religion of Islam). Muhammad was born in ca. 570 or 571 A.D. in Mecca. In
Islam, he is called the last of the great prophets in history. Muslims believe that
he restored the uncorrupted, original monotheistic faith of prophets like Moses,
etc. In his lifetime, he was apart of a myriad of fields. They include being a merchant,
diplomat, reformer, military general, legislator, orator, etc. His father was named Abdullah
and he died almost six months before he was born. Since he was an orphan, his uncle
named Abu Talib took care of him. He lived for 2 years with his paternal grandfather named
Abd al-Muttalib of the Banu Hashim clan of the Quraysh tribe (before he was raised by Abu
Talib). He worked mostly as a merchant and shepherd. Then by the age of 125, he was
married. His life in Mecca made him discontent. Therefore, he retreated to a cave and the
surrounding mountains for mediation and reflection. Muhammad 's major wife was to the
widow Khadijah in 595 A.D. Khadijah was from the Asad clan. She offered him financial
security and marriage since she was impressed by Muhammad. Khadijah's cousin was a
professed Christian named Waraqah ibn Nawfal. According to Islamic tradition, he was 40
years old when he received his first revelation from his god Allah in the month of Ramadan.
This was in Mount Hira when Muhammad claims that the angel Gabriel appeared to him in
610 A.D. to command Muhammad to recite various verses. Shia tradition maintains that
Muhammad was neither surprised nor frightened at the appearance of Gabriel but rather
welcomed him as if he had been expecting him. Years later, he said that Allah is One and
people should submit to Allah to have acceptance to God. He gained a few followers and
there was hostility with other Meccan tribes. He and his followed were treated harshly and
persecution. Some of his followers went into Abyssinia or Ethiopia. He and his remaining
followers in Mecca went into Medina or Yathrib back then in 622 A.D. This migration is
called the Hijra and marks the beginning of the Islamic Calendar or the Hijri calendar.
He claimed that revelations or Ayat was sent to him until his death. These formed the
verses of the Koran. Muhammad's life or sira and traditions or sunnah are promoted by
Muslims. Ibn Ishaq's "Life of Allah's Messenger" was written in ca. 767 to outline
Muhammad's life. There are the Hadith collections of his life that date from several
generations after Muhammad's death (that show verbal and physical traditions of
Muhammad). For most of his life, Muhammad lived in Mecca. The Koran talks about the
responsibility of man to Allah, the resurrection of the death, and God's Judgment toward
people (with a distinction of Hell and what Muslim call Paradise). Muhammad and his
followers fought the Meccans to gain power and make the people there to submit to their
new faith. Muhammad died in Monday, June 8, 632 in Medina. He was 63 years old. It is
said that his head was resting on Aisha's lap and he murmured his final words soon after
asking her to dispose of his last worldly goods, which were seven coins. The words were:
"...Rather, Allah on High and Paradise." The tomb of Muhammad is in the Mosque of the
Prophet in Medina. Muhammad married many wives after Khadija died. He married Aisha
(who was in that time either 6 years old or 10 years old), and 9 additional wives. The Sunnis
believed that Aisha was Muhammad's favorite wife. There is the controversy subject of
Jihad. Jihad means struggle and Muslims claim that they are struggling in Jihad to be better
Muslims. Mohammed once was asked: what is the best deed for the Muslim next to
believing in Allah and His Apostle? His answer was: "To participate in Jihad in Allah's
cause." -Al-Bukhari vol 1:25. The Hadith promote Jihad and some radical Muslims take it a
step further to promote violence even against innocent people that most Muslims reject.
Muhammad and his followers followed Jihad in killing people and having slaves plus stealing
property in the Saudi Arabian peninsula. Also, slavery was done by Europeans and Muslims
too. "The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa: A Quest for Inter-religious Dialogue" by John
Alembillah Azuma is one book exposing this subject out of many. Yet, does a person need
to struggle to be a more moral person or just follow the commandments of the Lord? It's
better to not have Jihad, but to have inspiration from God to have a sense of holiness. We
do know that Islam teach a counterfeit Gospel since they reject that God
has a Son, they allow a man to beat a woman, and they deny that Almighty
God can be personal with human beings. The Apostle Paul said in 1
Corinthians 12:3, "No one can say that Jesus Christ is Lord except by the Holy
Spirit." It is Islam that can't understand the simple concept of a triune being. The
very existence of human flesh testifies otherwise: WE are created in God's image;
He IS a spirit being; he HAS a soul; he LIVES in a body. Likewise, being created
in His image, WE are also triune beings: WE are spirit beings; WE have a soul;
WE live in a body. John 1:29 says that: “…The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto
him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world…” A
Prophet must Speak in the Name of God (YHWH). The name YHWH is never mentioned
in the Qur'an.

*There is a legacy among African peoples and Arabic people relating to Islam. It's a fact that
some Arabic people held onto African slaves before Islam was invented. Proponents of
Islam claim that the Quran criticizes taking people as slaves. The truth is that professing
Muslims held slaves and fake Christians held slaves as well. Islam traveled into North Africa
among the Berbers and then it spread into West Africa. The new Muslims used the trade
from North Africa into Niger and Ghana. Arab and Persian traders reached East Africa and
settled their with local black wives as well. Many Muslims supported slavery and some
Muslims opposed it strongly like some Christians did. A companion of Muhammad named
Abdur Rehman bin Awf freed 30,000 slaves at his death-bed. Muhammad himself set an
example when he purchased Abyssinian Bilal ibn Rabah and set him free. African slaves
existed in medieval Baghdad and Damascus. Many Muslim kingdoms had slaves and were
racist against black people too. Black African slaves made by Muslims existed as far as
Indonesia, Pakistan, and India. The Islamic slave trade spread in the Sahara, the Red Sea,
and the Indian Ocean. The Muslims heavily enslaved women (some of the slaves were
sexually exploited as concubines, in harems, and for military service). Over 28 million
Africans have been enslaved in the Muslim world over 14 centuries. William Wilberforce and
other abolitionists help to fight against slavery for 59 years. The Slave trade was banned in
Britain by 1807. Christians like William Wilberforce, John Newton, William
Carey, David Livingstone, Lord Shaftsbury and General Charles Gordon
worked tirelessly to end the slave trade, stop child labour, and set the
captives free. Saudi Arabia and Yemen only banned slavery in 1962, and Mauritania in
1980, begrudgingly removed legalized slavery from their statute books. The racist Muslim
coward Ibn Khaldun (who lived from 1332 to 1406) compared black people to dumb animals.
By the Middle Ages, the Arab word "abd" was in general use to denote a black slave while
the word "mamluk" referred to a white slave. Even Ronald Segal, who is most sympathetic to
Islam and clearly prejudiced against Christianity, admits that well over 30 million black
Africans would have died at the hands of Muslim slave traders or ended up in Islamic
slavery. To this day many people are held as slaves in the rich Gulf states. The Animist
Sereres and other Animist Africans tribes who have fought against Islam for a thousand
years in order to preserve their ancient way of life. The Sereres and Jola tribes didn’t
permit slavery in those 2 cultures. Some still exist now. Muslim theocracies today have
some of the worst human rights records in the world. The Papal bulls of Nicholas V in
1454 and Calixtus III in 1456 justified Portugal's slave trade as a crusade for Christianity.
Muslims are STILL enslaving Africans RIGHT NOW. Muhammad was incredibly
intelligent, clever and devious. The pro-elite/papal Neicean heretical Christianity was
the blueprint Muhammad used to promote his religion. Islam believe an instrument of
imperialism too. So, the Islamic slave trade lasted for 14 centuries exploiting Africa of
her men, women, and children. Where as the Transatlantic slave trade lasted for 4
centuries in parallel. Both the French and the British imperialists have their hands
dripping with blood. They even planned with the African Muslim Marabou Movement in
the 19th century. Tam (who is a Black African. I don ‘t agree with the Aminist religion,
but this is interesting information) from London, UK wrote that:

“…The Sereres and Jola tribes. Slavery is not permitted in these two cultures. It does not
only goes against their religious practices, but also against their culture. Where they sell
Muslim slaves is merely in revenge - who came to kill and enslave them, but mostly they
would kill the Muslims who came to attack them…It was not couple months ago where I
watched a documentary about an American television crew that went and bought back
hundreds of Sudanese slaves from their Arab masters so that they can set them free. They
paid thousands of Dollars. That documentary was so sad even one of the formers
slaves when he gave interview he couldn't control his sadness as he narrated the
brutality of their Arab masters…As I have stated earlier, slavery goes against the
Animist religion and culture of these two tribes. Even the Muslims are well aware of this.
I challenge you to read any academic paper or historian’s work [e.g. Cheick Anta Diop;
Samba Jobe; Issa Laye Thaiw; Martin Klein; Henri Gravrand; Momodou Diouf;
Boubacar Barry; etc] where it claims that the Animist Sereres or Jolas have a long history
of enslaving people. You will not find it. Where they enslaved, it was to defend
themselves from the ghastly Muslim prisoners of war. It most cases, they didn’t even
enslaved them they merely killed them. The Muslims on the other hand were well known
for raiding poor villages and taking defenseless women and children and selling them to
the Whites so that they could buy guns and horses in order to fight the Animist kings.
When they could not raid poor people any longer, Muslim leaders fought against each
other for stupid reasons and raided other predominant Muslim villages….Furthermore,
the Griots [regardless of tribe and religion] were the greatest opponents of
slavery. Not only did these people spoke out against slavery, they actually got up
and do something about it. Not only did they use their positions to influence slavers to
stop, they also used their personal wealth to buy back slaves before destined to European
ships. Those slaves where then set free. The descendants of those potential slaves still
give thanks to the Griots for freeing their ancestors…I would never condone the death of
any African or Black person even the Muslims of today.”

There are other quotes from racist Muslim radicals (This isn‘t representative of all
Muslims or all Arabic people though. So, I want to make that perfectly clear):

Ibn Sina (Avicenna 980–1037), one of the most famous and influential philosopher/
scientist in Islam, described blacks as “people who are by their very nature slaves.” He
wrote that: “All African women are prostitutes, and the whole race of African men are
abeed (slave) stock.” He equated black people with “rats plaguing the earth.”

Ibn Khaldum, an Arab historian and Islamist stated that: “Blacks are characterized by
levity and excitability and great emotionalism,” adding that “they are every where
described as stupid.”

al-Dimashqi, an Arab pseudo scientist and Muslim wrote, that: “the Equator is inhabited
by communities of blacks who may be numbered among the savage beasts. Their
complexion and hair are burnt and they are physically and morally abnormal. Their brains
almost boil from the sun’s heat…..”

Ibn al-Faqih al-Hamadhani painted this no less horrid picture of black people,“…..the
zanj (the blacks) are overdone until they are burned, so that the child comes out between
black, murky, malodorous, stinking, and crinkly-haired, with uneven limbs, deficient
minds, and depraved passions…..”

The lesson here is that slavery is wrong no matter who does it whether they are people
claiming to be Christians or Muslims. You won’t see me joining Islam nor Catholicism. Naiwu
Osahon wrote about some bigotry and discrimination done by some Arabic Muslims (not all
Arabic people) against Black Africans. Even today, many black people are treated as 2nd
class citizens in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea,
Mauritania, and other places unfortunately in Africa. In Algeria, Arabs throw stones at
black people, including diplomats, in markets and other public places. To quote Prof.
Clarke, “Arabs always act as though they are not in Africa. Once when I was visiting
Egypt, I told my Egyptian Arab host to get a cab ready for the next morning that I was
going to Kenya. ‘So you are going to Africa to visit your people? We got no diseases
here, why are you leaving us?” the host asked. The imperialists invaded Africa in the
600’s A.D. The nerve of these imperialists. We have the right to oppose any
discrimination and any racism the world over. Qaddafi have tried to use a slick
Islamic imperialist policy by forcibly annexing the Auzon Strip from Chad and
sponsored destabilization in the nations of Uganda, Cote D’Ivoire, etc. In 1962, the
Arab Sudanese General, Hassan Beshir Nasr, while flagging off his troops to the war
front against black Africans in South Sudan, declared: “We don’t want these black
slaves…….what we want is their land.” That is why I don’t trust an imperialist nor a
lying invader of land that don’t belong to them at all. Of true, this isn’t representative of
every Muslim or every person of Arabic descent. Real Muslims and real Arabic people
(and all real people of every background) reject racial prejudice.

Appendix A: Heresies promoted by the Koran
These quotes are directly from the Koran and I have double checked it.
Therefore, these words can’t be denied.
1. Surah 4:34 says that a man can beat his women:

“…Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to
excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are
therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those
on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the
sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against
them; surely Allah is High, Great…”

2. Surah 2:282 says that the testimony of in court witness, the witness of two
women equals the witness of one man:

“… O you who believe! when you deal with each other in contracting a debt for a
fixed time, then write it down; and let a scribe write it down between you with
fairness; and the scribe should not refuse to write as Allah has taught him, so he
should write; and let him who owes the debt dictate, and he should be careful of
(his duty to) Allah, his Lord, and not diminish anything from it; but if he who
owes the debt is unsound in understanding, or weak, or (if) he is not able to
dictate himself, let his guardian dictate with fairness; and call in to witness from
among your men two witnesses; but if there are not two men, then one man and
two women from among those whom you choose to be witnesses, so that if one
of the two errs, the second of the two may remind the other; and the witnesses
should not refuse when they are summoned; and be not averse to writing it
(whether it is) small or large, with the time of its falling due; this is more
equitable in the sight of Allah and assures greater accuracy in testimony, and the
nearest (way) that you may not entertain doubts (afterwards), except when it is
ready merchandise which you give and take among yourselves from hand to
hand, then there is no blame on you in not writing it down; and have witnesses
when you barter with one another, and let no harm be done to the scribe or to the
witness; and if you do (it) then surely it will be a transgression in you, and be
careful of (your duty) to Allah, Allah teaches you, and Allah knows all things…”

3. Surah 5: 38 says that you amputate a person’s hands for just stealing (That’s

“…And (as for) the man who steals and the woman who steals, cut off their
hands as a punishment for what they have earned, an exemplary punishment
from Allah; and Allah is Mighty, Wise…”

4. Surah 9:29 bashes religious liberty and wants to force people to pay taxes
who disagree with Islam:
“…Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they
prohibit what Allah and His Apostle have prohibited, nor follow the religion of
truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in
acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection….”

5. Physical violence is enacted against those human beings that do adultery as
found in Surah 24:2:

“…(As for) the fornicatress and the fornicator, flog each of them, (giving) a
hundred stripes, and let not pity for them detain you in the matter of obedience
to Allah, if you believe in Allah and the last day, and let a party of believers
witness their chastisement…”

6. The Koran in Surah 5:50-53 rejects Christians and Jewish people even for

“… [5.50] Is it then the judgment of (the times of) ignorance that they desire? And who is
better than Allah to judge for a people who are sure? O you who believe! do not take the
Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst
you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the
unjust people. But you will see those in whose hearts is a disease hastening towards them,
saying: We fear lest a calamity should befall us; but it may be that Allah will bring the
victory or a punish ment from Himself, so that they shall be regretting on account of what
they hid in their souls. And those who believe will say: Are these they who swore by
Allah with the most forcible of their oaths that they were most surely with you? Their
deeds shall go for nothing, so they shall become losers…”

7. The Koran says that a woman is to receive only half the inheritance that her
brothers receive when their parents pass away and that they do not even receive the
full inheritance:

“..Allah enjoins you concerning your children: The male shall have the equal of the
portion of two females; then if they are more than two females, they shall have two-thirds
of what the deceased has left, and if there is one, she shall have the half; and as for his
parents, each of them shall have the sixth of what he has left if he has a child, but if he
has no child and (only) his two parents inherit him, then his mother shall have the third;
but if he has brothers, then his mother shall have the sixth after (the payment of) a
bequest he may have bequeathed or a debt; your parents and your children, you know not
which of them is the nearer to you in usefulness; this is an ordinance from Allah: Surely
Allah is Knowing, Wise.” (Surah 4:11).

“…They ask you for a decision of the law. Say: Allah gives you a decision concerning the
person who has neither parents nor offspring; if a man dies (and) he has no son and he has
a sister, she shall have half of what he leaves, and he shall be her heir she has no son; but
if there be two (sisters), they shall have two-thirds of what he leaves; and if there are
brethren, men and women, then the male shall have the like of the portion of two females;
Allah makes clear to you, lest you err; and Allah knows all things…” (Surah 4:176).

8. The Koran denies that God has a Son:

"O People of the book! Commit no excess in your religion: nor say of Allah aught
but truth, Christ Jesus the son of Mary was (no more than) an apostle of Allah,
and His Word, which He bestowed on Mary, and a spirit proceeding from Him.
So believe in Allah and His apostles. Say not 'Trinity': desist! It will be better for
you. For Allah is One Allah. Glory be to Him: (Far exalted is He) above having a
-Surah 4:171

Yet, the Bible is clear that (I love this part):

"For God so loved the world that He gave His
only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in
Him should not perish, but have everlasting
life." -John 3:16
“…He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; The
Lord shall hold them in derision. Then He shall
speak to them in His wrath, And distress them in
His deep displeasure: “Yet I have set My King
On My holy hill of Zion.” “I will declare the
decree: The LORD has said to Me, ‘You are My
Son, Today I have begotten You. Ask of Me,
and I will give You…”
-Psalm 24:7

-I John 2:22-23 mentions that:
"Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus
is the Christ? He is Antichrist who denies
the Father and the Son. Whoever denies the
Son does not have the Father either; he who
acknowledges the Son has the Father also."

“…He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the
LORD shall have them in derision. Then shall he
speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in
his sore displeasure. Yet have I set my king upon
my holy hill of Zion. I will declare the decree:
the LORD hath said unto me, Thou art my Son;
this day have I begotten thee. Ask of me, and I
shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance,
and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy
possession. Thou shalt break them with a rod of
iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a
potter's vessel. Be wise now therefore, O ye
kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth.
11Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with
trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye
perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled
but a little. Blessed are all they that put their
trust in him…” -Psalm 12:4-12

“…For unto us a child is born, unto us a
son is given: and the government shall be
upon his shoulder: and his name shall be
called Wonderful, Counsellor, The
mighty God, The everlasting Father, The
Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his
government and peace there shall be no
end, upon the throne of David, and upon
his kingdom, to order it, and to establish
it with judgment and with justice from
henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the
LORD of hosts will perform this…”

-Isaiah 9:6-7
There is a different between Almighty God and Allah.
Allah is unknowable, while Almighty God is knowable.
Allah is not personal, while Almighty God has an love for
all humans and is very personal. Allah provides no
saviour or intercessor, while Almighty God or YHVH is
the Saviour of the whole world. Allah doesn’t personally
enter human history, while Almighty God did miracles
and intervene in human history for eons. Allah doesn’t
have a Son nor the Holy Spirit. Almighty God the Father
has a Son (named Yeshua. Yeshua is the Lord. He was
made a sacrifice for us thereby ending all forms of
animal sacrifice) and exists as the Holy Spirit. The Holy
Spirit is great and is The Rauch Ha Kodesh in Hebrew.
Almighty God is trustworthy. Allah makes man
uncertain of our fate after death. Almighty God makes
sure that we are certain about our fate after we die.
Yes, God is the Greatest. Although, Almighty God is
compassionate, personal, and is beyond idols. It’s clear
that Allah isn’t God. Almighty God is God.
By Timothy

October 4, 2005

Edited: February 5, 2009