Date: 19 Dec, 2012 : Based on Delhi Rape Case (Non-Fiction


I dream of India without Discrimination? or “Don’t you want your Daughter to be another Sunita Williams?”

“Okay... I am leaving for coaching classes, bhaiya. Love you, buhbye,” Shalu said, hugging Abhi (Her elder brother) from back. “Hmm... Okay love you too my princess,” Abhi gently kissed on her forehead. Kiss on forehead is always an outcome when words fall short to describe how much you care. “You really love your sister, Isn’t it?” I smiled, playing play-station with him. “Yep! She is the only one I care the most. But, you won’t feel that care, coz God deprived you from sister,” Abhi laughed outright, “Just kidding yaar. They are the most beautiful creature God has created and mailed to earth. It’s is just because of them human life exists. So, I respect them and I care for my sister like hell.” “You got nice thoughts Anuj. Not everyone got good thoughts,” I smiled back, “Though I don’t have sister, but yet I could feel the strength of your relation by watching you two.” “Okay... Chal... Focus on Smack-Down.” “I am bored yaar. Let’s watch TV.”

5.4.3 and 2 and 1, Anuj kept on flipping through channels in reverse. We could watch nothing except a girl student (23 yrs age) being brutally raped by 6 psychic criminals. PSYCHO MANIACS! It was not yet done. There was more to go. These rapacious criminals had crossed all the limits of Humanity. Later, after the assault, a lengthy round rod was plunged into her private reproductive organ and she was later thrown out of the moving bus, that too unclothed. The crime happened on the streets of delhi at late night hours, a day before. No human figure around to cover her bare body. I was dead-shocked. Felt cripplingly numb. Heart was pumping ever louder. Mind totally blank, totally enraged. I tightened my fist and stood up from the couch. Blood was felt flowing down my toes. I felt myself skinless. All shattered to pieces, felt like transferring all my life to that girl, if god had made it possible. I could feel the pain girl had gone through. Pain and suffering that welled up my eyes. The pain that every human must feel. I said, every human, there is no place for devil to live in India, on this earth. Anuj took no time in calling her sister to come back home. No coaching, nothing, just be back. I could hear her sounds of implore out of the phone. She resisted, “Bhaiya! What happened? I am going for coaching. I too aspire to become Sunita Williams! My exams are also near bhaiya” It brought tonnes of tears. Tears into Anuj’s eyes so damn filled with anguish and wretched pain of refraining her from tuitions. “Don’t you listen, I just said COME BACK NOW.” “You know what. I love my sister so much that I wanted to fulfil her every whim and wish. But I can’t tell you what I am going through right now after watching this remorseless crime,” Anuj grimaced, all tensed, shocked and perturbed. “Calm down, shalu is coming back now, Okay,” I gently patted on his shoulder. “You know what. India did beyond excellence in removing female-foeticide. But today- today I really feel that somewhere female-foeticide was far better, than facing the harshest reality that girl is going through.” “Female foeticide? Why female foeticide? Why not male foeticide?” Anuj’s mom butted in. I can see the crinkles of worry on her brow. “Aunty, I am just trying to make a point. Go for a male foeticide if you want to. The only thing I am concerned here is removal of crime. Not discrimination between girls and boys. Tell me would you really love to abort your sincere son Anuj?” Her, mom could say nothing. She had gone out of words.

“Look aunty, there are thousands of examples of evil on this planet, but out of this the most instinctive is discrimination. For god sake, stop differentiating guys and gals. At least not in modern India.” “You know what this is the harsh reality of our nation. India is being modern, but still their thoughts are outdated. Girls are only responsible for these rapes, why they wear short western clothes? This is what people speak often, not only in me, the people sitting in parliament as well,” Anuj said. “Exactly, that is what does not make sense. Short clothes? Do you how many girls are raped in villages? No idea, isn’t it? They don’t wear western clothes or short clothes? This recent case happened in Delhi, that’s why you know about it. If it had been in countryside, you would not even get to know how many lives are destroyed every second there.” Soon, Shalu raced inside and embraced Anuj from back. She was sobbing and crying, “Bhaiya! I will never go outside now. I will do whatever you want. Even if you are against my studies, I will not go for coaching classes. The only worst thing would be- No Sunita Williams will be born in future India.” “Yes, you will not talk to any boy also,” Her mom said, and dragged her inside her room. “I beg you aunty please don’t that to Shalu. How far will you stop her from talking? If god forbids, what if some criminals intrude into your daughter’s room? What then. It’s not the time to act stupid, just like we acted before and kept daughters inside our homes. It’s time to change ourselves and our nation. Anuj rested his arm on my shoulder and apologised for his mistake. Westernization without strict laws is the reason for increasing crime in India. I mean why the hell did they bring westernization in India when there laws were not at all strict like Western Continents? The problem is with both law and the people, both with poor thoughts. We youth, need to step up and force govt. to amend strict laws. You pick up any of the crime – black money, gang-rapes, rapes, larceny, honour killings, etc. It is all because of the cryptic-yet-lenient laws. How far will you stay in fear of having a daughter, a sister, a mother? Respect them, and respect their presence too. They are also born in this world to enjoy their life, not to make their life hell. They too have equal right to live happy, study and roam freely outside. If govt. can’t amend strong laws for such brutal rape cases. They must better motivate male/female foeticide. So that India could never grow. If India really wants to be better, they need to amend more strong laws. For God Sake, stop discriminating between boys and girls. Ask a mother, does she really differentiate between her son and daughter. Both are equal for her. So must be the Laws.

Raped girl dies every passing second throughout her life. So brutal should be the punishment to those barbarous criminals. So strict should be Laws that every single psychic male should shiver like hell before attempting that crime. One thing I would like to say – “It was today- I really got shattered from inside. And feared if I had a sister. Fear, if I have daughter in future once I am married, will I be sending her outside for education? A fear that can only be felt, and cannot be explained in words. Don’t you want another Sunita Williams to be born in India?” Request to all males – “Respect every female around. You exist because of them. Show them a world full of love, not fear and hatred.” *** Views expressed by author are personal***

Saurabh Dudeja (Author) (I was asked by someone if I can fulfil this dream alone. I ask you the same)

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