Written by Sarah NewtoN Savage Worlds Conversion by Dave Blewer Artwork, Cover & Castle Map by Dim martiN http://d Design, Layout & Cartography by michal e. croSS Produced & Art Directed by chriS Birch Published by moDiPhiUS 37A Chesson Road, London. W14 9QR Proofreading by aNgUS aBraNSoN & aliStair Birch

Chris would like to thank: Rita for her love and support in pursuit of new worlds, and encouraging my creativity, without her help you would not be holding this first achtung! cthulhu release. Dedicated to the memory of my mum Daphne, who always gave me time to explore my dreams. Sarah would like to thank: Chris McWilliam, for his constant encouragement and support, and for listening to all my mad ideas; Chris Birch, for giving me the chance to make the Zero Point campaign a reality; Michal and Dim, for making such a gorgeous book; to all the gamers and Keepers at GenCon who gave such valuable feedback on the convention version of this scenario; and my grandfather, George Clifford Newton, for serving in North Africa, the Atlantic Run, and Normandy, and helping make this world a place where a game like this can be played without fear.

Thank you!

three Kings by Sarah Newton is used under licence. Artwork © Dim Martin, except the Savage worlds and realms of cthulhu logos which are used under licence.

Entertainment Group at This game references the Savage worlds game system, available from Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Used with perSavage worlds and all associated logos and trademarks are copyrights of Pinnacle , or suitability for purpose of this product. mission. Pinnacle makes no representation or warranty as to the quality, viability Blurs at realms This product uses some materials from realms of cthulhu available from Reality and are used with permission. of cthulhu and all associated logos and trademarks are copyright Reality Blurs achtung! cthulhu & MODIPHIUS © 2012 Chris Birch. Any unauthorised use of copyrighted material is illegal. Any trademarked names are used in a historical or fictional manner; no infringe ment is intended.

or present, is purely coincidental and uninThis is a work of fiction. Any similarity with actual people and events, past . tentional except for those people and events described in historical context Find out more about achtung! cthulhu at and other MODIPHIUS product number: mPS01012 MODIPHIUS games at

Resistan the my Contact ly hope he on hey’re t T ! have left people Overview Plot Episodes Getting In The Resistance Codename ANGEL An Unspeakable Evil Escape! Allies and Adversaries Appendix One: Pre-generated Characters Appendix Two: New Rules Appendix Three: Operational Briefing 27 29 33 36 over! Lionheart immediateLy. CheCkmate to aeriaL piCkup est animaL! requ some kind of .Foreword Introduction 2 3 3 5 5 8 13 15 22 ce.

e a lot of work on creating this historical don role playing. so ible in the war torn y soldier is a hero. Expeditions. developing my last game Starblaz Cthulhu is a return to producing this new setting Achtung! but there was something missing. so please stay in touch romance. It’s fantastic It’s amazing to yet tentacle-filled wartime adventure. Trail of Cthulhu. Visions of stirr plastic weapons. imagining our constant with my long odds drove me to recreate these battles films with brave heroes fighting incredible ’t study World collection of miniature tanks. clutching our our house in uniform with my friend Jonn As a child I roamed the fields behind ing British war battles with the enemy. who has being able to work together with Sarah by Sarah Newton is the first. gods and follo War Two twisted by the machinations g any and all weapons at its disposal.facebook. t campaign paigns planned. This time you will encounter very real hero the final downfall of es and learn how they contributed to for your players to encounter real hero the Nazi regime. so landscape of Europe. where anything is poss my childhood imagination where ever working with writers has to be a darker side to this tale. and civilians that risked ever ything for this fascinating period and the soldiers e opera urge. of which the Zero Poin We have several Achtung! Cthulhu cam again. but we atthe darker deeds during those terrible War can be a tricky subject. Of course there hear t of a World you on a terrifying journey through the like Sarah Newton we are going to take wers of the Cthulhu of the crazed il. there are system. We didn suffering plastic soldiers and my brother’s e it’s the most something I think ever y kid should sinc War Two at school before the age of 16. During our of those who fought and suffered with tempt throughout to treat the memory that from time to such astonishing bravery and sacrifice research we repeatedly discover tales of is an opportunity es in the background of the setting. fantasy and much more to unve k! hius. Savage Wo of plenty of ways to t type of gamer you are you.Foreword from Chris Birch y. more about of information only drove me to learn event in the last 100 years. but this lack defining their countries. especially and let us know what you thin modiphius or write to achtung@modip Publisher. Call for some truly big guns in the world of be able to publish Achtung! Cthulhu playing game rlds and our own new introductory role Cthulhu. mythos and a war machine bent on usin years. So no matter wha lhu had not been World War Two could have been if Cthu experience our chilling vision of how Section D! halted at ever y point by the heroes of join our es imprint MODIPHIUS I hope you will As the first major release for my new gam tic science alyp fantastic worlds. Achtung! Cthulhu Chris . We have visions of apoc journey through this and many other at www. er Adventures helped satisfy the spac Now.

British intelligence is also very interested in any possible military significance to these atrocities. Achtung! Cthulhu is a setting for Lovecraftian roleplaying in World War Two. Appendix Two contains our own unique setting rules. the British army has assembled a special operations group to parachute into occupied Czechoslovakia to contact the Czech resistance. centred on the former capital of Prague. who gave their live ut the d out lots more online abo during the war. created using Realms of Cthulhu . The operations group is undercover. However. we envision mos t games will use the “Slippery Slope” option from Rea lms of Cthulhu. and will likely be shot as spies if captured by the Nazis. s characters the investigator In three Kings. resistance is growing—led by a triumvirate of patriots known only as the “Three Kings”. Achtung! Cth aftian rld War. are provided in Appendix One on page 29. four of the war. Frantisek Moravec (see box.Introduction – What is Achtung! Cthulhu? Three Kings is the first scenario in the Zero Point campaign. not in military uniform. and a shadow is falling over Europe. The British government. and Josef Ma military intelligence in Lon of Balaban. and heroes of the might meet are historical kian ec. According to British intelligence. In its place. published by Pinnacle Enetrtainment Group. reportedly where the atrocities have been committed. an epic and episodic series of adventures for the Achtung! Cthulhu setting. figures. below. the priest—codename ANGEL—is hiding Czechoslovakian children and preventing them from being transported to Castle Karlstein. The Tone of Three Kings “Section D has assembled a special operations group to parachute into occupied Czechoslovakia to contact the resistance. Czechoslovakia has been invaded by the Third Reich. and the country dismembered. ed ulhu presents a fictionalis Of course. They are each given poison capsules to take in the event of capture. page 34). You can fin arkable people. heroic actions of these rem f The Real Heroes o World War Two Overview It’s summer. Everything else you need can be found there. some 25 miles (approx. Pre-generated characters. and briefing summary in Appendix Three. allowing you to play investigators uncovering the terrible secrets of the Lovecraftian Mythos which threaten the world when humankind is already poised to tear itself apart. However. you can also create your own investigator characters using the Realms of Cthulhu rules. And yet. not yet at war with Nazi Germany. the Nazis have declared a “Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia”. the “Three Kings” Vaclav Moravek. Under instruction from the mysterious “Section D”.” Czech priest working for the resistance in the vicinity of Prague has information about atrocities committed by the Third Reich—information which will provide priceless propaganda if war does break out. Briefed at the Section D headquarters in central London by Czech resistance leader in exile. and in many cases nation adventures were real people heroes. but still be seriously on the back foot when facing the more insidious and lethal servitors of the Elder Gods. part of the British secret intelligence service. has received intelligence from the nascent Czechoslovak “government-in-exile” in London that a Obviously. and provided with a handwritten letter of introduction by . the head of Czechoslova They are: Frantisek Morav sin. This gives heroic investigators a chance to prevail against relatively large groups of Nazi soldiers and their commanders. where the Lovecr version of the Second Wo nd to nts work to bring humanki Mythos is real and its age larger of the figures behind the its doom. 40 kilometres) southwest of Prague. 1939. This version of Three Kings is intended for use with the Savage Worlds roleplaying game. and the Realms of Cthulhu setting published by Reality Blurs. how the game is run is a deci sion for the GM: he knows what does and doesn’t suit his players’ styles and tastes. amidst the restive populace in the surrounding countryside. many m the background to these events of the war which for al . don in 1939. and Josef m s for their countr y’s freedo the title.

including propaganda and sabo tage. and learning to work with its allies. the Nazis are gradually closing in on his underground railroad. Pre-generated characters can be found in Appendix One (see page 29). Codename ANGEL is saving the children from a fate worse than death! However. he has got too close to Doktor von Kammerstein’s work. On the evening of the 14th of March. from 1940. and has discovered what he’s truly up to (see page 16). if possible. 1895. begun using the cowed population as a ready source of experimental test subjects. At the mercy of an overweening Messiah complex. Over the past few years. Tipped off by agents operating in Nazi Germany. find out just what the Nazi atrocities at Castle Karlstein are. “Section D” is a section of the British Secret Intelligence Service (also known as MI6) formed a little over a year ago in March 1938 to carr y out paramilitary and covert political actions. Moravec secretly flew out of Prague’s Ruzyne Airport in a chartered KLM Douglas DC-3 with ten of his fellow intelligence officers. and in particular helping the USA develop its own intelligence effo rts. it will form a key component in the new Special Operations Executive (the famous “Bak er Street Irregulars”). their mission is to establish communications with the resistance on the ground (including. As its role in aiding resistance forces under Nazi dominat ion becomes more important. They should also take any measures to prevent these atrocities from continuing. and return with the information. developing its operation al structures. willing to do just about anything to rescue those he considered under his care. contact Codename ANGEL. rationalising that a little evil in the service of a greater good is justifiable. an evil Nazi scientist by the name of Herr Doktor Graf Ernst von Kammerstein has been conducting nightmarish experiments on prisoners and other victims. What is “Section D”? him (with no reference to the British government. on the corner of Nor thumberland Place and Wh itehall in central London. but at the cost of his sanity. A veteran of the Great War (in which he fought in the Austro-Hungarian Army) and former POW. and is still very much finding its way. The investigators must decide what to do with Codename ANGEL. established in mid-1940. began as a well-meaning but desperate individual. handed over to the British Secret Intelligence Service to be used against the Third Reich. and has . close to the hear t of the Briti sh government. one Father Andrej. Father Andrej has saved a lot of lives. From 1937 to 1939 he was head of Czechoslovak military intelligence in Prague. He’s certifiable. Stopping briefly at Rotterdam. against an enemy during wartime. Moravec has kept in secret radio contact with the Czech resistance group known as the Three Kings. Section D is based at the Met ropole Hotel. who are determined to maintain deniability). The Real Deal The truth of what is happening in Castle Karlstein— unknown to the British—is far worse. In saving the children (and some adults) from the Nazi clutches. czechoslovak military intelligence officer in london. he has tried to use its unholy power for good.. he has moved to Castle Karlstein for reasons unknown. after the war Moravec fought against the Hungarian and Slovak Soviet Republic and eventually joined military intelligence. Later. Codename ANGEL is not what he first seems. but handled correctly his real heroism could make great propaganda for the British and the cause of the Three Kings—or cause a horrific scandal if the truth leaked out. In 1939 and the early months of the war. Since the invasion of Czechoslovakia. they had received information that the German invasion and subsequent occupation of Czechoslovakia was to take place the following day. 1939. their final destination was London Croydon Airport. The Czech priest. But there’s a twist.. Section D is und er the command of Major Lawrence Grand. clandestine cause. The players take the roles of this operations group— investigators with a military bent and a desperate. The revelation of the reality of the Cthulhu Mythos and the power of magic has broken his mind. he now truly believes he is an “angel”. in their possession—their most valuable files and archives.Frantisek Moravec Born July 23. In doing so. contacting a group of resistance leaders known as the “Three Kings”). Almost from his arrival in London. come to deliver mankind from the devil’s clutches. he will also serve as the head of the intelligence service of the Czechoslovakian Government-in-Exile. In the summer of 1939.

itley flies with Because of design constraints. although of course its mission rent payload! Czechoslovakia is to drop an entirely diffe nting with In 1939. The the idea of parachuting troops behind specially converted Whitley used by the investigators is a allow parachutists model with the rear turret removed to to jump from the plane. By the end of the episode. in the Nazi-occupied former Czechoslovakia.Plot Episodes There are many ways the investigators can tackle the events of Three Kings. The Armstrong Whitworth Whitley itley is one of the The Armstrong Whitworth AW38 Wh service with the three twin-engine medium bombers in used for maritime British Royal Air Force (the RAF). and expe turret and also a siderable drag. episoDe one: GeTTinG in This episode deals with the investigators’ arrival in the heavily forested area around Castle Karlstein to the southwest of Prague. It has a powered nose two machine guns retractable hydraulic ventral turret with oyed). the Wh riences cona distinct “nose-down” attitude. The following episodes deal with some of the most likely ones. It’s rs. Scene One: Parachute! The investigators are parachuted into occupied Czechoslovakia aboard an RAF Armstrong Whitworth Whitley. It has a full (which also adds to the drag when depl for use as a night crew of five. and also reconnaissance. the British army is still experime enemy lines. presented in roughly the order they may occur in. Use this section as you see fit: Keepers should be flexible with any reasonable and well thought-out plan of action the investigators come up with to achieve their goal. training. towing glide transpor ting troops. Each episode comprises a number of scenes: depending on the investigators’ actions. the investigators may have mounted a daring rescue to contact the resistance. The drop zone is in the lightly populated . It’s specifically designed to the former bomber. these may or may not happen.

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