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5 IN WINDOWS 7 First you must create a setting environment variables on your pc.

Right click on Computer and select properties-advance-advance system settings and select environment variables. As the picture below.

And create new variables such as attached below, with new click-and fill in as the parameters below for -HOME -TEMP -TMP Then you save the new variable with click ok-ok

.Back to the master folder Vulcan 7.5 and Vulcan_lic you copy the folder to the directory C: \ As the picture below.

Then proceed with the installation process ANTIHASPHL2008.Then double-click autorun. Then you install the Vulcan until the installation is complete and install the HASP drivers proceed to completion.exe in the folder within the master installer Vulcan Vulcan 7. .exe ANTIHASPHL2008 reply contained in the folder.5-install drivers and will appear as below. After that install the sentinel drivers again until the installation is complete.

select the driver and load-dump and then select 44A30126_full_2.Once installed will appear HASP / hardlock emulator 2008 window. .dng Then it will start service HASP listed as below means that you managed to install HASP / hardlock emulator.

Then after the process had been close wrote ANTIHASP window and return to the installation menu Vulcan Vulcan installed as the first step and select Install the network license (FlexLM) Perform the installation to complete and in the folder C: \ FlexLM folder will appear As the picture below mean sdh FlexLM installed.exe support Windows Vista and 7. .exe and like the image below in the config services tab settings as shown below and then save the service. Double click lmtools. Note: if you're using windows vista and seven copies must replace with new-file lmtools.

If at this stage you fail to do diagnostics on the server tab diags.Then move the tab to start / stop / reread When you step prior to this success then it will appear as below and you try to start the server fails stop the klu And repeat start the server and klu already made it back to the menu and save the config before the service again for our settings are stored. Run a Vulcan who had been installed in the existing shortcut on your desktop .

With a floating license type. .lic If an error occurs just ignore it and click Accept and close Vulcan earlier and then you open it again from the shortcut on your desktop Vulcan.If this is the first time you open the Vulcan will be asked the location of license file and browse to the folder C: \ Vulcan_lic \ License75. If you successfully license administrator will appear as below. feature code themselves Vulcankrj the Vulcan ready for use.

5 Vulcan Maybe this could be one of the references.And click OK and the initial display appears to envisage the Vulcan 7. isis utility plots and settings are active sdh I posted this tutorial as a way of Vulcan Vulcan installan 7.5 include complicated so if anyone who has not managed to install the 7.5. .

.One more reference you can download the video tutorial install maptek Vulcan 7 in the menu download tutorial.