EVALUATION 7 looking back on your preliminary task (the continuity editing task) what do you feel you have

learnt The preliminary task was done to help shoot our two minute production to do a preliminary task we decided to stage a easy and simple scenario and then editing it by putting it together. As a camera person I found it beneficial and effective because it allowed me to gain insight of camera angles such as 180 degree rule and match on action. The task is very basic and didn’t require to be really long so it wasn’t time consuming also I did gain some knowledge about how to edit a production. Before doing the preliminary task I wasn’t comfortable with camera angles but now after doing the preliminary task I feel confident because it allowed me to familiarise with shots and uploading onto YouTube. Below are some of the camera angles:

180 Degree Rule is a basic guideline which is stated a conversation between two characters should be in the same scene and always have the same left and right scenes to one another to match up with the scenes. However if the camera was to pass the axis which is imaginary, connecting the 2 characters together this is called crossing the line. Recording footage from the opposite angle and crossing the line is known as a reverse angle. While using the 180 degree rule we learned how crucial it was to main the rule making sure we don’t overrule it and also making sure the audience are not confused by the shot. In my preliminary task the 180 degree rule is used when the two characters are having a conversation. In the two minute opening sequence Endora and Lily are playing the ouija board game and both protagonists are playing upon it showing the hand movements and their left and right. We used our preliminary skills and based it in our final video making it more effective. Establishing Shot was used in both our final production and preliminary task. The establishing shot allows the audience to know the whereabouts of our characters so the audience is not confused as to why he/she is there and etc. In the preliminary task we used an establishing shot between Jonas and Warren showing that the location they are in is in a school we know this because tables and shares were present and displays were also present. In our final production we used the establishing the shot in quite a few scenes such as when the two protagonists are playing the ouiga game and the location is in a house a viewer can tell because there are sofas pillows, carpet and a door on the side to them and another scene would be when Lily ends up in a field this is shown by giving the bigger picture of the field by showing the grass and weeds around her.

Close up/extreme close up in both the preliminary task and our final production we used close up and extreme close ups to show the characters facial expression in a dramatic way giving the dramatic effect to the audience. In the preliminary task a close up is shown of Warren and Jonas face separately showing their facial expressions on the subject they are talking about which is chicken the reason why we did this is because its showing the facial expressions of the boys being serious. In our production this shot was used for both protagonists Lily and Endora showing their facial expressions. A close up of Endora is used to show that she is scared and not comfortable with playing the ouija board. When Lily has ended up in an open field her facial expression is showing that she is confused at whereabouts and herself feeling lonely and scared. Match on action is vital for controlling the sequence as it requires the audience to see an action occur followed by a previous action. This can be done in many shots and we explored this in the preliminary task. Warren was walking towards the classroom door and going inside the classroom and in our production we used match on action when Lily is running towards the exit showing where she running to, we used match on action because it makes it clear to the audience where they are when the location has changed. Shot reverse shot this shot shows the emotional change between the two characters in the first component. In the preliminary task we used this shot between Warren and Jonas talking about chicken and it showing the expression on both of their faces. In our production this was used when Lily and Endora were playing the ouija board, you can see Endora's face as she was the character who was scared to continue and another part would be when Endora leaves Lily is confused as to why she has left. This is important because it is showing the audience what is going on with the characters and also knowing the moods and relationships between them.

Establishing shot

180 Degree Rule

Close up

Match on action

Shot reverse shot

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