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SAP Document Management System (DMS) Installation
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SAP Document Management System (DMS) Installation
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Operating System Database Summary

: Windows Server 2008 R2 : Max DB

The Document Management Service (DMS) is a service of the information management infrastructure provided by the Knowledge Provider within the framework of SAP Web Application Server. The central task of the DMS is to process documents and document-like objects on the basis of application-specific content models. Only the DMS can modify document administration data and save this data in a storage medium, such as the SAP database.


Mahesh Kumar Mukkawar

Created on: 07 July 2012

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Introduction Pre Requisite o Required SAP Component Level o IIS Roles Required o Firewall Settings Content Server Installation

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Testing Content Server Installation Windows Server Tasks before Configuring SAP MAX DB GUI Installation Configuring SAP to Connect to DMS References



In recent years, the increasing complexity of products has led to increasingly complex development tools, such as computer-aided design (CAD) systems, and more advanced production processes, such as computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems. CAD and CAM tools have been used to optimize production times and quality.

As this process becomes more complex, the systems for managing the technical documents involved need to be more sophisticated. The many different procedures for describing products (such as design drawings, photographs, and texts) mean that there is a huge increase in digitally stored data. The quality and availability of documentation is becoming increasingly important. The Document Management System (DMS) in the SAP System offers the following advantages:

If you link document management to computerized development and production systems, you avoid data redundancy, maintain consistency of data, and minimize the workload involved in entering and updating your data.

In order to use large databases to the full, you need to be able to exchange data quickly and securely. You can access your data directly using electronic search tools, or find documents using known parameters. You can also search for and display documents (original application files) via the Internet/intranet. You can use document distribution to distribute documents that are managed in the document management system (DMS) either manually or automatically according to company-specific processes. This ensures that the employees responsible or external partners can view or process up-to-the-minute information.

40 Max DB Release 7. 51038621_12 .0 > Instllation and Upgrade > Microsoft Windows > 50105790_3 > SAP Netweaver > SAP Netweaver 7.0 > Instllation and Upgrade > Microsoft Windows > 50105790_2 Service.3.0 > Instllation and Upgrade > Microsoft Windows > 51038621_11 . 51038621_13 ( Depends on your Operating System) > SAP Netweaver > SAP Netweaver Requisite Required SAP Component Level SAP Component SAP_ABA SAP_BASIS PLMWUI EA-APPL EA_IPPE SAP_APPL SAP_BS_FND Required 701 701 700 604 404 604 701 Operating System Components SAP Component Windows Operating System IIS Version Microsoft Office Version Hard Disk Space RAM Required Server 2003/2008/Windows 7 7 2003/2007/2010 For OS – 50GB 4GB Min Download Software Components Installation Master SAP Content Server > Search for Software Downloads > Search with term 51020621 > Download CD RDBMS SAP DB > SAP Netweaver > SAP Netweaver 7.6 MAX DB GUI Service.0 Build 46 RELIANT .sap.

IIS Installation On Windows Server navigate to following menu Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Server Manager > Click Add Roles to install IIS on Windows Server and follow screenshot. .


ASP. Request Monitor. ODBC Logging Basic Authentication. Windows Authentication. Dynamic Content . Directory Browsing. Logging Tools. Custom Login. HTTP Redirections ASP . Tracing. HTTP Errors. Default Document. ISAPI Filters.IIS Roles Required Common HTTP Features Application Development Health and Diagnostics Security Performance Static Content . Server Side Includes HTTP Logging.NET.NET Extensibility. CGI. ISAPI Extensions. Request Filtering Static content Compression. .

IIS 6 Scripting Tools .Management Service IIS 6 Metabase compatibility. IIS 6 WMI Compatibility . IIS 6 Management Console Firewall Settings Navigate to Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Windows Firewall with Advanced Security Create A New Inbound Rule .Type for Port and allow the connections for all.Management Tools IIS 6 Management Compatibility Compression IIS Management Console. IIS Management Scripts and Tools . .

Content Server Installation .







A response below will show that content server is running. Windows Server Tasks before Configuring SAP . http:\\servername:1090\ContentServer\ContentServer.dll?serverInfo replace server name with the name of your server ip address or hostname where content server has been installed.Testing Content Server Installation Open a web browser and enter the following address.

Navigate to Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Server Manager (DMS Host Name) > Double click on ISAP and CGI Restriction and follow window will open.  Navigate to Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Server Manager (DMS Host Name) > Sites and Select SAP Content Server Site > Edit the permission to Full Control for Users. Click on Edit Feature Settings and check Allo unspecified ISAPI Modules  Restart the IIS Server. Open command prompt and enter following commands at specified paths in screenshots .


MAX DB GUI Installation Max DB GUI can be installed from CD number mentioned above After Installing the GUI the below screen will come. Right click on Servers and register an instance .

PORT=80$$ You have created and RFC connection type TCP/IP connection with name SAPHTTP and registered program saphttp in technical settings. Content Server & ICM Services are activated in transaction SICF Go to transaction OAC0 Display Content Repository overview and Create a New Entry as shown below and test the connection. .Configuring SAP to Connect to DMS Prerequisites:    ICM is configured correctly and profile parameter icm/server_port_0 is PROT=HTTP. Keep other fields blank and test it. Clicking on mail symbol will import the certificate.

Click on CSAdmin. If the connection is successful you will see following screen. which completes configuration from admin. .

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