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Nombre_____________________Fecha_________________ Hora___________

1. At the beginning of the movie, where do the Mirabal sisters go? Who comes to

2. What does Anita tell Minerva about Trujillo? What happened to Anita?

3. How many years did the girls spend at school?

4. What does Minerva want to study at the University?

5. What book does Leo give Minerva to read?

6. Why does Trujillo kill the black Haitians?

7. What is Leo fighting for?

8. How many of Leo’s friends have disappeared?

9. To where are Minerva, her sisters and father invited?

10. What do Trujillo and Minerva talk about as they dance?

11. What does Minerva have to do to help her father? What does Minerva win?

12. What happened to Señor Mirabal? Why?

13. Who comes to visit Minerva in the city? What happens?

14. What happened to Leo?

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Nombre_____________________Fecha_________________ Hora___________

15. What does Minerva discover at her graduation?

16. Where do Minerva and Manolo go?

17. Who do the Mirabal sisters join with to fight against Trujillo?

18. What nickname is given to the Mirabal sisters?

19. What do the prison guards want in exchange for Manolo’s life?

20. What do the women receive from the prison guard?

21. What do the Mirabal sisters see from the window of their prison cell?

22. What news do the sisters receive about their husbands?

23. Why doesn’t Minerva want Trujillo in her home?

24. What last favor does Minerva as of Trujillo?

25. What happens on the way back from the prison?

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