Acknowledgment Completion of work of this magnitude has been a journey of passion, toil and unstinted support of all my family

, friends, teachers and colleagues’ .I wish to acknowledge several people a great debt of gratitude on the successful completion of this work. The expressivity of words loses significance, when I search for an appealing sentence of gratitude and obligation to our master Dr. Samuel .Hahnemann First and foremost I extend my profound gratitude to him, for his most wonderful g ift “HOMOEOPATHY”, the only rational system of healing, to the suffering humanity. Hahnemann’s was an unusual life. He was as circumspect as a man, and that is saying a great deal. He had a duty to perform and could do it. Clean, honorable, noble; a man of integrity to himself and his family. I want to express my gratitude to Dr.S.M.D’souza.M.D(HOM) ,Guide, Professor, HOD Department of Organon of medicine & Homoeopathic philosophy for his guidance throughout the course of my study. I owe a gratitude to Dr. Nahida Mulla principal, HOD Repartory, A. M. Shaikh Medical College, Belgaum, for her valuable suggestions, guidance and encouragement. My special thanks to Dr.G.M. Moogi.M.D. PG-Coordinator for the innovative ideas, encouragement and timely guidance. I thank him for helping me to have clarity


Nayaghar. vii . only due to the support and suggestions of our friends . valuable advice. Dr. What we do. Dr. Rohit Gupta.M Shaikh homoeopathic medical college and hospital for their valuable support.of this work. Nikath Momin and others for their assistance. Dr. guidance and support.Santosh . Dr.kulkarni. we can do. Dr.D(HOM) and Dr.Abhishekh Wgoji. who have helped me for this work in different ways. Miss. Abdulquadir. Chandrashekhar. Dr. unstinting patience.S. Deepak. Dr.Special thanks to Dr. my brothers Mr Mirzahidayatullah and Ameerbarkatullah and my sisters for their genuine caring. Azharuddin Solapure. Subhash S. Special thanks to my teachers Dr. Sunil Moogeri. My deepest gratitude to my seniors and juniors. S. Laxmikant TangadeM. K. I would like to thank my loving parents Mr and Mrs. the Patients whom I subjected to study and the teaching. Pujar for his thoughtful suggestions and zealous help. Dr. With out them this work would have been impossible. M. Dr. Shrikant PangiM. Also thanks to Dr.D(HOM) for their guidance and inspiration in the study of homoeopathy in my primitive years. the hospital staff and management of A. Kallapa Soratur. non-teaching. Dr. Abhinandan Patil. Guidance and moral support. Prashant Hadimani. I also thank.

I thank all whom I might have unintentionally forgotten to mention. Pandu and Mr. I thank all of them. I thank my 30 subjects who have co – operated for carrying out this work whole heartedly. Nayaghar viii . the Divinity for bestowing all wonderful things to happen . Prafful Vijaykar whose constant inspiration and teachings brought me back to right track and is responsible for whatever I am today. If any omission of the names of the people unintentionally who have helped me directly or indirectly is regretted. Vighneshwara Associates. Date : Place : Belgaum Dr.Last but not the least I would like to thank Dr. Obaidulah. Last but not the least. I also wish to thank Mr. Belgaum for their personal care in formatting. printing and binding of this dissertation. pray for continued blessing on me. Anand of Sri. Finally I thank almighty Allah without the blessing of him it cannot be possible.

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