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Receives and stores Propect details —s___ Prospect Input / Add prospect details 1.0 Process ger Details Prospecting rn Retrieves prospect details Recaive acknowledgement and prospect details FIGURE B Receives and stores sale stage details | Stage of Sale Input and update current stage of sale 2.0 Process oeeit Details Sales Stages 7. Receive the current state and Retrieves stage of details of the sale stages sale details FIGURE C Input and attach the product Receives and stores sold to a prospect sale details Agent Sale Details ; Close a | Sale A | Receive acknowledgement Gives acknowledgement of the sale for the sale FIGURE D Make a sale Receive the sale as pending 4.0 ¥ Agent Process Secretary Approval Receive acknowledgement for Approve the sale the approved sale Store details Approved Sales FIGURE E Make a payment and register sale Agent Receive a reminder when payment is due Request for the reports Manager Receive the summary of the report 5.0 Process Future Payments Retrieve data Future Payments FIGURE E FIGURE F Receives the sale as pending ¥ Secretary Approves the sale Create future payments Receive request ———— Reports Retrieve details of report