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Labor Management in the United Kingdom Usama Batavia Research Writers Waqar High School .

In the United States of America there are currently two major organizations under which all the trade unions fall. women and negroes as a problem to the wages and working standards set by them. more opportunities etc. who . 82). In the United States where these organizations are active. ‘American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations’ and ‘Change to Win Federation’ (Gilroy. which are wages and salaries. every worker or employer is directly or indirectly affected by the rules of the union. Some unions do place some restrictions but altogether everyone is allowed. Labor unions have two kinds of laws authorizing their admission ways of members in the United States. The unions aim to employ as many people as possible within their hold. so this means that the unions are able to raise their wages slightly than compared to a non union worker. October 21. Manufacturing operations mainly require workers from the secondary sector or blue collar job workers. 1963 p. better working conditions. Here the U. Unions in the states consider the immigrants. These include the ‘National Labor Management Relations Act ‘and the ‘Fair Employment Practices laws’ (cited by Peterson. Trade unions discussed here are the employees or the common labor who come together to bargain for higher wages.International Management Report On Labor Management in the United Kingdom for A USA Firm Labor union or trade unions are organizations which consist of workers grouped 2 together to work towards the achievement of common goals.S firm has to take into consideration its costs and the main costs it has to look at are the labor cost. they are. December 2002). This is due to the wage premium being falling along the years (Blanch flower. Also it needs to be able to handle the trade or labor unions in that particular industry. Together they have more negotiation power than being single. 1998). it needs to make sure that it complies within the rules and regulations of that country. For a United States firm locating in the United Kingdom for establishing manufacturing operations. In both the United States and the United Kingdom the membership of the unions is declining.

In the United Kingdom the minimum wage rate is £5. but the main concern at hand is the labour management issues. work hours. membership declined. Also within the firm the management needs to make sure that it is only dealing with a single union rather than a different union as this would result in the loss of direction and mismanagement.S firm needs to make sure that it is able to satisfy the need of the workers. To ensure that this firm is able to work efficiently without the labour issues slowing it down. . The strength of the unions have declined over the years so it would not be a big trouble for the firm to operate efficiently and to stem down major threats from the unions and to ensure that labours do not work against the rule and complete the work on time in order to meet the deadlines. some seek job satisfaction and security so as to attract talented workers the business needs to offer the right sum. the U. As the U. Most of the workers basically are after the money offered. There have been certain reports of severe disputes between the employer and the union. Other than that the issues which the American company may need to address would be finance. Consequences such as poor communication and management disputes would later follow.S firms currency is in dollars it needs to watch the exchange rate but the rate would not bother it too much as it would be earning in pounds to. Overall if the American firm wished to start its operation in the United Kingdom it just needs to adjust a little to the labour issues.International Management 3 would be bonded together in a labor union. making the company happy and in return leading to bonuses. specifically a craft union.73 per hour for workers aged 22 and over and for the workers age between 18-22 it is £4. During the 90’s the trade unions were in great power in the United Kingdom but as the 2000’s emerged all this changed.77 per hour. restrictions by the government such as waste disposal. especially in the manufacturing industry. minimum wage level and other such key issues but it needs to ensure that the labour management issues are being addressed with proper care and attention as these unions can sometimes be a thorn in the bush.

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