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e-gnler.movementand catharsis

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:e'ebration. workand play


s y1,nq lsoking and listening




shake,dance and sing

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fanlasy,prayer and love


(Englishand Foreign) by Bhagwanand on Bhagwan



This OrangeBookis a collection meditation of techniques that Bhagwan ShreeRajneesh given has overlhe years, together withexcerpts and quotations fromthe booksof his morning discourses evening and darshans. Someof the techniques Vipassana, Nadabrahma, Whirling havebeenfamiliar meditators many to of traditions centuries; for others- Dynamic, Kundalini, -reflect boththe wisdomof these Gourishankar traditions the findings contemporary and of psychology; they are Bhagwan's uniqueprescription for lhe needsof modernman.Together, they add up to a rareopportunity us to exhaust our efforts for all to reachthe here-and-now find ourselves. and In thagwan's vision, in the visionof all the as Buddhas throughout ages,it is onlywhen all our the efforts havecome to an end and all thesetechnioues havebecomeuseless that we reallybecome meditators can see that taraway "here-and-now" anC issirnply ere. ow h n U n t i l h e n l o i nt h e d a n c e L a u g ha n ds i n g , u n ,j u m p t ! r and scream sit and stare, live,loveand prayfrom dawnto darkness withthesebeautiful meditations. And dcn t lel yourdailyroutine an excusefor not be i T. it l u m p i n gn a n d e x p e r i m e n t i n gh e a r r a n g e m e nn t o sections follows timessuggested Bhagwan; the by but thesesections onlysuggestions, rigid are not categories. is infinitely lt better do the Dynamic to Meditation the evening in than not at all.And if work permits you can singand danceall day long! Thinkof meditation an adventure this Orange as and Bookas yourguide.

i - a : . . , a n S h r e e a j n e e s h a sp r o b a b l c r e a t e d o r e R y m ' : : ^ ^ q u e sf o r a w a k e n i n p e o p l e o t h e i ri n n e rn a t u r e g t '-3- ary other M a s t e rT h i sb o o ko f m e d i t a t i o n . '.:-.rques is a n i m p o r l a n b,u ts m a l l p a r to f t h e t , : : . c e s h e u s e s . h a g w a n a sa n e x t r a o r d i n a r v B h . ^ a c <f o r t u r n i n g r d i n a r y ,v e r y d a y o n t e x t s l i v i n g , _ o e c .,, 'rg,relating others- intosituations 1'< to wherewe : a ^ b e c o m e o r ea w a r e . m - - : : e c h n i q u ec a n o n l yt a k eu s s o f a r .W h a t e v e r s -::^ods Masters ave h u s e d ,t i s t h e l i v i n g r e s e n c e i p : ' : - e M a s t e rh i si n s i g h th i s p e r c e p t i v e n e s sh i c h , , w, - a ( e s t h em e t h o d o r k . w T h e M a s t e r e e sw h e na s - e : ^ c d i s r i g h t o rt h e p e r s o n , f t h et i m e , h e s i t u a t i o n . t . ' , ^ e ql h e M a s t e r s d e a do r w h e no t h e r s r v t o i m i t a t e i t :^e l',,lasler's thods, emethods ecome ollow me th b h ' : - a l s .e m b a l m ec o r p s e s d w i t ho n l ya s e m b l a n co f e 'e. A n di t i s n o to n l yt h a tt h e M a s t e s e e sw h e na r s a r t i c u l am e t h o d s s u i t a b l e t i s m u c hm o r e . h e r er s r i l. T a n a l c h e m yh a tt a k e sp l a c ew h e nw e m e e ta n t enlightened Master; intuitive an recognition bornrn is us that.yes,this man represents own ultimate our possibility, whathe is we can be.So the Masrer that acts as a catalyst awakenin us a trustin ourserves, to i n o u r o w n f l o w e r i n g .h a tt r u s ti s e n o u g h o s t a r tu s T t on thepath. ln fact,thereis notjust one path,thoughthe d e s t i n a t i oi n t h e s a m e .E a c ho f u s i s u n i q u ea n df o r s , each of us thereis a different method going for InwardS. Bhagwan's greatcontribution that he can workwith is a totalunderstanding the complexity twentieth_ of of centuryman.He has givenus a perspective from

whichwe can see and choosefroma multiplicity of methods. has no dogmatic He framework which into everything mustfit. Whateverworks,whatever Increases awareness, used- whether be our is it ancientyogicexercises the latest or therapy from California his own uniquemethods. or In Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, whereBhagwan now lives, Rajneesh the Institute Therapy for and the Rajneesh lnstitute Meditation InnerGroMh for and havebeenset up to makeavailable as many to peopleas possible Bhagwan's deepinsights into human psychology. The Institutes offera wide range of workshops coursesthat are basedon the and radicalunderstanding behindhis teachings. Bhagwan said: "Thiswholelifeis a challenge growth. to That is true religion and true psychology - because true too a religion cannotbe otherthana true I that psychology psychology the Buddhas.' 1he of lt givesyou a greatchallenge be morethanyou are. to It givesyou a divinediscontent. makesyou aflame lt witha desireto go higherand higher-not higher than others, higherthanyourself." but

Anyone wishing know to more about work the the of Instrtutes should write to: Rajneesh Institute Therapy, for Jesus Grove, Rajneeshpuram, 977 Oregon 41


Meditation is a state of pure consciousness with no conrenr. In those still moments you will know who you are. And 1r r:l:r rhing is to know what rj::arttrn is. you are utterly silent . it is still rhinking.\I?rar is medintionl Whatismedimdon? fVIEDITATION is a state of no-mind. You can find rredimtion only by putting the mind aside. day out. an underground preparation is going on. The mind is a constanr trattic: rhoughtsare moving. If vou don't understand r-rll not be in meditation. When the awareness you. E. by seeing the mind pass. Just the opposite is meditation. no desire stirs. Even when vou are asleeprhe mind is firnctioning.but not getting identified with it. and never otheru'ise. not thinking that I am it. Gdinarily.that silence is meditation. . there is no should me. it is dreaming. slowly slowly. l7hen there is no traffic and thinking has ceased. \lcdiration is a state of no-mind. your consciousness too full of is rubbish. that I am not the Meditation is the awareness goes deeper and deeper in mind. by being cml. It is preparing for the next day. unidentified with the mind. This is the state of no meditation. you rr rr. moments of pure space. ambitionsare moving _ are it is a consrantrrafficl Day in.rnrhrng elsefollows. jusr like a mirror coveredwith dust. desiresare movlng. a drat silence rmth is knoun. a Gw moments arrive . . I cannot sav to you that you should do nJrration. If you understandme. memories moving. And 1'ou cannot find meditation through the thoughts move. it is still in worriesand anxieties. you rrll be in meditation. moments of transparency. I can only explain to you rhat it is. and you will know the mystery of this existence. indifferent. because mind will perpetuate itself.moments of silence. moments when nothing stirs in you and everything is still.

so when ftr the first time you know meditation. he losescontact with his own innocence.concepts. t"u. will flnd the diamond again _ it is vours. Any day. innocence.. It cannor really be lost: it can only be forgotten. rhe sourceof fresh waters. and you will find the source still'flowing. And that feeling is true: ". You have known it before.The ()range Book I A day comes. how to argue. to reason. The in goeson flowing into the out.polluted by the society. you will be surprised_ a. Concentration is a dual consciousness: that's why concentration createstiredness. but the paradise can be regained. The diamond is lost in piles of rubbish.'ncentration there is a self concentrating and there is :n . a little digging. . he ir'rro*t. a day of great blessings. i \ledttanonls notconcentranon EDITATION is not concentration.orr. And you cannot concentrate for twenty-four hours. then we 1. the out is in. but he has to be initiated into the waysof the society _ he has to be taught how to think."* th.r. The in is out. There is duality. In meditationthere is nobody inside and nothing outside. He becomes contaminated.r. it is a non-dual consciousness.. look and you will seetremendous silence. But meditation is a natural state _ which we have lost. how to calculate. it never becomes your natural state.And. waysof the mind. you have fo. But our real nature remains hidden somewhere deep down like an undercurrent. the boundary.".crgat feeling will arise in you iifo. He becomesan efficient mechanism. Mind is something unnatural. iach child comeswith a meditativestate. In -.r l.rbjectbeing concentratedupon. l" Fr slowly slowly.There is no division betweenthe rn and the out. fecause Known it b€". you have knoun it before. the border.that's why when you concentrate you feel exhausted.when meditation becomesyour natural state. the out goeson flowing into the in. language. no longer exists.. We are bom as meditators. All that is needed is to regain that space once more. a man. you will have to take holidays to rest. ro be taught words.. It is not concentration.. Concentration can never become your . And the greatestjoy in life is to find it. It is a paradiselost. The demarcation. look into the child's eyes. But if you .

In conlentration the mind functions out of a conclusion: you are doing something. I I .day i. Ifvou feel vou aE meditation. by iar. and tha. a state of inaction. Ir can becomeetemiry.'by itself . it is uncontaminatedby the past. It has no pastto it. There is no need to createunnecessary conflict. when you don. It has no firture to it. It is relaxation itself. the spring comesand th. but you can concentrate.o*. One has simply dropped inro one's own being. then prayer.norhing is being done. Meditation is in the present. It is what Zen masters have been saying: Sitting silently doing cannot meditate. you can be in meditation. In medirationthere is no conclusionbehind it.Concentration is human. you are not pulling the gass upwards. It is relaxation.\leJrrarrrrn is not concenttation nature. You cannot be in concentration. pure present. Meditation is immediacy. Meditation can becomea twenty. a willed act. there are \tr'ays you can reach towards God through the body becausethe body also belongs to God. day out. Meditation is a stateof no will. when you are not enforcing any 1e discipline on it . year in.Concentration comesout of the past. It is what Lao Tzu has called wei-wu-r. meditation doesnot exhaustyou. Concentration is an are simply being.F nOft rhe very beginning find somerhrng *hich appeals you. That state _ when you allow life to go on its own $'ay. goss g. year our. If it is torcid. A forced thing will never make you natural.n. meditationis divine. Choosing meditntion a T. ro If you are body oriented.the sprinjcomes and the grass gro\r'sby irself.that state of pure undisciplined spontaneiry. when you don't want to give any control to it. when vou n:r manipulating. it is doomedfrom the very beginning. it is pure of all filture. action through inacrion.four hour thing .r being is the sameas the being of All. Remember. to lv{editation should not be a forced effort. ytu are nor doing anyrhing in particular.t want to direct what meditation is. Meditation doesnot tire. This is to be understood because mind has a natural capacity to meditate if you give it objectswhich are appealing it.lf.uei.

a different way.hyih. rhe morr-r. nvicea d"y.r bevond. you can.rrclesi it cannot lead beyond that. r:lc a Jrug. leaJ. You are playing with a subtle. trr the last bit of joy go on. : 'insle Jrop. All th" th.. On the joumey au *lt nurr. You no more ' . so you can create many confusions.< : ir. They can sometimes be dangerow.. you cannot leave it. . Sometimes a small thing that you were not aware you were doing can become . '( . but one is ?:. JJiicted to There is n. -. If you become. Only drop a method rrhen rhe jov has . or. and :hcn pain u'ill you.". Body heart mind _ all my meditarionsmove rn the same."" *rif *raver'drop ir"too. Once you enjoy a method then don. they reachto the minJ and then thev g. th"n it. Choose two meditations and srick to them. The . r:--r.rr rs not giving you anyrhing . i Always remember.rurrr rhg t'. And then be capable of dropping it. So two things have to be remembered:when you are enjoying a method go into it as deeply as possible. You can do it ."o *u..<:.. It has to be ': r<:ti t. It is better to repeat one that suits you. work is finished. much of the heart and much of the intelligence. The_o. ..u can Jr.r rrmes a person has to change." joined together and they work on different people"r. If joy is there.whatsoever you enjoy can go deep. you do it. It varies with :::crEnr people but it is very rare that one method will s :he u'hole joumey.. 6ut nevdffr-cbffiedttredto it because ... it is spent. In the book of Tantra there are one hundred and twelve meditations..hod. to changetrains many times.. of . )tarcLr tt r another rn. you are already crazy! Meditations are not fun."--j ::: .. t'-i:.r'ould like you to choose one. You can go crazy. nor :. No .. Then it will go deeper and deeper.h . only that can go deqp in you.rhod . A certain method takes )ou ro a cenainstate.ouu. No juice should be left behind .one day one thing. a very subtle mechanism of the mind... tune with you: rhere is a subtle harmony between you and the method. conradictory things. confusing things.They start from the body. that would be the best.rnce if possible.ryjrig< Errrl Choosing mediation a But my meditationsare different in a way.. I have tried to devisemethods which can be used by all threc types.r'.but it has -. ".". many trmes. .f.-1..Then one can continue it. in. In ract I r.Jisappeared.t becomegreedv. . Much of the body is used in them.ill enjov it.go into thut -.i". f"U. . another day another thing.way.. you try many things . l r n< irrnr other method that again brings the joy. And you invent your own.ralh'. ' ier lov be the criterion.end. need tr) do many meditations because i.' .*rhod .al"rr. dnioying it simply means it fits with you.Beyondthat it is of no more use. they move through rhe heart.

it saysone o'clock. becauseevery purpose has its own vibration. Use that comer only for meditation and nothing else.even if the clock s not right and it is only eleven or twelve. and don't make yow own hotch-potch day. and suddenly you feel hunger within. Unless you . It will be helpful. Your mind is also a mechanism. your mind. .Ttu Orange Book .c'Jrrnsa swe fcn mediation 11 dangerot's. If you can choose a regular hour to meditate. is a mechanism. I know that but 6nqgh meditation nobody reachesl &qgh meditation you reach to the fnrnr where no meditation becomes gmible. Your body is a mechanism. Creating space meditation a far IF you can create a specialplace _ a small temple or a comer in the home where you can meditate every day . Meditate every day in the same place. a particular atmospherein which you can go deeperand deepermore easily. a thirst. A spaceis created in you which will become a hunger. at the same time. If you take lunch at a particular hour I <. tlrfi I say meditate. If you take rour lunch at one o'clock and the clock saysthat it is now one o'clock. and you will create a hunger for meditation within your body and mind.then don't use that comer for any other pupose. Then *re comer will becomechargedand it will wait for you every day. In the beginning it is very good. Armetimes you can even play tricks on it. The comer will be helpful to you. that's alsovery helpful because your body. Every day at that particular time your body and mind will ask you to go into meditation. you will be hungry . That's rhe reason why temples.just to have a place that existed only for prayer and meditation.So never try to invent. Choose two and just try them for a few weela. the milieu will crearea particular vibration. churches and mosques were created . You look at the clock. your body starts crying for food at that time.

. One has to find one's own ritual. One natural and not obsessecl wrth rhe ultimate happensto you. It gives you a climate: you put offthe light. in any place. a ceftain height. of lbi=atron is a kev to unlock the door t' dr mvstery of existence. you cannot force it. Just like love. you have a certain incense buming in the room.-tression is the n()lA'VOU afe em: vou wereobsessed with with rneditationllonev is not the oroblem but ohsession. If somebody else follows it.o yo. this may becomea hindrance. you have cenain clothes. you have a certain posture. And when you are at ease and waiting. use these mechanical resources the body and the mind as a help.. ghe gling happens. This all helps but this doesnot causeit. . you have a_certain rype of rug.lust like sleep.up to that moment. God comesto you. at any time . and k loose n^autral .r. God . you cannot will it. A ritual is simply to help you to be at easeand wait. a certain rofrrr.o.l2 Tlw Owtge Book Be ltnse and nannal 73 come to the point where meditation has become natural and you can medihte anywhere.o*.


before opening l!: Jowr eJes. and it gives a very clean passage . Go on drinking it and do it fast. Then just bend &rn and gargleso the water will flow back. There is a block in the pa.tb ntture"i.. It will be a miting of the water .."ii"rn For fiue "iit j^ust mtnutes hugh. e:res rtorra' "t u....T'. it really happens. hr-s€ rhat setsthe trend for the whole li make you drunkards ot the divine. th.:t Thc Orange Book l.. ol rour Frn rhoseuh. drink almosi a bucicettuI : irkewarm J.: ii. and even your speaking.oon ft. Bui r. .ith i"sr^. hate dfficutry laughing tonlly cr whofeel their hughteris rc. You will enjoy it and you will feel the cleannessall day.W. They call it a'necessary purification'. l.rugfiing Mediation 17 All meditarionsare subtle waysto makc you drunk .. It prnifies tremendously. even vour &rylurntments are laughable.even pr pain is laughable. will come from the very deep centte.n r brghable. In Yoga.illbe dlang iirt ..s: rhrng to be done is laughter. lixhing else is needed.At fvst u. Bhagwanh". rr*i"ai After three orfour minutes..X'ffitrn uh.Jou genuineLughter. rd'r ralt in it. this is a necessaryprocedure to be 6llowed.ssage r that whenever you want to laugh. stretchlikecil.and it will clean your passage..hniqu In the moming.ii' b.aughingMedimdon r-t tr mvrningupon waking.all the blocks dissolvb. The laughter and the tean. otherwise sr rrll not be able to drink much. /. you will beernto feel how absurdlife is. that stops it.y. Snerch a uuny1lbr. sound Jour(Tttempt . uc arcsr.. oi till cause Lose lourseliin kuqhtcr.Jrnol Or.. early. before you .. have earen anything. il. Do it for ten days and you will have the best laugh around! ..1rrnrr rafte .. even Jou arc 1 I. da1.ffi'j ":. .''u u'ake up laughing.

then you will be fighting earnst the current. lUhen vou breathe in. as if a sun has risen just close ro your head.. just before you ger up from your bed. You simply lie down as you are lying down in vour bed. becausethe rising of the sun r :irc nsing of all the energiesin existence. just visualizegreat light entering through vclurhead into your body.rth the cunent. hence .. g"p.ri. . It is the only torget about your lust move into meditation.In that D.Do it then and there.rg ". a simple method of transforming your energyand leadingit ir for r$..enryminutes. In the moming you will be going . i.fri". there through which the method will penetrate into ".Medimtion 19 b.By the evening it will be'difficult.-'r c."t you are alert.The process is to be done at least twice a day.rng u'hen the sun rose.c.lo_. immediately. Keep your eyesclosed.r"rgy "tt a :!x gorld use thar tide. and the golden light is .rnent you can simply ride on the rising energywave.. on your back. !7hen y-ou just are coming out of sleep you are lessin the mind than ever. You are just hollow. The bestrime is early in the morning. don't miss that {[a-fiuntn'. The moment yoi f.{ll ancienr religioru used to pray early in the rr. <txrgies will be falling back. r r-rll be easier.because when you are coming out of sleep vou are very. coming out of sleepyou are very fresh and the impact will go very deep.-. very delicate.a medicine. And early in the-moming when you-are awakening and when the whole earth rs awakening. a*'ake. your innermost core. When you are. TheGolden LigfuMedindon -tIUIS i. there is a great tide of awake. ..

arts a beloved:so tense. nsd and go on watching. absolutely fuIl of creativity. The sun is rising there.rmething alsorising. and going.rvhen ii rs hccominga little lighter.. -t.20 The Orcnge Book pouring into your head.. And when you breathe ou. V/hen you first seethe sun with open eyesit createsa the_night."thi.p vou.rJe s. If you fall asleep doing it. Jcql and going out through your . tntng: darknessentering through your toes..nang iar the surwise J L'ST fitteen minutesbeforethe sun rises..r. . slowly. T.because rh. Go very slowly.. This is feminine . so when you closeyour eyes.-""r.. rv.."^ n". .'.'-l transformationhas staned happening. It comesup over there.rg. you. r n 'grtul and excited . I . No need to stare.ii urlr" rest. rested.l_. insidethe navel.r ril remain in the subconsciorrs 2nd will go o. you will be surprised_ there i.. coming up and goul out from the head.". The secondbest time is when you are going bach to sleep.. h *ill .r.r. and here an inner point of light is deeplyawaiting. When you start feeling that now you are betweensleepand waking..r. Just ten minutes will do.L. :i]-":irc sran tne process aeain.and here. iJ"" f"r. . tew minutes.orr. just wait and watch 6r tbr rr -.o'oii.i.Have the feeling that simultaneously a. And this is going to change you tremendously. lr. relaxed.o. can Hrnk vour can see the sun dazzling inside. d. That golden light will he$ It will cleanseyour whole body . . And just let the r-.'ilp".p b. it is the b". it comesup...... .l river entering through your toes..i. is When the sun comes on the horizon.rg'ro .jt will Jh yo. Do slow.and yet silent.. "ut very deepand slow breaths.. . a $ear .. This""J*rfi'rirl is male .lust in th"t middle.a. stan iceling that it is just near the navel. comesup. n will makeyou receptive.. If you do this simple method ilrit..or. going.a.Lie down on rhe S. . Then close your eyes.ii. fru brearhc a do it with this visualization. ui*"ti. and just "* of rt". Do it for twenry minutes.J.

erienceof meditation. That will keep a certain rhythm in you the whole day.r". But in movement naturally you ctrnnot fall asleep. you are more function in a more alert way. When you are just sitting silently the natural thing is to just fall asleep' When you are lying on your bed it is very difficult to keep alert becausethe whole situation helps you to fall asleep. and how to convert the energy that was moving into thinking into awareness. . The only problem is that the movement can become mechanical. It happensmany times to runners. lessangry. how to renounce thinking.that is the meaning. And .You shouldsway. You should enjoy them. more friendly . hum. mind and soul.Running Joging and Swimming 23 This is the whole art of meditation: how to be deep in action. more compassionate. You will be attuned from the very moming and you will seethat the day has a different quhliry. moan. lessegoistic. r\ Leam to melt your body.rg. lessambitious. groan. more caring. Find out ways where you can function as a unity.Let it be a praisefor the rising sun and stop only when the sun has risen. not meaningful. but runners sometimes have felt a tremendous exp. Running.lessviolent.rst. that's all . These soundsneed not be meaningful. You might not think of running asa and easyto keep alert while -vou are in movement. they have to be existential.i. T IT i.Ioging and Swimming Praise the nsingsun for up ar five o'clock beforethe sunriseand \JEf for half an hour 1.

my own observationis that a runner caR come close to meditation more easily than anybodyelse. you were feeling so alive . For a small child it is not meditation.the warmth. sitting undemeath a tree in a yoga posture is meditation. Then sit under a tree. ' It can happen when running. The body. All these things have to be transformed into meditations. Be connected with the earth.Jog$ns Swimming 25 ond they were surprised. Jogging can be of immense help. If you are connected with the earth. using the whole body . rest. the hesh air. more and more. Start with half a mile and then one mile and come eventually to at least three miles. swimming can be of immense help. Dop the old ideas of were running and your body wasfunctioning beautifully. everything singing all around. Breathe deeply and from the belly.awakening. Don't run as if you are in a straitjacket. that just Never become an expert in running. and it may be suitable for a few people but it is not suitable for all. and it wasjust a cenain mood. you will become very sensitive and centered .they will think it wasjust because running of that they enjoyed rhe momenr: that it was a beautiful day. .74 The ChangeBook Running. it is torture.and there is only running.This will help very deeply. Start running in the moming on the road. Sometimesjust stand on the eanh without shoes and feel the coolness. Runnen have sometimescome accidentallyon the experienceof the founh. That is only one of thc ways. Run like a small child. it is not meditation.because they were not looking for it . mind and soul start functioning together: suddenly an inner orgasmis released.who thinks that a runner is going to experienceGod? But it hashappened. turiya.aird that's what is needed. you are connected with your body.but if they do take note of it. a moment comeswhen the runner disappears. running is becoming a new kind of meditation. the softness.And now. Whatsoever the earth is ready to give in that moment. If you are connected with the eafth. And allow your energy to flow into the earth.hands and feet and run. feel peaceful. you are connected with life. For a young man who is alive and vibrant it is reptession. just feel it and let it flow through you. If you have ever been a runner. the new world bom againout ofthe darkness of the night. While running use the whole body. perspireand let the cool breezecome. If you feel . if you have enjoyedrunning in the early moming when the air is fresh and young and the whole world is coming back from sleep. They will not take note of it . the body was healthy and the world was beautiful. although they will miss it . If you are connected with the earth. remain an amateur so that alertnes may be kept.

So what to dol Only nonactiviry leads you ro your inner centre. but the mind cannot conceive of how to be nonactive.26 TheOrunge Book 'I lwue deAsed. flowing energy. ro be so madly active that the mind that is hankering to be active is thror*in out of your system.Sincere. Playis not an activiry. Even when it is active. So what to dol. The point to remember is that the movement is just a situation to. we . Even when we are thinking about relaxing we are active. can you fall down into inactivity and have a glimpse of the world that is not the world of effiort.then it is no more of any use. never allow any activity to become autonutic. without doing anithing _ MtND is very serious. after a deep catharsis. means' a 27 sometime that running has become automatic. \il7eeven make reldxation an activity. then dancing. If that becomesautomati'c. it is just pure. it is not motivated. Once you know this world. becausewe are so involved in activity. try swimming. This is absurd! But it happens becauseof the robotlike habits of the mind. it is not an activiry.nonserious. While it createsawareness it is good. But it is difficult. 'I hnve devised means' a make an effon to relax. but nonseriou. Once you have the feeling of ir _ how to be just here and now. change to another movement where you will have to be alen again.The activity is not going anywhere. Mind is a thorn and all techniques are thoms to bring the first thom out. I have deviseda means. you can move into it without any effort. And the means is to be active to such an extreme that activity simply ceases. If it stops creating awareness. Only then. it is more like play. !7e have alwaysbeen soactive that activity has beconie a deep-rooted obsession. drop it.and meditation is absolutely nonserious. Play is just pleasure. It is just like play .createawareness. But meditation is not a serious thing. When I say this you may be bewildered. It is not something like work. becausepeople go on talking about meditation very seriowly. Rather.Even while asleepwe are active. .

the night has gone. as if you are just a spectator.uncivilised.bring your total energy qo it. Donlt get lost. as if the whole thing is happening in the body and the consciousness just centered and looking.. You can become one with the breathing so much that you can forget the witness. This is J . From that primitiveness. they are two thousand years backward. as if the whole thing is happening to somebody else. DynamicMedirnaon -the daily morningmediation at tlw aslwam the sleep is broken. the whole natur€ !7** becomesalive. Peoplewere natural. It is easyto get lost. sometimes they may help one or two penions out of one hundred persons. conscious. spontaneouslives. and everything becomes conscious and alert. Observe what is happening. people lived primitive lives . I am introducing cathartic methods.t. .was given by B{ddha directly to people. Remain a witness. But then you miss the point. I r T ll F. you can remain in it anywhere. but still remain a witness. aware. This is a meditation in which you have to be continuously alert. In Buddha's time they were not needed becausepeople were not so repressed. insight becomeseasily available. from primal innocence. And the teachers who go on teaching Vipassanadirectly don't belong ro this century. whatsoeveryou do. Ultimately.i . While you are breathing you can forget. you can be outwardly active and inwardly deeply inactive. Breathe asfast. so that you become primitive again. as deep as possible. so that first what the civilisation has done to you can be undone.vipassanameans insight . I I J Cathartic methods are modem inventions. Yes. So Vipassana. But now you cannor go into Vipassanadirectly. the darknessis no more.but that can't do much. the sun is coming up.28 The OrangeBook you can move into it at any inoment.

. one The \rcmic Medimtion Lzsts hour and is in fiue s:aiges. Do thisas fastand as ltmd as you posshlycan -and thena little lwrd"er. Third.l/'l. comfarmble clnthing.e! Ixt go of euerythingthat needsto be thrown out.the whole day they are doing it. lJse yow tlatural body mrntements help you to build up yw to energJ.jump up and down shoutingthe manna 'HOO! HOOI HOO!' as deeply possible. .ious othus around you u'd.30 The Oronge Book Dyrumic Medimtion 3l neednot A woodcutter. and in the fourth step you have become completely inactive. Give all you lwue. bur don't let go during the first sage. Neuq albw yow mind to intedere with wlvt is lrappu"i"S. let thesomd lwmmer deepinto the sexcentre. concentradngalways on the exlwlation. usinga blindfold. witnessinghas to be carried in all the three steps.rhrougho preferab/1y u. Go tomlly mad. But for the modem man things have changed. Be toml. eya cb sed. sing laugh. shout. Sage: 10 minutes. keepyoru of should. Feel it building up. dance. And when everything stops. then this alertness will come to its peak. soeam. throw yowselfaround. Explc/.a stone-breaker do cathartic meditation . Holdnothingback. It is an individualexperience you so renain obliq. Breathe chaoticallythrough the nose. Alittle actingoften helpsrc geryou started. h is best n lwue an empq stomach u'd wear loose. keep yotu wholebodl moving. jump. The body will mke care of the inhnlation.1. as Each dme you land. wiilbe marepowerfulif h canbe done alone. until you literally become the breathing. Second Stage:I0 minutes. exhaustyowself torr. slwke. Firsr Sage: 10 minutes.but ke energy it b done in a group. o. on ke flats of yow feet. frozen. \Xlirh raised arms.

and you feel many . don't do anything. For example. Caq yur lwppinesswith yu rhrouglwut th" is consciouslychosen. whereyou are in wlwtevo positionyou furd Snp! FreeTe yourself Don't orrangethe body in any wa1.a .itnessto eu thing&nt i s hnppening to Jou. that's a totally different thing. You are basically in control.32 TheOrange Book Dytwmic Mediwtion 33 Once it happened . exptessing gratiude nwards the whole. yow Celebrateond rejoice with musicutd dance.It iq. be attentive to it. Fourth Snge: 15 minutes. Someone has said that the meditation we are doing here seernsto be sheer madness.In the third stagethe 'HOO' sound can be lwmmered silently insideud the fifk smgecan becomean expressive dance. A cough. It is madnesswith a method. If yow mediation spaceprecoents from rnakinga noise.. Attention is the great sword . you \ou can da this silent ahernative: Rather than throwing out the sounds.Iet the catharsisin the second" stage mke phce eatirely tlro"sh bodily movements. If you feel pain. and one who can control even his madnesswill never go mad. the monsn\erv. And it is that way for a purpose. You simply pay attention to the pain. you are siaing silently in the last part of the meditation.two dogswere watching peopledo the ftnamic Meditation. unmoving. Remember. Be a u. you cannot go mad voluntarily. Blwgwan rall<s about some the reactionstlat canhnppenin of tfu bdy as a result of the deep catlwrsisd the \mmic Medintion Fifdr Sage: 15 cuts everything. anything will dissipate energyflow and the' ery eff art will be la st. and I heard one dog say to the other: When I do this my master gives me worrn pills. Madnesstakes possession you. If you go mad voluntarily. Only then cair you go of mad.

Passing through meditation. things will settle. If you can remain silently sitting and paying attention to distractions. Sometimpsyou will feel a severepain in the head becausethe meditation is changing the inner structure of your brain.the itching will have disappeared. severepain in the stomach or in the head. Pain or pleasureare two dimensions of the same energy. there is some itching in the hand. and just wait and watch. and by and by. you will suddenly tecome aware that the ivhole body has disappeared. everything will be unsettled. if watched.And *'hen all distractions disappear. The creeping is inside. It h"pp. But for the time being.the sameenergy becomespleasure.* because meditation the whole body changes.The energy is the same. Sometimes the stomach will be affected. all distractions disappear. Have fun! . What should you dol You feel the leg is going deadl -be watchful. You feel itchingl . Within seconds.becausethe energy which was creating pain. in It changes its against trnning this riritngssing approachto pain into onotherfuwticism. You just give your attention. disappean . That will not help. not butside.aclwsand pains or nf. Don"t even open your eyes. to This applies oll Blwgwan'smedimtionrcchni4ues. So what are you to do? You simply seethe pain in the head. because the stomach you have suppressed in nurny emotions.Whatsoever happens if you feel pain.e looked and there are no ants.don't scratch.usu . You just forget that you are a doer. New'things start happening and the body is in a chaos. Not only does the pain disappearfrom the hea&. Soon. Blwgwan has wa. Sometimesyou will feel like vomiting. nauseous. If unpleawnt physicals)rnpcoms.and will suhsideso beautifully and so gracefully that you cannot believe unless you know it.34 The Orange Book Dtrwmic Medimtion 35 problems in the body. everything will subside.persist bqorrd threeor fow daysof dailymediation. You feel that the leg is going dead. you feel that ants are creeping on the body. watch it. Just give your attention inwardly. you are really in a chaos. just give your total attention to it. rhere no need is rc be a masochrst seekmedicaladcrice. and they are all stined. You be a watcher. Many times you hav.

with thebrearh soft and. like a reed blowing in the uhd.MatdolaMediation 37 Second Sage: 15 minutes r tuidrJour eJesclosed and mouthopen.Ioose.still. MantnlaMedintion T I HIS is anothetpowerful. with che head.back anA inrh.Sweepthem fully arounA. imporwnttlwt the Itis mouth remainsopenand thejaw relaxed. Feel ke wind Howing you from sideto side. cathmtic teclni4ue tlwt creates a circle of enogy dvt resultsin o rwunal centoing There are four smges 15 minutes each. ty". Forget the mind ond forget the body. Keep go' . romrc them in a clock-wise direction. This will bring yow awakened cnergies the navel Gentlr roulte Jour body from the waist.This willbring yow centeredenugiesto the third. openyou. gettingfaswr and fa. and. Bring yorn kneesup as h. to Third Smge:15 minutes I)e on ^ possible. eJe. of Fowth Snge: 15 minutes Close yow eyes and be stilJ. in as of a vast clock. smrting slawly and gadwllry. motmd utd mound. First Suge: 15 minutes Vith open e1es run on the spot.rer.Bretthing d"rpli ard arcnly will move the enagl within. the sockets if you are following the secondhond.but as fasta possible.

you come acrosslotus t I . You have repressed them. That is why all my meditation techniques are designedto creare hell first. You have been hiding them. The need catharsis for T-r fOR. greed. It willbe tiring.The need catlwrsis 39 fur I cannot create heaven for you. Buddhas say that there is great benediction. to the club. what do you come across?You don't com€ across those beautiful lands Buddhas talk about. And you will say. hatred. and you disappearfrom the world. ' That's why my emphasisis first on catharsis. a one hundred and eighry degreetum. Let the world disappearfrom you. great fragrance.Unless you go through great catharsisyou will have to passthrough many clouds. repressed there.i*ay minutes every day. Don't be wonied about them. One wants to remain occupied till one is tired and falls asleep. There is no lotus and no #agrance. And your so-calledreligions have taught you to repressthem. You c-omeacrosshells. It is all a messthere. those clouds are created by your repressioru. Anger of many lives accumulating. and you may be so impatient that you may tum back into the world. you will see only clouds. You will come acrossanger. and all klnds of black holes." You know it. that's your style of life. So when one starts looking in. Take an about-tum. so they are there. waiting for you. rubbish. "There is nothing. When you close your eyesand you start moving in. agonies. naturally one is very much puzled. and just look inside.That's the way you are living. there is only stink. In the beginning. to meer people and gossip. so one wants to remain outside. One wants to go to the movie. so they are there like wounds. just forget about the world.

One can never imaginehow helpful a pillow can be. but anger is ridiculous. thesethings are there. the world of Tao. There is nothing to hinder. write their name on the pillow or stick a picture on it. and let the angercome up as much as it can. If you catharr. sir by yourself. Do whatsoever you want to do. You will feel ridiculors. then mindfulness becomeseasier. Th. So let it be and enjoy it like an energy phenomenon.And suddenlyyou are in a totally different world .Naturally. the world of Dhamma. throw it. Piilow-beating you feel angry. And when you go in. Anger hasbeen thrown out. That is my reason why I emphasizefint chaotic meditationsand then silent meditations. Just beat it. layer upon layer. Close the room. If you are against somebody in particular. I-et it be a meditation. just be angry.and such fragrancethat it is etemal. the pillow will never is not a changing phenomenon. It is an energy . If you want to kill the hurts too. they talk about this kingdom of God that is within you.y talk about this is better to remain outside. it helps tremendously. But catharsishelps. if you go through chaotic meditations. foolish. And pus stans oozingout of the woundsand it is dirty. bite it. you only come acrosshell. you cannot do anything about it. And why go on playing with your wounds?. there is no need to be !7o* angry against someone. all these darknesses outside. But once you have thrown them out. beat a pillow. you throw all theseclouds outside. ireed has been thrown out . you can move into passivityonly when all that is there like iunk has beenthrown out. You see not Buddhalandsbut Adolf Hitler concentrationcamps. And suddenlythe bright light of the Buddhaland.the world of the Lotus Law. have a knife and kill it! It helps.40 TheOrungeBook flowers blooming . first actrve meditations. then passivemeditations. If you feel like beating. you start thinking that this is all nonsense. you can easilyslip in. And the coloui of the flowers remains the same.


Orange Meditation starts with catharsisand ends with celebration. Within three weels you will feel things going very very deeply.44 Book The. gone. you will feel free. work and Play flow very beautifully. MOR]VIIVG celebration. His whole body will become involved in it.You can use a mirror and bark and growl at it. i t i' i * '-{&' L . Once anger is relaxed. So you can try this in your room sometimes.' .

virgin. he's just making empty gestures. one in tune with the universe. Suddenly you are in a deeporgasmwith the whole. Meditation is music .. you have been under a 6oser . Mwic andDance MUrra is meditation. Not to be in meditation is not to live. r0ilhenyou dance. You can watch people. Where can it go? The more you will dance. These -! rwo doon to approach the same phenomenon. fresh. Music is meditation. Why rhis differencel .o dai\ morning celcbrationat the ashram IF a man who is angry participates in Sufi Dancing. your anger will dance if it is there. A new breezepasses the centuries is blown away. You are ahorbed by it. Somebody else'sdance has compassionin it. you love it only because around it somehow you feel meditation happening. anger is filtering through his dance. Somebody else'sdance is just stale and dull. meditation is music. love is flowing.meditation crystallizedin a certain dimension. through his gestures. God starts whispering. Your heart beatsin a different rhythm. dust of start opening.46 The Orange Book Music utd Dance 47 Meditation is life. You feel as if you have Srf Dancing I . Something ofthe unknown stafts descendingaround you . . the . A subtle dance enters into your being.They are not two. you become drunk in it. a kind of elegance. Somebody's dance has graceto it. a spiritual bath. Somebody'sdance is a kind of rage. Somebody else'sdance has ecstasyin it.clean. If you love music. alcn a bath. !7atch. and doors that have remained closedforever through melting into the dimensionless.there is nobody behind them . his dance will have anger in it. .mechanical.becausethey are carrying different layers of repression. and you can see their dances have different qualities.

ti fiJ ""a insight or bliss in merhodslike Sufi Dancing. I hese are the qualities of meditation. playfulness. He l. life is a aleela. g. it will contain all that you. will you b. aon r. It looks very serious. Iastinga toml of 65 minutes.who are looks gloomy.nthly meliwtion camp s I YATARA/ is dancea a nml medintion.n. more. There rhree are stages.. going to be your dance. Only when all the-poison fr". smoke will dance. }\I Firsr Srage:40 minwes Vjth eyes closed danceasi/possessedl-etyow unconscious . all over the rp". it looksas if it is only for people who are dead or almostdead. celebration. fun...48 The ()range Book Namraj 49 Millions of peoplemiss meditation because meditation has ta'kenon a wrong connotation. rhen sexwill bubbleuprvh.he is not serious.r. is relaxed. directly. have long faces--.a play. he fun for him. serious. Jurt i" tomlly in . lf you a. youri"". If.a often chosen the nightmedimtion as -technique at the n-. life enjoysit arefull of love.lawrajMedindon . when you start oanclng your rove wilr start overflowing it will dance all aroundyou. .re sexuallyrepressed."".who have lost festiviry.*t"i. not contror your Do mouements be a or wirnessto wltat is lwppening.n. . -{ reallymeditativepersonis playful. you dance. takewer completely. it has somethingof the church in it. "bl.

Whereverhe goes. become the dance. meditation is needed.asfar as it goes. Participate! I-et the dance flow in its own way.Then rneJitation startshappeningof its own rcord. be mergedin it. it is good. If you are standing aside and looking at your own dance. After it. That is the meditation. Then dancing is just an act. So what to do? Be totally in the dance.50 The Orange Book Natmaj 51 you Meditation is neededonly because have not chosento be h"ppy. . young. because Jivision can exist only if you are not total in it. Meditation is medicinal. :hen it becomesa meditation. until only the dance remains. If the division is there. If you have chosen to be h"ppy there is no need for any meditation. then the medicineis needed. So get involved totally. Second Snge: 20 minutes KeepingJour e1es closed. The Jancer must go. something you are doing. Forget the dancer.. it is not your being. Dance so deeply that you forget cornpletely that'you'are dancing and begin to feel that you are the dance.once you have .Buddhas don't need meditation.rc iJed that you have to be h"ppy. If you are ill. It is just a simple dance. \{editation is a function of being h"ppy. The division must disappear. \leditation follows a happy'manlike a shadow. rhen it is an exercise:good. Dance is eood in itself . don't force it. the division will remain: you are the dancer and you are dancing. Third Snge: 5 minutes Dance in celebrotion onA enjny. you * ill feel fresh. But it is not meditation yet. he is meditative. but it cannot be said to be spiritual. don't be an observer. the centre ofthe ego. . liedown immediately. then rr.whatsoever he is doing. Don't stand aside. Once you have started choosinghappiness.Be silent anl sdll. healthy.

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The O'rangeBook

A mediation for the jet-set


You should get lost. You need not remain there. you should completely disappearinto your painting, inro your dance, into breathing, into singing. In whatsoever you are doing you should be lost completely in un-control.

iience now needsgreat meditators, trtherwisethis earth is doomed.

A meditntion thejet-set far
IOU .a.t.tot find a better situation to meditate than while flying at a high altitude. The higher the altitude, the the meditation. Hence. for centuries, meditators have been moving to the Himalayasto find a high altitude. When the gravitation is lessand the earth is very far away, many pulls of the earth are far away. You are far away from the corrupted society that man has built. You are surrounded by clouds and the stars and the moon and the sun and the vast space. . . . So do one thing: stan feeling one with that vastness,and do three steps. The fint step is: for a few minutes just think that you are becoming bigger . . . you are filling the whole plane.


Then the second step: start feeling thar you are becoming even bigger, bigger than the plane, in fact the plane-isnow inside you. And the third step: feel that you have expanded into the whole sky. Now these clouds that are moving, and the moon and the stars - they are moving in you: you are huge, unlimited. This feeling will become your meditation, and you will feel completely relaxed and non-tense_

Tlu Orrye .

we are going to understandit." He said. light it with full awareness. "What are you saying?The beauty?" ''Yes. I am not joking. "Meditation? just r. me . Be -.-. of courseit was a sufferingbut you have becomeaccusromed thar too. He said. If Zen people can make a meditation out of 5-. Enjoy it. Hindus say. "Do one. it has enteredinto your world of habits." He looked thrilled. "Yes. Smell it. just as Zen people do when the smovar startssingingand the tea startsboiling .irng tea and can make it a ceremony. Then take the cigaretteout of the packet ." Then I said. It hastaken roots in your body. I don't joke. it has spreadall over. mechanical way. we are not going to stop it at all. "Nobody can stop smoking. "Then have the first puff: God in the form of smoke. this year. with fulI awareness. And what doesit to matter if you die a few hours earlierthan you would have died without smoking?What are you going to do here? What have you done?So what is the point . I said. you make it a meditation.nscious." Even when I joke.Once you have startedand once you have practisedso long." He looked a little surprised.not in the old hurried r?\'. slowly . that is true. it.rth full awareness. it doesn't matter. Enjoy everyact. it hastaken roots. Then start :apping the cigarette on your packet . and :he aroma. "Meditation out of smokingl" I said. unconsciousway. "Whatl Are He vou joking?" "No. it can start things.thing.66 The Orange Book SmokingMedimtion 67 He said. there is no hurry. The head is impotent. alert. but it cannot stop them so easily.*. I said." He yoy can become more and more aware. Thirty yearsis a long time. that year .'Annam Brahm' .. it is beautiful.I can't wait!" I gavehim the meditation. "What do you mean by 'de-automatization'?" And that's what meditation is all about. It is not just a questionofyour headdeciding. 'king can be as beautiful a meditation.rvhat does it matter?" He said.r. move slowly. it is God's smell.thirty years'practising smoking ! It has you will have to de-automatize becomeautonomous. in your chemistry. "What can I do? How can I stop smokingl" I said. "Yes. "Forget about it. de-automatization. Then smell the cigarette and the beauty of He said. everysmall act. There is no need either.Smoking is not only a question of your decision. "You do one thing: forget about stopping.'Food is God'.your head cannot do anything.whether you die Monday or Tuesdayor Sunday. "Then put it in your mouth. awarel take it out slowly. So next time. You have to understand.:ng3" He becamealive! He said. I am very serious. with full rr?reness. said. Tobacco is as divine as anything. For thirty yearsyou have smokedand lived.but very alertly. liren you are taking the packet of cigarettesout of your lsket. Fill your lungs deeply - . and divide it into as many small acts as possible. "u7hat are you . -rsren to the sound. . you are a great yogi . Why not smoke?All is God. why notl .

And then one day. not because others have said that it is bad. look watchfully. It will be from your toral being. "try it on other things too. If you love iltrw€rsrmeditate on the rose. walk slowly." I said. another puff_ and go very slowly. ifit drops. "lfyou can do it. And the seeingwill not just be intellectual.n the face of your beloved. soon you will see the whole stupidity of it. . . relax." After three months he came and he said.. this is ap'ranayam. Not becauseothers have said that it is stupid." This is the secret. And then anything and everything is fulfilling.But it dropped. if it continues. meditate you . Listen! Somebodyis talking.'l "Now.rn the moon or whatsoever like.68 The Aange Book Medintion Smoking 69 Meditation is not an experience.Justlook. watchfully' Looking. You will seeit. gossiping: listen attentively. you will be surprised.. just watch'and remain centeredin the watching and there everything is total. it will be a vision-of your toality. \Uhen you are talking. talk attentively. Otherwise nothing is total. . you need nor worrv about it. and you will see ttees are greener than they have ever been and rosesare rosier than they have ever listen.the secret:de'automatize' Walking.I am giving you the new yoga for the new age! Then releasethe smoke. If vou love food meditate on food. it drops. it is to becomeawareof the witness. rherwise nothing is fulfilling. Meditate . Let your whole waking activity become de-automatized. been.

Think not of the morrow: for three weeks live in the momenr. and Sirsllentl^t wait J -. If nothing happens don't feel frustrated. is is jusr ordinary tea. then pouring the tea . It calms you down. to sit silently and wait for it. It makesno noise. try: whatsoever you are doing. . .a tremendousexperienceif you enjoy it. do it astotally aspossible. the next moment will take care of itself. Dead people cannot drink tea. But ordinary rea can becomeextraordinarily beautiful .it waits and goes. Maybe it looks silly.Not even the footstepsare heard.wait Sir silencly and" 7l l\e word Zen peopleusefor meditation r '.responsibilities. so if something happens then you are ready to receive it.\'u-shi. Just waiting. makes you still.r fuss'. 't 1 7 r I-.lVe what happensis that meditation )OVeftUES -. with a waiting-heart. Feel thankful! And don't think of the future. makes you . it comes very silently. only very alive people.with an open heart. then tasting the tea and feeling h"ppy. occupations. Don't do anything.lose by but you are engaged other things. Even sitting for one hour and having nothing happen is good. .enjoyit! moment to moment. Justordinarytea . at least an hour every day. That still in r::rall voice is within you but you are full of noise. So if you are cngaged. And :neditationcomeslike a whisper.Make it a ceremony: making tea listening to the kettle and the sound. For three weeks. it doesn't come like a rlogan shouting. This moment you are alivel This momenr you are drinking tea. just ]ust sit silently with closedeyesin great waiting. So make it a point. If you are drinking tea it is silly to enjoy it too much . love it and enjoy it. engagements. means'nothing special'or It 'n. smelling the fragranceof it. Enjoy it with deep reverence.

It is not something that comes from the just start feeling that you are disappearing. future has nor yet appeared. But when the inner conscious knows that the outer consciousis waiting for it.only the present is. it moves around you. The wind touches the you. it comes from your innermost core. Just see how the world looks when you have gone from . Sometimes. where are you? \07here the is Il You cannot feel it. both are not. and as it is passing through the tree and there is a rustling of leaves. There is one of the most ancient meditations still used in some monasteriesof Tibet. But more and more it will come and slowly slowly there will arisean understanding betweenyou and the meditative state.sitting in the ganden. Past is no more. And in the present there is never found anything like the ego. open. it passes. The meditation is basedon the truth that I am saying to you. Pasthas disappeared. Just close your eyes. The ego has never existed in the present. there is more possibility of meeting. future is yet to be. it will come more and more. just being there. but right through you.72 The Change Book more centered and rooted. allow it to move within you and pass through you. can simply Jou disappear r^t DIrflNC under a rree. They teach that sometimesyou can simply disappear. and the wind is blowing through you . not thinking of past and future.But don't allow it just to passyou. The breeze is blowing and leavesof the tree are rustling. it is not there.not by your side. feel that you are also like a tree. Just sit under a tree.that you wait at a ceftain hour in a certain room at a certain time.

just the \dy. for lives. such tremendous silence. You can try it many times in 24 hours . Let your mirror be lowered in the bathroom so when you s€e. And that is the receptive mode. The mind is absolutely helplessthere. The G uillotine M edinti on the world. r07hen you becomemore and more alert to the fact that without you the world continuesperfectlywell. become a is somethingbeyond the mind. A few days of rememberanceand you will feel such weightlessness happening to you. You simply allow. you are not and the world continues. In your own home be as if you are not.then more and more you will be centered in the heart. Have a picture of yourselfenlargedwithout the head. then you will be able to leam another part of your being which has been neglected for long. look at it.and that can be conceived. Things go on happening without you. Visualize yourself without the head. because is the head that is the problem. . For half a second simply stop.74 The Change Book A11that the mind can do. Sit and think that the head is no more there. just the body. fl \-/NE of the most beautifultanrra meditarions: *alk and think that the head is no more cannot see your head. Continuously remember that the head is not rhere. there is no trouble in it . the mind cannot penetratemeditation. when you are no longer here. It is really a beautiful meditation.just half a secondwill do. Just try for a single secondnot to be. lusr the body. If you it can conceive ofyourselfas headless. when-you have become aholutely tftrnsparent. cannot be meditation . Where mind ends meditation begins.

'{ l .

Becar.78 The ChangeBook Justlook at the sky 79 Meditation is a device to releaseyour intelligence.Do whatsoeveryou can do and it will give you a great release and you will start looking at yourself. Find out new ways to make funny faces. funny postures. is not a thing. If you want to pray. If you want to meditate.But remember. it is you. sometimes with closed eyes. but as the consciousness. not It as the body.' with your doings: You cannot have :?. look at the sky. Keep a big mirror. If you dissolvein the outside sky then it is prayer. T . if you dissolve into the inside sky then it is meditarion.And these are the two waysto dissolve.the more intelligent you become.It is your being. We are just standing on the threshold. so is the inner sky. The more meditative you become. the within it is the same. t. runnJ races IHgRg are many old meditationswhich make useof making funny faces. It hasnothing to i. sometimeswith open eyes. tl la at Justlook the sky on the sky and whenever you MrorroTE lave time' just lie down on the ground. not as the face.leJitation is vour intrinsic nature - it s \'()u. We are just standing on the threshold of the inner sky and the outer sky and they are exactly proportionate.) ou cannot not have it. You can play with it this way and that.and watch. it is rour intelligence I don't mean funny things .You will start feeling you are separatefrom this. will be helpful. If you are not separate then how can you do all thesethings?Then the body is just in your hand. either way you can be dissolved. Intellectualiry is part of stupidity. Stand naked. it cannot be it t\)ssessed. As the outside sky is infinite. make faces. you will be surprised. as it is big without. pcly to the sky. Just doing it and watching fot 15-20 minutes.rse sky is within too.You can make it a meditation . meditate on the sky. i-et that be your Tibet it is one of the oldest traditions. is just something in your hand.

. Then go on movrng in a very subtle way. and then a moment will come when you will not be able to Thefragrance a flower of r you I Communicate theearth with .the absent : the dark paft.An: rhesetu'o skiesare not two. Becomethe nose.Nobody else will be able to smell that flower from there. near the river. | &ference.l Thefragrance a flowu of 8l ivr nrully it comesto the same:you are dissolved.thought state of nadhi. just cand somewhere ruked in the sun . Then by and by move awav from the flower very slowly but continue being attentive to the smell. jogging. You will see the earth communicates. Suddenlyyou will feel very very rooted.. and feel h)ur energy is flowing through your feer. They are two only becau* you are.B . solid.^\ try a small experiment:just naked )OUEIUE . again catch hold of the smell. If you can smell the absenceof the if you can feel that it makesa difference.on the beach. lrtsnce was just a moment before. let the smell fill you. go a few stepsfurther ahead. the smell. Now smell the absence where the of -. It is no longer -t That is the other part of its being . Then the object has become very subtle. Jog and feel your energy is going *uough your legs into the earth. A dialogue arisesbetween the earth and you. move backwards.and start jumping. then move back. the fragrance. As you move away the fragrancewill becomemore and more subtle and you will need more awareness feel it. grounded. you are making the object subtle. then in is out and out is in. then after a few minutesof jogging. then be near a flower. Forget to about the whole body and bring all the energy to the nose as if only the nose exists. When you disappear the dividing line disappears. you will see your feet communicate.just standsilently rooted to the earth and just feel a communion of your feet with the earth. gr'l it is reaching near to the no.r':g.. If you lose track of the makes -ll. F have a goodnose. By and by you will be able to smell a flower from a very very great distance. you are the dividing line. through your lces to the earth.80 The ()".

just for a few minutes relax the breathing system. rll see a change in the man as if something unknown hasenteredinto his being.becomesilent. If you concentftlte. accept it. feel it. When the 'Peace nan enters. Then close your eyesand watch the breatiling going in. The fellow passenger snoring by is rejected.. a Meditation is not concenration.nothing else _ there is no need to relax the whole body. then the noise of the car becomesa disturbance. He will be totally different.82 The Orange Book Simply relax the breathing 83 All thesemeditationsthat you aredoing here are nothing but efforts to disturb your just settlewithin yourself. going in. Siiting in the train or plane.-: side. Suddenlyyou . accept it. The traffic is passingqr: s okay.The car is humming =. Don't just say it.:crtectly okay. you create trouble. any time that you good. the personsitting besideyou becomes disturbance. Try it. choosea time and close the room and become t-eel .lfyoutry ro concenftatesitting in rhe car. part of life. or in the car. Don't concentrate.' latching. r-.Let it be as when it is functioning naturally. r. Every day for fifteen minutes. Nothing Simplyrelnxthebreathing VVHENEVER you find time. It is simple awareness. In 'Peacebe this man' to 'Wtrn somebody comes to see you or meer r. nobody will becomeaware that you_are doing something. nothing is excluded.deepdown feel peacefor him' Fbel: 5c to this man'. Bhagwangaue this tensiontechniEte for thosewho hac)e pattern af frustration and angu awwe of a persistent become n theirday-to-dnyaffairs. You simply relax and watch the breathing. because then everything becomesa disturbance. coming out. Just relax the breathing ' system.

Don't hit anything. Put on an alarm and when the alarm goes.That is the point to remember. look at Buddha.For fifteen minutes work to a climax.l-w . bring compassionin' think about compassion. no otherwise the stomach will be released. expression. Once you bring it in it absorbs' Anger is there.because o*. make it astense as you can. go into the room. It will be very **ful. but don't releaseit . sit silently. as if one is at one hundred degrees. *.r<v &J Ponderon the oPPosite 85 argTy .not even a pillow to hit.and immediately the energy they are the same' The opposite is the changes. What is contentment? Bring a balance.but don't releaseit. and feel compassion. contemplateon comPassion' Do one thing: keep a statue of Buddha.Don't scream.Suddenly you will see a transformation happening within you' The anger is . . If you feel the shouldersare becoming tense.rr"tgy.-. For example: if you are feeling very discontented' *hat to do? Ponderon the oPPosite' If you are feeling discontented. This heating of the system will force your pattems to melt. try the hardestyou can.almost as if on a volcano. on Ponder theoPPosite Fr lruS it a beautiful you follow me?It is just the exact opposite of catharsis. Let the whole bodv be astenseas possible. closeyour eyesand just watch what is happening. boiling within and with no release.-riv meditation can uncondition you. Relax the body. If you feel tension arising in the stomach as if something is going to explode. contemplate about contentment. If your mind is angry. Go on forcing it . pull the stornach release. And asthe alarm stops. sit guaad-iiL. For fifteen minutes get heated up. go almost crazy with anger. otherwise the shoulderswill bc releasedand relaxed. . make them more expression. Repressit in every way . because that statue is the gestureof compassion' Whenever you feel angry.

85 Ttrr .

and soon you will be able to feel that if you are sad and come to the tree. your sadness will disappearjust in the presenceof the tree. you don't say"Get out. on the bark of the tree you will feel tremendous energy moving when you 'When come. a ven subtle victim. Then only will you be able to understand thar you are interdependenr. let the tree feel that you are a good man and that vou are not in the mood to harm. I don't want tr) do anything with you. No. And when it is no more there. the quality of the tree rmmediately changes. .with no complaint. r+'ithit. That is how it has taken possession you from the back door.t fighr " it. \JO cmbrace the' to no. When you sit by the tree.t of sa)''no' even to no . you don't want to push it away. you will feel many things. just sit by the sideof the rree. Don. But you are followinr the yes. talk to the tree. By and by friendship arisesand you will start t'eelingthat when you come. If you art iight with it you have alreadybecomea victim. When you fight with no you have said . nor taking any attitude about Ignoring it is rhe grearest to kill no. Makingfriends wtth a tree /to a tree. You will feel it.--:-{. get lost.make the ree h"ppy. the no has alreadywon over you. Simply follow yes. yog touch the tree. all the energyinvolved in it is released and that released energv rvill make your yes a great stream. you simply recognise rhat it is there. rouch the tree. with no anger.just ignoreit." You don't say anything in ange: to it.vou seeit is no more there. You don't repress you don. ^ gorngro follow yes. you don't w?rrt rL throw it into the basementof your unconsciousness in the dark mind. You will be surprised that by and by it becomes lean and thin because is becoming starved. with no grudge. feel the tree. For one month follow yes and don't fight with no. and one day it suddenly. :>. you don't do anything to rr. You can. she is as happy as a child. as a beloved.

e0 rtuw. .


no action. It has no seedin it. when you have looked into your life and seen all your motivesfailing.vthing? comesfrom nowhere.It is uncaused.94 The Orange Book Medimtion lws no goal 95 Meditation is adventure. you are worldly . You just are and it is a sheerdelight. . You have seenthat the motives lead nowhere. From where doesthis :clight come when you are not doing :n. almost driving you mad. driving you. it has no motive in it. motive has no ever brought any blessing anybody.Meditation is just to be. No motive has ever succeeded.ecause existenceis made of the the stuffcalledjoy. Even if you are meditating to attain to God.suddenlyyouseeinto it. in trivia. and you are deceivedagain. that you go on moving in circles.The motivesonly to promise. Then you are worldly. no thought. from i. and that very seeingis the beginningof meditation. or it It i t)rTI€S remain the same.because meditation has no goal. . Even if vou are meditating to attain to nirvana. Then you are still in the world . . If you are meditatingfor something. but The handsremain asempry asever. the goodsare never delivered. When this hasbeen seen. the greatest adventurethe human mind can undertake. Meditation is an insight that all goals are false.The motivesgo on and on leadingyou. then vou are concentrating. not meditating. One motive fails and another motive comes in and promisesyou again . . Medimtionhns goal no IVIEDITATION comesinto existenceonly when you have looked into all motives and found them lacking. one day suddenlyyou become aware. . Being deceivedagain and again by motives.your mind is still interestedin cheap rhings. when you have gone through the whole round of motivesand you have seenthe falsity of it. Meditation is an understandingthat desires dqn't lead anywhere. creatingnew desires. no emotion. not doing anything . you are worldly. nothing is ever achieved.

engine humming. he becomesfidgety. in the end the most . So the body remains in the present and the mind goeson hopprng berween past and future and there is a split .:."ry. The breath goesout. I.h. T You breathe here and now.ring the ignition off. lr" i". He is like a car. b. That's what meditation is: the an of . going in and going out. let it be mirrored in your being that the breath is going out. ignitio..the most difficult thing in the world in the beginning. alwavs remainedoccupied. He becomesso restless. he stans feeling that ants are. this is the deepest manffa that has ever been invented.. is so easy.that.. Jttang MaorroTION meansgiving a few minures to non-occupation. but the engine is humming anJbecoming hotter and hotter. o. If you tell somebodyjust to sit and not to do anything.s why it is so difficult.r.(-\. although the car is not going anywhere. If you can see the breath going in and going out.cra-wling the leg or something is happening on in the body.. and you will feel such tremendous silence descendingon you. You cannot breathe tomorrow and you cannot breathe yesterday."*. . In the beginning it will be very difficult .You have to breathe this moment but you can think about tomorrow and you can think about yesterday. You have forgottei how to put the ignition off.thedeepest IHE breath goesin.. m^antra Breath. let it be mirrored in your being that the breath is going in.

then Vipassana.. The touch will be easier to watch.. !7hen the breath comes in. Bhngw talksabout Vipas ana an s between body and mind. purified from repressed traumas and 'r()unds.. go with it. pres. in the beginning just watch the touch.- <1 J.When this has happenedand i\)u have becomeable to laugh and you have becomeable to love.y ..and your psychealso . it stops. tension and anguish O. feel the touch of rhe breath at the entrance ofthe nose .then follow it ..Then it movesoutwardsagain. tirn.rl th. so in dance your arrnour drops. Then again the cycle starts. ". The mindlas ". the breath stops for a very tiny moment.again you will come to a point.rins and poisons. They never come acrosseach other.againfeel the touch. breath will be too subtle. The body goes in the present and the mind is never in th. The breath goesin. just start watching your )lfflNC t reath. tense.rd meet. You will find rhere comesa point where it it oth. so your life becomesmore so all you have repressed is thrown out and your body is purified of . i.r.r. for apol. The easiestway to watch is from the entrance of rhe nose. Anj because of thatsplit. anxiety. to be brought to the present becausethere is .. Follow it.Just somewhere near your navel it stops. First you have to shout in joy and sing.for a tiny tiny moment. a Vipasvru 99 First you have to dance. go with it outside . . r^l silently. the breath going out of the nose. And rhen follow it.u. First you have to cathart. this tension is worry. and you feel it going in: watch it.

And the breath has stopped. gap. and the f. utterly conscious. you are not to stop allow its naturalness. when you are sad a different rhythm aain. When the breath comes in and stops and there is no movement. you will see. the moods of the mind change. thinking is absolutely impossible bcerse the thought processneeds continuous oxygen' d rour thought processand your breathing are very &4{v related. watching it. And in that stops stopping you com€ to know for the first time what is the breath iruide the breath. Remember. . life meet God. Your breathing goeson changing with the moods d the mind. you are not to change the breath pattem. and you are there. two gaps you will are perfectly consciors. breathing is no more there. Becausewhen the breathing stops you are there. gap.J . Or when the breath goes out and stops and there is no movement. That gap is the most mysterious phenomenon inside you.what Buddha calls Vrpassancor Atlapanasati Yog .mayb a food for life.100 The OrangeBook Vipasnna 101 Inhalation. and for minutes the breath doesnot go out. .And when the breath stops. becausethe doer will come in and witnessing will disappear.if you go on watching it. mind stops.r. it stops on its own. exhalation. it is not that. And once you continue this watching of the breath . \fhen you afe happy a different trtath rhythm. That experience is liberating.becausethe mind is the world.You are not to do. Finally it happens that for minutes together the gap remains. for -hng Drres together..anything about it. And vice versa is also true . thCr breath itself is not life . has stopped. . It is not like pranayam of yoga. gap. when it comesin you follow it.ust like other foods. You don't touch the breath at all . That experiencemakesyou alert of God and God is not a person but the experienceof life itself. perfectly there .re o. V/hen you are angry your breath has a different d6hm. slowly slowly you will see the gap is increasing and becoming bigger. And soon you will become aware that there are two gaps. The world has stopped. inhalation. you are neither to inhale nor to exhale. In those two gaps is the door. And rhen breath stops. If you stop it you will miss the whole point. where you sart manipulating the breath. when you are silent a different &rent tcath rhythm again. time has stopped. In that stopping of the mind the whole world . that is the point *h.when the beath changes. And in those. when you are sexually stimulated you have a breath rhythm. bhng is not possible. Becausewhen the breath stops. its natural flow. One breath goes in. All b roped. lil7hen it goes our you follow it. but not life itself. watching it.

inthe same doesn'thaueto be a silentplace. There is is neidtsr success failwe . In Vipassanait can happen somerimesthat one feels very sensr. Whatettercomes canbe up urttched.return to of au'areness br eathing. of Remember. Questionsand problemsmay just be seena. to - Fird a comfortableplace n sit 45 to 60 minutes.ughr.Meditation is a delight in your own is not an objectiveto remain watchingthe breathing a whole hour. cn but don't sitfnr at leastan how after eatingcn befcre sleeping. you becomea silent pool of energy.simply allo*' rhe afientionto go to them.l0Z The Orcnge Baok Vipassona 103 Meditation is just being delighted in your own presence.but insightsmay .at the nosecyr is in the area of the stonwchor solar plexus. When for rh.. nar Therc is nothingto figrne out cn arwlyse. cn a sraight-backedchotr u any afiangernent of is there any improuement.When you simply sit.ral.e. cloud"s. It's impmnnt n sit uith your fuck andheadsrraight. you are so silent and energy is because not dissipated. Bhagwan nlks about the upsnrgeof energy often feh by people snrting V ipassarut.eject. feelings sensations cyr arise. closed be anl the body as still as possible. whereverthe sensation f elt mostclear. nothing special meqnt to lwppen.smells atA breezes from outsid. Whenever thereis a choice what to watch.. so the rise and fall of enchbreath shouldbe watched. and the . There are daily Vipassarw sittingsduing the monthly mediation cqmpsat the aslvam.passingin sky-you neithu clingnor as rhe . Expuiment until you find" thesitwtion youfeelbestin. There is no specialbreathing techni4ue. A mediation benchcan help. Vipasww is bosedon the aworeness the of breath. r 7.It hetps for placeeuerl day.Youcan sit once twiceoday.ome about anything.or when youbecome . Yotn eyesshould.ordinary. not doing anything.. andit to sitat thesametime and.smysteries be enjoyed. vtpassana irurghr Medintion Upassanais not concentration and.ntare of saund. natural breathingis fine. Ordinarily much energyis dissipated and you are exhausted..

the central managementof your body. So rhe brain never loses any energy.are all round. When the energy is too much inside you and you cannot do anything. It almost comesto a point where it is overflowing . It is almost a safety-valve. as if the dust has fallen from you and you have taken a bath. That's why all the planets . . They don't sleep much but they are full of energy. Otherwise thev will leak energyand will die.Theseare the points from where the energy moves and flows our. and are being cleansed with the if all the senseshave become fresh. you may not havb eaten. And the posture of sitting is very very energy-coruerving. and once a day.parricularly Buddhist monks who have been doing Vipassana centuriesfor don't eat much. They eat once and that too a very meagremeal. younger. So enjoy it. ir moves into anorher hand.becarse that is the most impoftant. But something has happened to them. Feet touching feet .so it is protected by a round skull. They don't need to. So a woman can make love to many personsin one night but a man cannot. and the way you sit becomesalmost a circle. alive. . Energy cannot leak out from any round thing. you become rounded. even sexuality . they will work the whole day. you will suddenly become aware as if the gravitation has ). very small. . Hence the male sexual organ is a pointed thing becatrseit has to leak much energy. you may call it at the most a breakfast.feet upon feet. The lotus position in which Buddhists sit is such that all the ends of the body are meeting. Energy moves within you. . . you releaseit sexually. In the sexual act a woman never releases any energy. a very very good sign. A woman can even conserveenergy if she knows how. One coruerves it: one becomes by and by a pool. on the farm. But it is a good sign. and then you feel sensuous. hands touching hands. From your head no energy is releasedoutside. it conserves. because the energy to flow out. handsupon hands. but you feel a cerrain fullness.they work hard. in the field. It is not going and sun and moon and the sta6 . By and by you will feel almosr a fullness in your belly. And then the onrush of sensuality. It is not that they are not working. When you sit. You may be empry. It has been made by nature in a round shape. They will chop wood and work in the garden. You feel a new sensitivity. It has to be protected . . . So if this hand releases energy. That's why people . somerhing pointed is for needed. And they are not escapists. That happens. Becomingan astrorrriutof the inner spare Many times in deep meditation. sensualness. and now the energy is no more being dissipated.- FarlE+i#ffi 104 The Orange Book Vipassaw 105 pool goeson becoming bigger and bigger and bigger. she can even get energy.

First for two. then start spreadingout of the room. If you can imagine the hugeness. is difficult . By and by. you will feel so beautiful. And within twelve days bring it to such a point that you cannot find yourself. . When you were with closedeyes meditating you forgot your body. start rhe reverseprocess. But when you open the eyes. . twelve can imagine the smallness. That now it is up to you. . by Just sit in your bed for five or ten minutes and visualisewith closedeyes . bigger. And then fill the whole sky. You are just like a tiny toy and you will feel lt. You have become so atomically small that it is impossibleto ffnd where you are. greaterthan going to the moon. then twelve days the other. allow it. feel that your body is becoming bigger. if you want you can simply fly up to the sky. Just move the other way. fill the whole sky. so happy and so cenrered that vou cannot imagine it.Then even smaller _ so small that you can hold yourself in your will stop it and that stopping will disturb your meditation. Enjoy it as in a dream you fly. and feel the sun and the moon and the stan moving inside you. the dimension of grace. your head is touching the roof. The day you have filled the whole sky. then even smaller.sit and then staft imagining you are becoming very small. For two days again. In meditation go wherever you want.suddenly the body is there. slowly. three daysjust feel this. Close your eyes. because once you start thinking it is crazy. you moved to a different dimension. Your body is not as big as it appears.fill the whole neighbourhood. In the reverseprocess. And don't be afraid. Fill the whole house. . Enjoy it. This you continue for ren. You will start feeling that now you cannot move your hands .it has becomeone foot high. Make it asbig as possible. and many more things soon will become available to you. that it is now up to you to decide whether to fly or not. becoming an astronaut of the inner spaceis the greatestadventure. Bhagwansuggests beautiful techni4uefar thosewhome this of disanbed sensacioru physicaliruabilirl andfl1ing. becomesmall. bigger. The whole sky is yours. and you will feel that the room is inside you. Make yourself as huge as the whole spaceand then make yourself as small as an invisible aio* twelve days one. the earth is there. Then even smaller .so big that it almost starts touching the walls of the room. the gravitation is there. rise higher and higher into the sky. It is the greatestadventure. Then spreadoutside the house. .106 The Otange Book Vipaswrc 107 disappeared. and feel the whole neighbourhood inside you. That now nothing holds you down.

you are simply sitting.because is the most useless it thing in the world. and suddenly everythingis cool.108 The OrangeBook Vipassana 109 Meditation can give you the greatest glimpses. you don't can closeyour eyesand move into the useless. Is anybodyready to buy itl Nobody will be ready to buy i t . everythingis being done by others. It is useless. It is not a commoditv. But it has no value on the market. may be in paradise. whatsoever You happens. but In meditation you move knowingly. And suddenly the everythingbecomes silent. travelling in a car or train or an aeroplaner lou are not doing anything. Sitting in a busyou arenor neededto do anything. You simply don't do anything.happensunconsciously. you simply move into silence. And once you know the path. then you becomeawareof the path: how to move from the useful world of the without to the useless world within. and suddenlyyou are at the sourceof all life. you cannot say:I havegreatmeditation. I I I . inner. in It is greaterthan sleepbecause sleep you are unconscious. you cannotgo and sell it. any moment you can simply move inwards.


This is only for twenty minutes. \feditation is not really a searchfor enlightenment. And it is a smile. simply say. You can do it during the day.just a whisper. it is like the bucket being pulled out of the well. so your work is only when rhe breath goesout. go into the universe. So four. You need not be afraid of what the other will think. Once you have known what this smile is you can remain happy for twenty-four hours. but rrside so that you can hear it. allow me to come in. . five minutes to get into it. When the breath goesout. you call. delicate.simply wait. each outgoing breath. just closeyour eyesand catch hold of that smile again and it will be there. 'Bhagwan' belly is smiling. It is alwaysthere. just wait. And when the breath comesin. and then twenty minutes to remain in it. \07henthe breath comes rn. And in the daytime as many times as you want you can catch hold of it. not very loudly . And whenever you feel that you are missingthat happiness. you are not bringing it to because somebody else's notice. Enlightenment comes without any search. fragile . You can be absolutelyfree.LIz The ()range Book 'Bhtgwan'113 Only meditation can help you totally. WITH 'Bhagwan' inside. in the night. When the breath goesout. and when the breath comesout. not a laughter. Don't do anything .like a small roseflower opening in the belly and the fragrancespreadingall over the body. You can do it it is very very soft. you arebringing it in front of your own being. So in all twenty-five minutes at the most. The outgoing breath is almost like dropping a bucket into a well.

In the beginning it will seema little difficult but atier a few daysyou will enjoy it tremendously.. You can watch the trees . The fourth thing is. becatrsethe eyes are there Bodhidharmasat for nine. Let it be natural and that will relax .First find a good posture.rcn more. rt. A moment comes when you are simply there with no mind. because the if i..that is not a problem becatrse they are not moving and the scene remains constant. And the third thing. no goal to achieve . These efforts createripples. That -. the TazenMediaaon group sitsfor one are hora u'd newcomers encovragedn count the outbrenths fur the first fiue cn ten minutesto help bing about the ' .yearsjust facing the u'all. They become a distraction.and he achieved the greatestthat is possible. Don't j. In a moving body. by and by... {rng at anything in particular. is not even meditation. it is one energy.rne has to look at something. let your body remain as rnmobile as possible. becausewhen you meditate you are trying to do something: rememberingbeing God or even rememberingyourself. For example things should not be moving too much. all He was not going anywhere.just emptiness.just a diffuse image. the mind automaticallyfalls silent. relax your breathing. There was no desire to move. The second thing is. It simply meansthat all movements withered away becduse motivation withered away.The rradition has it that his legs withered away. you settle. i. You will sce. They are one . To me that is symbolic. but whatsoever you are looking at should not be too exciting. but you are not . Don't focts or :.axes very much.ll+ Book The Orange Tszen lI5 it Tazenis deep unoccupiedness. the mind also continues to move.ur .ienrrate on anything .1r doesnot move. You can sit anywhere.He is one of the rarestsoulsthat . You can watch the sky or just sit in the comer watching the wall. layer upon layer of the mind starting to Jrop. dorlt look at anything in particular .'rnce \.just sitting for nine years. iet it happen. remain immobile. . . relaxation of choiceless awareness' I irJ . doing nothing . kzen IN the :an sit on a pillow or mattressor whatsoeveryou feel.ecausebody-mind are not two things.


Meditation is not escaping from life: it is escapinginto life. !7e are all travellen. It is not that you have a mirror. Mind is escaping from life. getting out of the mind. although it is thought to be the most escapistthing. Man has been travelling and travelling for thousandsof lives .it cannot be lost because is your it very nature. layers and layen of drut and you cannot see the mirror. t/f . But the mirror is still there .n consciousness. in the present. The traveller is the mirror. They are simply t?lking nonsense. Peoplewho condemnmeditation alwayscondemnit with the argumentthat it is escape. If it can be lost then-it cannot be your nature. It is natural .getting out of thoughts.118 The O'rangeBook Meditators are thought to be escapists.dust the most. Meditation means getting out of desire. He cannot lose it. There is only dust upon dust. Meditation is the only thing in the world which is not escapist.Only the meditator is not an escapisteverybodyelse is. Looking IVIEDITATION is nothing but the art of opening your riruch so that the mirror has completely disappeared. much dust has gathered . escaping from life.the art ofcleansing your eyes. he can only forget it .dust gathers. you are the mirror.the aft of dropping the dust that is gathered on the mirror of yor.they don't understand what they are saying. forgetfirlness. That is utter nonsense. desireis escapingfrom life. Meditation meansrelaxing in the moment.

120 The OrangeBook Look@ IzL Meditation is opening the eyes. Meditation acts in the present. It is a pure responseto the present. in meditation. t. The responseout of nothingness is what meditation is all about. I will just look'. Don't say anything. It acts not out of conclusions.that look is mediation. Just seeing the facticity of a certain thing. don't Eilnlise. the blue of the river iust sit silently and look into the blue of it and you will feel a :tl !i-. a cloud ooving in the sky. Just have a look. In the beginning it will be simply look.1. a tree. from which you can remain &tached. Yotr are too not much involved.. but start with drirgs in which you arc nor too involved. the blue of the sky. Don't bring in words. with which you can remain indifferent. The mind will feel comfonable.r . You simply say to the mind'Be silent. too emotio:rally anached. And becausethere is no motive and no centre. Meditation has no motive.a rock. of a certain state. You don't function from a centre. and that is meditation . the sun rising. The colaw of silence \07henever you have some view of something blue. [. uneasy.but too involved. The mind would like to say redring. Start from neutral things and only then move towards emotionally loaded situations. '{y'.cbns witlput words The exisrential moment is right now. Don't say'beautiful'. Mind concentrated acts out of the past. Try in small things not to bning the mind in. Argry a in love . Simply look.ook at things which are neutral . it acts seeing the existential. It will be fficult to look at your wife without bringing worrdsin. meditation is looking. a fower. Just look at things with which you . you act out of nothingness. out of the present. it is not reaction. is mediation. You lool at a flower . a bird in flight. hence there is no centre to it. there is no self in it. let me :c.

Book l2Z The Orange

Lnoking 123

very deep tuning with it. A great silence will descendon you whenever you meditate on the colour blue. Blue is one of the most spiritual colours because it is the colour of silence, stillness.It is the colour of tranquility, rest, relaxation. So wheneveryou are really relaxed, insideyou will suddenlyfeel a blue luminosity. And if you can feel a blue luminosity you will immediatelyfeel relaxed. It works both ways.

I-aok into yow heolache

Next time you have a headache try a small meditative technique, just experimentally- then you and bigger symptoms. crrn go on to bigger diseases \7hen-you have a headache just try a small experiment.Sit silently and watch it, Iook into it - not as if you are looking at an enemy, no. If you are looking at it as your enemy, you will not be able to look rightly. You will avoid - nobody looks at the enemy directly; one avoids, one tends to avoid. Look at it as your friend. It is your friend; it is in your service. It is saying, "something is wrong - look into it." Just sit silently and look into the headache with no idea of stopping it, no with no desirethat it should disappear, conflict, no fight, no antagonism.Just look into it, into what it is. the Watch, so if there is some inner message, give it to you. It has a coded message. headache can And if you look silently you will be surprised.If you look

i..cnrly three things will happen. Fint: the more you . .'k into it, the more severeit will become.And then . .'u will be a little puzzled: "How is it going to help if it is ':<;.rming more severe?"It is becoming more severe r.cause you have been avoiding it. It wasthere but you .ere avoiding it; you were already repressing- even . rthout the asproyou were repressingit. When you look :nto it, repressiondisappean. The headache will come :.. its natural severity. Then you are hearing rr with unpluggedears, no wool around your ears. First thing: it will become severe. If it is tecoming severe, you cirn be satisfied that you are looking rightly. If it does not become severe, then you are not looking yet; you are still avoiding. Look into it - it becomessevere. That is the first indication that. res, it is in your vision. The second thing will be that it will become more pin-pointed; it will not be spread over a bigger space. First you were thinking, "lt is my whole head aching." Now you will seeit is not the whole head, it is Justa small spot. That is also an indication that you are gazing more deeply into it. The spread feeling of the ache is a trick - that is a way to avoid it. If it is in one point then it will be more severe. So you create an illusion that it is the whole head which is aching. Spread all over the head, then it is not so intenseat any point. These are tricks that we go on playing. [.ook into it and the second step will be that it comes to be smaller and smaller and smaller. And a moment comeswhen it is just the very point of a needle


The OrangeBook

Lktenhry 125

-ver! sharp, immensely sharp, very painful. You have never seen such pain in the head. But very much confined to a small spot. Co on looking into it. And then the third and the most important thing happens. If you go on looking at this point when it is very severeand confined and concentrated at one point, you will seemany times that it disappears. When your gazeis perfect it will disappear. And when it you will have the glimpse of where it is disappears coming from - what the cause is. When the effect you will $eethe cause. It will happen many disappears times. Again it will be there. Your gazeis no more that alert, that concentrated, that attentive - it will come back. Whenever your gazeis reclly there, it will disappear;and when it disappears,hidden behind it is the cawe. And you will be surprised:your mind is ready to reveal what the causeis. And there can be a thousand and one causes. The same alarm is given becausethe alarm system is simple. There are not many alarm systems your body. in For different causesthe same alarm is given. You may have been angry lately and you have not expressedit. Suddenly, like a revelation, it will be standing there. You will seeall your anger that you have been carrying, €rryrng . . . like pus inside you. Now this is too much, and that angerwants to be released.It needsa catharsis. Cathart! - and immediately you will seethe headache has disappeared.And there was no need for the aspro, no need for ani, treatment.

Yqr are your undoing, you are the brrrier. Meditation is when the aditator is not!

^[\fURm passive- not doing anything, jnst lncning. And listening is not a doing. You have nothing to do to listen to anything - your ears are drrays open. To see you have to open the eyes - at lcast that much has to be done. To listen, not even that much has to be done - ears are always open. You are dways listening. Just don't do anything and listen.


Usteningwik sympathy

Listening is a deep participation between the body and the soul and that is why it has been used as one

L26 The Orange Book

of the most potential methods of meditation, becauseit bridgesthe two infinitesr the material and the spiritual. And let this be your meditation; it will help you. ri7henever you are sitting, just listen to whatsoever is going on. It is the market-place and there is much noise and traffic, and the train and the plane; listen to it with no rejection in the mind that it is noisy. Listen as if you are listening to music, with sympathy. And suddenly you will seethat the quality of the noise has changed. It is no more distracting, no more disturbing. On the contrary it becomesvery soothing. If listened to rightly, even the market-place becomesa melody. So what you are listening to is not the point. The point is you are listening, not just hearing. Even if you are listening to something that you have never thought of as worth listening to, listen to it very cheerfully as if you are listening to a Beethoven sorurta.-And suddenly you will see that you have transformed the quality of it. It becomesbeautiful. And in that listening, your ego will disappear.

A ptllarof energy
.l-L certain silence immediately comes to you if you stand quietly. Try it in the comer of your room. Just in the comer, stand silently, not doing anything. Suddenly the energy also stands inside you. Sitting you will feel many disturbancesin the mind because sitting is the postureof a thinker; standing, the energyflows like a pillar and is distributed equally all over the body. Standing is beautiful. Try it becausesome of you will find it very very beautiful. If you can stand for one hour it is just wonderful. Just by standing and not doing anything, not moving, you will ftnd that something settleswithin you, becomessilent, the centering happeru and you will feel yourself like a pillar of energy. The body disappean.


you be indifferent. if they don'tcome.Feelthe silerce thewort of n9 \{editation is your birthright! It is there. doing nothing. if you don't want them. . You simply remain unconcemed. you will become penistent.and that is exactly what I mean: collapse . Sitting in your bed. \il?hatdo you have to do with it? And you will be surprised. Take the womb-postureas the child remains curled up in the mother's womb and immediately you will feel the silence is coming. It is just the humming of a great machine. good. it does not concem you. And it is really a traffic noise. A few thoughts sometimeswill come.W silencebecomeyour meditation. Sit this way and then by and by you will start feeling that you want to put your head on the floor. become a dance. Don'tftght. I if you push them away. the brain trafftc of millions of cells communicating with each other and energymoving and electricity jumping from one cell to another cell. not concemed at all if they come. If you fight you will becomedisturbed.somebody else'sproblem maybe. don't prsh them away. let them be there on the periphery as if traffic noise is there. jwt collapsein silence . let them pass. T?iting for you to relax a little so it can slng a song. completely disappear. the samesilence that wasthere in the mother's womb. Then put the head on the if you are a small child in your mother's womb. but not youn. so let it be there.and you will be left all alone. it is not your problem . go under a blanket and curl up and remain there utterly still. they will be very stubbom about going. Wheneveryou have time. good. You become completely indifferent to it.moments will come when the noise will disappear. Feelthe silence thewomb of L.

lii. it has to be changed. and the name is so beautiful that you can go on torturing yourself. E\IENING and sing slwke.:i.130 The OrangeBook Neeer be a masochist Never be a masochist. Then something will fft absolutely .l ._ I teach happiness. not torture! you feel sometimesthat something is becoming heavy. If becoming rough going. Don't tofture yourself in any name I I ' :-i r. You will have to change rnany times.not only with your mind. By and by you will come to a point where no change will be needed. but with your soul. with your body. So remember . People have tortured themselves very much in the name of religion.


.n. The Chaotic Meditation. rock-like within. Then the irp ir no.134 The OrangeBook Shoke 135 Do my meditations. If you are doing the Kundalini Meditation. feel blissful about it. Stand silently. melts. they will make the strings tight or loose. !7hen I say shake I mean your solidity. Then the shaking will be there but just on the surface. these are not really meditations. don't do it. they simply go on fixing their are the question. fluid. stone-like.. be absorbed. or the Kundalini. Allow things to h"pp. Then there is no shake. or rcmetimes even more. Then there is a vast Jsrance betweenyou and the truth. flows. . you become two: the manipulator and 6e manipulated. welcome it. tnven and hell are created srmediately. and the body will just be following. rather let them happen. If you force it will become an exercise. or the Nadabrahma. allow it. receive it. Don't manipulate. Float in them. it will not penetrate you. You are just getting in tune. a bodily physical exercise. but don't will it. Enjoy it. feel it coming and when your body starts a little trembling. And when rhe rock-like being becomesliquid. Don't force them. if you have seen lndian classicalmusicians playing. Then nrbody is doing it. Don't manipulatebecause when you manipulate you are divided. You will remain solid. it is simply happening. The body is not the question . the doer.Once you are two. your body will $llow. It is like . your rock-like being should shake to the very foundations so drat it becomesliquid. abandon yourselfin them. then allow the shaking. but not willfully. and the drum player will . only shaking. For half an hour. help it but don't do it. They will move their knobs. you will remain the manipulator. but not willfully.

ration. but bend orer as far as you can go condorraily.Start swayinggartly.whether it is perfect or not. it surrounds you. then the waiting. Dance rhe movement becomesecsraticthen !7"t* n is a dance. Sucying Mdiatiur First stage: 20 minutes Sit crosslegged wik eyraclosed.L36 Tfu OrangeBook Slrake 137 go on checking his drum . hlorll . it dances around you. it descendson you. only the dance remained _ no ego. Then you are utterly there. There is no need to find any other meditation. wirhajerk. ken m rhe nght. by shouting . by dancing. then it is a dance. The whole point is how to lose oneself.And then it comes. A point . Waiting with full awareness. How you do that. lLd s4ge: 20 minutcs Srnd in a ccrnrst. You have woken yourself up by jumping. For half an hour they go on doing this. Once you are alert.these are all devices to make you a little more alert than you ordinarily are. it was to achieve an ecsrasy where the dancer was lost. And you should know that dancing came into the world as a technique of meditation.t sage: 20 minutes gt silent\. then meditation starts. This is not music. this is just preparation.des. is irrelevant. Do tlis atdvend of tfu sway. You are preparing your instrument. by breathing. it purifies you. The beginning dancing was not the dance. When it is ready. When the movement is so total there is no cao. the body flowing spontaneously. on both si. nobody manipulating. It is just prepa. then you stand in silence. Iet ut the sound'lno' -dnitfvrcefully. Just lose younelf. it cleansesyou. or where. absolutcly still. it plays around you. it transforms you. The swayingneed not irutolve the whole of tfu bdy. Kundalini is not really meditation. unrwuing. !(/aiting is mediadon. When you ruch the fwtlwt point. Dance itself becomesa meditation if the dancer is lost. first w thelefr side.

So if you are not feeling like doing it one day and others are. a sculptor.138 The ()range Book Dance I39 comeswhere you are not. Then dance will have a totally different quality to it. But a dancer. all techniques will disappear. more helpful. as if you are dancing with your lover. Make it a point to simply dance to God. asyou will becomemore and more in tune with the unknown. Meditation is playfulness. kt God be your lover. . when dance is pure and simple. . Meditation is needed as something separate for people who don't have any very deep creative energ)'. That will be better. Dance is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to a man. You will simply dance as a small child . . All that they need is to make their dimension so deeply penetrating that a point of transcendencecomes. as a pnyer. that you are moving in dimensionswhich have never been known to you. \{editation has nothing to do with !€riousness. Dance as if you are deep in love with the universe. You will feel for the first time that you are taking steps that you have never'taken before. That's why my insistence here is more on dancingr on singing. Hence. . Then it sinks inside vou. One day you do it and another day you feel that you are tired and have other things to do. Unfamiliar and unknown ground will be traversed. So there is no need to be technical . no direction for their energy to get so deeply involved that they can be lost. And without techniques. man is very weak and willless. funce together You can create a small group of friends who can Jance together. as if you are possessed. . their energy moves you. So don't think about meditation separately. . By and by. Man s so weak that alone it is difficult to continue anything. need not have any other meditation. And there is nothing like dancing . so your energy comes through. Meditations bring results only when they are done in a persistent way.because is not an He examiner. So for at least one hour every day. and still things go on . schoolsare needed. Left alone. it is perfect. Somedaysomebodyelse is not feeling like it but you are. . a painter. forget all technique.

it will take one form. play. the well will never be ready' You have to dig the same place continuouslY' Sornake it a point.rst sand in the middle of the room. just feel the wind passing . the same atmosphere. get identified with the tree' Go into the open if it is possible. So just sitting silently.r. Dance winds. time is charged. talk with primal . become a tree and let the wind passthrough you. Don't force any pattem.g is back. rhasoever is the need of the energy it will. at the sametime every day' good. snetimes the right hand up. its rplessions. Forget that you have a human body are a tree. it is magical..g tree and start dancing. The moment you enter dance.rg the trees and you will sudden-lyfeel that everythi. . \Uhen the left side of the brain wants to release cr€rg:f .io*rr. Your hands are perfectly capableof doing it.rr."r.."dy to room you "'. n.c easiestway to releasethe brain mechanism. so keep your e.That is tf. ir. allow the hands and you will be surprised. take that 5rm. so the body by and by leams and the mind the iv *d by gets the feel of it.o*. fu -lf .. viiualise as b.140 The OrangeBook Darce l4l It is jusi as if you are digging a hole in the earth' another One day you dig in one place.stand amongst the trees. very bum the same same room. " wirh yw lwnds hz Dance Ekea nee a tree in a Just raise your hands and feel like like a tree in the rains and the strong wind.clced. Feel the movement from the rrdc. the And if in the same place it is possible. 6c right hand with the left side of the brain. the left bnd with the right side of the brain. To feel identified with a tree is immensely strengthening. When the right side of the brain is too burdeied with energy then there will be a different gesture. h. If your fingers can bc dlowed total freedom of expressionmany firany croions accumulated in the brain are released. And if it is not possible to go out Jrst sit silently and allow your fingers to have *n own movement. Don't try to-seeit from the outside. incense . I-et the energy flow more and more rnto the Ltdr. You can become a great meditator through hand testures. The room is charged' the . its unusedenergy. You need not . The hands are deeply connected with the brain. anothel dav-i1 go on digging for-the whole of your place. One easily-enters into the Trees are sdll through you. Then you can in iif. nourishing. Sometimes you will find the left hand up. I-et your whole energybecomea dancing energy' swayand move with the wind.

But fint the movement is needed' If the energy is not moving. the subtle movement will not start' gror."dy to move somewhere. It is so deep that even a single experience can make you totally different.en go on rwirling. and when it goes *i'suddenly stop.nt. and after twenty minutes rdlenly stop.then it will have to move "rrd into the subtle layers because the gtoss is no more available. as if your inner being has become a centre and your whole body has become a wheel.rot of the body. There ts no fixed time for the whirling .*. You are in the centre.and there is no Uui itt" energy is there ready to move opening for it in the body' It seeksa new opening inside that is . Make a synthesis: twenty annutes of body movement. just like small childr. You can have an alarm. otherwise the movement remains gross. If you continuously do body movements and you never sit silently. One has to come to a point where the body is still like a statue' so all grossmovements stoP cor"npletely . but the whole body is moving. resting. The first thing is to help the energy to move' and the second thing is that when it is really moving' stop the body. Whirl with open eyes. *oi.-. you can sit like a stone and nothing will happen. moving. a potter's wheel. The body is full of energy but now drn the body has frozen. ^ the very roots' to WhirlingMeditation .^\ Whirling is one of rhe most ancient )Un techniques.but it is suggestel rlwt you . moving. It starts moving in the subtle layen.. one should become ataolutely silent. This is the method to work inwards.l4Z The Orange Book Dawe 143 jump and jog and do much chaotic meditation' Justyotn hands will do. then too you will miss something' When the energy has started moving.The body movement is good but it is a and if the whole energyremains in the gror.nt. So first make it dynamic and then let the bodv be still so the dynamism will go deeper. one of the most forceful. Awakening the subtlelaYrs - 6c very core of your being. It is best to lwve fure feet attd wesr loose cloking. It is recommended no food or dnink akm far three tlwt be Iwws befme can go on far hows . whirling and. the energy will start finding {rt ways. The melimtion is divided into two sutges. When the energy is throbbing so much .

People wlw feel discortfort from whirhng anti-clockwbe un dwrrye to clodcwise.cotrw Hu. *t *e mediationbeu quietand irvctiuecs possible. The whhkng Lsdoie on the spot in an anti-clockwise direction. Don't make the fall o decisionon Jour Wt nat attempt to crnclngethe landing in advonce. And that is the moment of meamorphosis. \U7henyour totality has become a song or a dance. hallowed by the ages.I*t yow MJ be soft and keQ yur eys open. * ' Sing r^r is divine. but if you are not totally in . Only discontirurc mdiwtian if tt petsrsts. or the dancer disappean and only the dance remains. renwin pcssive and silrr.if yow bodyk softyou willlnnd.rrd at d fb*irg.Keq your eyesclased ard. yow body wiL foll by itself. one of the most divine )mCmc rtivities. And vice versa: you may be srnging a religious song. so much so drat the singer disappears. atd th" l"ft arm law. transfiguration.becausethese are the activities in rhich you can be utterly lost. For ke fwst 15 minutes. the second st4rts.Feelyow body blerding inn the etrrh. wik tlw right arm heB high. Renwin silent. softlyand the eark will abssrb Jolln energJ. And why are singing and dancing divine activities? . You can &own younelf in singing. Then gradwlb buiW uD sDeed ouer the next 30 minutes until the whirling ukes wer ard you become whirlpool of enugy . that is prayer.l for at least 15 minues. palm downwards. pan of the medintion Orce you have fallen.the peripherya a stCIrm maveflwnt but the u. pople rnayfeel nauseous &ningthe Whbkng )-adon. he slwuldlie onhisbad<. route slow\. paln rqwards. it is rrxt only to dancing. but th* feelhg shouB ilivppeu within two cr the -c fus.ritness the centre silent and of at still When you are whirhng so fost tlwt lou cnnnot remain upight. Roll ontoJout stomachimmediately dwt 1ow bare so naoel is in contact with the emth. but if you can sing it totally it is sacred. when the singer is no more and there is only the song. What song you are singing is irrelevant.only the rong remains. If anybdy feels stong dkcomfortlying thisway. it may not be a religious song. Iike a small child pressed tlw n mother's breasts. Only dancing is a competitor with it. but unfocused so thtt imagesb.141 Ttw OrungeBook WhirlirryMdiation L45 contintefar atlustanliaur n getfiily inlr:tfufeehngaf tlv energ whirlpool.

T IF yo. .not only understandbut :rr. And when :ire beyond is closer to you. Forget about metre and grammar. The content of the song does not rnatter.:[. kt your own song arise. Start chanting aum inside. the fire. Then a moment comes when all soundsstop and only :he universalsound remains. He is more concemed about vour heart. That is aum. the intensiry.. suddenly the sky starts touching you. God is not too much of a grammarian. what matten is the quality that you bring to singing.calmer.146 The OrangeBook Mantta 147 Music creates such a harmony that even God startsnodding at you. when the irrrsteps of the beyond are heard.lmethinginsideyou getsthe challenge. hrch can understandmwic .{um' Make it a point for at least twenty minutes in the moming and twenty minutes in the night to sit silently. and that is not the *"y you can pour your heart at the divine feet. quieter. . body unmoving. Eurl euening rhe ashram st hundrds garher Buddlw Hail in fnr a celebration'of spontaneoussongmrd dance. and He is not worried about what words you use. then vou can srove with those soundsto more and more subtle layen. it is profane. sayingyes ro you. \lanwa it. r. Don't repeat anybody else'ssong. becausethen you :an become one with the inner sounds.then a mantra will be helpfirl. Mwic is numinous . halfopen the eyesand just look down. becausethat is not your heaft. have a musical ear. you are overwhelmedby the beyond. cool. if you have a heart . tecomessilent. the totality. . crrllected. . Breathing should be slow.

Go with it and you will have your fint glimpsesof prayer and meditation and your first glimpoes . again start chanting. Sometimessitting silently. overwhelmingyou. Whatsoever happens out of it. flooding you. deeper into rhe recesses your being .and they will be the most beautifrrl moments . good. Just feel that it is vibrating all over the body from the feet to the head. so it rgends on you. Enjoy it. so what is the point. Sometimessaysilently.t manipulate. and meditation starts growing in you when meditation and music meet. If Jesus'. ':irr. If thoughts start coming. lu There is no need to bring it out: it will be more penetrating with lips closed. That isuniom^ystica the mvstic union. This is the way rhat a real rnanrra is bom. Doing this there will be momenrs . if you start crying. world and god meet. good.aum aum aum aum. To a few people very To others very slowly is more suitable.let it go to the very core. The ripples go on expanding and touch the whole body. what createsa great impact on your soul.. what appeals. Each aum falls into your consciousness like a'rock thrown into a pool and ripples arise and spread to the very end. from the head to the feet.even the tongue should not move.rr before you go to sleep. rcrne d Jesw If Jesus'name movesyou.A.and then eait. And when you do it at night. you have to ffnd it. Let it be so.148 The OrongeBook Manfia I49 It is one of the greatestexperiencesof life when music is there surrounding you. let it be. Nobody can give you a you go to bed.nd allow! If you start dancing._if you staft laughing. what moves vou. don. After two or three :ns )-ouwill find what suits you. Suddenly you will become aware that you are not chanting and everything has stopped. fast and loud but inside you. Chant aum fast . That will become your nnntra. just repear 'Jesus'and wait and let the name move deep. good.when you will not be repeating and everything has stopped. do it at least two :. sit silently and let that :1ame move you. . continue. you will not be able to go to sleep -rrls€ it will make you so fresh that you will not feel -rc rr.Jesus. otherwise if you do it just -. You can find your own pace. of . But whatsoever feels good. don't interfere. rhen beautiful. matter and consciousness meet. You will feel like it is moming and you have =r:eJ well.

those meanings create a limitation.150 The OrongeBook of God. Any sound which feels aesrhetic and beautiful. After three or four months you will be just sitting silently and you can hear a subtle music. It is such a great inner musicthat it brings peaceto your whole being. it will be good. then your conflicting parts staft falling in tune and by and by a subtle music which you can hear arisesin your body. rDThen you use a pure sound.t-LUvtvtlNG can be a tremendous help and . A . will do. like a perfectly functioning car whose engine is humming. Becausewhen you use a certain can find lust pure sounds that are even more deep-going. it has no limitation. Humming rr '. . it is infinite.that is not the point at all . At least once a day. The first rays will start penetrating your dark night of the soul. a kind of humming. The passengers may not become alert but the good driver knows immediately when the humming changes.Then the humming is no mor€ harmonious. any sound which createsa *uill and joy in the heart. A good driver knows when something goes wrong. it has certain rneanings . Even if it doesn't belong to any language. a harmony inside.t)u coD do it whenever . if you :an do it twice. Everything is functioning so perfectly well.

you eat something heavy and it staystoo long in the system and then humming is not so perfect. are both humming you will be surprised how great a harmony arisesbetween two persons and how by and by they become intuitive. A good hummer by and by starts feeling when things are going wrong. Once humming starts you will find when sex is when it is not rising. The medimtionlastsan how wd thereare three rllges.n humming. loudly enoughto be heardby othus and e1€dk& uibrationkroughout 1ow body. how they start feeling when the other is feeling sad. and.el. filled only with the vibrations of thehumming. when the husband is tired the wife knows it instinctivelv becarse they both function upon the one wavelength. kps rcgether.but haveon enpry stomach and remain irwctive for ot lea. you will be able to see which foods disturb your humming.st15 minutes gvrwards. Nobody else is aware. The engine is not functionirg as it should. such a bliss. NatabrahmaMediwtion . It can be t ne at anJ time of theday. And the inner harmony is so precious. Str. \leditation is total sensitiviw. and if the wife and husband rising. You can qtisualise a hollow ntbeor an empty vess. If you have eaten too much you will find your inner harmony is missing and by and by you will have to choose:either eat too much or have the inner harmony. who bothen to eat more? And without any effort to diet you find you are in a more balancedway. Then humming goesstill eating deeper. but one who loves driving will immediately become aware that something is going wrong. alonevr with others.Book L5Z TheOrunge Nadnbrahma 153 new noise is coming.IOaBRAHMAis an oldTibenn rcchnique which wos ngntolJydone in the earll haurs of the morning. so divine. Fnsr Srage:30 minutes Sit in a relaxedpositionwith eyesclosed. There is no need to say.:heaftenwon medimtionof the monrhly medintion camps \I I Y. Apoint will come wlwnthehummtng .

Ught the room on\ b fo* small candles t. circulm motion.Itis besttn wearno other andbran "r dung.154 The Aange Book Nadabrohnw 155 continuesby i*elf and you becomethe listener. wlwt to do about Bltngwan. mosquitoes? IVI. So whenever you nreditate they are there to disturb. and India. There is rc specialbreathingattd lou can aker the pitrh or move Jour body smoothlyand slnwly if you feel like it. And when. And this is nothing new. becausethe Jain monk lives naked.he knows! To live naked in India is a difficult thing. no greater difficulty. both hatds moue fcnwardsand thendivide to mske two Imge circlesminoring each other left and right. Nadabrahmafar couplei Blwgwanlws guenabeaudful variationof thk tcclnique for couples. Feel at tlwt you arc $ving energl outwardsto the uniuerse. Now the lwnds will come togethertowards the rwvel and dic)ide outwards to the sides thebody. After a rn u'hiletheenugieswillbe feh to meeta msrgeand unite. After 7Vz minutes turn the Innds. Snrting at the rwtel. slow mouemen* of the rest of your body. The movement shouldbe so slour dwt at dmestherewill appearrc beno mor)ement att.kept only for this mediation.don't inhibit any soft. mwe the lwnds.he says. This is the ultimate distraction. They ate very jealous. ln all the ancient scriptures it is mentioned! In Jain rriptures particularly so. He told his disciples that when mosquitoes attack.Feelthatyouarewkingenngy Asinke of in. -1 :c lour qresandhwn ngethu for thirty minrtes. and start mouingthem in the oppositedirection. palmsdown. sitfacing each other. Just think of a naked Jain monk. to distract. For ke first half.:-rzrs Second Smge: 15 minutes The second stageis diuidedinto two 7Vz minute sections.)ered a bedsheet b1 and rerng eachother'scrossedlwnls. Third Smge: 15 minutes Sit absolutelyquiet and still. coc. l. arrticdar incense. accept. this has alwaysbeen so. If you can win this then there is no other difficulty. Hence they are against anybody succeeding rn meditation. first smge. .OSQUITOES are ancient meditators who have fallen. and mosquitoeslMahavir had to give specific instructions on what attitude to take abut mosquitoes. pahns in m outward up.

he delivered the first sermon. The mosquitoeswere really that big! Even in the dqytime we used to sit under the mosquito nets. but nothing to be compared with Sarnath mosquitoes. But Samath. and escaped!" He went many times to other places." I said to him.I have to be a i3ht unto myself .but with no irritation.but about this thing let him be the lhtl" I know it is difficult. dogs are barking outside and you are meditating. Each place that he visited. with no irritation. where Buddha delivered his fint serrnon. Try it! The real problem never comesfrom the outsidd. I was staying with a Buddhist monk." the monk said. of "And.but there is no need to be irritated.throw drcm away. in the other I would sit . shake them off . kotect yourself. They are doing their thing." He said. You have every right to protect rounself.. and so on and so forth. For cxample.tkr have been laughing and joking about why Buddha never came to Samath again.luitoes. "Never. the most important sermon which became the beginning of a new tradition. Irritation rrll disturb the meditation.he must' have gone at least forty times to Rajgir. he visited again and again. He came only once. He never came back again to that place. avoid the mosquitoes. I have seen mosquitoes. That does nor mean nru allow the mosquitoesto exploit you! Protect yourself rt every possibleway . Poona mosquitoes are just nothingl Feel very happy about it! You are fortunate that I am not in Samath. They are not particularly against you. Sunebody mtrst be having his breakfast or lunch or Jrnner. but you will bre to leam. In one mosquito-net in one bed would sit the Buddhist monk. Don't be distracted. "I am never going to comeagain. they are simply enjoying their life! They must have seen a policeman or a postman or a sannyasin! Dogs are very much against uniforms. You can rhake off the mosquito very meditatively. I said. very anti-uniform. dre real problem alwayscomesfrom inner irritation. never! This is my first and last time. attentively.but with no anxiety. fully alert. only once. "it is because these r'. very difficult. And you also say that you will never come Itzrn. And that much has to be rcepted." because he wasaskingme to come again and stay. that down the ages we Buddhist ttto. "At least in one thing I will follow lrldha! I cannot follow in other things . so be polite. not the mosquito. Immediately you are angry: "These stupid dogs!" But they are not in any way disturbing your meditation. He must have gone at least thirty times to Shravasti. The moment thev seea uniform thev start . I said. no rnntion. "That reminds me.and we would talk.156 The OrangeBook Mosquines? I57 Once I stayed in Samath where Buddha tumed the wheel of dlwmma.

FraJer and. Then you have come to a very stable state of meditation. there is no other'where' . . just being where you are. You have to protect yourself. you have to do your own thing.158 The Orange Book Meditation is nothing but coming back home. it is just coming back home and having a little rest. They don't believe in uniforms. if you are not distracted by all the nuisance that mosquitoesare creating around you.Not going anywhere is meditation.just being there where you are. just to have a little rest inside. barking. Mosquitoes are doing their thing. you will even feel grateful to them: they have given you a secret key. Only irritation is the problem.then nothing can distract you. If you are not distracted by the mosquitoes. just occupying only that spacewhere you are . NIGI{T loq)e fanwsy. And then if you cannot get irritated. but don't get initated. and they are entitled to have their own belief. But they are not trying to disturb you particularly. It is not the chanting of a mantra' it is not even a prayer.

you will never feel lonely. of -:. to have an encounter with one. And once you have known your beautiful aloneness. . He starts singing. But the song is always llls. Become ahollowbamboo MTDITATI.Move lnto unconsciousftess. If you go into your loneliness you will be surprised:at the very centre of it it is not lonely at all. if you know your aloneness. diving deep into it and seeingexactly what it is. The night hascome. You become a hollow will be a totally different person . just the oppositeof the =\)ming. in your rlon€o€ssyou are so deeply rooted in God that who -areswhether there is somebodyelseoutside or notl You are so full inside.160 The Orange Book Become hollow banboo a 161 All meditation is essentiallythe experience sex without sex.N is a way ro come to terrns with one's loneliness. The circumference consistsof loneliness and the centre consistsof aloneness. There residesaloneness.rather than escapingfrom it. . . .The circumference consists of solitarinessand the centre of solitude. you will not feel lonely . .because . Then one startsoverflowing like a fountain.which is a totally different phenomenon. And I am saying. even in the crowd you are lonely.becawe out of that alonenessGod starts flowing. Out rrf that alonenessarisesthe fragranceof love.s own loneliness . now everything is noving into unconsciousness. . Right now. even in rour loneliness you will not be lonely. be completely unconscious. so rich inside. Even in the mountains.or in the desertswhere you will be aholutely alone. And then you are in for a surprise. I'n't botherat all. and out of that alonenessarisescreativiw . :he sun has set. .:r vour aloneness you will know God is with you. rhe night.

t go on ignoring it. Go on staring. becausethe moment you meditate on light. It may be a sinrise. the more you will be surprisedthat something inside starts opening as if a bud is opening and becoming a flower. .visualiselight. Mediate onlight IHE rno. lThenever you . Whenever you see light be in tune with it. The word rardk comes from the root which meanstears. Be worshipful towards it.thetechnique gaing lF you look at a flame for a long time for a few oonrhs.e you meditate on light. something inside you that has remained a bud sarts opening its petals. the mind is bound to be in a difficulw. your third eye starts nrnctioning perfectly. but be prayerful towards it and you will gain much. in all the religions.and the nature of the mind is to be constantly moving.Mditate onhght 163 Great is the benediction if one continues feeling rne with light. unblinking. T T The technique of gazing is not concemed really with the oblect. more lqshrfilled.not moving at all. havg t-imgcloseyour eyes."it maybe just a candle in the room. so you have to look at the flame until tears stan flowing from the eyes. The very meditation on light creates a spacefor its opening. it is concemed with gazing itself. Just don. So let that be your meditation. in all the countries. it has been emphasisedfor a particular reason. If you are really gazing. In all the ages. when you stare without blinking your eyes. one hour every day. and the third eye will start vibrating. of Trank . You become more alert. you Because become focussed. Meditation on light is one of the most ancient meditations.

not allowing your consciousness move. Sometimes a . but your mind will be moving. Theface in the mirror will begin to change. becauseyou can gazethrough dead eyes. If you gazecontinuously at one thing. Even if tearscome. so the inner movement. thinking can exist only in movement.the gion is to stop the mind completely in your gaze. struggleshard. in the beginning it struggles. Go on staring into the cannot think. let them come. Do not blink. If you are gazirg at darknessor at light or at something else. Then constantly $arc into your own eyes in the mirror. it is okay.moving from one thought to another. So whatsoever the object . That will not be of any help. deeply it is irrelevant . and within two ot three daysyou will become aware of a very strange phenomenon. Gazing means not only your eyes. and within two or three daysyou will be able to keep your eyesunblinking. but for you it will have disappearedbecauseyou are not there.only eyes. For moments it stops. becausemind can exist only in movement. to los it. if you can like darkness. When the mind has moved somewhere else. then you can go on thinking . The room must be dark. not the and by the mind losesstruggling.not looking. become a meditation.dead eyes. uhatsoever the object. Just with dead men's eyesyou can look. And when mind stops there is no mind. inner wavering stops. And when you are not allowing to the mind to move. to move constantly. The oblect will be there physically. JuStyour face is reflected in the mirror. It will. That deep looking will change you cmpletely. you will not be able to remember what you were looking at. Your face will begin to take new shapes. tr4tdk means. Becausc if the mind goes on moving. . You may even be scared. When there is no movement. becau$ethinking means movement . Do not change the stare. the fidgeting' stops.of your room and put a big \-rlOSp rnirror just in front of you. your own. your gazewill not be there. not t &ng anything. Minar Gazing l^ the doon. fully aware and alert . thinking disappears. Gazing means. It is a process. you will forget. but ifyou go on practising gazing. you will go on missing the object. but your total mind focussed ttuough the eyes.the movement of the mind stops. You are simply looking. but perslstin not blinklng and go on staring constantly into your eyes. . good. you have moved in depends: if you L lght. if you are really gazing.164 The OrangeBook Trattk L65 The nature of the mind is to move from one object to another. And dren put a small flame by the side of the mirror in such a ray that it is not directly reflected in it. This is a forty-minute experiment.

. That is why thousandsof Buddhist statueswere created: no other man had so many statuesas Buddha. Now the subconsciousmind is beginning to explode. Rather than representing the Buddha's physical shape it representshis inner grace.166 The Orange Book very dififerent face will be there which you have never known as yours. After one week of constant staring for forty minutes. the samenose and eyes. These faces. these masks. After three weeks. lt was not Crat he was just of the same physical shape. really. you will not be able to rememberwhich is your wascreatedasan object for meditation. that have ten thousand Buddha . Gaze theBuddhabeing at f. If you continue. all these faces belong to you. as lou me. There are temples. your face will becomea flux. rd The Buddha statue was not created just as an =rage. the same ice. But. All deceptions will fall. just a ftlm-like flux.gfp a small statue of Buddha in your room whenever you have time just look at the statue. There is no face at all. the most strange thing happens: suddenly there is no face in the is surrealistic. Just looking at it one can fall into meditation. The mirror is vacant.he wasnot like that. k is not realistic . are yours. Sometimes even 4 face that belongsto a past life may come in. becawe you have seen so nlany faces coming and going. you are staring into emptiness.single temples. You will not be able to remember your own face. and encounter the unconscious. so it is a ratra. It does ::or representthe real Buddha . It tr a metaphor.7 h. You will be naked . This is the moment: close your eyes. after three weel6. It sayssomething of rhe real that is beyond the so-called reality.that is not at all the point.completely naked. Many faceswill be coming and going constantly. then any day.

ru feel attachedto a certain star.first you have to find it. Second Sage: l0 minutes Close the eyes and slnwly and. the Buddha shape. just lie down on the earth and look at the stars. Allowa stnr inside t^ U]ET more and more in tune with the stars.If . Repeatthree times. All those stars are not for everybody. . In the East they have a myth that everybodyhas a certain star. you can find one star which belongsto you and to which you belong. your star. that symmetry.Book 168 The Orange statuesjust to create an atmosphere of meditativenes Wherever you look you see Buddha. That myth is beautiful. This will becomeyour meditation and a great rnside 'ov will ariseout of it. gentll sway from sideto side. As far as meditation is concemed. So see the star outside and see it reflected you. First Srcge. While concentrating on that think of yourselfas teing a small lake and that the star is reflected deep :nside you.that still posture. all around.a nml of six |}-minute sagu. everybodyhas a particular star. tut. Ihenever there are stars in the night and the night is :iear. that gmce. that silence. with eyessoftly focussed. the Buddha being. then concentrateon :hat. repeated times . those closedeyes. Once you get in tune with it you can simply closeyour eyesand seethat star. that balance. Those Buddha statuesare music in a bluc Ir1ht..10 minutes Sit perfectly still ond. sennonsin the stones ShivaNetra T three LHIS third-eyemediation is in two smges.

170 The Orunge Book There will arise a cerrain afiinity between you and & star becausewe ar€ made of light. Soon you will find it is within you. 6r moon. as are the stan. Just feel as if you have left Look at <rcn'thing to the moon . go on depositing it and soonJou will feel great light arising inside you as if a star has already in reality burst forth. Then rhatsoever happens. Do this for the three daysbefore the full moon. sway. allow it. If you feel like swaying. relax and sayto it that you are available. end as the moon becomesfuller and fuller you will start feeling more and more energy. and it will not be only that you feel it. do that. look at *r moon and staft swaying. others will start feeling it . Open your eyes. You are just an instrument being played r+on. You can alwaysfind a s with which you simply feel in tune. ['c vib'rateas ltght as do the stan. two inches below the navel. But the whole thing should bt asifyou are possessed you are not the doer . feel it lust near the navel. and rt the moon to do whatsoever it wants. That is your star. Just look for a few nights and you will be able to find your scar.look at it.that a certain kind of light has staned surrounding your is psr happening. which is on rhe sac wave'length. Deposit ir there. or if you feel like Jmcing or singing. You will feel more and T . start this 6ree days before. Thel-unaticMediation IHE next time the full moon is due. your face has become it. mediate over it. Look at it. then close your eyesand seeit within. Go outsidd in the open sky. And when you start feeling it inside. Close your eye* seeit within. BV and by allow it inside. Then whenever you close your eyes you will find it there.become possessed.

'usr a little shift and it is there.become all-inclusive in that feeling: the sun risesin you. It is a )OUpfnUE lmd meditation. rFin it becomesa reality.. Every night when : au ro sleep. So whenever you have time and are doing nothing just sit silently and feel expanded.sriverse. the c'''.In the beginning for a few days it will look crazybecause we have become too much accustomed the boundaries. it is._ again you forget.Jump out of the boundaries. Just try to remember that it is unreal. With just one hour's dancing and you will feel relaxedas you have never beea madness. meditate on the fact thar you are boundless. the stars move within you. In the moming.Feel expanded. before. 6at it is unreal . trees grow and worlds come and disappear. !tr-. And in the day also. and you will be surprised:for a h'seconds you can remember . Whenever you forget yourself dre dream becomesreal.J rs coming and disappearingwithin you.The limitation is a mind limitation. Go to fr9 as the universe. go with thi. Whenever you remember rcurself . . And that will become your meditation. rememberit. go on rememberingthat it is unreal rri the screen is empty.and feel immensely blissful in that expandedstate of consciousness. you shake yourself . l-. in the first you become aware that sleep is gone. as many times as you c.172 The ()rangeBook Go to sleep the uniuerse 173 as more possessed. Drop boundaries.. .the rteen becomesunreal and all that is going on becomes nreal. we Feel this oceanic expansion as many times as rantas\ J I { s umeal 1^\ try it in a movie house. F Go to sleep theuniverse as JUST sitting silently.s expanded coruciousness. again rnt rmber that expansion and get-up out of the bed as * r. the full moon night you will be By completely mad. lI . Because believe it to be so. ie and soon you will start getting in tune with it.that I am real. that thp boundaries'of the universe are your boundaries. .nto sleep as if stars are moving within you. to In fact there are no boundaries.

If you can leam to be a little wild.174 The Orange Book Fannsl 175 Medimtbn wikin mediwtion t"=al. For fifteen r:nures roam around the room . Bark if you are a dog and do things a dog is cryrted to do . too civilised. . but then srick to it. And don't srrrrrol. You are too sophisticated.and really do! Enjoy it. You can choose any animal that you like. Just feel as'if you are not a human being at all. then staft moving. Move on all foun in the room and become that In the night. or a tiger. In that moment don't bring in the human fxrtnt. d. Just choose. Listen to it. wild. just allow yourself to move. Walking in the forest for five to sevenminutes. and to the silencr of the forest and of the birds. Your animal has to be freed.and enjoy t(: Be an animal! Start one meditation in the night. Imagine that you are standing there. It will help. Allow yourself the whole experience. .the earth undemeath. and that r cnppling you. becausea dog cannot control. It is meditation within meditation. jump. so whatsoever happens in that do. good . anything you like. big green trees. Become that . sit on your bod" and closeyour eyes. One should always remain capable of being n animal. Feel everything in detail .lnent of control.Start from tonight . . It is good in a small dosebut too much of it is very $ngerous.Just imagine yourself in a forest . . Then sit down in the cave and stan meditating. put the light off. all your poblems will disappear. If you like a dog. tr-l. Don't say'l would like to go near that 11pg' ns. If you like a cat. good. Be really doggedlya dog. feel the texture. A dog means l. and the sound of water falling. Let things happen. you will come near a cave. . female.Near the cave therc is a waterfall. male.rtrgy. .'lute freedom. bark. A small waterfall . You need a little more animal . Have you seen chinese boxes?One box inside another box inside another box. don't force. Too much civilisation is a paralysing dung. touch the stohe walls of the cave with your hand. . . For fifteen minutes enjoy the fantasy as much as lFrr c:ln. You will find it. the coolness. .

ever you do coruciowly. and the moon is full!' Don't T I I I II I - -!":. I .Cry. but all around the energy you have negative rlks. lf back to negativity.that's how '--< .and that lstance is tremendously beautiful.anJ when you do it consciously.but remember one thing: : :-. Throw the pillows away. minutes. you cannot do.176 The OrungeBook Be as negotive lou csn as 177 About meditation you can do only negative things.u are not lost in it. If you -i:. jumping. For forty minutes. you cannot manipulate it. and feel dead.. You cannot pull. But do it . Be nasty! And you will :.* hatsoeveryou feel like . Justsay'Yeslyeslyes!'.That is a by-product. and stan beating the pillows. This is one of the basic laws of the mind . 'rVhat are you doing? The night is so beautifirl.-:r rhis time you aredevoting completelyto negativity. and they don't allow it out. t'-i trn some beautiful music. but '.shout. But I am not saying :.. Sit there and feel need :.It will uproot all '-< negativiry.Iet it be your ?.reate that distance. Unhook the phone. And to come to sayingyesis what religion is r-. Put a notice on the door saying that for one hour you should be left totally alone. You are doing it but still you are a witness. You have <. So this will cleanseyou completely.ctariviq'.^hole socieryhas become ugly. Once these rocks are r -. Put on some gloomy music. and it will give you a new glimpseof ria rngres. Make things as dim as possible. Create the whole situation around you. put pillows around the room.nures. and have a dance for '-. Tell it that it can come later on.-.nn. After forty minutes suddenly jump out of the r.when you were very very dull and dead. weep. A manipulated meditation will not be of anv value. don't allow any happiness.. We have been trained to sayno . rfrrut.. and you wanted to commit suicide. and tell everybodythat you are not to be disturbed for one hour.swear .ntra. just become negative . put on the lights.rg\ will feel a r. And then take a good shower. Repeat 'No'as a ttutntnt. Imagine scenesof the past . "rse :.and exaggerate them.: become h"ppy. 3r rclrgiously negative. scream.rJ rr very very difficult to be negative for these forty =.h vourself. . Close the negative as you can.htrng with them.:1 to the mind.. A distancearises. { \ ()rry about it.that -iats. i. Beasneganq)e you can as I RY this method each night for sixty minutes. It will say. Your mind will distract you. and there was no zestto life .immediately give yourselfa slap! Bring .

yes" Otherwise at least you can say silently A shart. slwrpslwke I UT off the light and just stand in the lrkness. just stop on the 'yes' yes'. then shake the L'rtr part. nobody can attain to a peak of yes. Then when vou feel and enjoy that.)es' 'ves'. Without going deep into the no. second the torso. where you *rh id rery very beautiful. yes" toe to the head. Start with the head becauseyou can feel it more clr there in the beginning. just the inl.. the torso.rr. shake {'. because consciousness the r rcn close and witnessing is easibr . just the hal. the hands. you start feeling negative.1?9 The OrmgeBook just there' removed you will havg a beautifrrl flow' It is out. r'hole body. kt it penetrate' Repeat Let that be your prayer for ten minutes in the night and then go to sleep.r. Every night before a mantra of MO". When you feel and enjoy that. iet it come over all of your being from the 'yes.and enjoy it.And early in the moming again at least for three minutes sit in your bed. third the whole body. After three minutes take that D . good' road anywhere. Then shake the upper part of the body . don't shake the lower part. )es. yes' and get in tune with it. S7hen you are shaking the whole body. Enjoy the shaking and feel how it feels from rxrle. just find posture feels to be the most graceful. So in three parts: first the head. yes.the :r'zJ. Then start shaking from the head. You have to become a no'sayer' then yea-sayingcomes out of that' 'Yes. 'yes. If you can say loudly 'yes. The first thing to do is to repeat'yes' and get into the feel of it' In the day *he. but ftrst you have to go into ready to come negativity. you go to sleeprepeat s*ay with it.

two minutes shaking the torso. body leaning posture or sideways. Actually do it.and then go to sleep as if rurmoured.when you could do crazy things. And this is your life. Respectabiliry or money are booby prizes. four minutes. uncorrupted by the society. from there. and freezein it for ior*".take offyour . And then freezesuddenlyand remain like a statue .as if you are just in a cyclone. you are taking off r. This is a ten-minute meditation: one minute shaking the head. and while taking them off. hands raised. just imagine that you er! nor only taking off y. ihree minutes the whole body. Takeoff yow drmowr I N the night when you go to sleep. a cyclone. Shaking. when you were other-worldlY. .180 The OrangeBook Takeoff yow armour l8l My meditations are to bttttg you back to your childhood . . when you had not leamed any tricks of the world. unworldly.Don't be deceivedby them. when you were innocent.iorhes. they are not real prizes.our clothes. Feel it . .when You were not respectable. Take it off and have a 3uJ deep breath . T . Go on feeling all the four steps. .or whatsoever.d. start again' any posture . I would like you to go back to that point. and for four minutes just freeze as if you have become a statue. with nothing on the body and no t:rriction. you feel the energystirred .and then you will feel the centre' So you reach to the centre through the cYclone. then the whole body becomes a turmoil of energy.)ur arrnour too.

ysto* e**l btt hc&ili .hdr* doing *h*a. rj$ r.

i:.ut 6i* FaEl' .:r gE{tirE rtp. I/i&rbe .


it rill find all sorts ofways to be expressed. he nay staft talking. such an upsurgeofenergy. listen to it .ralenr. Sometimes sudden changes will happen. . You are not to ffght with it. who was never talkative. U you are a dancer. personality. your meditation will make yo. when it is going out. I'm not saylng to say it . -. It may like to take q womb posture. rddenly becomes talkative. you will forget everything. L *y not have been ever allowed to talk.ry &cp dancer. the breathing going in.just feel it going in. Just feel it. the whole rorld. the breathing Just going out. Mouebackintothewomb T) you go to sleepjust sit in your bed DPfOnp sit in a relaxed way . become a small child in the mother's womb. So nobody knows what will lrypen. l7hen the -. This is jrst for ten to twenty minutes oinimum ten. Your whole energy will be brought into painting. " adividuality.r. . nothing else. as if the night is over and the sun has come on the horizon. It may have been repressed. \Uithin three weets one day suddenly you will see such blessingsarising. it may lean forward. If the body starts leaning forwards. . Tremble with fear but don't reject this spacethat is being bom there. Within two or three weeksyou will be able to feel its beauty. f . and in that feeling yciu will feel Eemendous silence and clarity arisrng.then go to sleep. the breathing going out. It depends on the capa. fear will disappearof its own accord.Feelthe body relaxing . .the breathing going in. feel it going just move into the womb posture.. you will pint madly.and closeyour eyes. Once you have touched that benediction. LstangJour uorces out meditation releases S7"r" energy in you. A Flton who was very silent.It dependson rhat rype of talent you have. maximum twenty . allow it.tSy arises and flows. such a joyous quality to your being. you will be able to feel its benediction. Then just listen to your breathing.just aswhen a child is in the mother's womb' If you feel like that. you will pa.188 The OrangeBook Moseful<hn dv wort 189 that be there too. Ifyou are a painter and cdiation releases energy.

you can throw them out . kt g body likewise be expressive. it is solitude. Give your support to this side. its quality. and see how you can create a beautiful dialogue. then talk from both of the sides. then answer from the other side. in rrurs of words. If you ftnd that there are two voices. Throw everything out. Once you face it. T HIS is I Either alone or in a group. Just put your whole energy into it. . GibbqishMedintion Every night before you go to sleep. .It shouldbe distingu*hed fron tv gnrk Devavoni Meditation in the next section. because then the whole point is lost. For ftfteen ainutes move totally in the gibberish. \Uithout suppressingyour -cryhts. its taste becomestotallY Then it different. is not isolation. Then.f 190 Tl:e OrungeBook Gibberish Mediation 191 One has to come to terrns with one's lonelinessone day or another. Gibberish helps to break up rhis pattem d continual verbalization. be with it . close your eyes and btin to say notrsense sounds . Do it for at least ten days. Allow yourself to cryrcss whatever needs to be expressed within you. Be totally mad first. If it is going to be cmry. a hishb catlwrtic techni4ue. for ftfteen minutes. Don't try to manipulate it. Isolation hasmisery in it. solitude has an expanse of blissfulness. let it be' Don't try to cut anything or censor gibberish. which errcowoges c4ressiue body movements. lie down on your . because you are not saylng it for anybody. lonelinesschangesits colour. Enjoy it . always. It becomesaloneness. for forty minutes sit facing the wall and start talking loudly. I cannot open the doors of heaven first and you cannot become silent. The mind thinks.

you are praying to the empty sky. that one prays for the prayer's sake. Once you have leamt to'pray. whether anybody listens or not is u dre point. One prays because one enjoys it. the reward is not there in the future. Prayer is itself enough urore than enough. lThether stars and the sun and the En are going to reward you for your dance. the idea of reward. I mean an openne$ towar& .192 The OrangeBook Prayr I93 stomach and feel as if you are merging with mother earth. The dance is enough of a reward unto itself.remember it. Prayer is -r mears and prayer is the end. When I say pnyer. If you really know what prayer is. If you b'tlc singing you sing.rl phenomenon that who cares about the future and who bothers about the reward?That is greed. feel younelf merging into the ground beneath you. You enjoy it and there it is finished. it is a song. forget all about God.then only you know what prayet is. Your prayer is simply a monologue. Prayer in itself is such a celebration. It is a dance. it brings such great joy and ecstasy. One does not pray out of fear and one does not pmy out of greed." Gd or not. One does not even bother whether there is. T If you enjoy dance you don't askwhether there is r Crcd or not. Nobody is going to reward you for your prayers. The end and the means r not sepante . not in the afterlife. But praying itself is such a beautifi. With each exhalation. you don't cue.There is nobody else to reward you. Cpd is a device to help you to pray. Prayer lHgnp is nobody to hear your prayers. r n love. pnyer itself is its own rewaxd. you simply dance. rhcther anybody is seeing the dance from the sky or not . If you enjoy dance. rrot your concem. it is music. So is prayer.

otherwise sr will feel as if you are drunk. when you arc simply in a receptivity.*. You are thrilled by the possibility of the qnkno-wn but you don't have any desire. Once you ask. drop it. a passive. if somethrng is going to happen any moment. but p'raying should be just phenomenon. jrst feeling existence flowing in Gt. in a &*cned room. prayer is comrpted. A deep pray. palms rppennost. It changes rqr.trembling. God's mind will change. q ir can be done in the moming. Raise both yourhands towards the sky. and just let whatever happens is a state of mind. your talk is not going to affect the existence. This vast sky cannot listen. This vast sky can be with you if you are with it . Prayer is not something that one can do . Then let your whole body vibrate with crg:y. and that may be good. TlwPrayer Medintion lT is best ro do this prayer at night. you always think that if you pray. He will be tipped a little towards your side. welcoming spirit. This rest is necessary. As the energy flows down your arrns you will feel .pp. It may change you. throw it. He will be more favourable. not a devotee-and-God but an energy phenomenon fkrmenon. It is not an action or an aetivity . going to sleep immediately has nothing to do with doing. It will affecr like a leaf in a breeze. don't carry it any more. but with no desire .rErgy I also suggestto pray. Not that you have to say something. Prayer is not going to change God. head up. but remember.194 The OrungeBook Prayer t95 God. not that you have to ask or that should not happen. in a stupor. but prayer is not going to change God's mind. the whole existence &nges. ieady even to die. it is rubbish. you don't say that this should happ. ready to go anywhete. then prayer h. . There is nobody who is listening to you. help it. And when you change. when you simply remain in silence but open. but if it doesn't change you. r. you are arrailable. I If you want to talk. u7hen you don't ask. This merging with energy is prayer. but if it is not changrng you then it is a trick. Albw it. Fntle tremor .there is no other way.that's what you need. so that if He wants to give something. but just an openness. Urgent expgcrancy . but it must be followed br ftfteen minutes rest. You can go on praying for yean.

196 The Onnge Book

You feel again a flowing with the earrh. Earth and heaven, above and below, yin and yang, male and female - you float, you mix, you drop yourself completely. You are not. You become one . . . merge. After two to three minutes, orwheneveryoufeel completely ftlled, lean down to the earth and kiss the earth. You simply become a vehicle to allow the divine energy to unite with that of the earth. These two stagesshould be repeated six more times so that each of the chakra can become unblocked. More times can be done, but if you do lessyou will feel restless and unable to sleep. Go into sleep in that very state of pmyer. Just fall asleepand the energy will be there. You will be flowing with it, falling into sleep. That will help very $eatly because then the energy will surround you the whole night and it will continue to work. By the moming you will feel more fresh than you have ever felt before, more vital than you have ever felt before. A new 6lan, a new life will staft penetragng you, and the whole day you will feel full of new energy; a new vibe, a new song in your heaft, and a new dance in your step.


stand in a loce postue and wait for )tUpfy for the whole, to work in you. Then you do God, rhatsoever you want to do in a deeply prayerful mood 'l am at Thy will' - and just relax. It is just like when people do automatic handwriting. They just keep the pen in their hand and r'ait. Suddenly some energy possesses hand and the the hand starts moving. They are surprised - their own L.nd is moving and they are not moving it! Wait exactly LLc drat, and after three, four minutes, suddenly you rill see a few jerks coming to the body, and energy dcending in you. Don't get scared, becauseit is very any. You are not doing it. In fact you are just a witness; r is happening. Move with it. The body will staft taking many

198 The ClrangeBook

postures- moving, dancing, swaying,trembling, shaking; many things will happen. Go on allowing; not only allowing but cooperating. Then you will come exactly to what we call Sahaj Yoga. l-atihan is nothing new. The word is new. Subud is not somethingnew. It is just a new version of Sahay Yoga - spontaneousYoga. You leave everything to the divine, becau,se mind is tricky. Soon you will seethe the you will just be a watcher. You will be difference because your hand will be moving and you are surprisedbecause not moving it at all. After a few daysof relaxing into it, even if you want to stop, suddenly you will not be able to; you will seethat you are possessed. So one has to pray in the beginning and say, 'For twenty minutes take possession my being and do of whatsoever you want to do: Thy will be done; Thy kingdom come.' Let that attitude be there and just relax. God will start dancing in you and will take many postures.The body needs will be fulfilled, but not only that - something higher than the body, greater than the body, some deep needsof consciousness, be will

G ourishankar editation M

- :r. night mdintion of the monthlymedintion camps


I :{lS rechnrque of coruists four swges 15 minuteseach. of 11..:tst tu,o smges themeditator the sponmneous Prepare for --:::flrn of rhe third snge. Bhagwan lws saidtlwt if the ::-::Arrrgis doneconectly in thefirst sage thecarbondioxide ' --.'l rn the bloodstream make pu will feel as high as -' tnsfunkar (Mt. Euerest).

i:rr Srage:15 minutes v: u rrAclosed eyes. Inlulle deeply throughthe nose,filling the z-4. Holl the breath for as long as possible,then exhale the Srrdr rlrrorzgh mouth and keepthe lungs emptyfcr as long :s F ,ssrble. Continue this breathingcycle tlvoughout the first t.rgc.

,r"4.4; TIG.&

You will be in a difficulty for a few secondsonly for the first day. Fourth Snge: 15 minutes Iie down.for emrnple . do not 11 ar shout. because how do you speaka languageyou don't know? It . and continue until unfamiliar word-like sowrds arise. . be silentand. all prayer is infinite patience. What can you do? Whatsoeveryou do will make it more muddy. Your very entering into the streamwill createmore problems. 14. then they should not be Italian. Japanese!But if you know Japanese then it is not allowed . meditation happens. sdl]. .so wait.then ltalian is wonderful! Speakany languagethat you don't know. SecondSage: 15 minutes 'la Stmt making noflsernesounds. If ywbody isrelaxed ke sthtle avrgies will uecte o Latihan owside your control. The whole of religion consistsof not allowing the mind to create more problems for you. la'. Chinese. If you tell the mind to wait. not doing anything with the stream. It means just sitting on the bank. befvre wards were lptnvd. . and ltalian. or English. The only thing to be remembered is that those sounds or words should not be of any langtuge that you know.Book 202 The Orange DeuaoaniMediation 203 All meditation is waiting. German. because waiting means no thinking. If you know English. These sowrdsneed n conw from the unfamiliar part of tlw brain usedas a child. hugh at scr4tm. Allow a gmtle conaersationalinnnation. Third Sage: 15 minutes Standup and coitirurc n speak. If you can persuadethe mind to wait you will be in prayer. German. . allawing yow body n move softly inlwrmony wikthe sowds. Any other languagethat you don't know is allowed Tibetan.

It is a very.And it is a wonderful method. and vice-versais also true.raliry of consciousness droughts disappear. few churches in America still use it.where thinking no longer clouds ruu being. sway. you have become a Buddha. that you have to remember. will happen. Loq. you'll have a great love flowing all around you. and once it starts. When the unconscious speaks. They go together. where the hazeof sleepthat surroundsyou is tE more there . nourishing. If you becomea lover. They are one kind of energy. meditation follows. In those daysit was called glossolalia. and r-hen you fall into the heart love arises. They A call it'talking in tongues'. dance. It comesfrom the old testament. . let it be a deep deep comforting energy.the moming has come. It has not to become cathaftic. Either mditate and you will becomea greatlover.the unconscious knows no language. Don't make it feverish. But everything has to be very graceful. sing-song. if you feel like dancing. you will overflow in L've: or start becoming a lover and you will find that called meditation where {.)e lV[rntreTloN is falling into the heart. very old method. they are not two. any sounds. one of the most deep and penetrating into the unconsciors. you are erakened. Love always r'llows meditation. Enjoy. nonsense words just to put the corucious off and allow the unconsciousto speak.Book 204 The Orunge can be spoken.

. The difficulty arisesbecauseyou are not really interestedin being related. availablefor the outward movement. [f you If irL' a man who has been in love. nor€ of an infatuation.ntradictorything: on one hand you are trying to go in. you are a poet.don't make it a perrnanentattitude. When you move on an inner pilgrimage. If you are a suddenlyyou will not find yourself in it. the same energiesthat were moving outwards. Sooner or later when you are settled inside again. illusory. n the other you are trying to go out. You irrnrer. love appears be like a bondage.lationship. these are two possibilities. . that energywill simply :lsappear. to be your old self.a bondage. You are more interestedin being yourself. and all relationshipslook like a dependence. your love life because If you becomedisheartened :r Jisappearing. the energiestum inwards. Meditation is only against false love. . It you are doing two opposite . So for the first time that mind becomes to reditative.and suddenlyyou find yourselfalone like an island. Accept it .. poetry will stop.And in a rav it is true because mind that is not meditative a :annot really be in be a disasterbecause :hrngstogether. pressing the rcelerator and at the sametime pressingthe brake. that enforcementwill Then you are doing a \'very very dangerous. It is as if you are driving a car.without the other vou searchfor the depth. and you cling to it. that will becomea barrieron your inner . :. for activities. That love is false. the illusory love by and by one thing.' enthusiasm. But this is a passing phase. Jrssipates. but by and by you will have no energyand r. The false .If you try to force yourselfto move into a :. don'r make it a perrnanent erritude. Don't be disheartened._.all for -reativity will disappear the time being. disappears. Another is love with the other you searchfor the depth.that now the cnergyis seekinga new path and for a few dayswill not b. lesslike love.tthing to compare it with unlessthe real happens. you will be overflowing with energy and will want to move into a relationship again. Illusory loues will disappear.hen meditation starts.\nd the secondthing. If somebodyis a creator and he meditates.206 The OrangeBook ktue 207 There are two waysof discovery:one is meditation . But you have e. :an continue.

Sitting alone in your room. now you will be moving like an emperor. but that you are love. then you are centered. . the false must vacate you completely. vour own energy. A new type . When for rhe first time you can fill your room with love energy. The second thing. ?aJiate loue Practiselove.rather it is a state of being. It has happened to rnany people. Sway into this is . Once you are what will vou do? This energywill start overflowing. The ourer joumey stopped when you started meditating. You will simply be moving towardsothersbecause you have too much to share. but is totally with true love. They are in rhe monasteries . and now the inner joumey is also complete. Meditation is against false love. and let yow whole room be filled u ith love. you have reached the core of your being. Radiatelove. Something like awareness arising. the rock bottom. Fill the whole room with your love cnergy. becauseit has no motivation.'r'e.Now the happiness too much.that's not true. now there will be none. Before you were moving towardsothers with a motivation.)e 209 will disappear.f relationship has come into existence. They think that love is. you are settled. And you will start rceling immediatelythat something is happening \()mething in your aura is changing. . Not that you . 'Am I hypnotising myselfl Am I deluded?What is happeningl' .You are becoming nore alive. is that you can make it a swle of life.and that's a basic condition for the real to appear. Before you were moving as a beggar. and meditation is against love . a warmth like deep orgasm.To call it a :clationship is not right because is no longer a it :clationship. It is a sharing. Dance. only then are you available for the real. Create vibrationsof love energyaround you. one startsfeeling. which is also a very grear danger.. It is a totally different type of movement. a warmth is arising around your irrdy .208 TheOrunge Book Ux. the quality of it is different. be Ioving.rean. orthodox religious people who have made not being in a love relationship a life-style. sing. The flower is so full that it *ould like to ride on the winds as fragrance and go to :he very comers of the world. Something like sleep is disappearing. The cloud is so is full it would like to rain. The false must go.agairutmeditation. something around rtrur body is changing. when you can go in no funher. Suddenly energy is available but now there is nowhere to go. you have reached home full of energy like a great reservoir .becauseyou have always thought that love comes .u'ayingas if you are in the ocean of love. Not that you are seekingsomehappiness from somebody that vou have already. In the beginning it feels very weird.feel .Feel vibrating with a new frequency.old monks. which goeson falling and rebouncing on you and makesyou sol't"ppy.

Then :ind a lover. from somebodyelse. Then stand and sway :. After ten minutes.For ten minutes look into cach other's eyes. A mother is neededto love you. Blwgwangave thismediwtionfor coupleswhofeel stuckin 'leir relatiorchip .If the body startsswaying . A little more melting is needed. a child . uatch it. love that you createout of your own being. and if the body stafts moving and s*'aying. a will sway . allow it. You can blink the eyes. melting into =achother. meditation is very. > loue to In a love relationshipyou shouldbe possessed t.nking into each otherlseyes. a love relationship you In .but somebody. .whatsoeverhappens.but go on l.€ether. a father.That should nor be :()rgotten.'u should not try to possess. holding hands for ten minutes. a wife. Love that is createdwithin you.Zl0 The Orange Book I-oqe 2ll For peoplewho have never loved. This will mix r. You can Justsit facing each other in the night. Peoplewill look at you with more open eyes.'You will be passingthem and they will feel that a breezeof some unknown energy has passedthem.whose energies need to be freed and tehed. .Then move anywhere with that ocean surrounding you and you will feel that everybodywho comesclose to you is suddenlyunder a different kind of energy. and hold each other's hands crosswise. Don't let go of each other's hands. a husband. Then you are becoming ready to share. is real energy. they will feel fresher. both closethe eyesand allow :he swayingfor ten more minutes.allow it. then find a right receptivity for you. Love that dependson somebodyis a poor love.rur eo€rgydeeply.Hold somebody's hand and his whole body will stan throbbing. very difficult. Just be close to somebodyand that man will stan feeling very happyfor no reasonat all.

Not that you make love. Suddenly you become more aware.TLZ The Orange Book Lose 2I3 If meditation happens. just sit silently rogether for ftfteen minutes holding each other's hands crosswise. and you should not go on watching who has the upper hand. a good one. You give yourself a jerk.a real jerk so that everything inside goes upside down. don't force it. When you exhale. love will go very deep and it will not create the madnessit is creating now. love is bound to happen. she inhales. and whenever he sees somedisciple dozing. It will come one day. Iz lne-naking conv by i*elf should surrender. and give a good jerk to the head . kde mad don't be worried. But wait for that moment. and in a split second. and wirhin a few weeksyou will seethat that jerk helps. nd that is of the mind. If love doesnot happen. Play with each other's bodies. Within two to three minutes rou can get into it. Everything else is beautiful. when rou inhale. Go to need to make love. catch hold of yourself. So stop thinking. two. And look into each orher's eyes. she exhales. Wait for that moment for one. three days. not with an aggressive look but very softly. Wait-for that. I cannot follow you with a staff. Breathe as if you are one organism not two bodiesbut one. oceanic feeling. and with dreamsfloating on the faie. The way to'do that is to breathe together. Make it a constant habit. And when dut moment comes. Mind is the dr€as€. thinking. he will immediately hit him hard on the head. then that simply shows that meditation has not happenedyet. It will be a v!ry very silent. but suddenly uou find yourself making love. There is only one madness. Too mrch thinking is the only ndness. It is good. If it does not come.the master moves around with a staff. thinking stops. Get in tune. love is something which has to be done like . And whenever you find yourself thinking. there is no need to force it. It goes like a shock through the spine. In Zen monasteries. in darknessor in a very dim light and feel Sit each other. and even if people think you are a Before you move into love. Don't move into love-making unlessthe moment arisesby itself. Take time to enjoy each other.and suddenlyawareness arises.

listening. .You will start seeingthe symptomsof it. You fall unconsciotiswhile walking on the road. deeply into your being tasted very become unconscious in it . so it suffirses possesslng experience that you are and it becomessuch a no more there. So try it the whole day. try it. It transcends you both . So try with siinple things. Try it. It happenswhen it h"pp. It is not that you are making love . try it. you will become awarewhen the moment arises. Love becomesa bigger energy around you. If it is not happening. . and you cannot become a witness . yourself Don't try to deceine Witnessing is the basic source.It is something which has to be cherished. otherwise you will be in self. After a few seconds you have forgotten. you are both lost in it. And suddenly you remember: I have forgotten. let your whole body and mind know that you are making an efifiortto be are love. Try it: even for a few secondsyou will not be able to remember. Wait for the moment and soon you will have the knack of it. You have followed some other direction. ecstasyhas happened to you the first glimpse of the divine has descendedupon you.deception. But for that you will have to wait. While walking. you will 6ll unconscious. there is nothing to be worried about.*. Only then someday in love the witnessing will happen. Try from everywhere. But it will be difficult to becomea witness in the sex act if you are not trying to become a witness in other acts of your cannot manipulate it. By and by. And when it happens. . While ralking. Blwgwan irasdescrhed many annic techniques mediwtion of and witnessing dwing love -makingin thefiv e volumesof The Book of the Secrers.211 The OrangeBook Love 215 mediation. I am walking. . I-et the energy accumulate and let it happen on its own. I am walking. try it. walking on the road. you have completely forgotten. it is going to be difficult to make love a conscious meditation.ust try: I will renrember. don't try to deceive yourself . I am walking. So if such a srmll act like walking cannot be made conscious. and there will be no difficulty. Make it a constant hammering inside. Becawe just walking on the road. . If you cannot trecomea witness while walking on the road. something else lus popped into the cannor become a witness while making love. love is like God . simple can vou become a witness rhile making love? The processis so deep . While eating. such a simple process. the pre-symptoms.



A man becoming a meditator is the greatest responsibilityin the world. When meditation flowers there is simply nobody r. ln fact it is almost impossible. It is not easy' It cannot be instant. desiring nothing. nke note of it. When there really is meditation. . Searchis a by-productof the mind. nobody to give it recognition.You will things will grow very slowly' alwaysbe happy because flower which within Meditation is not a seasonal six weeksis there. doing norhing. It is a long joumey becausethe change is very deep and is achieved after many lives . Thereis no shortcut ^\ about LJNE thing has to be remembered meditation: it is a long joumey and there is no shortcut. without any soundsa bliss throbs. a silence pervades. withour any boundaries. It needstime to spreadits roots.but it happens. thinking. But there is nobody to take note. It is a very very big tree. To be in a state of non-searchis the great moment of transformation. desiring. nobody to say 'Yes.many lives of routine habits. So from the beginningnever start expectingtoo much and then you'will never be frustrated. All the medirationsthat we are doing here are just preparationsfor that moment..this has happened'. that you have to drop through meditation. it has happened. They are not real meditations but just preparations that one day you so can simply sit.. And the mind is lost alreadv. Anyone who saysthere is a shortcut is befooling you.220 The (hange Book Tlvre b no shortcut ZZ1 A11searchis futile.The moment you say 'Yes.there is a harmony.

When you are a no. It is there like a presence luminous . not doing anything in particular.aster'sDay: MahapariniruanaDay: Bhagwon's Birdday: March zr lub 6 I Wte'n. Enlightanment Day M.self. you cannot manipulate it.ber Decetrter tt . the glory of of it. And it comes in wavesand the waves becometidal. when you are just herenow. When you dre not there. just being . human effort is too limited. only then can it happen.surrounding you and surrounding everything. It fills the whole earth and the whole happens. _ *1--. It can happen only when you are in-a tremendoussurrender. suddenly mgditation is there .222 The Orange Book When your efforts drop. no desire. all fr:iends overdw warld gatherto celebratc. -* Celebration Dayt For" tinws ayur thausands sanrryasiw of and. That meditation cannot be created by human effort. It comeslike a storm and takes you away into a totally new . That blessedness is so infinite. realiry. the blessedness it.the benediction of it. not going anywhere.

MediwtionMusic cr \ JPECIALLY composed is available cassettes music on for thef ollawingmediwtiontechni4ups : Deqtavoni )lamraj Prayer Wirling Thcre arc alsoa number of original compositions sitting for meditations and recordings songs of from Sufi Dancing. tends to be death-oriented. meditation lacks something.singrng days.without music.meditation is a little dull.but noise. unalive. of Without meditation. music and meditation are two aspects the samephenomenon.221 TheOrunge Book MediwtionMusic225 To me.without meditation. And without music. Without music. music is an entertainmenr. anl Kirmn and. from the celebration D7rumic Gowislwil<ar Ktndalini Mandah Nadabrohnn . meditation becomes more and more negative. music is simply noise.harmonious.

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Atma Pooia .



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These are methods to play with. Unique in their originality and utter simplicity.. ': meditationis therethe benediction it. ." M e d i t a t i o ns n e i t h e r j o u r n e yi n s p a c e i a n o r a j o u r n e yi n t i m e a b u t a n i n s t a n t a n e o u sw a k e n i n g . beat a pillow.95 _1 _: i . anything that will take you beyond the mind. to help you to celebrate the exploration into yourseives. and provide the world with a synthesisbeflveenthe Easternmeditativeapproach and Westernpsychologicatlechniques. . sing. . " This book is a gift.the gloryof it .i. these meditations reflect Bhagwan's understanding and insight into man's essentla/nature. .gaze in a mirror. d . a treasure lrove of meditation techniques devised by Bhagwan ShreeRajneeshand given to His disciplesover the years. hum.the blessedness it. " . .Dance.shake. A n d w h e n a l l y o u r e f f o r t ss u d d e n l y r o p ." of of tsBN 0-88050-697-0 $ 3.

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