Evaluation question 1 In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real

media products? The ways in which our horror provides common conventions are through the use of things such as ‘mise-en-scene’ and ‘cinematography’ features. Mise-en-scene was very important, as we wanted to create a sort of spooky/creepy atmosphere; an example of this is in the scene where the audience see the protagonist walking back towards the lift. It causes the audience question and wonder what’s going to happen next. A sense of suspense is also created through the use of the different types of digetic and non-digetic sound. The protagonist of our media product is acknowledged by the audience in order for them to understand the concept of the horror opening sequence and her role in the film, as well as being able to form their own individual judgment/opinion of her. Because we only had a two minute time limit for the opening sequence, one of the most important tasks to do was to establish the roles of the main characters within that period of time. We accomplished the representation of the protagonist (Aalliyah) and the antagonist (Amina) by the different shots ; the protagonist is mostly seen in close up shots to get her facial expressions and the antagonist is viewed from all different types of shots to show the different aspects of the antagonist. These shots instantly reveal that she is the stereotypical little girl (antagonist) who is haunting a defenceless girl. This has been shown in movies such as The Ring. Our media product showed conventions displayed in a supernatural horror sub-genre such as the use of mise-en-scene elements e.g. the location of the opening sequence is in a school corridor near a lift, this would make the audience guess that the lift has something to do with the next scene. In our group, our intention was to build suspense by creating enigmas as to what the antagonist might be and what happens to the victim.

Todorov’s theory of equilibrium assisted us in planning the outline of our film. It helped us understand what conventions and aspects made a horror film good and because of the effective use of this theory, we were able to produce our sequence efficiently. 1. The fictional environment begins with a state of equilibrium (everything is as it should be), this was used when Aalliyah and Layla are packing up and leaving the classroom. 2. The equilibrium then suffers some disruption (disequilibrium), as Aalliyah stops because she hears noises and the antagonist appears 3. New equilibrium is produced at the end of the narrative, this happens as Aalliyah enters the lift and thinks she is safe and then suffers another disruption as the antagonist grabs Aalliyah.

The title of our media product is Face of Death, the reason why we decided to call it is because as a group we thought that it was a catchy name and we wanted to be unique and make up a name for our movie that no one has already got. We used the colour red for our font because the colour red connotes danger and we also used a black drop shadow effect to make our logo stand out. The reason why we decided to use the colour red is because the colour makes the logo stand out and it is a colour that symbolises different things such as blood. The font type we used was Arial Black font and the font size we used was 42, the reason why we decided to do it that big is because we had to make sure that it is visible, we also made the font bold to make it stand out more.

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