Olga Trouskova Complaint letter and paragraph 123 Cedar Ave NE Ham Lake, MN 55011 January 26, 2009 Hotel

Operator/Customer Service Manager Treasure Island - TI 3300 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89109 Dear Sir or Madam: On December 18, 2008, my family and I arrived to Las Vegas and proceeded to check in at your hotel at around midnight. Prior to this family trip, we had booked and paid for two rooms at your hotel for three nights. Due to some changes in plans, one of our family members was unable to go on this trip to Las Vegas. During check in, however, some unexpected problems surfaced, delaying our check-in time considerably. The receptionist that was checking us in informed us that because one of the rooms had been booked under the absentee’s name, we were not allowed to use it even though the absent person did not pay for it. Instead of helping us to resolve the situation, the receptionist directed us to use a pay phone across the room to make the necessary calls to resolve this issue by ourselves. The customer service personnel were unprofessional in the manner that they handled this situation. I understand that they have to follow rules regarding booking and checking in, but customers should not be resolving these hotel-related problems. Instead, the customer service personnel should have been more eager and accommodating in fixing the problem. The hotel should have made the necessary phone calls to resolve the problem, especially since the room was already paid for. With the exception of this first impression of the hotel, our stay at the hotel was good. The rooms were remodeled and the lunch buffet was both elegant and diverse. In order to support and maintain the good image of this hotel, however, I expect customer service staff to resolve problems themselves rather than delegate it to their customers—that is not what customer service is about. Because of the inconvenience and frustration experienced during this trip, I would like to have a future hotel room upgrade the next time I decide to stay at your hotel. Sincerely,

Olga Trouskova Concerned Customer

Olga Trouskova Complaint letter and paragraph PARAGRAPH: Audience, purpose, and strategy The intended audience/reader for this complain letter is the manager of the customer services department. The purpose of this letter is to prevent the repetition of the problem to other customers at the hotel. I hope to encourage customer service personnel to take action when problems arise at the hotel rather than delegate them to the customers themselves. My strategy is to be brief in my letter, direct, and to provide background information to help the reader understand the situation. I also try to mention something positive about the hotel in order to avoid giving the impression that I just like to complain about everything. By mentioning a few positive features of the hotel, I hope to encourage the hotel to improve their customer service at the reception desk (first impressions do count!) in order to maintain the good, positive image it has acquired in other areas (such as food and room quality).

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