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AME Productions Treatment

PRODUCT: The product our company AME Productions are making is a 2 minute opening sequence of a horror/thriller movie called The Consumer. We aim to market this product in Cinemas, on TV and on the internet through such websites such as YouTube. By using these forums it allows us to reach a wider variety of our selected target audience, allowing more people to be able to view our product due to the fact it is accessible though the internet. In cinemas, we aim for the product to be shown as a short during the screening of a movie that is of the same genre as ours, before the movie starts. On TV, we aim for the film to be shown on movie channels and on the internet we aim for it to be on established media sites. TARGET AUDIENCE Our product is aimed at people aged 15-25. We chose this target audience because we believe that the content within our film is something that theyll enjoy to watch. It is aimed more at the males of this age group than females because we think theyll like the idea and story line of the film better than most female viewers in the chosen age group. However the film is still aimed at both genders for whoever has an interest in the movie. Due to the age range of our target audience, our Socio-Economic audience are those within Group E and the lower end of Group D. This is because most 15-19 year olds are either in full time education living of benefits and their parents income or are just starting at the bottom of the employment ladder, meaning they are just about earning the national minimum wage. CONTEXT Our product will be seen in cinemas as a trailer before a movie of the same genre. It will also be seen on TV after its release at the cinemas. Hopefully our product will be viewed by many people as it will be available upon other mediums as well. Due to this, our product will be presented in a way that makes it fulfil its purpose but also at the same time itll be looking very well presented. MEDIA LANGUAGES The shots well be using are shots such as Over the Head, Extreme Close Up, Close Up, Point of View and Medium Shots. This is because all of these types of shots cause the element of suspense for the audience arent really sure who theyre viewing. In our opening scene a lot of Thriller conventions will be used. The use of Low Key Lighting within our opening scene, gives a darker atmosphere, which is mysterious. Due to a sharper contrast of light in darker areas on screen which produce deep shadows and silhouettes formations. We will also be using shadows: which gives the sense of darkness and sinister behaviour.

Once we are on the editing part, well be using Obtrusive Editing, to accentuate the feelings of suspense and tension. Disorientation of time and Space is an aspect which we really want to use to catch the audience. This will be done through the use of Flashbacks. Were also using photographs which our antagonist will be looking at but itll be obvious he does not know who the people within the photos are.

INSTITUTIONS The distributors of our product will be Film 4 because we believe they are a suitable co-operation for the type of movie we are creating. This is because they are a well known organization that is very high within the film marketing scene in the UK but also in other countries. This will allow our product to be distributed on a very large scale. Our production company is called AME Productions REPRESENTATIONS We have two characters that will be seen within our opening sequence. One is a middle aged white man who is clearly poorly kept and is made obvious to the audience that he is a bit of a dodgy character. We convey this idea of the character by the clothes he wears: a wife beater vest that looks and paint stained bottoms that look as if they havent been washed in months. He will also be seen smoking giving him that thuggish look to his persona. His facial appearance also wouldnt be that appealing; missing teeth, scars, unkempt beard etc. All of these aspects create a typical thriller bad guy. He will also have tattoos. The reason for choosing to portray this character like this is because through research we have found that middle aged white men are most likely to be serial killers. Our second character will be the victim of this man. She is in her mid teens, white with brownish ginger hair. She is dressed in typical teenage attire: jeans, hooded jumper and a black jacket. We are also using a typical small confined spaced setting; a garage. This gives the product a more sinister feel to it. In addition to that the garage will be full of tools such as saws, hammers and drills adding the question what does this man use these tools for, causing suspense. GENRE The Thriller Genre is a genre that uses a lot of suspense, through the use of lighting, sound, shot types, use of angles, mise-en-scene ect. By using these techniques it gives the text that tangible sense of doom and surprise, as well as that feeling of sustained tension. Giving the audience that cliff-hanging, at the edge of their seats feel as they wait in anticipation to see what will happen next as the plot moves towards the climax.