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Positive Tweets

1. Now thankful for Geek Squad. Love people with expertise.

2. Good luck. Geek Squad helped me with mine last summer.
3. Geek squad FINALLY left and my fridge is fixed! Hoooraaaay! I have ice cube again.
4. My Geek Squad experience was actually pretty good; I was quite pleased with the
condition that my laptop was returned in.
5. Finally reunited with my laptop. It feels amazing. Thank you, Geek Squad.
6. Damon is saved thanks to geek squad
7. 2 creepy issues with my inspiron 1525, got resolved with geek squad. rice particle
underneath keyboard; DVD bought ith a new book unclean :(
8. Yay 4 geek squad!! I need a new job
9. Geek Squad @ Best Buy rocks my world. Store credit on broken Asus netbook, got
the new HP one instead. Yay!
10. Just talked to Best Buy Blue Shirt & Geek Squad peeps on the phone about last-
minute holiday gadgets, etc. Good stuff! Will post vlog soon.
11. having my 52" LCD sony flat screen mounted in my living room area. thanks geek
12. at wal-mart shopping with my mom. geek squad fixed wmm! yay! they also found
some viruses and other crap on it.
13. I called the Geek Squad and they configured everything for me w/ my desktop
computer, laptop and pritner. Totally worth the $$
14. oh so that is so not good. Have you considered contacting Geek Squad? I used them
a few times and worth the $
15. do you know what is wrong with your computer? i personally like the geek squad at
best buy. they are great!
16. saw a woman of color working the geek squad today at best buy woot!
17. I heart the geek squad guys
18. I underestimated the geek squad, less than 2 mins great service!
19. Geek squad looks like an awesome place to work. I'll probably apply there soon
20. Robert Stephens said his agents often have their drivers license or passport photos
retaken in their Geek Squad uniforms. Loyalty!
21. I kind of wanna be a geek squad guy
22. DOUBLE WIN! Geek Squad called and I can come in to swap out my laptop for a new
one! Score!
23. God bless the Geek Squad.

Negative Tweets

1. got my comp back, but now i have NO sound??? Thanks for the tease Geek Squad.
2. At best buy and the geek squad is useless and a waste of consumers time.
3. the geek squad has too much time on their hands
4. So Geek Squad had to install and teach a blind man to use 4 different remotes?
Universal remote FTW, gjuys!
5. Lol I wish! But you know what they do? They call *gag* Geek Squad.
6. And if Geek Squad has worked on the machine, you should charge them double to
undo what they did!
7. Geek Squad are salespeople with a little bit of technical knowledge. They charge
unbelievable prices too! :(
8. I called Geek Squad once. They said can't fix a laptop drive. Gave it to my mom
w/broken drive and she found someone to fix it.
9. Just saw a Best Buy Commercial, The Retarded Geek Squad installed a flat panel TV
for a blind guy and show him how to use the remote. WTF?
10. Came back from BestBuy... Geek Squad was not helpful; maybe I was right. Online
shopping was the way to go.
11. So, it turns out our computer has a virus and Geek Squad wants 200 dollars to get
rid of it. Fuck outta here.
12. i am trying to understand why this commercial has a geek squad guy talking about
installing a tv for a BLIND GUY. strange? yes.
13. I'm fucked. who knew calling geek squad for help would charge you 75 bucks..
14. Power cord for laptop cracked. Battery shot. Geek squad sold me wrong
replacement. Dont know when Ill be back online...
15. just saw a best buy commercial about a geek squad guy who installed a television for
a blind guy...hmmm
16. had to go back to Best Buy three freaking times! I hope I never see another Geek
Squad person ever again.
17. Don't call the Geek Squad. They'll charge you $199.95 to get you out. And install
Norton Internet Security without your permission.
18. You know what, geek squad is too expensive--matter of fact, Best Buy is too
expensive (& obviously recession proof)!!
19. Best Buy's Geek Squad consults with blind guy. Heartwarming? Good customer
service is not selling a television to someone who can't see it.
20. Geek Squad Review: 5 Reasons They Will Never Ever Repair My Computer
21. My computer's been sitting at Best Buy for a week cuz the Geek Squad never called
22. geek squad doesn't recommend avg because it's free. yet they use adaware and
spybot to get rid of spyware. they just want your money!
23. Noone told me that i would be a week without my computer when i took it to geek
squad. Mad
24. BSOD all over the place at Best Buy. You go geek squad!
25. oh geek squad i find it funny how little u know
26. going back 2 geek squad....uuuggghhhh
27. i have absolutely nothing positive to say about "Geek Squad" - complete waste of
time and money, and computer went unfixed!
28. Attention Geek Squad: stop pretending you know computers. I'm tired of cleaning up
the messes you make of peoples laptops.
29. Fixed a friend's computer tonight. The backup drive from Geek Squad attempted to
infect their laptop with a backdoor/trojan. Classy
30. omg! Get me off this geek squad mailing list!
31. i realized long ago geek squad sucks ass. i would actually recommend (behind sam's club). took my puter in today
32. Did anyone just see that geek squad commercial? Why did the blind guy want a tv?
33. i think i just problem solved another computer issue on my own. who the hell needs
geek squad?
34. Uch.. Merry Xmas to me -- Geek Squad says minimum of $1500 to get the data off
my old hard drive at this point... :(
35. You should be able to find someone else that can do it for $50. The Geek Squad is
36. 2 to 3 days Geek Squad? After telling me a hour? Really...fuckin wow.
37. Wow, work for att yet I fix problems geek squad can't. Like simple install of an air
card and tweaking firewall settings
38. It won't cost me anything. Geek Squad told me to fix it myself. Shame. On. Them.
39. Yup. They did. And now its f*cked AGAIN...called geek squad and cursed them out
about 2 hrs ago.
40. Down with Trax Tech Service. Bad location, horrible hours, bad service. Zero Stars.
They make the Best Buy Geek Squad look good. Boo
41. Want to get nickle and dimed to death? I found a reliable source! And no, it isn't
Geek Squad!
42. Getting ready to head off to Best Buy and deal with the lies from the Geek Squad
43. I did in 5 min what the Geek Squad said would "take forever." Bring it on, Geeks. I
can fix anything.
44. The Geek Squad just pulled up out front. I feel bad for the PC owner that is about to
get robbed by a man in a gray jump suit.
45. Waiting for the Geek squad, they're runnin' late
46. you know it's bad when the local news has a geek squad guy on as an "expert"
47. I have several years of photos on an external hard - and no computer (including
Geek Squad's) can even recognize the presence of the drive.
48. omg! Get me off this geek squad mailing list!
49. Best Buy & Geek Squad: Two Big Thumbs Down » Let’s Blog Money ...: A few weeks
ago I wrote a post entitled Y.. I was Geek Squad, I
would have told the client their HDD was dead... but because I have a soul, I am
attempting to save it. Handynerd wooGraphics card burned out and spent the day
replacing it. Geek Squad,
50. my ass. But I will be taking advantage of the lifetime warranty.
51. Testing Geek Squad and Firedog offering. So far, both are batting .000 on customer
service. Weak.
52. Oh, mr. geek squad, you can spin that story as 'cute' as you want, that's still
humiliating torture disguised as 'customer service'
53. Nerd Herd>>>>Geek Squad. In every way.
54. Geek Squad Union City: Garbage.
55. spent a fruitless hour trying to change my router! bought it online and it will not
connect. even the Geek Squad couldn't help.
56. took an hour stuggling to connect a new router. Even Agent Joe from Geek Squad
was defeated. Its going back and I'll get one from Carphone
57. ah man, geek squad? Really? You are killing us slowly
58. Any sentence with "Geek Squad" in it, you automatically know it's going to be bad.
Too bad, once it was a good brand. Not now.
59. Dile NO a la optimización del Geek Squad (Say NO to the
optimization of the Geek Squad)
60. The windows update software was not even activated. So much for the Geek Squad
setup he bought. They did get him for the TM A/V
61. we told them the battery was not charging, they replaced the hard drive and the
battery still does not charge thanks for nothing Geek Squad
62. is troubled. Geek Squad chgs $99/visit and fails to follow w/promised quote for
Home theatre installation! Anyone else ripped off? DM me.
63. Oh and after this I don't want to hear any shit about why don't I keep applying for
geek squad this is rediculous
64. Fucking 25 pages of questions 4 each that's 100 questions no wonder geek squad
are idiots no one else wants to sit thru this bullshit
65. i have no faith in geek squad. it's been a month and my camera is still not back yet.
66. to all who read my tweets... do not shop Best Buy in Montgomeryville PA. Their geek
squad is not trustworthy.
67. For how lengthy and rediculous best buys application process is youd think the geek
squad people wouldn't be such dumbasses
68. that's a question - can i buy apple care on a best buy mac, or do i have to do their
stupid geek squad thing?
69. Best Buy's Geek Squad is Disappointing Me - Best Buys Geek Squad consumer
complaint via
70. also fuck the geeksquad geek squad pieces of shit
71. Geek Squad sent my computer away for who knows how long. I feel a little empty
inside. :(
72. Standing in line at Geek Squad forever. These geeks better be able to get my data
off my external HD after all this! Say a prayer for me...
73. Doom and gloom at Geek Squad. Just kill me.
74. Mac Geniuses are just as bad as Geek Squad. Thanks for "fixing" my font issues..
75. hahaha. I was thinking the tag line could be - FORGET Geek Squad...
76. Best Buy Tv ad: The Geek Squad installed a large screen tv for a guy who is legally
blind. Uh, & that's a success story??
77. Geek squad commercial brags about hooking up an hd tv for a blind guy. Good job
best buy. I bet you feel proud for being so smart
78. fixed the Geek Squad so that they can fix other computers
79. I purchased a dell laptop a month ago and have gotten the blue screen for driver
failure 4 times and the geek squad are not very helpful
80. Called Geek Squad to check on my laptop & it's still not ready! WTF?! It's been
exactly 1 month and all they did was replace the hard drive!
81. SO the Geek squad agent supposedly fixed my computer, but now it takes
approximately five minutes t boot up. what's up with that?
82. why is it that before the "geek squad" being labeled a geek was okay and now when
I am called a geek, i feel dirty?
83. I am offend that you consider me the same caliber as the geek squad... I am far
84. There was a geek squad van and bug strategically parked to cockblock the entrance
85. Sigh cue the best buy geek squad selling.
86. cancelled my geek squad appointment. A friend is coming by to fix the problem
87. hurting from standing all day and ready to kill the 'geek squad' at best buy if i don't
get my laptop by today
88. spending the evening with family in lexington. aunt's bf just arrived & handed me his
laptop to fix b/c geek squad couldn't. no guarantees!
89. On hold with the Geek Squad.The IVR is messaging me in French.Nice, but kind of a
surprise.MN is close to Canada, but we're not that close.
90. I just found out the geek squad charges around $300 to set up a Mac! I need to up
my friend tech support fee from $0 to at least 150!
91. Adriana had the geek squad work on her computer and now it is all messed up, she
is so frustrated
92. Why does Best Buy push Geek Squad crap so hard. Just wanted to buy a laptop this
morning and leave. 30 min ordeal. I like factory sealed. :)
93. I think they call it Geek Squad because they have ZERO customer service skills.
94. My god Geek Squad is soo inneficient.
95. better advice. Plant a bomb in it and take it to geek squad.
96. On the Fox 5 LVNews right now: Absolutely dumb Cyber Monday online shopping
advice from Geek Squad
97. Gross! I got this Dell cheap from Best Buy in the spring. I hope its not that. Don't
want Geek Squad involved with the repair.
98. LOL, yeah geek squad #failure
99. Haha I got geek squad in on my repair. Let's just say after 2 weeks of waiting they
still hadn't shipped my computer.
100. Lmao fucking geek squad. They suck lol.
101. hate to say it, but best buys "geek squad" has quoted too much, need to
retrieve photots by ourselves
102. I would like to go to Best Buy and beat up all the Geek Squad MF-ers! UGH
103. heading home to watch my newly restored TV. It only took the Geek Squad 3
weeks to do a 3 minute job. Very sad. guess where I'm not shopping
104. Ready to start a boxing match with the geek squad and i spit my jeans. wtf
105. Geek squad sucks
106. DEAR GEEK SQUAD: Thanks for the update. You will now be hunted down one
by one and executed.
107. My computer is dead. Per "The Geek Squad" my AC outlet is fried and they
can't fix it. Gave me the number of who could for $200. Worth it?
108. geek squad just killed my mac now at apple store cristiana mall, it beeps!
109. I hate this! I just paid 230$ for geek squad to back up my computer since I
can't. And to figure out the problem. So much for a warranty
110. Geek Squad can't qive me a simple qoute on replacing my Toshiba's touchpad
without sending the laptop out first. Just tell me how much!
111. computer fixed. the wonders of the Geek Squad and $140.
112. Dude - who told you my strategy? Do I look like a Geek Squad dropout?
That's what they do! I do finesse work ;-)!
113. You aren't kidding. But because I bought it through Best Buy and it's a
hardware issue, I have to go through Geek Squad. So pissed
114. my favorite best buy stories are the geek squad ones on;
now that's comedy.
115. In a chat session with Geek Squad to find out why my laptop STILL hasn't
been fixed... /Frustration
116. Spyware wins. PC now in the hands of the Geek Squad, because I like being
condescended to by a hipster douche in a skinny black tie.
117. is really pissed that the geek squad from best buy didn't fix his digital
camera... probably not getting anything from there anymore
118. does the geek squad at bestbuy allow them to claim tech gurus? I still don't
see many girls.
119. I have no respect for the Geek Squad, but their site has a very funny 404 File
Not Found page
120. The geek squad stinks. They gave my computer to some guy who lived in Vt.
and lost my software. Write to the manager.
121. Any tips for contacting Geek Squad or Best Buy about my dissatisfaction on
how my CPU was (not) serviced?
122. Branding of Best Buy Geek Squad stymied by inept Sales Squad and
Inventory Management Squad.
123. Q: How many times can one computer be fixed by geek squad for the same
prob? A: 5 in 3 days
124. Still fighting the Geek Squad battle? You poor thing! Talk about an Energizer
Bunny of a problem.
125. Well, duh. My experience with Geek Squad has been that I know more than
they do, they just have the right gear and CDs.
126. Yes, i was not happy with the month geek squad had my machine and still did
not fix. picked it up and still does not work.
127. 3 - Sad: Geek Squad Calls To Ask If The Appointment That Never ...: He's
launched an Executive Email Car..
128. geek squad still? sucks.
Geek Squad Term Popularization

1. yayyy for my own personal geek squad tech issues handled and momma is back to
100 percent.
2. Have I told you lately that my hubby rocks!? Gotta love my geek squad!
3. is doing geek squad duty for sister. Updated her router firmware, and ip address
settings... now I continue shopping. Save the economy!
4. Any of you turn into ur family's own personal Geek Squad when u go home for the
holidays? Just spent 2 hours diagnosing wireless net probs
5. I have to FedEx my Corp laptop to our geek squad today to fix the boot problem. Too
many tweets? Didn't want to lug it around Italy anyway!
6. is amazed that Circuit City kept the name FireDog for their version of Geek Squad up
until the bitter end.
7. ugh, technology! Our geek squad changed something on the server so now I've got
to figure out how to reconfigure my blackberry.
8. I drive 8 hrs so I can be my mother-in-laws personal geek squad. Her laptop is a
mess, this is going to take a while.
9. Why does the computer get messed up every time husband touches it? Guess I'll
play geek squad mom and fix it
10. just saw a prius drive by painted red with TEKNOKREW written in big white block
letters. new, violent geek squad?

Belly Of The Beast

1. #to20 sounds like "geek squad example". their wiki failed but they found out that
the employees were using online gaming to communicate.
2. Working a double as three of my staff members are either on vaykay or out sick.
Geek Squad is looking pretty good right about now....
3. I swear no one on geek squad works but me.