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Archangel Michael - Ascension is Near

Archangel Michael January 22 2009 - translated from French

Note: The schedule for the start of ascension has been
established, and March 25th has been given as the starting date.
It will include the Jupiter ignition and the assistance of Nibiru
which is now present in orbit in cloaked form. This is the change
we have requested from our Creator and has been in the plans
for many millenniums, but it is not a new age gradual change. It is
an Apocalypse where the old will give way to a new era of Light
and Love, a new higher dimension and density [frequency] and a
new Earth.

I am Michael regent prince of the celestial militia. I come to you,
human souls, I introduce myself, I salute you. Receive the Light.
Each Archangel makes his presence felt in earthly time every
twelve months. Year after year this time takes a certain flexibility.
But we govern with the energy we possess, in the space and time
allotted to us by the Father, to bathe the whole system with our
solar vibration of light and Love in the specific mission vested to

On your land last year, Archangel Jophiel brought you through
the period called the "confrontation" [decision time] at a time
when you lived during this phase of your life. Today in this new
year and land, for a period which will last 14 to 16 months, I will
come and manifest through me to you, above all, the changes
that will occur on the surface of this planet. This year is my year,
a year of my activities. My year is the year where the new energy
elements come in a time I would call warmth, excitement and

For you, this year is not a year of battle but a year of awakening
and the final total victory [over darkness] for the glory of the
Father. This year, you will experience the absolute light in dark
areas to make any decisions where ever you go, depending on
your choices that were made in previous years. The Archangel of
the past year has provided a timetable. This timetable is a
calendar that matches your Apocalypse and your revolution and
your inner revelations.

This is superimposed on a second schedule, a calendar of
cosmic origins, and it brings no delays. It is illustrated by the
movement of planets, suns and worlds in your sky. In your
heavens, you will begin to experience significant changes related
to elementary manifestations and especially movement of planets
in the heavens. This is different from your normal scientific
astronomical calculations.

Your interior calculations will finish before the external calculation
of time passes on this planet. Remember that what is human is
subject to the vagaries of time, but what is cosmic does not suffer
the same uncertainties that you understand, but obeys the
celestial movements extremely accurately, extremely divinely
chosen, and does not suffer any delays.

Between March 25 of your 2009 and December 21 of your 2012
what needs to be done will be fully completed. I will express
myself through basic events more powerful than the Earth has
ever seen before during this year. Do not worry too much about of
the outcome of these events on your Earth, but keep an eye on
the sky, because there will be numerous signs that you can
identify and see.

In this year, opening on March 25 on this Earth is the period of
the Apocalypse, the long-awaited and dreaded event that is
already in the process of arriving into your consciousness on this
planet Earth. The 3D world which you know and live will
irreversibly cease to exist no later than December 21 2012. This
is the end you desired, and it has been decreed by the Father.
That date and those dates have been known for a long time. It
was not chosen by you human beings by fighting anything or
anyone else, but rather it is to find in your interior karma a
resolution of your conflicts, because you spent the previous year
deciding these choices that you will soon implement. Today
these choices are set in stone in your material world and your
dimension [and there is no going back]. Any resistance to the
establishment of your Light is doomed to failure. Do not go in the
direction of resistance but in the sense of acceptance of what is
to come.

Do not worry about the resulting level of basic humanity. You
should only worry about your own well being in yourself, your
home, and in the light to come. It is not destruction but is just
light, and light can only destroy what belongs to the darkness.
Thus, your social structures, your family, your political
environment, and your economic systems must also face this
change and this time is now.

There is a need in your schedule to prepare important time slots
to live what you have to live that is primarily a domestic
experience. The vibration [frequency] level at which the Earth is
facing, and therefore you as a human being, has reached levels
completely new and never experienced before on the surface of
this Earth. This is just the Light, and Light does not support
darkness. Light illuminates darkness, Light dissolves darkness.
This struggle can also occur within you if your spiritual
preparation has not been completely finished.

Whatever the manifestation of this struggle, go inwards to
support the Light and establish the Light in you. I repeat: the
world as you know, as you live, as you experiment, will not exist
later than the date Dec 21 2012 that I gave you. The long-awaited
events, described in numerous books, prophesied by many
prophets announced, right now, for your science, are here.
The global warming that you live on the surface of the Earth
affects all the planets in your solar system. A planet [Nibiru]
passing in the sky of the Earth every 3,600 years, but at different
distances [from Earth] every 3,600 years, has completed its
journey of 26,000 years. You are at the end of a cosmic cycle.
You are at the time of the return of the energy from the Father
and the Son. Perhaps some of you feel it in your heart, inside
their cells.

This moment is a moment of joy. This moment is a moment of
light. Whatever the consequences, they are only human
consequences related to the refusal of mankind to allow the Light
to settle inside themselves. Do not judge those who fight. Do not
judge those who leave [to journey to other 3D worlds or higher
dimensional worlds] because you do not know where they will go.
Nobody knows the way of his neighbor. Be sure to be
strengthened in your way and your destiny and what you are.
There is no alternative. There are no more delays. The schedule
has come to an end [decision time is over and it is time for a new

You are in the end times. You have returned to limited times,
and these times will lead you to the threshold of a new humanity
and a new race of mankind. You've been asked to move to the
other side of the veil from this side of the veil, in this life and other
lives, to live the liberation from the illusion of a material world.
This illusion of the material world has been ordered by the Lords
of Karma [Illuminati] for a long time. The one thing you did not
know is that this cycle was recorded in the precession of the
equinoxes and the movements of planetary constellations around

You and your scientists have often called God "the central point."
There is an error of design there on this level. The focus can be
summed up in God, but it can not be reduced to a point. What
you call a point is actually a black hole. It is a place where
everything comes from and where everything must go, from one
side to another in a sphere of events and other experiences. The
substance is a field experience. The substance is not an end.

The constructions of your environment are perishable and
perishing because they are only valid for a time to allow the soul
to provide a framework for temporary changes in its evolution,
which is unlimited, to return to the Light. I have participated for
eons in this solar system and throughout other solar systems,
and these moments that prepare the transition are the moments
when the light is emerging, where the truth and that which was
hidden will be revealed.

I intervene in a preliminary phase to that which will come, to carry
out that which will achieve your awareness so that you realize
that this turnaround is the ultimate moment before, if you wish,
your ascension. During this year you will experience periods of
fatigue in your body in living at the same time in this dimension
and other dimensions. You will experience, in a synchronous
manner, a number of events affecting both the conduct of life in
this dimension and the conduct of the life of the soul in this

You will experience within your being the great transformation. I
would like to say to you, human souls, do not be afraid, because
what you expected, what you feared, what you hoped for is now
here. You must make an effort, a significant effort, as this effort
must be your most important task, to turn your gaze from the
outside chaotic world to an inner world of peace.

What defines your goals in life (work, family, money, pleasures of
life as you have known, but also the suffering of this life as you
have known) should give way to the fullness your inner life and
your new life that will become active in the weeks ahead. From
your month of October this year, the fire of Michael will enter your
heart. Those who have held their own fire inside, those who have
done the necessary work to receive treatment of Michael's energy
in the heart, will awaken in you your full dimension of the soul in
this higher dimension.

Do not pay attention to the noise and chaos of this world because
it has only just begun. Your year will be marked by deadly
earthquakes, storms on the Earth as has been never known, by
lightning in the sky, and luminous phenomena as never seen in
history. Yet this is nothing compared to the Light to come. This is
fundamental and necessary. We are with you, we the
Archangelic Army. We who have dimensions far more ethereal
than yours, we have lowered our vibratory rate closer to you to
assist you in your preparation, your ascent and your return to the
will and the house of the Father.

You must remove any sensitivity to any loss because losses are
of themselves illusions. It is in losing your illusions that you find
your inner spark, your deity and your legacy. It can not be
otherwise. You asked for choices, you will have them. Assume
the choice to say, do, go where you go, whatever is the
opposition from the outside world.

Among the oppositions from the outside world are the limitations
related to financial problems, emotional problems, professional
problems, or any other area which may interfere with the
development of your inner light. You should accept no
compromise on the establishment and stabilization of your inner
light, whatever the cost.

What you allow today in life's sacrifices, abandon it while you
have eyes to see, before you ask to relive your mistakes, begging
to go back, as there will be no turning back. The path that you
will follow is a forced journey, a rhythmic march that will lead you
to live and understand your life, your lives, your paths in their
entirety. This is a gift from the Father. It occurs every 26,000
years. It is your responsibility to keep and take this chance to go
to a future brightness.

Remember that, regardless of what your eyes see, whatever the
drama of what is lived out, this is nothing compared to the
opening of your heart, the opening of the soul that you will soon
live. That is, human souls in incarnation, the solemnity of what I
had to say because we do not make announcements related to a
later time but only future announcements related to your present

Compared to this, and only, I say, compared to this, I will try to
answer some of your questions.

Question: What role will Christ play in the ascension of the
That was written in many books and especially in a book that has
not been distorted by those who control religions [unlike many
others]. I am talking about the Apocalypse of Saint John [the
Biblical book of Revelations]. Christ will return as he left. It will be
someone who comes from the sky. Do not be concerned about
what Christ will be like in a body of flesh, if it is not in a heavenly
body. He will be joined by the divine faithful along with the faithful
multitude. However, you're not at that time yet, during this year.
You're in the preparations. Christ inside and Christ outside can
not and will not appear except on a peaceful Earth, a purified
Earth and a higher Earth later.

Question: What type of light, intervention, can result in burning
and tingling in the physical body?
This will be normal with the increase of cosmic radiation that I will
send and which is, remember, linked to the approach of this
celestial body [Nibiru]. You will feel a very strong inner call to go
to the light. This will result in significant bodily heat, you will need
to drink more water than usual. There will be tingling phenomena
occurring at the upper body, middle body, around the heart, and
in your lower back that are associated with my presence, my
radiation and my work. You will enter areas of hyper energy
during moments before the cessation of normal energy.

Question: How do you recommend we best reserve the hours to
live each day?
It is desirable, if you have opportunity, to reserve two time slots :
one during the rising sun and the other during the setting sun are
times when you should listen to the energy that comes to you.
You should integrate the vibrational energy that comes to you
and get ready to turn off your outside gaze and move to a
contemplation inside the heart. Two time slots of one hour of your
time daily are more than sufficient. It will come at a time in the
end of this year, and in its last quarter, where you cannot,
anyway, do otherwise.

You will also not have much else to do in light of the events to
come. I want to clarify that when I ask you to turn your gaze
within, during these times, the most important thing is to listen to
the energy that permeates you. As you turn your awareness to
this energy that you will receive, you will see that it covers you in
the same way as the quality and density of the energy that you
will receive, and has nothing to do with the one you experienced
in your current life.

Question: Is the knowledge of the laws of Enoch good for this
Yes. Certainly.

Question: Will travel, at that moment, be dangerous?
The danger is always present on outside areas. Any place can
be. A place or a person may be well and live the outpouring of
Light and Michael and move to another state within fifteen days.
You will have a sign of my presence in your sky. If my presence
in your heaven, where you are, should continue beyond 48 hours
(whether through essentially luminous phenomena, rainbow
phenomena, or phenomena in cloud forms) this will mean that 15
days later, the place where you saw these phenomena will be
swept by Michael's Light.

Question: What form is it?
It is all about colorful phenomena, totally unusual phenomena,
totally unusual lightning, aurora borealis in these locations, or
shapes of extremely special clouds you call waves of clouds as if
the clouds were cut by frequencies, or the manifestation of the
Archangel's forces or forces of the Light of the Galactic
Confederation form called lenticular clouds [cloud UFOs].

If these phenomena are visible at the place where you are, listen
to what is being said to your inner being. You should consider
measures to protect your interior living areas and prepare to live
in the purification of energy that I will pour on the Earth. However,
if listening to your inner being, it asks you to leave these areas,
then do so.

Question: What are these signs in the sky when they last but a
few minutes?
They are not dangerous. They correspond to the sign of my
presence but not to the sign of my violent demonstrations.

Question: Does your presence manifest only by the fire?
It manifests itself in everything that is basic. What you call
comets, what you call moving objects in your sky are related to
my event. The year I came to the surface of your planet was the
year 96 during which I expressed my presence by comets visible
in your sky, and by extremely precise storms which blew at this
time, on the South American continent.

So I manifest by fire, by air, by water and ground. The visual
events to be observed during my present visit in my passage to
your sky are events related to the displacement of what you call
the ether. Ether is to be redistributed on the surface of your Earth.
Areas that were supplied with energy are now closed. Areas that
were not fed are now prepared for that purpose. [Ether is a
foundation of the free energy technology that has been forbidden
knowledge till now.]

Question: How do we assist people who come to us?
You'll see. It may already have occurred for some of you
(whatever your occupation in this society), so that many people
feel the need to communicate, to assemble, to exchange different
ideas [like in forums on the Internet], to share in different ways
through the sharing of experiences, habitats, times, to discuss
the new operating modes of consciousness. There are gatherings
that will prepare, communities of groups that are preparing to
exploit the more harmonious energy which you will move to. This
is in place. It is a movement which will announce (for some time)
to the large gatherings of the remaining humanity [the coming
events and their meanings].

Question: Does the Emerald Table of Hermes [see the note at
the end for a description] have the same importance as the Book
of Enoch?
You could say yes, but the most important thing now is just how
you live utilizing your inner energy. There is nothing more
important than that. Agree to turn your eyes to your inner spiritual
life. The solution, the exit door is not just in books, is not in a form
of knowledge or another manner. Only the knowledge of the light
is paramount and of utmost importance. Light is energy, Light is
Love, Light is invigorating. You must feel the desire to travel
beyond your current status, you must feel the desire to live anew,
you must feel the desire to transform. Nothing else is important.

Question: Are we able to make a conscious connection with our
inner divinity?
If you wish, if you desire, even if it is, I would say, your only wish
and your sole desire, you will arrive into this state. For this you
need to silence the external desires whatsoever.

Question: Is the orange sky at daybreak a part of the luminous
This is one indisputable way. But, as you have noticed, as some
of you have already noticed, the shapes of clouds, the forms and
colors of your skies will never be the same. Your sky has already
transformed. It now remains to transform the Earth.

Question: Is rising acid along the esophagus and stomach
manifestations of your fire?
It can be. Any type of firey event or air type inside your body,
occurring this year is likely to be related to my work and my
presence. Now, in times of fire, what is the element that is going
to quench the fire? This is water. In this sense your need for
water will become extremely important. There is a redistribution in
you and a change at an atomic level of the water that is you. You
need to accelerate this cleanup process. How? By increasing and
multiplying by two the amount of water you drink per day.

Question: Should we pronounce your name Mikael or Michael (
the "h" is pronounced like an "r" produced in the bottom of
The vibration of the sound of my name is, of course, a limit of
what I am. Now, the atmospheric most conducive vibration
regarding my consciousness is the word Michael. [Our names
are limited in 3D and are more musical and longer in higher

Question: Are electrical or electronic failures related to your
This is likely to be constant in your second half of the year but
this may be the case at home, through some electronic circuits.

Question: In the time slots you are talking about, what are the
best hours?
The ideal hours would be one hour after sunrise. With regard to
the time slot, the second is the hour before sunset.

Question: Will money as we know it remain a medium of
At first, yes. But do not have delusions, your economic system is
already destroyed. For now, what you call a dollar has an
exchange value . Shortly it will be only worth the weight of the
paper. But this should not worry you too much because there will
be little to exchange.
[Money will soon be eliminated so our current financial plans are
of no importance in the future.]

Question: Is the second sun the planet that scientists have
recently identified by the name of Eris?
No. The second sun is, unfortunately, associated with the nuclear
ignition of Jupiter, which itself is triggered by the world to come.

Question: Could you describe more precisely this phenomenon?
It is hardly feasible to explain in words because those words will
not show you the procedure. Again the ignition and the
nuclearization of Jupiter is related to the awakening forces in your
heart. You do not see that. The physical one is secondary, yet

Question: Will we be fed by the ethereal?
You will be fed by the etheric forces, those who have developed
their etheric circuits, ie to access the conscience of Energy of the
5th Dimension.

Question: What about children?
Do not worry about them or each other. Take care of yourself.
This is the condition of the completion of the Light. Any thoughts
that you fear as an issue or question in relation to a relative, or in
relation to an object, or in relation to possessions, or in relation to
connections would only reinforce these issues and separate you
from your inner being. The challenge will be to agree to turn your
awareness to be inside when you see things that formed the
fabric of your lives disappear one after the other.

Question: If there is a 2nd sun, by the ignition of Jupiter, will it
mean that there are no more nights on the Earth?
No. This means you will receive this type of nuclear energy and
nothing more [there will only be less darkness at night at times].

Question: Will we be cared for, on an individual or collective
level, to live this passage?
Yes, this is the goal, but you must agree to completely turn this
gaze inward, to completely turn this gaze onto the light that
reaches you, the light that turns you on, the Light that works in
you. If your conscience decides to let go and abandon the old
patterns of operation, that your past lives at this moment have
expired, yes, you will be cared for, but you can be exempt if you
hold and attach importance to that which does not exist any

Question: Will the family bonds have to disappear or change?
Yes. What you call a couple and what you want to live in the 3rd
dimension of humanity, is the scar on your initial injury related to
your separation from the Source and from the flame. That is why,
since life began, you went in search of another. Of course,
informed of the Light of the Father, you understand that this has
more meaning because you will find your own new sources. What
you call a couple has more reason to exist in the new dimension.
[Loneliness will disappear as we join together in one
consciousness and one network.]
Question: Will this now be the birth of the new Adam?
If you call the new race / root that should emerge after childbirth,
we can say that the new Adam is born into the new dimension at
the end of these events, but it is now only in gestation awaiting

Question: Are there already some prototype bodies?
Yes. Many. And many though still insufficient for the number of
humanity and souls to incarnate on this Earth.

Question: Is this to join the Adamic race?
No because you will all be those who are ascended into the new
Adam. There are no other Masters to follow your Master. Beware
of those who propose to follow. A number of persons, a number
of movements will seek to ensure that you follow, but you must
follow your inner path. However, you will begin to get together in
cells and groups. You will prepare rallies and large gatherings,
which will occur, however, when the time comes. But you will go
there in this energy and you will go there in this search at that

Question: Does the awakening involve a physical death or is it a
symbolic system?
Both are possible.

We have no more questions. Thank you.

So souls in human incarnation, I bring you peace, I bring you the
Light of the Father. Journey inside yourself to the abundance and
the inner light. Accept now that I am at your disposal and I say to
you very soon. ... there will be an outpouring of energy.

The Emerald Table of Hermes

[The Secret of Hermes, is a text purporting to reveal the secret of
the primordial substance and its transmutations. It claims to be
the work of Hermes Trismegistus ("Hermes the Thrice-Great"), a
legendary Egyptian sage or god, variously identified with the
Egyptian god Thoth and/or the Greek god Hermes.]

True, without error, certain and most true: that which is above is
as that which is below, and that which is below is as that which is
above, to perform the miracles of the One Thing. And as all
things were from One, by the meditation of One, so from this One
Thing come all things by adaptation. Its father is the Sun, its
mother is the Moon, the wind carried it in its belly, the nurse
thereof is the Earth.

It is the father of all perfection and the consummation of the
whole world. Its power is integral if it be turned to Earth. Thou
shalt separate the Earth from the Fire, the subtle from the
coarse, gently and with much ingenuity. It ascends from Earth to
heaven and descends again to Earth, and receives the power of
the superiors and the inferiors.

Thus thou hast the glory of the whole world; therefore let all
obscurity flee before thee. This is the strong fortitude of all
fortitude, overcoming every subtle and penetrating every solid
thing. Thus the world was created. Hence are all wonderful
adaptations, of which this is the manner.
Therefore am I called Hermes the Thrice Great, having the three
parts of the philosophy of the whole world. That is finished which I
have to say concerning the operation of the Sun.

Jess: Ascension is a process. The transition period has just
started, according to Monjoronson. James projects that it will not
be until 2080 before we discover scientific proof of the Grand
Portal, which seems to be a significant factor in ascending to a
higher level of spirituality. Monjoronson says it could be a lot
longer. There are several cultural events that have to happen
before the mass consciousness is unified and completely aligned
with the higher self.

This involves achieving world peace and reconciling religious
differences, as well as cleaning up our environment. It's not going
to happen magically when stasis is finished. That's just laying the
foundation for real work to begin with a new awareness of
universal truths. I look at it as giving Earth a real boost in the
process because much of the toxic environment is cleaned up for
us and the population on Earth will finally have the awareness of
how to have a common purpose.