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Helix™ - Rotary Applicator
ITW Dynatec’s rotating head application technology provides a permeable, consistent and repeatable adhesive pattern without the airflow required in typical adhesive spray applicators. A rotating nozzle disc releases adhesive to produce a series of dots, from coarse to very fine-spun fibers, dependent upon adhesive specifications. Depending on the size and RPM of the nozzle disc, application widths from 10 to 1,000 mm are possible. For working widths wider than 1,000 mm, multiple heads are needed. If reactive hot melt adhesives are required, the Helix Rotary Applicator and the Dynamelt PUR adhesive supply unit are an ideal solution.

Helix - Rotary Applicator

• Excellent for random bead and dot application, from coarse to fine-spun fibers, depending on adhesive specifications. • Application width capabilities: 10 – 1,000 mm * • Application weight capabilities: 1 – 900 g/sqm *
*Dependent upon adhesive specifications

Non-contact and airflow free application make it ideal for small particle adhesion and lamination.

Compact design for simple integration onto new or existing production lines.

Simple adjustment of application width and pattern.

ITW Dynatec - Helix Rotary Applicator

The Dynatec Difference...
Non-Contact Application without Air Flow
The Helix rotary applicator is a non-contact spray system that applies adhesive at widths of up to 1,000 mm. The unique rotation technology does not use air which makes it an ideal solution for applications that are sensitive to air flow such as filter materials and active carbon lamination.

Pattern Examples

Helix™ - Rotary Applicator
Temperature Range Application Width* Adhesive Viscosity Adhesive Coat Weight ** Manifold Wattage Gear Box Wattage IR Heater Wattage Motor Wattage

40°C to 170°C (104°F to 338°F) 10 - 1,000 mm (.39 - 39 in) 500 to 50,000 mPas 1 to 900 gsm 600W 800W 500W 0.37kW

Adhesive Supply Units
• • • • • Melters Feed Systems Hoses Applicators Nozzles

* Dependant upon disc size, RPM, and adhesive specifications. ** Dependant upon adhesive specifications.

Dynamelt D Series

Height (H) Depth (D) Width (W)

48 cm (18.9 in) 24.1 cm (9.49 in) 37 cm (14.57 in)

Dynamelt PUR Series




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