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Craig wants to improve restart recovery time on his servers.

After a server crash, all databases that were improperly closed are recovered using transactional logging. How can he improve server startup time but still recover databases? Set TRANSLOG_Performance = 1 in the NOTES.INI. Set TRANSLOG_Performance = 3 in the NOTES.INI. Disable transactional logging and use the Fixup Task. Enter Standard as the Restart/Recovery value in the Server document. Shannon is setting up Calendar and Scheduling for her domain. What is the first document she must complete? Site Profile Freetime Lookup Busytime Document Resource Document Lloyd, administrator in Domain A, defined a Calendar Server so that freetime lookups can be performed on users in Domain C. Domain A connects to Domain C via Domain B. In which document is the Calendar Server defined? Freetime Database in Domain A Connection document for Domain B Adjacent Domain document for Domain B Non-Adjacent Domain document for Domain C Juan wants to enable Transactional Logging for all R5 databases. Also, he will eventually convert all R4 applications to R5 for better database recovery. Which NOTES.INI line will enable transactional logging for all R5 databases on the server? TransLog=1 TransLog_All = 1 EnableTransLog=1 TransLog_Status = 1 When transactional logging is turned on it replaces the need to run Fixup on an improperly closed database. However, there are instances when Fixup needs to run on a R5 database that has transactional logging turned on. Which option will run the Fixup task on these databases? Fixup -L Fixup -Q

Fixup -N Fixup -J When an R5 Domino Server has a failure or power outage it causes databases to be closed improperly. Within a few minutes of the server restarting, the Fixup Task runs and attempts to fix the databases. Which databases does it run on? R4 format only R4 or R5 format R5 format with transactional logging turned on R4 format and R5 databases without transactional logging Stephanie typed "show dir *log" at the server console. What is the output of this command? It lists all NSF files in the Domino data directory. It writes to a log file all databases in the Domino data directory. It lists only databases in the data directory and indicates which databases have transactional logging enabled. It lists all NSF and NTF files in the Domino data directory and writes to the LOG.NSF file if the directory contains multiple replicas of the same file

Cassie has deleted a resource reservation document and created a new one with updated information to replace it. What needs to take place to make the new resource available? Replicate the Domino Directory. Request the resource to be used when scheduling a meeting. The resource is available when the resource document is saved. Administration Process updates the resource document in the Directory. Roberto has the correct ACL rights in the Sales.nsf database to create an agent that will run on the STS server. However, in order for the agent to actually run, Roberto needs to have the appropriate access as defined in Agent Restrictions. Where is the Agent Restrictions section located? Server document Account document Location document Resource document When Sally changed her name, the ACL in several databases needed to be updated. What procedure did the administrator use to update each database ACL with her new name?

A run once agent A background agent The Administration Process An agent triggered by the administration process To monitor changes made in the ACL of databases on the server, Susan is e-mailed when a change is made. Where are the ACL Monitor e-mails setup? Under Database Tools, ACL By the Administration Process ACL Dialog box in each database In the Domino Administrator, Configurations tab Gay has set Amgr_NewMailAgentMinInterval = 60 in the NOTES.INI. What effect will this setting have on mail agents? New Mail Agents can run up to 60 seconds. New Mail Agents will run every 60 minutes. New Mail Agents can only repeat every 60 minutes. New Mail Agents can only repeat every 60 seconds. Which file do you view to check Agent Manager settings? LOG.NSF NOTES.INI ALOG4.NTF DOMLOG.NSF Steve wants to improve database performance by removing views that are not used. Where can Steve view inactive views? Design, Views, View Properties View Properties in the database Database Activity Log in the LOG.NSF User Activity Dialog box in each database Don wants to provide additional security for a database by defining user types in the ACL. By selecting user type "Person" for the entries of users, it prevents what ACL fraud from happening? Assigning the Person user type to a name will prevent another user with the same name from accessing the database improperly. Assigning the Person user type to a name prevents an administrator from creating a USER id by the same name and accessing the database.

Assigning the Person user type to a name is not an additional security measure. It only allows the ACL listing to be sorted by entry type. Assigning the Person user type to a name prevents a user from creating a Group document in the Domino Directory with the same person name, adding his or her name to it and accessing the database through the group name.

Database developers can select "Don't allow headline monitoring." under Advanced database properties in each database to optimize database performance. Where can Diane, the Domino administrator, control headline monitoring for all databases on the server? Custom Agent Server Document Administration Process Domino Administrator - Files tab Crinda has selected the advanced database property "Document table bitmap optimization." This option will only work on views that use which option? Views that don't maintain Unread marks. Views that contain documents that store forms. Views that use Form = in the View Selection formula. Views that contain documents that contain $Title field. Kirk has created a scheduled agent to run at 7 AM, 1 PM, and 4 PM to update records. The 7 AM and 1 PM times are running perfect. What is causing the 4 PM schedule not to run? The agent runs but there are no updates. Access is only good at the earlier times. It is outside the server runtime parameter settings. The database is being used and does not accept updates. Joel has several databases on his server based on master design templates. What task can he load at the server console to synchronize those databases with their templates? Fixup Updall Designer Replicate Kopi is troubleshooting scheduling issues that involve Free Time searches of people on different servers. Which task sends out the queries to the other servers?

Nnotes Free Time Schedule Manager Calendar Connector Damian wants to monitor activity for anonymous and authenticated Internet clients in addition to Notes users and servers who have read and written documents in a database. Where can he view this information? Database Activity Log in LOG.NSF Miscellaneous View in LOG.NSF Database Activity in each database Database Activity log database When Seth explored the New Domino Administrator interface, which tab did he find Monitoring? Files Tools Server Configurations Which server task does not run continually on the server and must be loaded when needed, to update any view indexes or full-text search indexes on the server? UPDATE UPDALL COMPACT RESTART Which criteria CANNOT be used by Stephanie to archive documents? Archive documents based on creation date. Archive documents based on expiration marking. Archive documents based on days since last activity. Archive documents based on days since last modification. At ABCTech, the DomAdmin group is listed as Manager of all databases. All other employees have Author access. A user changed another person's document because he had been incorrectly given Editor access. How can Robbie, one of the administrators, see who changed the ACL? Check the ACL log on the server. Look at the ACL log history in the ACL. Changes are not logged for future review. Look in the Notes Log under the Database folder.

To improve database performance, you can limit the number of entries in the $Revisions field. However, only databases with certain characteristics benefit by this limitation. Which is not a characteristic of a database to limit entries on? The database replicates often. The database contains many documents. The database contains documents with stored forms. The database contains documents that are not often edited. Sheila needs to compact all the databases on ServerA/Atlanta/STS. Sheila plans to use the compaction type for in-place compacting with space recovery and reduction in file size. What does this type of compaction accomplish? It recovers unused space and reduces the file size. It recovers unused space, reduces file size, but does not allow access to the databases during compaction by users. It reduces the file size of Release 5 databases and recovers space, but does not allow servers to access the databases during compaction. It reduces the file size of Release 5 databases, recovers unused space, and allows users and servers to continue to access and edit databases during compacting. The Web Administrator searches the log file (LOG.NSF) on the server for the following words or phrases, "Warning," "Failure," "Error," "Security," "Corruption," "Unable to" and "Unknown". Which two of these words or phrases will cause the Web Administrator to return red lights when Carla chooses Analysis, Alerts in the Web Administrator? Unknown or Error Warning or Unknown Failure or Security Corruption or Unable to Steve is configuring Calendar and Scheduling on server Dom31. When Schedule Manager starts for the first time, it creates a Free Time database that automatically populates with user entries. Where do the user entries come from? People view in Domino Directory. Mail users view in Domino Directory. All mail users in the Domain with a Calendar Profile. Users with Calendar Profiles and mail on the server Dom31.

Which file is created automatically when you start the Domino server for the first time and is used to view information about server activity? LOG.NSF NAMES.NSF DOMLOG.NSF MTSTORE.NSF

Mel has created an agent that copies documents from the Customer Tracking database to the Customer Complaint database. He has reviewed this code and did not find any errors. Which option would allow the agent to run but not copy documents into Customer Complaint? Mel only has reader access in the Customer Tracking database. Mel only has reader access in the Customer Complaint database. The agent doesn't have access to the Customer Complaint database. Mel is using Simple Actions and needs to use the formula language Barry has installed Domino R5 and developed a test database. In order for Barry to use the new "on-disk-structure" (ODSR5), what does Barry need to do? Compact the database. File, Database, New Copy Nothing, it's automatic. Move the database to an R5 server.

If SALES.NSF is a R4 format database and Josh types "Load Compact SALES.NSF" at his R5 server console, what effect does this have on SALES.NSF? The database will be updated to R5 file format. All white space in the database is removed and file size is reduced. The database document Unique ID organization is verified and deletion stubs are removed. The database will be updated to an R5 format and will automatically enable transaction logging

Jerry has Designer access in the Sales Discussion database. He has made several changes and is ready to make them available to all replicas of the database. After a full replication cycle he noticed that none of the changes have appeared. What could cause this problem? The design of the database is hidden. He needed manager access to make changes to replicas. Design changes are only made at 1 AM by the server Design task. The originating server access was set too low on the other servers. When a server is removed from a cluster, the CLUBUSY.NSF (Free Time) database may contain information about users whose mail servers have been removed from the cluster. Schedule Manager will update this information automatically. When is this update performed? Automatically at 2 AM. When "Load CalConn" task is run at the console. Immediately when servers are added or removed from a cluster. When "Tell Sched" is run at the console or by a program document. Lori has created several documents in the Survey Database. She has noticed a mistake and tried to correct it but was not able to edit the document. She sees her name in the "Author" field. Why can't she edit the documents? The "Author" field data type is Text. She has Designer access to the database. She has Depositor access to the database. The "Author" field data type is Author Names. What are the two default entries in the ACL that could cause security problems if set incorrectly? No Access -DefaultDatabase creator user name -Default- and OtherDomainServers James has reader access in the database. However, he noticed he can only see 125 documents, and the database properties say there are over 300 documents in the database. Why can't James see all 300 documents? He is looking in the wrong view. He can only see the ones he created. He must have Manager access to see all documents. There is a readers field on the documents, and his name is not in the field.

Loree has renamed a user by choosing the Rename Action in the Domino Directory. Once the user accepts the new name, the Domino Directory is updated, triggering three additional Administration Process request entries. Which entry is not triggered by the Directory update? Rename in Person documents Rename in Access Control Lists Rename person in Free Time Database Rename person in calendar entries and profiles in mail file Jonathan is using the ID Recovery utility to recover Judith's ID. The ID can be recovered if she lost it or damaged it or forgot her password. What else is required to recover the ID? The ID recovery key The original ID file A backup of the ID file The person document for Judith In the process of moving a USER.ID from one organizational unit to another, the Domino Systems Administrator must recertify the ID file. To complete the process, what access level must the administrator have in the Domino Directory? Editor access Reader access with UserCreator role Depositor access with UserModifier role Author access with create document access selected David has renamed the "Outside Sales" group to "Sales Staff" in the Domino Directory. How long until the Access Control Lists are updated. One hour Immediately When they are manually done When "Tell adminp process daily" is run at the server console Samuel would like to take security measures to recover ID files that may have been lost or damaged. What step(s) would be needed to provide Samuel with the capability to recover lost or damaged ID files? Type setconfig restore_id=1 at the server console. Use Recover.exe at the server console to recover ID files. Set up a centralized mail or mail-in database to store ID file backups. Use the Recover Information option in Domino Administrator to make Samuel the only administrator authorized to recover ID files.

When Tracy registered the users in her Domino Domain, she set the expiration date to two years. All of the ID's are expiring, and she is going to use the Administration Process to recertify them. What two databases will be used in the process to recertify? ADMIN5.NSF and NAMES.NSF ADMIN4.NSF and NAMES.NSF ADMIN5.NSF and CERTLOG.NSF ADMIN4.NSF and CERTLOG.NSF Nancy cannot see Domino03 in the Server List when bookmarking a database. What could cause this problem? The network is down. The server is not her home server. She is not listed in the Server Access List. The server is in a different Notes Named Network. Sharon placed a Notes Application in the WEB directory, which is below the DATA directory on a Domino server. The application makes use of HTML. By default, where will Domino look for the HTML files used in this application? Domino\Data\WEB\HTML directory Domino\HTML directory The directory that is specified in the URL Mapping document The URL path specified in the URL Mapping document Charles sent an e-mail to users in his STS domain making them aware of a new server and its contents. He received numerous replies stating that users could not see the server in their list of servers. Charles is certain that the server is running. Where should he begin troubleshooting this problem? He should re-install the server. He should check the Access Server field in the server document in the Domino Directory. He should ask all users involved to close and re-open Notes to update their NOTES.INI and DESKTOP.DSK files to reflect the new server. He should check the Domino Directory to verify that the server document is there and that it doesn't have any misspelled or incorrect entries.

Notes R5 uses "password quality checking" which allows Notes administrators to specify one of several password quality levels. Which is a true statement regarding the security of passwords in R5? Passphrases of equal length are equal in strength. Administrators should always assign the highest password quality level to passwords. The higher the level assigned to a password, the less complex the passphrase has to be. Passwords that contain words found in Notes spell check dictionaries are weak passwords. Friedrich is setting up ID and password recovery. Friedrich has designated three administrators for this purpose. The user's ID file must contain a recovery password. The password will be randomly generated and encrypted with a key. Which key will be used to encrypt? Users public key Users private key Administrator's public key Administrators private key Charlotte sent a message to Joe and got a Delivery Report failure stating, "User name is not unique." How should Charlotte troubleshoot this problem? She should send a mail trace to the person. She should check the Domino Directory for redundant connection documents. She should check the Domino Directory for redundant copies of her Server document. She should check the Domino Directory for multiple copies of her recipient's person document. Sharon wants to set up workstation security to define which groups applications can execute on a Notes client. In addition, she wants the client to display a warning message if an application created by an unapproved group attempts to run on that client. What does Sharon need to create to accomplish this? access control List server access list execution control list deny access list Mary has received calls from several users that have Domino32 as their mail server. They cannot send or receive mail. They are getting the message "NAMES.NSF does not a contain a required view." How can this be fixed? Replace the design of NAMES.NSF with NAMES.NTF

Replace the design of NAMES.NSF with PERNAMES.NTF Replace the design of NAMES.NSF with PUBNAMES.NTF Replace the design of NAMES.NSF with DIRECTORY.NTF Harold is responsible for keeping all terminated employees from accessing his server. He has created a group called Terminations in the Domino Directory to which he adds names of all employees who no longer work for his company. Where should this group be used to keep members from accessing the server? In the ACL of the Domino Directory on the Advanced--Terminations tab. In the Database Properties box for the Domino Directory on the Deny Access tab. In the "Not access server" field of the Server Document in the Domino Directory. In the ACL of the Domino directory as a group called Terminations with No Access as the Access level. What database tool can Sue use to collect information about replication? Database Update Tool Database Analysis Tool Database Replication Tool Database Info Collector Tool

Which server task keeps Databases updated with their Master Design Templates? The Fixup Task The Update Task The Changes Task The Designer Task

Jennifer has several documents created from the Sales form that have read-restricted access. Some of the documents will not replicate. What is the most likely reason for these documents not replicating? The server name appears in the form's Read Access List. The server name is listed in the Readers field of the Sales form. A Readers field exists on the document that does not list the server name that these documents should replicate to. An Authors field exists on the document that does not list the server name that these documents should replicate to.

Gail suspects routing has stopped on her server because of a corrupt MAIL.BOX. Fixup did not fix the problem. How should Gail proceed? Open MAIL.BOX and check the design of all views for problems. Use Load Updall to attempt corruption repair before proceeding. Delete the MAIL.BOX file while the server is running, and allow it to rebuild itself. Shut down the server, rename the bad MAIL.BOX (BADMAIL.BOX) and restart the server to automatically generate a new MAIL.BOX. Millie needs to troubleshoot a replication and routing schedule problem. Where should she go to view the schedules for replication and mail-routing frequency? Server document Location document Resource document Connection document Documentation suggests that Stewart check for a missing or incorrect Domain setting in the NOTES.INI file. At server startup, the Router reads this setting and sends the message "Mail Router started for domain x" to the console and to the log file. What command can Stewart type at the console to verify the NOTES.INI domain setting? Set Configuration Domain Show Configuration Domain Test Configuration Domain Verify Configuration Domain Michael has found several replication/save conflicts in the Sales Tracking database. This is caused by Account Executives editing the same documents then replicating their changes to the server. Which field does Notes use to determine if replicating will produce a conflict? $Conflict $Revisions $UpdatedBy $Replication As the Domino Administrator, Alex monitors the server for Dead Mail. Which is a cause for Dead Mail? The maximum hop count is exceeded. The recipient's mail file has been moved. No Person document for the recipient in the Domino Directory. There are multiple occurrences of the recipient's name in the Domino Directory.

Frans' users consistently get Delivery Failure reports from a certain Mail address. What tool can Fran use to help determine the cause of these reports? Report Mail Trace Delivery report Analyzer Route from the server console

Ruth found an "Unable to copy document" replication error in the Notes Log. What type of problem is this message indicative of? A corrupted database The server name is not in the ACL The server name is not in the Authors field The servers' connection documents may have misspelled entries Mail isn't routing on Red's server and is collecting in MAIL.BOX. What task sends mail from MAIL.BOX to the user's mail files? Mailer Router Updall Logger Nita has received several calls about messages not reaching their destination and users not receiving delivery reports. What database should she look in for these messages? LOG.NSF MAIL.BOX NAMES.NSF CERTLOG.NSF Phyllis is responsible for the Mail server at ACME. Routing is taking an unusually long time and Phyllis suspects that high traffic is slowing the process. How can she increase the number of messages routing at one time? Limit the number of users to connect concurrently. Delete user mail files from her server to keep traffic down. Limit the number of mail messages a user can send at one time. Implement multiple MAIL.BOX databases to expedite mail routing on her server.

One of Eric's database replicas on another server is not receiving design changes. The replica ID is the same and replication is occurring. What would cause the design not to replicate? Both the source and destination servers must have Design access. The Destination server must have at least Design access in the Source replica. The Source server must have at least Design access in the Destination Server replica. The source server must have at least Reader access in the Destination server replica. Danielle has discovered a replication or save conflict caused when two members of her sales force edited the same document and replicated with the ACME server. How should Danielle resolve the conflict? Delete both documents and re-create only one Delete whichever document is titled "replication or save conflict" Choose "merge replication conflicts" in the document properties box Copy all pertinent information from the "replication or save conflict" document and paste it into the main document

What form property can Corie specify to eliminate replication conflicts in her Sales database? Versioning Full Text Index Author Names Fields Administration Server