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mudo adjective 1. Dumb, silent (callado), still, mute. Quedarse mudo de asombro -> to be dumbfounded Quedarse mudo de envidia -> to be green with envy bloquear article & verb transitive

to lock (volante). To brake. block. To block.) To blockade a port 2. to shut oneself off from. La inundación bloqueó el pueblo -> the flood cut off the village 4. to pull up. To cut off (aislar). (Dep. jam. to shield oneself from . To freeze.) To tackle (jugador). (Military) Bloquear una ley en el congreso -> to block a bill in the congress Los manifestantes bloquearon las calles -> the demonstrators blocked the streets Bloquear un puerto -> (Naut. (Automate) 5. to stop (pelota).) To jam. (Mecahnic) El mecanismo está bloqueado -> the mechanism is jammed.). (Rad. the mechanism is stuck 3. to obstruct. To form a blockade. (Commerce) (m & n) fondos bloqueados -> frozen assets verb reflexive Boquearse d -> (fig.1.