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2013  Rangers  Netball  Club  Fees  








OPEN   12/U,  13/U,  16/U  

$44   $36  

$59   $54  

$8   $9  

$15   $8  

$126   $107  

$120   $110  

$246   $217  

These  fees  are  approximate  and  may  change  in  early  2012,  depending  on  WDNA  etc.  The  Club  fee  will  not  change.  

If  you  have   a   second   or   third   child   playing   with   Rangers,   please   deduct   25%   from  the  club   fee   component.  Please  contact  our  Treasurer  for  further  information.   Fundraising   Rangers   Netball   Club   requires   ALL   players   (and/or   their   parents)   to   be   involved   in   club   fundraising   throughout   the   year.   In   2012   the   main   event   was   a   cake   stall   held   in   May,   which   was   incredibly   well   supported   by   the   Rangers   community   and   was   a   terrific   success.   It   is   likely   our   major  fundraising  in  2013  will  again  consist  of  a  cake  stall,  as  well  as  social  events  involving  both   junior   and   senior   teams.   These   events   will   again   require   support   and   volunteers   from   within   the   Rangers  community  –  stay  tuned  to  find  out  how  you  can  help.     What  is  the  “club  fee”?   The   club   fee   is   the   total   of   monies   the   club   requires   to   pay   umpires,   purchase   new   equipment,   purchase   trophies,   pay   postage   and   contribute   towards   the   windup   and   player   and   coach   development.       $50  Trial  Deposit     A  $50  NON  REFUNDABLE  deposit  is  required  BEFORE  a  player  may  take  the  court  for  grading.   This  deposit  comes  off  your  fees.  This  deposit  is  refundable  if  Rangers  cannot  place  a  player  in  a   team.  If  you  are  not  happy  with  the  team  you  are  placed  in  and  wish  to  withdraw,  you  will  NOT   receive   a   refund.   Unfortunately   there   can   be   no   exceptions   to   this   rule.   Parents   please   do   not   send  children  to  grading  if  they  have  not  paid  their  deposit,  as  they  will  not  be  placed  on  court.   Players  please  do  not  bring  friends  along  to  grading  if  they  do  not  have  their  $50  deposit.     REFUNDS     We   understand   that   due   to   circumstances   beyond   their   control,   players   sometimes   request   a   refund  of  their  fees.  Please  note  that  WDNA  will  not  refund  fees  to  Rangers  after  the  third  playing   date   has   passed.   Netball   WA   and   WCNR   do   not   refund   fees   under   any   circumstances   after   a  

player   has   been   registered   with   the   club   and   association   (in   2013   this   will   be   mid-­‐late   March).   Unfortunately,  if  Rangers  can’t  get  our  money  back,  neither  can  you!     Rangers  will  consider  requests  for  refund  of  the  Rangers  Club  fee  if  they  are  received  in  writing   and   will   deduct   an   administration   fee   from   any   successful   refund.   There   is   no   guarantee   of   a   refund   however.   This   sounds   harsh   but   it   is   in   line   with   all   parties’   responsibilities   under   the   Consumer  Protection  Act  –  so  choose  wisely!!     PAYMENT  OF  CLUB  FEES     Deposits/Club  Fees  can  be  paid  in  several  ways:     1.   Cheque  or  money  order  made  out  to  Rangers  Netball  Club  and  sent  to:       Rangers  Netball  Club       PO  Box  159       KINGSWAY  WA  6065     2.   Electronic  funds  transfer  is  available  through  Internet  banking.  Account  details  are:         Rangers  Netball  Club       BSB  No.  066  160       Account  No  10454757     Please  place  the  players  name  in  the  reference  space.       3.   Pay  by  cash  or  cheque  on  Registration  Night  or  at  the  grading/trial  sessions.       We   understand   that   sometimes   fees   need   to   be   paid   off   in   instalments.   There   is   no   problem   with   this,  provided  that  the  fees  are  paid  in  full  prior  to  the  first  playing  date  in  May.  This  gives  players   and  parents  12  weeks  to  pay  the  balance  of  the  fees  following  registration  night.    Rangers  need  to   pay   Netball   WA,   the   West   Coast   Netball   Region   and   WDNA   fees   for   every   player   by   the   first   playing   date,   and   we   don’t   carry   over   enough   money   from   year   to   year   to   meet   these   fees   unless   you  pay  us  first!     Please  remember  that  the  Treasurer  and  Committee  are  volunteers  who  do  not  particularly  enjoy   chasing   people   for   monies   owed.   We   realise   that   sometimes   money   can   be   tight,   especially   if   you   have  more  than  one  family  member  playing  winter  sport.  However,  if  you  have  arranged  to  pay  in   instalments  the  club  expects  you  to  honour  that  commitment.       Uniforms   Dresses  will  cost  between  $70  -­‐  75.  Full  uniform  details  will  be  available  on  registration  night.  We   also  have  a  range  of  jackets  and  training  shirts  than  can  be  purchased  on  the  night.  

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