1) Selena was the first female to dominate what type of music? 2) What was the name of the band Selena's dad was in when he was younger? 3) Where did Selena live before her family was forced to move to Corpus Christi? 4) How old was Selena when she first began performing? 5) Who were Selena's original band composed of? 6) What did each family member do? 7) Who did Selena marry? How old was she? 8) What was Selena's favorite food? 9) What kind of store did Selena own? 10) Who managed the boutique? 11) What was Selena dared to do at a fair? 12) Was her family opposed to her marrying Chris? 13) Where did Selena move? 14) Did Selena want children? 15) Why was Selena so important to the Mexican-American population?

16) What was Selena's goal in music? 17) What was her crossover song? 18) Who wrote most of her music? 19) What happened when Selena's brother drove the bus?

20) In YOUR opinion, what do YOU think would have become of Selena if she was still alive?

21) Do you think Jennifer Lopez did a good job portraying Selena?

22) Compare Jennifer Lopez to Selena.

23) Do YOU think the Mexican Community had a problem with a Puerto Rican portraying their beloved Selena? Why?

24) Since Q Productions (Selena's family) is still producing and reproducing her music, do YOU think that her family is capitalizing off of her or producing her music for her fans to continue her memory and legacy?

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