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Welcome to The Snaith School

This booklet celebrates 50 years in the life of The
Snaith School from its opening in April 1958 (although
the first pupils were admitted September 1957). The
booklet captures how much the school has changed
over the last 50 years whilst maintaining the traditional
values which has made it successful. The School now
has over 800 pupils and is set to rise over the next five
years. As we look forward to an exciting and challeng-
ing future, we remember all those who have contributed
in so many ways to the life of the school over the past
50 years

Mrs Jean Pickerill Headteacher

Mr. W. Furniss 1957—1963
Mr. R.J. Lawrence 1963—1980
Mr. W.J. Marshall 1980—1995
Mr. A. Key 1996—2001
Mrs J.D. Pickerill 2002—
In 1995 the extension of the
Snaith Secondary School was built in the 1950s to sup-
ply the needs of the villages surrounding Snaith. The
School opened with 300 pupils on roll and a staff of 13.
It was officially opened on 19 April 1958 by County
Alderman Major J.H. Hudson Chairman of the West The Humanities building was
Riding. opened by County Councillor
Norman Hall on 23 November
2000. Geography History ICT
and a Careers room.

The new Technology Building for ICT, Business,
Maths, Art, Food Technology and Textiles was
opened by Councillor David J. Grange on 1 Febru-
ary 2006

The First Head Master Mr W. Furniss
and members of the teaching staff.

The school has its own playing fields in open farm-
land, a garden with greenhouse and potting shed adja-
cent to the rural studies classroom and a caretaker’s
house by the main entrance. The single-storey block
contains the cloakroom, toilets, medical inspection
room and Secretary’s room as well as the entrance hall In 2005 the school became The Snaith School—A Spe-
which opens directly into the assembly hall. A com- cialist School in Business and Enterprise. The number
bined woodwork and metalwork room forms part of this of pupils on roll now is 812 with 51 Teaching and 44
block. Support Staff.
The teaching block to the east contains all the practical
classrooms: the science laboratory and the rural studies,
Since opening the school has been extensively craft and geography rooms are on the ground floor, and
extended: the art and needlework rooms and domestic science
room with a complete self-contained flat adjoining it
are on the first floor. The south block contains the
headmaster’s and senior mistress’s rooms, the library
In 1973 with the raising of
and library classroom, three general classrooms and the
school leaving age the Food
staffroom. The assembly hall is used for dining . The
Technology /Metalwork/Youth
stage is equipped for dramatic performances and boys’
Club rooms were built
and girls’ changing rooms on either side serve both the
stage and the gymnasium.

1988 was the opening of the new Metalwork room and
the Maths, Languages, History and Staff room. This
building was officially opened by Mrs M.V. Bean on The contract figure for the school, caretaker’s house and
8 December 1988. horticultural unit was £98,000 and the school was com-
pleted in 19 months.
Snaith Secondary School

Dining Hall

Dining Hall

Past staff and pupils Celebrating 25 years

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