Horary Astrology is an important aid to Astrology. It is known as Prashna Jyotish or Prashna Shashtra.

Horary Astrology deals with the aspects of question (prashna) asked by a querent. At the time of query an astrological chart is prepared and studied to know the hidden aspects related to the query. Such prepared astrological chart is called as Horary Chart. Horary Chart is different from Natal Chart. Natal Chart is representation of planetary and Cuspal position at the time of birth. So, it covers every aspect of human life. While Horary Chart is simulation of planetary and Cuspal position at the time of query put up by the querent. Apparently, Horary Chart has its limitation to the specific question only. Horary Astrology functions on the philosophy of communion of Microcosm and Macrocosm. Microcosm is within us and is known as Antahkaran while Macrocosm is whole cosmos or Brahmanda. Microcosm belongs to Macrocosm. This is why, It is believed that Yad pinde tud barahmande i.e. whatever are in Cosmos or macrocosm, same things are within us or microcosm and secondly, whatever happens on macrocosm level that influences microcosm. Perceptibly, there is communion between Microcosm and Macrocosm. That is there is sharing of thoughts between Antahkaran and Brahma. On communion, querent receives thoughts and he shows his eagerness to know about the future of his query. When a thought came to him, it may be understood as the conception of the query and when he utters it before astrologer, that moment is taken as birth time of the query. If we have to translate these things astrologically, there would be need of casting an astrological chart on the basis of query time and astrologer’s location. And as such, prepared chart will reveal the will of cosmic mind with agreement to the destiny of the querent simulated in true natal chart. Here, it is to mention that this moment is nothing but one of the many lying in the time span given by the destiny. As a moment when we opt or choose any karma to perform by using freewill immediately it gets recorded in destiny and planetary position of that very moment in the astrological chart indicates the future and fructification of that action. Dr. Jung says whatever is born or done at this moment has the qualities of this moment. Horary Astrology renders its best result to predict even small event related to the life of querent while on the basis of natal chart, it is a bit confusing. Sometimes native cannot provide accurate birth data. In that case horary chart is quite helpful. In horary chart, accuracy of time does not confuse astrologer as is felt in the case of natal chart, prepared on reported birth time. Horary chart is helpful for an astrologer also. When same kind of results are seen from both horary and natal charts, it means definitely that kind of result will take place in future. So, the revelation of horary chart makes an astrologer confident in predicting the future event and its result. ( Read wonderful Book "Horary Astrology and Cuspal Interlinks" written by Shri S.P. Khullar)

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