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Teaching Load for 2011- 12 (29/07/2011)

Note: Thermo for Corrosion core shifted to spring semester IC 211 and IC 102 next year since CS 101 and MM 212 moved to first sem List all courses year wise. Make new bulletin.
Faculty Bahadur D. Ballal N. B.

Autumn (July - Dec.)

Course No. MM 303/2 MM 413S/2 MM407 IC 211/2 MM 204 + 659 MM 611/3 MM 642 MM 477 MM 413S/2 Course Name Ceramics & Powder Met. Manf. Process Seminar Iron and Steel Making Engg.measurements Lab (Inst) Transport Phenomena Proc. & Charact. Of Steel Modelling of Metallurgical Engg. Ceramic Processing techniques Manf. Process Seminar

Spring (Jan. June)

Course No. MM 652/2 MM 323/2 MM 622/2 MM 624/ 2 MM 312/2 EE 209/3 MM 652/2 MM 412/4 MM 206 MM 638(E) MM 416/2 MM 674(E) MM 426/4 MM 640 (E) MM644 (E) Course Name Advanced ceramics Manufacturing Proc.(Lab) Adv. concepts in Steel making Adv. concepts in Iron making Metal casting & Joining Lab Electrical/Electronics Lab Advanced ceramics Equipment and Design Lab. Experimental Techniques in Materials Science Polymer Blends and Composites Thin Films Lab Materials & Processes for Semiconductor Device Equipment and Process Design Modelling of microstructure evolution Mathematical methods of Matls Engg. Diffusion & Kinetics Thermo-mechanical processing & forming of steel Process met. principles Electrical/Electronics Lab Elect. Prop. of Materials

Other Responsibilities

Bhargava P.

Bhattacharyya A.R. Dusane R. O.

MM 474 (E)

Science & Tech. of Thin films

M.P. Gururajan

MM 655 CS 101 MM 313 MM 207 MM 401 MM 411/2 MM 673

Modeling and Analysis Computer Programming Mech. Testing Lab Engg. Metallurgy Instrum. & Process control Theory Computation and control Lab Concepts in Materials Science

Kashyap B. P. Khosla N. K. Kulkarni A. R.

MM 677 MM 626 MM 320 EE 209/2 MM 318


Khanna A.S.

MM 695

High Temp. Corrosion

MM 402 MM 414 MM 615 (E) MM 604

S Mallick

MM 303/2 HSS 699/2

Ceramics & Powder Met. Commun. and presentation Skills

MM 612 MM 406 HSS 699/2 MM323/2 MM 304/2 MM 312/2 MM 612/2 MM 668(E)

Narasimhan K.

MM 203 MM 641 (E) MM 611/3 MM 409 MM 453 MM 685 (E)

Mechanics of Materials Num. methods in Mat Processing Proc. & characteriz. Of steel Colloidal and Interfacial Science Engg. Polymers & composites Elect. and Magnetic Materials

Corrosion & Protection Corrosion & Protection Lab. Matls. for Corrosion Prevention at High Temperatures Corrosion control practice for Industries Cathodic protection Engineering Semiconductor devices and processing Commun. and presentation Skills Manf. Process Lab Metal casting & joining Casting & joining Lab Computational Lab Comput. Methods for Metal Form.

BTP Coordinator

M.Tech. Project Coordinator

Steel Tech.Prof. Coord.,Ph.D. Admissions

Ajay S Panwar Om Prakash

MM 152 MM 612/2 MM 676 (E) MM 201(M)

Materials and Technology Computational lab. Superconductivity, Matls. & Applications Structure of Materials Topics in Phase Transformations Thermodynamics Fracture Mech & NDE

M.Tech Seminar Coord. Ph.D. Coordinator Ph.D. Seminar Coordinator M.Tech. Admisssion

Prabhu N. P. Gopalan Prasad R. C.

MM 301 MM 212/2 MM 651 MM 311 MM 658/ MM 614 (E) MM 201 MM 319 MM 411/2 HSS 699/2

Characterization of Materials Metallography/Structural Characterisation Lab Thermodynamic of Materials Design and selection of materials Heat Treatment Lab Fracture mechanics Fracture & Failure Analysis of Composites Structure of Materials Mech. Behaviour of Materials Computation and control Lab Comm. & Presentation Skills

MM 691 (E) MM 202 MM 619 (E)

Prasanna T. R. S Prita Pant

MM 684/2 (E) MM 669(E) MM 612/2 HSS 699/2

X-ray diffraction & Electron Microscopy Mech. Behaviour of thin films Computational Lab Comm. & Presentation Skills

B.Tech. Seminar Coordinator DDP Coordinator

Raja V.S.

MM 603 MM 617

Introduction to Corr. Sci. & Engg. Aqueous Corrosion & its control

MM 602 MM 414/2 MM 612/2 MM 604/2 MM 304/2 MM 604/2 MM 612/2

Protective coatings Corrosion & Protection Lab Cathodic Protection Engg. Corrosion Control practice for Industries Metal Casting & Joining Corrosion Control practice for Industries Cathodic Protection Engg.

M. Tech. Fac Adv.

Faculty Samajdar I Srinivasa Raman S Venkataramani N. Viswanathan N. N. Vitta Satish

Autumn (July - Dec.)

Course No. MM 621 MM 611/3 Course Name Adv. Phys. & Mech. Metallurgy Proc. & characteriz. Of steel On Sabbatical MM 417(E) MM 663 Entrepreneurship in Matls Sci. & Engg Experiments in Matls. Processing & Characterization (Lab) Biomaterials = An Introduction Metallography & Structural Characterization Lab.

Spring (Jan. June)

Course No. MM 404 MM 684/2 IC 102 MM 305 MM 416 MM622/2 + MM 624 /2 MM 304/2 MM 678 (E) Course Name Mechanical working of metals X-ray diffraction & Electron Microscopy Data analysis & interpretation Kinetics of Process (2010) Thin Films Lab Adv. concepts in Steelmaking Adv. concepts in Ironmaking Metal casting and Joining Magnetism & Magnetic Materials

Other Responsibilities TA coordinator

MM 457 MM 212/2

* Alternate years between Prof. Prasad & Prof. I. Samajdar