Chasing the Buddha At Hyper-Light Speed

‘Shine’ E. E. Richards

Hello fellow traveler Of this lonesome trip called Time We stop awhile To catch a smile And let the Love Light Shine There are worlds for us to follow Both far and near to Find So I reach To touch this Moment And feel your Heart and Mind I do not want to hold you Just Love you, free to Be Our trails unwind To stop a time In being You and Me If you should be somewhere far away And I should come in Flight A thought you hear Tells that I'm near It's my Love song in Delight


Thought and Experience Two sides of the same Coin

One, The outer World Grass at your Feet Wind in your Hair

The Other, Worlds to imagine Time is gone Space doesn't Care

As thought Becomes Experience Experience too Will feed your Thought

Go In Love; We are One Said the turtle to the Crow Come let's join the Fun And watch each other Grow

Seasons cycle their spiral of Time Colored hues, fragrance Sublime Pull back the blanket, open your Eyes Taste of the Sun-light, wash in its Rhyme Stretch Stretch Stretch Hear the cosmic matter flowing thru You Catch the spark, the glowing Coal Put it in motion, swim in its Soul Reach out Touch Grasp Cling To Another Its cycles swing, grow in the Find Call it Gravity, Or Love, Or Grand Design Expand Create Destroy New seeds burst forth, molded in Joy Catch the swirl, drift with the Tide Jump to the rhythm, you've eons to Ride Paint the neurons crimson and Gold Dry as the dust, wrinkled and Old Dance the river or bubbling Streams Till Suddenly caught in crystalline Frost You crawl into its blanket of Numbness to Rest Shaping dreams of Tomorrows Games When seasons call you don't need a Name


The Light comes alive upon the waters Bringing to motion an infinity of timeless shapes Only my eyes can grasp their presence Too fast even for neurons to cast their spell of remembrance Attention receives only Now The rest is but feel Lost in the spaciousness of vibration And on my side Air, the breath of life Returns the ripple An interchange within the media of Oneness This cultivation of Light Formed of the living Now Will continue to change and forever Be

Spinning like a top Around this Universe Dancing in the arms of the Sun As I feel its radiating Warmth Balanced between the tongue of its Fire And the pull of the Universe The Moon spirals around me On this garden Earth Singing its song of Fluctuation Upon this Cosmic Birth Join the harmony of the Galaxy In its twirl between the Black Holes And the White The pushing and pulling of Some Massive Thought Of which I Am But me of flesh and bones Rivulets of crimson flow Coursing thru my veins Feeding those starving cells On the Cosmic Breath To join in play With the Chemistry of Life And the OM of electronic Sound Carry out messages of action and thought Projections of our Mind And the Light of which we are Slow down the Vibrations Look into the Light Of the ONE

Sparks of Life Moving about the Center of Light The Hub, The Flame of Eternity Each life form, each entity Sees the Light thru Rays, Spokes of Vibration Turning, Spinning, Circling About the Hub We are the Medicine Wheel Thru the Breath, the Energy of Life We channel the movement of the Wheel Once turning In Gyroscopic Stability The Center Focused Moving upon its Path Undaunted by outside force Pushing and Pulling We are Focused We are the Center The Light Each moves its Spiral Path about the Heart A Vortex of Light Breathing Slowly Listening/Concentrating Nuclear Radiations New Clear Rad-ia-tions Radiations: emanations, pulsations, vibrations Clear: reset, return to beginning, set Prepare to Start New Clear Radiations The Medicine Wheel Turns We are the Spokes-persons Breathing In-Breathing Out Channeling of the Turning Rim The Refrain of its Life In Harmony Singing Its Song of Celebration

Let Motion equal Emotion , Moderation, Equanimity, Work, Love Plauzation of the Pulsation, Akasha Seeing the Material, its vibration energy Each element, each atom, its particular Rate, frequency, wavelength of vibration See it all held / fed / fired By the all pervading Glue, Akasha, aether The Glue surrounds All Pervades All Within, Without See it all Pervading Take this Glue and See it Vibrate Faster and faster Higher and higher Until it seems to disappear Leaving just the Material Creations Vibrate this Glue On into Infinity At ever higher and higher rates Follow with your imagination Up this ladder of Energy vibration See / Feel its cycling change At any frequency Ever Higher Find a place where it Feels Ever Strong See its Vibration Stop / Look back down the Spectrum Back at the Material ,

The Matter vibrations now seem to be Standing Still Caught in their individual Cycles of movement Energy Manifestations Time Stands Still Move anywhere within the Material See / Feel its Multitudinous Variety of Vibrations You Are Free to roam, Timeless Throughout Creation Move through and with Akasha

Early morning rays reflect golden, orange and violet off distant clouds. Collections of birds sing to greet the new dawn. A half moon lazily drifts across deep blue heavens, leaving reminders of far off cosmic motion magically disappearing from view. The day's frantic adventures call the ants to arise, as coyote sings before retiring into shaded den for the welcome rest. All around Creation's cycles renew their seconds, days or eons of motion. Reaching out, returning; inhaling, exhaling; playing, resting; everywhere the dance goes on and on. Super-nova returns to stillness, as revolving Sun sprays its rotating family with gathered cosmic showers. Energy from which to grow. The alliance of Earth and Moon harvest the spiral flow, feeding their flourishing garden, sprouting innumerable cycles from gathered cosmic seeds. Motions of day and night signal awakening energies as the atmosphere breathes Life into each moment. Silent electrical charge ensues. Bright lightning discharge suddenly transforms. Minuscule particles of swimming energy and swirling vibrations crawl ashore, struggle to their feet and slowly look around. Hearing the magic of sounds, feeling the warmth, tasting the ecstasy, fragrance abounds. We stand center stage for but a moment, in Wonder; To again dance and sing in harmony with the Song.

A fine mist from nature's waterfall catches the late day solar rays turning to red, then pink, with orange, yellow, green, blue and variations on violet Suddenly its a brilliant rainbow dazzling before eyes of wonder. Just as suddenly its two bows of color gathering upon slate colored clouds and then a third also as if to announce or maybe celebrate. The stage has been set Wind rises swiftly in crescendo as Trees waving verdant leaves perform a merry jig; Enticing Flowers and Grass to join the rhythm. Bright pink Clouds change to gray; a swirling impish gray, almost green, as if to say its now my play. Streaks of Light proclaim the act of deep voiced Thunder's curtain call, as eager Rain begins her fall after a long day of climbing in Earth's great ocean of Air. The performance goes on Lightning flashes bright, Thunder's message, as if of cosmic source, rattles the listening ear drums. Wind carefully conducts the movements of Rain's prancing rhythms.

The Concert is long, powerful, surrendering and clear; its Magic creates fragrance of ionized oxygen, quickening the Breath, flashing through neurons with delight, Now awakens throughout every cell. Slowly, hardly even noticed, Quietness ascends with a new beat; drips of life blood fall around thirsty pinions; tiny liquid Drops creep over delicate Blossoms; deep shadows of Darkness descend; Fragrance pervades the transformed theater, Stillness slithers on to cover the rhythm. Cloud mixed Moon-glow moves into view, followed by the waltzing Stars of varied hue; billowing Mist clears the stage as Coyote announces the evening program. Cosmic Drama commences, Cycles renew as Super-nova kindles its nourishing light, and Harmony goes on with Listen!

Dance beneath the Stars Let the sand caress your Feet Ride Neptune's steeds charging toward the Shore Upon the hoof beat rhythm, Universe Inspired As a song from afar, Or near Who can say? Or Why? Its there for you and Me To be, or Try The twinkle from afar, My mind becomes afire Reverberation touches a neuron Display Excites the spiral Flow Sending shivers shooting spinal Songs Across our Time Call it Me Or You Feel the Flow Hoof beats cast away the riders endless Song To bring again the Newness Of the Now With soundless speculation of Worlds We didn't Try We trace a path and let it Fly Can You See? Do you Know? I rise within the Tides To let the evening shadows Show Till darkness returns again Leaving me to Go On into the Light With Neptune’s the Flow

One long deep Breath sends ripples of Vibration Throughout The body sings to the Chant of gurgling brook and gentle breeze Whispering through fir Spires Gophers play hide and seek, as green dapple leaves dance to the morning Songs Each breath sends sunlit golden Rays resonating through my Center balancing an instant Returning to the ALL Robin and I share this Awakening It breaks into Song A praise of the Dawn A world of colored Light Sound and Fragrance Overwhelm the Nowness Too powerful for pen scratches and thought to Comprehend But to catch a Glimpse The Play of Light-Sound-Smell Dance and Surround As slow even breaths Join the Harmony And Become Slow steady Pulsations of Love Spread from this Center Each breath sending-receiving the Cosmic Promise Silent praise for ITS majestic Perfection Robin too sings the Song of Praise Joining with Water and Wind In Gratitude Singing Now A New Day to Begin

Centuries call Down To hang Suspended On each Breath Grandmothers--Grandfathers Listening from Ages Past Swinging on the Gate of Life Yet--Move here Now Spirit Breaths In Breaths Out Ancient Rhythms Dance Still Upon this Instant The Lord of All the Great Magician Presses In Pulls Out Whispers of Eternity Send Oxygen Ripples Throughout This Puppet of Cosmic Matter Resonates with the Light of a Million Elders Catch their Life in what I Call ME But who is it? Their Sparks of Vibratory Swirls Fill my Lungs With Ancient Tales Messages so Swift I seldom Hear While watching the Gate Swing I Stretch the Inner Ear For the Sweetness of Endless Song


One long slow breath follows another; Setting its own rhythm. As if searching; Sounds reverberate around the immediate space, that I call Now. Spectrums of these tactile sonic vibrations find root and stir within and around this seemingly asleep body. Another slow swing of the breath-gate; Attention returns in partnership with distant rumbles from long forgotten pasts. Thoughtfulness grasps the rhythms of electric cells dancing with magnetic pulses of ancient stars that burst into immediate now-ness. Silent, yet swift, throbs of light Bounce around the mirror-like walls, Calling forth colors as if numbers on the keyboard or pulsations in a song. A long forgotten melody fills the stillness so completely and fully its barely noticed. Attention Catches the beat of body substance Singing cadence to breath. The skeletal frame moves rhythmically as streams of oxygen, nitrogen and other swirling masses Sweep thru the nostrils; Sending ionic rushes throughout.

Crystalline formed rib structure tenses, then relaxes; as it generates electrical pulses throughout its framework. These carbonic crystals Guide waves of Magnetic Light to encircle and resonate the fiber messenger nerves. Sending waves of breath sponsored vibrations, Linking Earth sensing toes to Heaven sensing skull sphere. The inner eye catches a glimpse of the vibrant light patterns Magnifying their response. Attention grasps for the chant. The field of cells shiver with excitement as the breath pulses surge like ocean breakers Over mitotic frolicing. Rhythms of Earthic Drumming Palpitate the spinal conduit, Combining with beats of Lunar tremors Awash with solar spray. Tensions rise as distant planetary harmonics Surge wind-like over cellular coats. Billions of vibratory acts of cosmic endorsement take the stage in one cycle of breath, and then another. Concentration returns to the swinging gate. Nostril membrane flutters in the breeze and listens for the next far off message as the internal clock pulse resets and prepares for another slow breath.

The legs spring to motion, Feet begin to pound the hardened surface, The lungs arouse slowly, Caught uninformed. Synchronization takes grasp, Breath catches swinging signs of appendage rhythms. The whole vibrant frame chants. Distant peaks reflect snow bright thru passing cottonwood maze, And brown eyed petals mirror sunlight to attract a glance. Respiratory pulses electrically excite the caged ribs to motion, Rhythmic electric signals dance vibrations upon the spine. Attention tends the breath-beat, Auric displays ride the cadence, Swirls of inner pineal light Bounce with solar incandescence. Concentration again returns to breath, Rides the beats of cellular motion, Magnetized heart throbbing rivulets Circulate footfall metric messages. The cadence of gravity's spiral pulling down, pushing back. Levitation springs to life, Feet hang suspended in timeless Now. The open plains stretch forever as body electrics slice the magnetic flux. Electrostatic force-fields send Earthly rhythms arcing from head to heel. Aetheric motions impress the galactic Words of forever on planetary spilled melodies as utility poles count kilometers passing and each instant of the breath-beat seizes Now. The finish in view triggers pituitary Secretions from unknown depths. The pineal inspired light flow Blesses and feeds the final surge. The joy of running the electric body Stimulates the ecstatic glow. It's really all for fun You Know.

Specks of Crystal Light Modulated by Solar Sprays Reflect bright Earth sounds Toward my Sight History records in an instant On carbon folds The pulses of Earth rhythms Upon my spinal shaft The Harmonies of Light and Sound Blend with Magnetized Crimson Flow Rhythmic nasal motion Swings the Pendulum Of Spinal fluids And Cranial Electrics Neuronal jumps of Ecstasy Rush with each ionic Breath Sending flame-like radiations Oscillating Between Earth's core and Heavens Cosmic Gates Action turns to stillness, attention Follows the Oxygenated Rhythm Vibrations of intensity Surge past and Thru Now-ness invades the total-ness of Being The thin-stretched Skin Of Terrestrial Life Enters from all Perception Wafts of heat driven Air Dust and Touch With gentleness and Blessings Distant snowfields bounce Echoes of Light Sounding the bell-tones of a million leaf cells Curled around the smiling Blossom of gathered Sun-Sounds All to modulate this total Being and Send charging energy Up the three-fold Path To spontaneously Explode in the Feelings of LOVE

YOU and ME
Who am I, you ask? As you Gaze at the World around. And Listen to the Dawn of days or the Birth of Sound. You are the Sunlight Warmth, the Scuffle through the dust, the Coolness of water. You are the Fragrance of Blossom, the Ruffle of the wind, the Taste of honey. You are the Touch of Love, the Scratch of cactus, the Fear of jumping. You are the Sound of thunder, the Chirp of crickets, the spinal Rush of Darkness. You are the Flutter of hummingbirds, the Kiss of Mother, the Touch of Father. You are the Rhythm of Earth, the Tickle of a feather, the Coldness of snow. You are the Softness of footfall, the Joy of ice cream, the Gentleness of a kittens breath. You are the Glory of Sunset, the Powder of snowflakes, the Warmth of a blanket. You are the Excitement of a story, the Pain of confusion, the Exhilaration of completion. You -are All I make of you And All you make of ME

The Forces of Nature Dance Serenely Around US The Surging Flow of a Tremendous Tide The Universe Moves, Becomes, Creates, IS Organisms of Delight Form Steady Slow Rhythms And Rests Between Movements of Spilling Forth Life's Great Masses Living Creatures Pause-As Thought Appears A Large Brain Stands Upright and Feels the Vital Pressure of Cosmic Drumming Absorbing All the Forces at Life's Disposal A World Evolves with Concentration upon the Human Soul A Sphere of Consciousness and Perfection of the Human Element We Find Ourselves situated in Space and Time Enclosing Our Masses Around a little ball Set On a Course Among the Stars A Grain of Cosmic Dust A Vast and Continuing Process Reveals Itself As Though a Dream Unfolding Like Intelligent Atoms the Process of Universing Discovering Our Souls Conscious, Unfolding Relationship With all Parts of Creation Enlarging Our Separate Personalities External to Flesh Our Real and Whole Body is Taking Shape We Are the World Extension thru Awareness the Organic Process, the Natural Impulse A Germination of Life and Growth of Mind We Impact Centuries, Feel the Responsibilities and the Power of the Entire Universe

In Every Thinking-a Fullness, a Newness A Maturity Through a Multitude of Human Acts A Consummated Human Thought

Coming into Full Possession of the Sphere of Action, Strength, Unity-Reaching at last the Apogee of Responsibility and Freedom Holding in Our Hands All Future and All Past Making the Choice This Choice is a Force Knowing All that IS and All that Can BE A Physical Existence of a Unity of Beings Living and Active A Momentary Ripple of Spirit, The Passing Impulse Force The Fulfillment of All Living Beings Designed for Considered Action from the Human Will-Power Mankind as a Whole, the Collective Humanity Called to Perform, Release and Flourish the Act of Total Force of Terrestrial Evolution We Are a Living Organism We Glow and Responsively Vibrate Expressing All the Natural Grandeur of the Human Mission Fulfilling Through the Ages the Sum of Our Individual Endeavors Sanctified Collective Thought, Attained on Earth, Consummated By the Constant Striving of Every Human Cell To Unite With All the Others This Coming Together a Great Mass of Spirits

Completes the Building of a New Temple On the Ruins of All Others The Genesis of the Whole Human The Impulse of Constructive Energy Trembles with the Desire for Unity We Are the Climb From the Depths of Matter To the Highest Peak of Spirit The One Evolution, The One Soul Fulfilling the Profound Need for Unity Which Pervades the World Finding the Natural Energy For Renewal of the World's Life Now Seeing Heaven Illumined Feet Walking Firmly Upon the Earth Let's Shine

A light breeze puffs snow flakes Across the Pond It shakes the pine boughs Freeing the cloud formed powder The bald eagle glides and silently scans the frozen white world below A single pine stands erect on the protruding ledge island With white frosting Covering its green Your Stillness sweeps thru me Nestled among arches of maple and oak Your Love Enfolds Your Grace sends shivers of Delight The Sun peeks thru Hazy, puffy clouds It beckons me to come, To Dance in Your Glory The Gates of Breath Swing to Your Rhythm I Receive the Lightness of Presence Enveloped In Your Everlasting Arms The Gentle Music of Your Being Surrounds The Light Lifts Becoming All Now

While Listening To the Sounds of Silence The Magic Overwhelms In Sight and Color

Dragon Fly Dances to Butterfly's Sway and the Flowered Image of Succulent Fruit Catches Spectrum of Light To Again Reflect

Butterflies Play Among the Tall Grasses and Blackberry Blossoms

Gentle Mosses and Ancient Leaves Kiss My Feet

As Maple Leaves-Palm Up Receive Today’s Blessings

Feathered Dinosaurs Converse Across Bull Frog Echoes as the Crows Interject Interspersed Wisdom

The Squirrel Speaks from the Towering Pines as I Pass

This Garden Paradise of Harmony Surrounds As I Sit Spellbound

Just within a few Feet The Magic and Beauty Overwhelm the Ability To Scribble on Paper

Tiny Bright Blossom Faces Gaze Back I Give Thanks and Gratitude for Being Allowed this Moment this Now

I Smile, and Love Sent Seems Reflected Many-fold

Distant Crows Hold a Verbal Conference Telling Tales of the Magic As they See and Feel

Colossal Patterns of Sub-Atomic Dust Breathed into Motion and Form Held Suspended Ever Changing

Touched and Imagined By That Great Mystery

Through the Cycles of Growth and Decay The Magic Spark Speaks

The Word Responds

I Take a Deep Breathe And Feel My Cup Runneth Over In the Being-ness of Presence Everywhere YOUR BEING Takes Flight Sends Sounds of Wonder Sights of Amazement

The Taste and Scents of Life Surround Touching and Sweeping Thru My Core

Like the Center of a Tornado YOU Lift My Being To Sit at YOUR Throne

YOUR Chariot Sweeps Silently Thru Eternity I Ride Gladly

The Magic of the Dust Illumined by THY Light I AM

The Weave and Woof of Universal Flux Vibrating Swirls of brilliant Hue Spinning in the Dust Bowl of Creation Dancing in the Wind of Galactic Charge Vibrations In and Out Up and Down Within, Without Singing my Electromagnetic Song With the Color Spectrum of Light Come! Let's Waltz with the Swirling Planets Through the Milky way Spillover The Universe is ours To Play in its sublime Rhythm I reach my Hand We join as One Energies Attuned Expand/ Expand With Galactic Hands We reach through Black/ White Swiss Cheese Worm Holes Playing Gravity's Love Song Direct your Spiraling Call of Love It takes us Anywhere

FOREVER Oceans tumble into dreams of ivy Rain drops wash the howling wind Dancing to the stellar point of crystal light I move before the sands of time beginning

For empty hollow ages ever onward We dance into the twilight of our time Forever are the seasons we have climbed on Forever are the times we meet again

We are balanced in spirals A living rhythm of energy Time hopping from spiral pool, to spiral pool As the Universal mixture churns itself to boil Come down thru, Come down thru We're 0n the Rim Jump Are you Gone ? NOW !

Dancing to the Sound of Light
We rode upon a Milky wave And dove into the curl We soared around the solar spray And jumped into the swirl One day, quite surprising We sailed into the Sun Drifted out among the planets To have a little fun You and I, we did the magic To disappear without a trace And then I had to find you Taking lifetimes and infinite space And suddenly you stood before me A mystery to be found Was it a glance from a bar stool Or a mountainous cliff playground A surging spinal column Lit the flame, loves been found ! The dancing as our bodies met Plays our love light sound At this auspicious occasion While nestled within the trees Heaven sent the Stars to see This cosmic you and me

Fly away
As worldly affairs are tumbling down And lives are lost And lives are found With empty pages as yet unturned Our days are numbered We’ve much to learn A squeaky door comes into view To choose to enter Its time we flew The nesting is done, the eggs are cracked The doors wide open We can’t look back Fly--Fly away Life goes on in many ways Fly--Fly away Some are going Some must stay

You know this crazy game is done You know the home-team Spirits won Don’t pack your bag, there is nothing needed The silent message Must be heeded

Listen, it’s a cosmic burn The flame reaches higher With every turn The inner light awaits the soul Lay down your marbles Its time to roll Fly--Fly away Life goes on in many ways Fly--Fly away It’s yours to know It’s yours today The time has come to fly away

Future Influence
If an event is within A long-wave standing-wave near-field influence Its connection with another related event Occurring within its seemingly future May influence the seemingly past.

Then the original event Is instantly and always connected And therefore may alter its activity accordingly. All shorter-wave standing-wave near-fields Within the longer

May give the appearance of changing Relative to one another But not within the common encompassing near-field If consciousness knows itself at these levels Then all is a mode of discovery.

Warning spring sunlight sparkles through billions of frozen water crystals Reflecting the pattern of Earthic sounds throughout The eyes catch but a glimpse of the cosmic wave-wash The sweeping pulses of Universe formed light stimulates the Now-ness The depth of breath reaches for the precious vital energy The food of being-ness ripples the spinal conduit Dumping forth its vibrant fluid in brain felt spray Oh! what joy abounds This sitting under ancient oaks while feeling Your sounds The heart opens full-blown waiting, watching, wondering where the moments will lead Your radiance enters swiftly Catching the breath-swing attention Holding the now-ness Each day, hour, minute

The joy of Your presence stirs New feelings, new dreams, new wonderment The new self becoming Infinities ride I reach out my hand Ready to fly

Pendulum Swings
In the silence of the sunlit morning The pendulum swings as breath takes note Each drawing listens to the roar of All Facial skin tastes the gentle warmth Towering pines collect their daily source Of wisdom and light Leaves release their grasp to fly Soon to protect and feed Oh! The solar warmth Stirs the sap within Sending ripples to the crown The breeze waves Bouncing from needle to leaf Reflected on waters ripple The I feels its own waving The motion of cosmic song The instant hesitation Blends to nowness Surface tension collects rhythms of Starlight and moon glow Hidden behind flying water droplets The spinal surge catches another Long forgotten rhythm From across the pond A raven answers

Jumping at the Ritz
From across the Universe an echo That spins its fire-eye song Its Superluminal function Seems to take way too long Harmonic cousins riding Somewhere to be heard Whispers from the heavens Yet we hear not a single word It’s all around to see That message in the trees A gliding bird has caught the rhythm But Water it can but freeze Moons, planets listen Gravity it’s a feel The Galaxy widely hastens While I spin the magnet wheel The information entanglement And the superluminal sheen Standing waves bounce around That spherical bone throne scene While ripples from the morning Sun Stimulate the neuron wall To satisfy the surface waves Across two feet they fall The standing waves of ancient days Like neurons dance the street The near field sends a message As the long waves read the beat An instantaneous Tachyon Beats on the monkey’s mind And then he answers “Information”, this galactic super find If only we could find the time On this money day parade Magic mushrooms got the rhyme On a merry escapade

What Magic
I stand center stage Immersed in constant vibration Within the womb of the Mother Her rhythms stir spinal influx And braincase pulses The cosmic influences Instantly felt What magic links thee To the unknown It births, it lives It moves on These ripples of infinity The dancing music The beat notes of Cosmic sound Manifest the moment as Love sweeps up and down The spine

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