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MOMS Club® of Woodstock-South, Georgia

February 2009 Newsletter

President’s Message

Lessons in Love

It’s February and love is definitely in the air. Although it may not feel like it with the chilly winter
temperatures and stark landscapes we see everyday, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner to help warm
our hearts throughout the last hurrah of winter.

Instead of focusing on the commercialization of Valentine’s Day, our family uses this holiday as a stepping
stone to teach the importance of loving and caring for others. Rather than waiting for a special day to express
our love, we find it more fulfilling to express our appreciation and love for those special to us year round; and
not simply with gifts but with kind words, actions and spending quality time together. One of our favorite
bedtime stories, I Love You Because You’re You by Liza Baker, helps us to instill this idea as well as a love of
people regardless of who they are; where they come from, or even what mood they may be in. For those of
you who have not read this classic, I’d like to share a few words from the story with you below:

I love when you’re happy and grinning ear to ear.

I love you when you’re tired and want to snuggle near.
I love you when you’re angry and cross your arms and pout.
I love you when you’re wild and yell and scream and shout.
I love you anyway you feel, no matter what you do.
I love you anyway you are. I love you because you’re YOU!

It is this unconditional love that we value in our family. It is what nurtures a strong partnership between my
husband and me as well as enables us to be good parents. Most importantly, it’s taught us to acknowledge the
truth in the statement “a marriage full of love and showing love will produce a family of loving children.” It is
with this premise and the help of a few classic children’s stories  that my husband and I have chosen to teach
lessons in love to our children in the years to come. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day and may your days be
filled with love!

Your President,
Nina Garcia

MOMS Club® of Woodstock, Georgia—February 2009 Newsletter

February Service Project

Cookies and Cocoa Bake Sale for J.T. (Julian Thomas) Dover
Where? JJ Biello Park When? Tuesday, Feb. 17th at 11 am
Julian is a very special four year old boy who was diagnosed with Leukemia last November. He is undergoing chemo therapy as well as
physical therapy to combat the effects of chemo on his little body. Our club will be raising money to help the family buy necessary items
they need - blood pressure machine, humidifier, and button up shirts for easy access to his port a cath. You can help by baking yummy
treats and volunteering to help us sell cookies and cocoa at the bake sale later this month.
Learn more about Julian’s Story at:

MOMS Club T-shirts

We are taking orders for MOMS Club T-shirts!! We’ve made them non-chapter specific so that all the Woodstock area chapters can order
them – the more orders, the lower the cost. We will order them if we have a minimum of 15 orders. In order to ensure that the T-shirts
arrive in time for our Open House in March, e-mail Catherine Moore to order by Sunday, February 22nd. Once we know how many
shirts we’ll be ordering, she’ll let everyone know the exact price - it will be $16.40 or less. Checks must be received (by mail or in
person) by Thursday, February 26th.
To Order, e-mail Catherine Moore ( by Sunday, Feb 22nd
Let her know:
Color: Teal (pictured), Purple, Fuchsia, Kelly Green, Navy, or Red
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
(they are fitted and the website says they run a little small – if you need help figuring out what size to order, visit
and check out the “sizing line-up” for the Bella Girly Crew Neck shirt)

Membership News
NEW Members: ReNEWels: Farewell To:
Julie Hill Kristin Akridge Danyel Owens
Tosha S. Lamar Karen Czaplicki
Sherry Mongesku Julie Kori
Lauren Bryan Amy Nelson
Kerry Puello

MOMS Club® of Woodstock, Georgia—February 2009 Newsletter

Tosha S. Lamar: My huband and I are from Owensboro, KY. We met through his brother (his brother and I were
very good friends from the age of 11). When Charles and I started dating he was already living here in Georgia,
so we dated long-distance and after we married I moved here. We lived in Duluth for about 4 years, then moved
to Woodstock 2 1/2 years ago.
My favorite show is The Office. I have watched since Season 1 and I watch every episode multiple times. I
probably need help with my obsession. :)
I stay at home with my daughter, Ivy, who is now 15 months old. However, I teach online math classes for
Georgia Perimeter College. That allows me to have a little income but still be at home with her. Although it's very
hard to get any work done until she goes to bed at night! Before I had her I taught high school for nine years.
I attended Belmont University (in Nashville, TN) and majored in mathematics. Then I went to Georgia State University and got a Masters
in Math Education in 2004.

Movie Club
Movie Club 2009 Schedule for Jan. – April 2009 is going to be the 2nd Monday of each month. We will vote again in April for the
summer schedule! Mark your calendars Movie Club 2009 …. FEB 9th, MARCH 9th, APRIL 13th

Treasury Report
February 2009 Dollars and Cents


Income Expenses
Dues New Members $84.00 Postage $0.00
Dues Renewals $0.00 Copies $0.00
Misc. $0.00 Donations $0.00
Misc. $1.89
Reimbursements $4.11

Happy Birthday to…

Amy Nelson (2/2) Greer Lenderman (2/2)
Jenny Jones (2/15) Christopher Wood (2/8)
Bethany Mashini (2/27) Dylan Mashini (2/22)
David Nelson (2/26)

MOMS Club® of Woodstock, Georgia—February 2009 Newsletter

February 8 – March 6, 2009
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Movie Club – TBA – Fire Station Tour Circle of Friends @ Valentine’s Party & NorthMetro
contact Amy Nelson for 1:15 p.m. Lauren’s 10:30 a.m. Club Meeting Gymnastics 11:00
info free/treats for the free/snack to share 4 – 5:30 p.m. a.m. $5/child
firefighters free/dish to share RSVP by 02/09
RSVP by 02/09

15 16 No School 17 No School 18 No School 19 No School 20 No School 21

HOOT & HOWL Hot Chocolate & Bake Monkey Joe’s “Puss n Boots Finds a Stevi B’s Pizza Lunch
Dinner @ Jim Bob’s Sale @ J.J. Biello (ask for Wacky New End” @ Kudzu 12:30 p.m.
Chicken Fingers 11:00 a.m. free Wednesday 1/2 price Children’s Playhouse cost of food
5:00 p.m. cost of food (donate baked goods) deal) 10:30 a.m. 11:00 a.m.
(free Kid’s meal w/each $4.00 age 3+ $6.50/person
adult meal) $2.50 2 & under
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Board Games for Baby/Toddler PLAY Activity Center Sparkles Tiny Tots Calendar Coffee @
MOMS @ Mandy’s Playdate @ Nina’s 2 for 1 Wednesdays 9:30 a.m. Dunkin’ Donuts
10:30 a.m. 10:30 a.m. 1:00 p.m. $3.50/child 10:00 a.m. free/cost
free free $9 for 2 kids (or $6 includes of food

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Walking Club @ Coffee Club @ Knitting/Crocheting Picnic & Park
Northside Track on Trickum/92 @ Catherine’s Playdate -
Shallowford Rd. Starbuck’s 10:00 a.m. free Kidzstock Park
4:00 p.m. free 9:30 a.m. 12:30 p.m. free
cost of drink

MOMS Club® of Woodstock, Georgia—February 2009 Newsletter

Activities Descriptions ** January 2009
RSVP, Easy as 1 – 2 – 3!
1. Send an e-mail from your own e-mail account to
note: You do not have to log into the MOMS Club account to send an RSVP.
2. Use the event name you plan to attend as the subject line (e.g. Circle of Friends, Hobbytown Playdate).
3. You can log-in to see who will be joining you.
a. Go to
b. In the Username box, type “WoodstockMOMSClubRSVP.” The password is “funevents.”
c. Everyone who has RSVPed will have an e-mail in the in-box. Look at the subject lines to see which moms will
be at the events you’re interested in.
Questions? Ask a board member!
Comments? Complaints? Confused? We need to hear from you!

Tue. Feb 10 Come Tour the Station and check out the fire trucks! See where a fireman
lives/works! If you’d like, bring some Valentine’s Day Treats to give to the firemen. If
Fire Station Tour you decide to bring something (snack food or cookies, Valentines, etc.) then, include
1:15 p.m. that info in your RSVP. Early RSVP by Mon, Feb. 9th. Directions: Heading north
free/treats for the firefighters on Main Street, turn right on Arnold Mill Rd. Fire Station will be in the left after
about 1 ½ miles. OR Turn north on Neese Rd. from 92. When Neese dead ends, turn
Early RSVP by 02/09 left on Arnold Mill Rd. Fire Station will be on the right after about 1 ½ miles.
Questions: Amy (404) 932-3232
Wed. Feb 11 Anyone up for a little adult conversation without bugging your husband at work? Join
our Circle of Friends. Bring a snack to share and while we munch, we’ll chat about
Circle of Friends anything that’s on our minds. This month, you’ll get a chance to meet one of our new
@ Lauren’s members, Lauren Bryan, and her son, Poet. Since Poet is only 5 months old, if you
10:30 a.m. bring an older child you might want to bring a toy or two to keep him or her
entertained. Directions: Head east on 92 toward Roswell. Turn Left on West Wiley
free/snack to share Bridge Rd. Follow that back several miles through about 5 stop signs. Turn Left onto
Willow Tree Drive into Willow Tree Subdivision. Turn left at the first stop sign onto
Willow Way. Follow that around Lauren’s house at 1640 Willow Way.
Questions: Lauren (678) 549-0817
Thurs. Feb 12 Don’t you just LOVE your MOMS Club? Come celebrate Valentine’s Day with us a
little early. We’ll decorate bags for the kids to use for exchanging Valentines (so have
Valentine’s Party & Club Meeting your child bring some - you can address them to “My Friend” or check the RSVP
@ Timothy Lutheran account for a list of who’s coming). Bring a dish to share and you won’t have to cook
4 – 5:30 p.m. dinner when you get home. We’ll also be discussing the latest MOMS Club news, so be
free/dish to share sure to come and get the latest scoop!! Directions: Take Arnold Mill Road east from
downtown. Timothy Lutheran will be on the right, about a mile after you cross
*if you attend, you’ll be entered to Trickum and just before Barnes Rd.
win your choice of a valuable
Questions: Nina (770)517-7264 or Maya (404)514-8586.
coupon from the Entertainment
Book RSVP:
Fri. Feb 13 Let your preschooler come tumble, flip, stretch, bounce, & climb. Learn basic
gymnastic skills and enjoy NorthMetro Gymnastic Center’s instruction & equipment
NorthMetro Gymnastics Class in a 45-minute class they offer us at a special rate once a month. We need a head
11:00 a.m. count, so RSVP by Monday, 02/09 if you want to participate! Cost: $5/child.
$5/child Directions: From Trickum, head west on 92 and turn Left on Hames Rd at the light.
From 575, head east on 92 and turn Right on Hames Rd. at the light. The Woodstock
Early RSVP by 02/09 Dodge Dealership is on the corner. Just behind the Dodge Dealer’s back/side
entrance, turn right onto Smokehill Lane. Turn left into the 3rd parking lot for
building 109. The entrance for North Metro is about halfway down the building on the
Questions: Jenny (770)516-3302
Mon. Feb 16 Are you a lonely mom whose husband is out of town or working late? Want some
company for dinner after a day alone with the kids? Join other husbandless MOMS
HOOT & HOWL (and their kids) for dinner at Jim Bob’s Chicken Fingers. On Mondays, you get a free
Dinner @ JimBob’s Chicken kids’ meal with each adult meal purchased! Cost: food purchased. Directions: Turn
Fingers left onto Towne Lake Pkwy from Main St. or exit 8 off 575. Cross under the interstate.
5:00 p.m. Jim Bob’s will be in the first shopping center on the right (before you get to
MOMS Club® of Woodstock, Georgia—February 2009 Newsletter
cost of food Walgreen’s).
Questions: Catherine (678)367-1162
Tue. Feb 17 While the kids are out of school, get yourselves out of the house and help the MOMS
Club raise money for a good cause. The MOMS Club voted to donate hot chocolate
from our budget to sell and we’re asking our members to donate baked goods. We’ll
Hot Chocolate/Bake Sale @ see them all for $.50 and the proceeds will benefit J.T. Dover, a 4 year old battling
J. J. Biello Park leukemia. Even if you can’t donate any baked goods, come out and let the kids run off
11:00 a.m. some of their energy at the park while you have some MOMS to chat with!
Directions: Take Main St/Hwy 5 north through downtown. Pass the library on the
donate baked goods to sell right. Go through the light at Ridgewalk Pkwy and pass the Government annex on the
right. Take the next Right onto Brooke Blvd. There will be a marquee sign with CRPA
info. The playground will be down in the valley on the left after the tennis center.
Questions: Maya (404)514-8586
Wed. Feb 18 Let the kids bounce off someone else’s walls at Monkey Joe’s – lots of bouncy, jumpy,
slide inflatables designed to wear your kids out. With a parent area so that they don’t
Monkey Joe’s wear you out too! Wednesdays is half price day if you ask for the Wacky Wednesday
Wacky Wednesdays discount. Directions: Take 575 south to Exit #1 – Barrett Pkwy. Turn left off the exit
10:30 a.m. ramp. Turn Left at the 3rd light into the Prado shopping center. Turn right at the
$4 age 3+, $2.50 age 2 – purple Monkey sign behind Steinmart, pass the dumpsters and Monkey Joe’s will be
(you have to ask for the discount) on the right.
Thu. Feb 19 Expose your kids to live theater with the family friendly tale of a young girl who
“Puss n Boots realizes the end of her story book is missing, embarks on a journey through several
Finds a New End” fairy tales, and discovers that reading is a wonderful activity, especially when shared
Kudzu Children’s Playhouse with others. Cost: $6.50/person Directions: Take Hwy 92 east to Roswell. Turn
11:00 a.m. left on Alpharetta Hwy. Kudzu Playhouse is at 10743 Alpharetta Hwy (1/2 mile up the
$6.50/person road)
Questions: KudzuPlayhouse.org770) 594-1020
Fri. Feb 20 After a week with the kids out of school, treat yourselves to lunch at Stevi B’s Pizza
buffet. Look for coupons in Money Mailer/ValPak and you can get good pizza for a
Stevi B’s Pizza Lunch great price. Cost: food ordered. Directions: Take Hwy 92 west. After you cross
12:30 p.m. Main St/Hwy 5. Stevi B’s will be in the first shopping center on the left (with the
cost of food Ingles).
Mon Feb. 23 Come and enjoy board and card games that can capture your interest more than the
color, counting, & ABC games we usually have to play during the day. Kids are, of
Board Games for MOMS course, welcome. Or, if you have a free morning with kids in school, come & enjoy it
@ Mandy’s with friends & games. Come just one time or on a regular basis – all are welcome!
10:00 a.m. Directions: Take Hwy 92 east towards Roswell. Turn Left on West Wiley Bridge Rd.
free Go 1.7 miles through about 4 stop signs. Turn Left into Willow Tree Subdivision.
Turn Left at the first stop sign onto Willow Way. Mandy’s house, #1627 is on the left.
Questions: Catherine (678)367-1162
Tue Feb 24 Drive on over to Nina and Gabriel's house for a morning of fun. While the older kids
are in school bring the younger ones over to play outdoors (if the weather is nice) or
Baby & Toddler Playdate @ enjoy the indoor playroom. A few snacks will be provided for both Moms and kids.
Nina’s Directions: From 575, take Hwy. 92; turn left onto Woodlands Parkway. Go down to
10:30 a.m. Revillion Way; make a left. Go down to Annazanes Place and make another left.
free Nina's house is at the end of the street at 406 Gael Way.
Questions: Nina Garcia (770) 517-7264
Wed Feb 25 Come check out this fantastic indoor play space! Two gyms are placed side by side –
with mats, slides, a rock climbing wall, inflatables, and a foam pit. A parent lounge
offers closed circuit TV views into the gym area, and plenty of cushy seating, kitchen
PLAY Activity Center amenities, and free wi-fi. A family eating area offers a great place to eat a meal or
2 for 1 Wednesdays snack. Creative play areas offer the kids the chance to play veterinarian/pet groomer,
1:00 p.m. shop manager, grocery store shopper, and hair stylist, and more. All to say that you
and your kids are sure to have a good time! Cost: $9 for 2 children on Wednesdays!
$9 for 2 kids (if you have an odd number of children, pair up with another mom to take advantage
MOMS Club® of Woodstock, Georgia—February 2009 Newsletter
of this great deal) Directions: Take Hwy 92 east toward Roswell. Play is located at
the corner of Hwy 92 and Crabapple.
Thurs. Feb 26 Come enjoy Sparkles Family Fun Center’s Tiny Tots & Toddlers time! The kids can
bring their tricycles, big wheels, push toys, etc. to drive around the rink (no 2-wheeled
Sparkles Tiny Tots bikes or power wheels, please). They also have a FABULOUS climbing area & play
9:30 a.m. zone. Cost: $3.50/child or Lunch Bunch @ $6/child includes a Kids Meal.
Directions: Take I-575 South to Exit 3, Chastain Rd. Turn Right on Chastain.
$3.50/child or Chastain becomes McCollum Pkwy. When you’ve gone 3.5 miles on
$6/child includes lunch Chastain/McCollum, it dead ends at a traffic light into N Cobb Pkwy. Sparkles is on
the left at this intersection. You have to do a U-turn back onto McCollum and turn
right into the parking lot.
Questions: Catherine (678)367-1162
Fri Feb 27 Treat yourself to a mid-morning snack at Dunkin’ Donuts to start your weekend off on
the right foot. If the weather is nice, we can enjoy it on their patio. We’ll also work on
Calendar Coffee filling in the MOMS Club calendar for next month, so if you have some ideas for fun
@ Dunkin’ Donuts activities, bring those along! Directions: Take Hwy 92 west. Cross Main St/Hwy 5.
10:00 a.m. Dunkin’ Donuts will be on the right just after the QT.
free/cost of drink Questions: Catherine (678)367-1162
Tue. Mar 3 Take a little time out of your busy schedule to do something good for yourself. Come
enjoy a MOMS Club walking buddy or two to help keep up a good pace, provide
Walking Club conversation during your exercise, and have other kids to play with yours. Bikes,
Northside Track on Shallowford trikes, strollers, and bubbles also help keep the little ones entertained. Directions:
Rd. Take Highway 5/Main Street South. Cross Jamerson Rd. intersection. Turn Left at
4:00 p.m. traffic light onto Shallowford. In about 1 mile, the walking track is on the left after
free Nicholson Elementary School.
Questions: Amy Nelson (404)932-3232
Wed. Mar 4 Send the little ones off to school (or bring them along!) and join us for Coffee Club. If
you’re not a coffee fan, there are plenty of other morning drink options (including the
Coffee Club @ Starbucks new Vivanno smoothies). Mostly, come for a chance to relax with friends while kids
9:30 a.m. can entertain each other (at least, that’s the idea ). Directions: Starbucks is in
front of the Wal-Mart at the intersection of Hwy 92 & Trickum Rd. Coming from the
cost of drink east on 92, it’s on your left before you get to Trickum. Coming from the west, it’ll be
the first light after Trickum.
Thurs. Mar 5 Bring your needles and yarn over Catherine’s for some coffee and conversation while
we knit or crochet. I can show you the basics if you want to learn to knit. Any other
Knitting/Crocheting hand sewing projects – cross stitch, needlepoint – are great too! Kids can play
@ Catherine’s together while we create our scarves, baby blankets, etc… Directions: Take Hwy
10:00 a.m. 5/Main St. North through downtown. Pass the library on your right. At the next light,
turn left onto Ridgewalk Pkwy (just before the Rec Center). Take your first Left onto
free Ridge Trail. Turn Right into Ridgewalk Apartments and go to the left gate. The gate
code is 587#. Follow that road straight back past the mailboxes and it dead ends in
the parking spaces by our building (700). We’re #7106 on the ground floor off of the
right-hand breezeway.
Questions: Catherine (678)367-1162
Fri. Mar 6 Hopefully March will start to go “out like a lamb” even though it’s only the 6th and we
can enjoy some glimpses of spring weather. Bring a picnic lunch or stop by after
Picnic & Park Playdate preschool to have some fun at the park. Directions: From Trickum, head west on 92.
Kidzstock Park Turn right onto Neese Rd. just past Woodstock Baptist. Turn into the Woodstock
12:30 p.m. Baptist parking lot immediately on your right and Kidzstock will be right in front of
free you.

MOMS Club® of Woodstock, Georgia—February 2009 Newsletter

Contact Information
Our Volunteers

This Club is only as good as you make it. All of us are moms in the same stage of life, so please know that your Club volunteers
are just as busy as you are. Respect your volunteers and their time that they give to all of us. Maybe become a volunteer, too.

President: Helping Hands Coordinator: MOMS Club Area Coordinator

Nina Garcia (770) 517-7264 Gail Battey (678) 384-4992 Kerry Keough 3045 Sharon Lane
Cumming, GA 30041
Administrative Vice President: Party/Craft Coordinator: 770-889-4975
Maya Arabia (404) 514-8586 Nina Garcia (770) 517-7264
MOMS Club GA Area Coordinator
mailto:tripp1113@yahoo.comMem Newsletter Editor: Kimberly Sherman
bership Vice President: Heaven Barnett (404) 641-7655 520 Oak Bridge Trail
Catherine Moore (678) 367-1162 Alpharetta, GA 30022 770-753-9691
Website Mistress:
Treasurer: Bethany Mashini (770) 517-0965
Dana Wood (770) 928-4600 MOMS Club Asst Regional Coordinator
Chapter Historian Allie Roberts
Secretary: Betty Miller (770) 592-4961 11010 N. Lamont Court
Amy Nelson (678) 445-9454 Fredericksburg, VA 22407 540-786-7777
Big Sister Program Coordinator
Calendar Coordinator: Catherine Moore (678) 367-1162
Catherine Moore (678) 367-1162 Inquiries outside your local area can be made by sending an e-mail to
Recipe, Scrapbooking Event Info. & or by writing to:
Playgroup Liaison: Fitness Directory Email Groups The MOMS Club,
Julie Kori (678) 880-1983 Amy Nelson (678) 445-9454 1464 Madera Rd. #N 191, Simi Valley, CA 93065.
(Please include a $2 donation when
requesting information by mail.)

Market Place:

This is the classified section of our newsletter. Please restrict your submissions to 20 lines or less of text in 12pt. Times New
Roman type. Anyone wishing to place an ad should contact the Newsletter Editor, Heaven Barnett at

From Debra Richards:

New Whirlpool washer and Dryer, they are 2 years old, but were only used for 4 weeks.
I have a queen bedroom set, bed, dresser, chest, end table and entertainment center.
If anyone is interested please call me 770-591-1481 or email

From Amy Nelson:

KIDS’ (toddler- 4 yr old) SHOE SALE:
I am putting these in a Consignment Sale on FEB. 10th..this Tues.
So if you are interested with cash…by Mon. Feb. 9th at noon….then you can buy them!
MOMS Club® of Woodstock, Georgia—February 2009 Newsletter
All are tennis shoes unless specified in green. All are velco unless specified in orange.
Price is 1/3 original cost… you can look on-line or I’ll have prices when you email me. Amy Nelson
*Xcalibur H&L white with navy trim 7XW
*Match Play H&L white/navy 8.5 W
*Propulsion H&L white with navy/silver trim 8.5W
* Propulsion H&L white with blue/silver trim 9W
*suede casual dressy shoes – lace 8½W

*Style: NICK; white with navy trim 10

*SANDLES: Brown Leather Velcro 9.5

*Toddler Play Time H&L white leather 9W
* Toddler Play Time H&L white leather 8
(thin navy/red line at base)

*74142 897 suede type brown boy’s slip in shoes 9m

*Style: Sports; white leather (3 balls on side) 9.5

*foam flip flop type shoes with Velcro back 8.5 or 9?

*birkenstock type sandles velcro back
-2 buckle top—more décor 6? Or 7? (smallest shoe I am selling)

*hiking boots laced 8

(top dark leather-like part is peeling) other part of shoe looks perfect
If interested in anything listed under Amy’s name, you can email Amy at .

MOMS Club® of Woodstock-South Business Pages

Stacie Parkes Nancy Brannon
Tastefully Simple- TS offers easy-to-prepare gourmet foods MOM MOMS Club special – No cleaning fee for week rentals –
designed to help people spend less time in the kitchen & more a two-bedroom condo with a beautiful view of the Gulf of
time enjoying the rest of their lives. If you’d like to host a home Mexico. Check out our family website
or catalog party, or would like to purchase a gift or personal For any questions call Nancy
order then please contact me. Check out the TS product line on at (770) 517-6948.
my website at or email
me at Danyel Owens
Tastefully Simple-We offer a wide variety of gourmet foods that
Debra Richards can be enjoyed right out of the package or prepared within
MonaVie-A delicious & energizing blend of the Brazilian Acai minutes! For catalog and recipes go to
Berry -1 of nature's top super foods & 18 other nutrient dense $5 OFF ALL GIFT
fruits. Developed w/the philosophy of balance-variety- PACKS. Coupon Code:MOMS. All orders must be placed
moderation MonaVie delivers the phytonutrients & antioxidants through Danyel Owens by phone or email only.
you need to maintain a healthy/active lifestyle!

MOMS Club® of Woodstock, Georgia—February 2009 Newsletter

Sherri Dahlheim Julie Kori
Support Our Troops - Simply Nutrilite Twist Tubes & ROC2O – Discovery Toys- Make learning fun with these award winning
For every box of Twist Tubes that is bought, a free box will be toys, games and books. I now have inventory on hand if you
sent to our military service men and women in Iraq. Call (770) need a quick birthday gift. Host a party and earn FREE toys.
527-9990 or e-mail for more For more info, contact me at (678) 880-1983 or email

Models needed – I am looking for some smiling children to Betty Miller

assist me in creating my photography portfolio. In return, you Heritage Makers Consultant - Valentine's Day is just next
will receive a free portrait sheet. No sitting fee or obligation to month! Hard to believe, but it's time to think about gifts for
buy portraits. Email me at if you would those special someones...hubby, kids, mom, dad, grandma, etc.
like to set up an appointment. Create a unique storybook or card in as little as 5 minutes!
View templates at Call me at (404)
729-0388 for gift ideas that will last forever.

Please note that neither MOMS Club® International nor MOMS Club® of Woodstock-South collectively endorses any of these
companies. MOMS Club® International recommends that local chapters adopt a blanket rule stating that no member may solicit
sales at meetings or group functions. The MOMS Club® of Woodstock-South wholeheartedly endorses this recommendation.
Selling takes away from the purpose of the club—getting moms together in an accepting no-pressure environment. If you have a
submission, contact Dana Woods at

MOMS Club® of Woodstock, Georgia—February 2009 Newsletter

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