FADE IN: EXT. HOUSE - CHRISTMAS EVE Snow is falling peacefully. The yard is filled with Christmas decorations. The h ouse is two stories, yellow, stringed with Christmas lights and a blow-up Santa sits on the roof. WOMAN (O.S.) Alright, time for bed. Santa’s coming. INT. LIVING ROOM - HOUSE CUE: RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER SINGER You now Dasher and Dancer. . .

Alex, bedtime! BOY (O.S.) Hold on mommy! Thirty more seconds till the coo ies are ready! Coo ies! Mary moves into -INT. KITCHEN ALEX JONES (8) stands by the stove. As JONATHAN JONES (38) a loving protective f ather. BEEP! BEEP! ALEX Daddy, they’re finished! Jonathan moves over to the stove, grabs a mitt and pulls the stove open and ta e s out the freshly ba ed batches of chocolate chip coo ies. ALEX (cont’d) That loo s delicious! Can we have one? JONATHAN These are Santa’s coo ies. Alex frowns. ALEX O ay. I want Santa to be happy.







Enter MARY JONES (36) a sweet, She carries CASEY JONES (6).


ind, loving mom. Really cares for her children. MARY





Mary smiles. MARY But, we do have a surprise. Jonathan opens the cupboard and ta es out four different coo ies: Santa, Elf, Re indeer, and Rudolph. SINGER Rudolph with your nose so bright, won’t you guide my sleigh tonight? ALEX Whoa! JONATHAN One for everyone. CASEY Rudolph, please. ALEX Santa, please! Jonathan hands the two of them the coo ies. MARY (jo ingly) Elf, please. Jonathan gives her the elf coo ie as the ids munch down theirs. Mary eats her c oo ie, giving Jonathan a smir . JONATHAN Alright, brush your teeth and go to sleep! Mary puts Casey down as the two brothers run off. Jonathan wraps his arm around Mary’s shoulder and the two follow. INT. LIVING ROOM KNOCK! KNOCK! JONATHAN I’ll get it. Mary nods. Goes upstairs after the boys. Jonathan ma es his way to the door, unl oc s it, and opens it. An officer stands on the porch. OFFICER DANIELS (32), smart, strong, and firm. JONATHAN (cont’d) Hello Officer, is-something wrong? END RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER OFFICER DANIELS Less than an hour ago the town’s ban was robbed. Guy got away. Ten minutes










ago we got a call saying he was near this neighborhood. So, we’re doing OFFICER DANIELS (more) a neighborhood watch and going house to house to inform the citizens to loc up. JONATHAN That’s--terrifying. (beat) Everything’s loc ed. Officer Daniels nods. OFFICER DANIELS We’ll be out front if you need us. JONATHAN Good night. OFFICER DANIELS Good night to you too. JONATHAN And merry Christmas! OFFICER DANIELS Merry Christmas to you too. Officer Daniels wal s away. Jonathan shuts the door and loc s it. Jonathan crosses the room and ma es his wa y up the stairs. INT. UPSTAIRS HALLWAY Jonathan strides down the hallway. Watches Mary put Alex into his room. He goes to Casey’s bedroom door and peers in. INT. CASEY’S BEDROOM Casey lies in bed, Teddy Bear clutched in hand. MARY (O.S.) It’s cold in here! CASEY Daddy? Jonathan neels next to him.

JONATHAN Yeah? Casey hugs his father. CASEY I love you.







JONATHAN I love you too, sport. Jonathan smiles. JONATHAN (cont’d) Let’s get you tuc ed in and out before Santa comes. Jonathan helps Casey under the covers and tuc s him in. Casey still holds his Te ddy bear. CASEY Goodnight daddy! Jonathan ruffles Casey’s hair. JONATHAN Night son. CASEY Don’t forget Mr. Teddy. JONATHAN (laughs) Goodnight Mr. Teddy! CASEY (voice) Goodnight dad. Jonathan smiles, isses Casey’s forehead. Leaves the room and shuts the door. INT. UPSTAIRS HALLWAY Jonathan moves into the hallway. Turns to Alex’s bedroom. Hears murmuring. Whisper ing. Jonathan moves towards Alex’s bedroom door when -- he hears SCREAMS. JONATHAN Mary--? He rushes for Alex’s bedroom door. Swings it open -INT. ALEX’S BEDROOM

Alex is hidden in the corner. Mary is on his bed, bloody. A figure repeatedly sh oves a nife into Mary’s throat over and over. Blood spills. Jonathan screams. Dashes for the figure. The two tac le each other. Jonathan str uggles, noc s the man over. JONATHAN RUN ALEX!



Lights are off. But the Christmas lights blin edroom.




from the window, reflecting the b




Alex snaps too. He loo s around, stares at his mother’s body and his father.

Alex exits the room -INT. UPSTAIRS HALLWAY Alex rushes down the hallway and into Casey’s bedroom. INT. CASEY’S BEDROOM Casey is sleeping peacefully. Alex rushes for Casey when he is GRABBED. A hand is placed over his mouth. INT. UPSTAIRS HALLWAY The figure grabs Alex cho ing him. Alex whines and cries out in pain. He ic s, squeals. Alex ic s bac hitting the figure in the groin. He drops Alex and groans. Alex ta es his chance and dashes down the hallway.

ALEX HELP! He runs down the stairs -- trips and falls. INT. LIVING ROOM The man comes down the stairs after Alex. Alex crawls for the door, unloc s it. Pulls it open. He rushes onto the porch. ALEX HELP! EXT. PORCH The cop car sits out front. Officer Daniels wal s around. He hears Alex and turn s. The man grabs Alex and drags him bac into the house. He goes to close the door when officer Daniels reacts quic ly. He draws his gun. Aims. And BAM, BAM, BAM. Fires three bullets.

INT. UPSTAIRS HALLWAY Alex runs bac into the hallway, crying. He freezes. Sees his mother and father lying on top of each other. Bloodied. Christmas lights strung around them. Alex bac s up.


The man lets go of Alex. Grabs his chest. Alex runs bac

up the stairs.












ALEX Mommy!! Daddy!!! JONATHAN GO!


ALEX Mommy. Daddy--? Alex shivers. Tears strea down his chee s. NO!!!! DANIELS (o.s.) I need bac -up. Our suspect is caught. Footsteps. Daniels appears. He eyes the gruesome sight. Grabs Alex. Alex fights him. ALEX NO! NO! NO! NO! On Alex’s face. FADE OUT. EXT. HOUSE - NIGHT We get a last shot of the house. . .all is peacefully and calm. . . FADE OUT. SUPER: TEN YEARS LATER FADE IN: EXT. HOUSE - MORNING Snow slowly falls. . .all is peacefully and calm. A small yellow, two story hous e is being stringed with Christmas lights by a boy. CASEY JONES (16), aged in the past few years. Blue highlights on his blonde hair . Nice, gullible. Pale s in. Smart.

INT. KITCHEN - HOUSE - CONTINUOUS PHYLLIS JONES, (36) 5 months pregnant, sweet, ind lady. Messy blonde hair, blue eyes, a great smile despite all of the problems she has. Casey enters into the itchen, ta ing off his coat and hat. He moves over to the microwave and ta es out two mugs, one filled with hot cocoa the other with coff ee. Casey sits down and gives Phyllis her mug. PHYLLIS Than s sweetie. No problem.



He finishes stringing the lights and moves bac







ALEX (cont’d)


into the house.



PHYLLIS Glad, you get an extra day off? Casey nods. CASEY Luc y for us we got our wor before we left. Casey ta es another sip of his mug.

PHYLLIS Staying home today? CASEY Actually, they’re calling me into wor tonight. PHYLLIS What? That’s not fair. I should call them-CASEY Aunt Phyllis, calm down. I got it. (beat) Besides, we need the money. PHYLLIS I just want you to be safe. She ta es a sip of her mug.

CASEY Don’t worry about me. It’s your baby you should worry about. PHYLLIS (sighs) You’re right. I’m sorry, I just-thin it’s close to Christmas time and that’s just. . . CASEY I agree. We just need to loo at the good side of this situation. He ta es a sip of his mug.

PHYLLIS Don’t forget, Alex is coming. Casey loo s at his aunt.

CASEY What time do I pic him up? PHYLLIS 3 p.m. CASEY Sounds good. I’m excited!










Casey gives a smile. CASEY (cont’d) Oh, Jess has that Christmas eve party tomorrow. From after the town’s Christmas parade to 10 p.m. PHYLLIS Sounds fine. We’ll spend Christmas together. Casey nods. CASEY Should I get Alex a present? PHYLLIS That’d be nice, welcoming him to his family. INT. DINER - MORNING MYRA THOMPSON (17) blonde, blue eyes, usually a bitch but does have a sweet side to her, she mainly comes off as an annoying person but honestly doesn’t mean it. She strolls into a booth where -- MALCOLM REED (17), African American. He’s funny and snar y. A real lady’s man. A big pot fan, he has brown hair and brown eyes.

Malcolm rolls his eyes. MALCOLM You now I ain’t big with that shit. Myra runs a finger through his hair and he nudges it off. MYRA Well, I am. Myra flips her long blonde hair. A waiter wal s by. MYRA (cont’d) Excuse me. The waiter stops turns to her. FEMALE WAITER Yes ma’am? MYRA We’re ready to ta e our order. FEMALE WAITER






MALCOLM Where were you? What no you?” MYRA iss or “honey boo, I miss

One second, miss. The waiter wal s off.

Myra giggles.

FEMALE WAITER What will you have? MYRA (whispers) About time. (grabs menu) I’ll have. . .eggs and bacon with orange juice. MALCOLM I’ll have the same. FEMALE WAITER Very good. The waiter nods and writes this down, then ta es the menus and wal s off. INT. BUS - MORNING It’s an express bus. Not a lot of people on it. A few -- we focus on one. ALEX JONES (18), always silent and creepy. Barely tal s, is fa ing the fact he’s b etter. He has brown hair, pale s in, brown eyes, bags under his eyes. A man his age sits next to him. His name is WALTER. WALTER Ya goin’ home for Christmas? ALEX (sighs) Is this a desperate amount to ma e conversation because of the fact you don’t have a social life? WALTER Damn, don’t gotta be rude. ALEX Don’t care. Alex stands, grabs his safe and noc s the man out of his way as he leaves his s eat. He moves to another seat and sits by the window.








Moments later the waiter comes bac




MYRA Business is slow. MALCOLM Slower than my grandma getting the phone.

with a notepad.

Stares at his reflection. . . JONATHAN (V.O.) Don’t tell your mother. FLASHBACK: INT. KITCHEN - HOUSE - NIGHT Jonathan and young Alex are sitting by the counter. Jonathan gives Alex a can of diet soda. ALEX Than s daddy. No problem. Alex has a couple sips. Jonathan than ta es the can. JONATHAN (cont’d) Not too much, son. ALEX Than s again, daddy. Jonathan rubs his son’s head. FLASHBACK OVER. Alex continues to stare into his reflection. . . INT. DINER - MORNING Myra and Malcolm are snac ing on their food. Not bad. MALCOLM Not bad? It’s bang up delicious! Dang girl! You got any good taste? Myra rolls her eyes. MYRA Ass. MALCOLM Don’t get feisty! It was just a jo e, hun. MYRA Thought you weren’t into that type of shit. MALCOLM Is that this what this is about? MYRA







Yes, yes it is. Malcolm sighs. MALCOLM Loo , I’m sorry. MYRA That’s it? Just a simple, sorry? MALCOLM Better than nothing. Myra is silent. Finishes up her food. MYRA You’re paying. I’ll be outside. Myra stands, puts on her pin winter coat and a pair of gray earmuffs. She struts off, Malcolm watches sha ing his head. Bitch. He ta es a bite out of his eggs and throws down a twenty on the table, grabs his blac coat and puts it on following Myra. EXT. DINER ENTRANCE - MORNING Myra stands at the entrance, snow falls. She pulls out two pair of gloves from h er poc et and slips them on.

MALCOLM Can we tal ? Go on.

MYRA MALCOLM I’m really sorry about that bac there. If you wanna do all that sappy love stuff then -- that’s fine with me. Myra turns to him. MALCOLM (cont’d) We cool? MYRA about it. . . isses her on the lips. The two the

MALCOLM How’s that?


Myra grins. Malcolm grabs her into a hug and n pull bac .


I’ll thin


Malcolm exits the diner behind her. She turns and watches him wal










up to her.

Myra thin s.

Myra chews her lip. MALCOLM Loo , come on over to Ronald’s with me. I’mma gonna get pot. MYRA I’m not filling my lungs with that shit. MALCOLM Please, Myra? MYRA I gotta go home. MALCOLM Can we at least go to the parade together tomorrow? Myra loo s to him.

MYRA Maybe. MALCOLM Stop playing hard to get. Baby, I don’t li e that shit. MYRA Honey. . .deal with it. Myra wal s off as Malcolm chuc les. INT. KITCHEN - JONES’ HOUSE - DAY It’s close to afternoon and Phyllis wal s into the itchen eating a lot of food an d water. She’s eating; a large salad, with some chic en. The front door is heard closing, she turns as CASEY enters. He sets down a bunch of bags on the counter. CASEY We got luc y. There was a sale and everything. People were going crazy for this stuff. Phyllis smiles. PHYLLIS A Christmas miracle! CASEY Preach it!











MYRA Better. But I’m not li e those girls who are blind about love. Li e my mother. . .


The two share a laugh. CASEY (cont’d) I thought we could wait for Alex Before we put up ornaments on the Christmas tree. PHYLLIS Sounds li e a wonderful idea, hun. Phyllis finishes her food. PHYLLIS (cont’d) If you excuse me, it’s time to read to the baby. Phyllis goes to the sin , but Casey stops her.

CASEY Don’t worry, I got it. He ta es the plate from her.

PHYLLIS You’re such a doll. Casey smiles as Phyllis leaves the room. Casey ta es the plate and puts it in the sin , turns on the water, grabs a soapy sponge and gets to wor cleaning it. PHYLLIS (cont’d, o.s.) “The Little Engine That Could” Casey loo s over his shoulder and smir s. He finishes cleaning the plate, dries it with a rag and puts it in a cabinet with other plates. He then dries his own hands with the rag and throws it around the handle of the fridge. He then moves over to the bag, ta es out food and drin s and puts it into the fr idge. After this, he ta es out some Chinese food. INT. LIVING ROOM Casey wal s over to Phyllis and hands her a bottle of water and some Chinese foo d.

CASEY Enjoy. PHYLLIS (whispers) Than s, hun. CASEY I’ll see you after wor . He isses her forward. Goes to a coat rac and grabs his grey coat as Phyllis co ntinues to read. He puts it on, grabs his car eys, wallet, and phone and leaves















the room. INT. DINER - DAY The door opens and Casey strolls in. It’s about ten minutes later. CHEF Five minutes late, Casey. CASEY Sorry, sir. My aunt-CHEF Just get prepared and start your shift. CASEY Alright. Casey moves behind the counter, dropping off his stuff and putting on a apron an d grabs a notepad and heads over to a table. LOIS GREENE (39) school principal, very ind but strict when she wants to be. Bl ac hair, blac eyes, pale s in. Very protective too. She’s dressed up in a warm a ttire. CASEY (cont’d) Hi, ma’am you ready to ta e-(smiles) Principal Greene! How. . .ironic. LOIS Casey. What are the odds? How are you? CASEY I’m good, Principal Greene. You? LOIS I’m good. Casey, we’re not in school you can call me Lois. CASEY With all due respect, ma’am. LOIS Well, aren’t you sounding li e a little police officer? CASEY (chuc les) I suppose. Hurry up, Casey! CASEY Anyway, may I ta e your order? LOIS I’d li e, hash browns, panca es,











and orange juice. Casey scribbles this down. He nods, rips the paper and hands it to the chef. CHEF Than s Case, now continue your shift. Casey nods, doesn’t fight bac . He moves to the next table. RING. RING. Lois pulls out her phone. Answers. LOIS Hi mom. BEAT. LOIS (cont’d) I’m hoping on my flight tonight. BEAT. LOIS (cont’d) I’ll be there around 4 a.m. BEAT. LOIS (cont’d) Mother, I have the ey. She rubs her temple. LOIS (cont’d) Yes mother, I love you too. I’ll see you tomorrow. Goodbye. Lois hangs up. Sets her phone down. The door to the diner crea s open and JESS POTTERS enters, (16) a stunning beaut y. Blac hair, pale s in, brown eyes. Loo s li e a slut but isn’t, lead singer in her band, fun and friendly. She’s wearing a big winter coat and moves behind the c ounter. She changes into an apron and ma es her way to Casey. CASEY You’re here, finally. Save me from-Casey loo s at the chef. Jess follows his eyes. Giggles.

JESS I’m here your highness. Casey rolls his eyes. CASEY Better get to wor before Chef blows a fume. JESS I’m sure that’s not the only thing he












blows. Casey snorts. JESS (cont’d) So what do I do? CASEY Ta e Principal Greene’s order to her table once it’s finished. Order up! JESS Showtime. CASEY (moc s) Watch and learn, watch and learn. CHEF Come on Casey! Food’s getting cold. Jess grabs the plate. JESS Don’t worry Morrison, I got it covered. MORRISON the chef, a real hard-ass. 34. Brother with the owner. He grunts. MORRISON Well, what you waiting for? Jess ta es the plate wal s off and whispers.

MORRISON I’m sorry, what was that? Jess loo s bac , smiles.

JESS Nothing, chef. Jess wal s over to Principal Greene’s booth. Boots clan ing the floor. JESS (cont’d) Principal Greene, what a surprise! Jess sets down the plate. LOIS Yes, yes. Jess good to see you. JESS


JESS Waiting for you to ta e that stic outta your ass.











Will that be all? Casey rushes over, hands Lois her drin . JESS (cont’d) Shit, I forgot. Sorry Case. Casey wal s off. Jess loo s to Lois. JESS Shit! Sorry for saying shit! Lois chuc les.

LOIS Jess, we’re not in school. Treat me li e any other adult. Jess raises a brow.

LOIS That teachers have social lives? JESS No. . .yes. . .very. (beat) Li e all the ids in the world we picture you as just teachers with nothing else to do. Lois goes to spea , when--

MORRISON Dammit Jess, move along! Jess rolls her eyes. JESS Bye, Principal Greene! Jess rushes over to another table. LOIS Bye dear. Lois stares at Jess. Attracted? She loo s away and begins to eat her food. INT. BUS Alex is still on the bus. DRIVER We’ll be here an hour early. Alex listens to the report. Walter continues to eye him. ALEX


Honestly, that’s









JESS ind a weird.

(loo s at him) What? Nothing. Alex sighs. ALEX Are you upset? Did I hurt your feelings? WALTER Are you always an ass? ALEX Not everyday your parents die in front of you. WALTER Worse things happen everyday. Though, I am sorry. ALEX Nice comebac . Can I help you? You’re cute. ALEX Ah. Well, than s. It’s nice to be told I’m cute. You’re straight? ALEX Yup, but that doesn’t mean I can’t Be happy to be complimented. (beat) You now, for a weirdo. You’re not that bad. Than s? ALEX I’m not good with compliments. (beat) That’s my best. WALTER Li e Sheldon in Big Bang Theory. What? WALTER The show. . .have you been living under a roc ?











ALEX (smir s) Something li e that. INT. DINER - LATER Casey is still wor ing shifts. His phone beeps and he pulls it out. It’s a text fr om Aunt Phyllis. AUNT PHYLLIS’S TEXT: He’ll be here at 2pm inside Casey nods, loo s at the time; 12:50. Jess wal s by.

CASEY Tell me about it. I’m going to get Alex a present, you wanna come? JESS Sure, beats staring at my twitter page for hours. Casey chuc les as Jess and him drop the aprons, grab their coats and put them on .

JESS (cont’d) Let’s go. Jess grabs Casey’s hand and drags him. JESS Byeeeee Morrisonnnnnn. Jess pushes Casey out the front door. INT. MALL - LATER The mall is pretty much half-filled. Some parts are empty, others are full of pe ople. Jess and Casey are wal ing around, the place is full of Christmas decorati ons and Casey is loving it. They run past “Santa” but he stops them. MALL SANTA How would you li e to be Mrs. Claus? JESS How would you li e a foot up your ass pervert?! MALL SANTA Somebody’s been very naughty! JESS Yeah? Well. . .eat shit.


JESS Shift time is over. Than










Jess and Casey push past him and bump into -- MYRA. MYRA Jess! Casey! Hi! JESS Oh. . .Myra! Hi. MYRA This is so funny. I was just Listening to your new song. Lump of Coal. (sings) The only thing you’re gonna get is Coal-oh-oh-oh-oh! Right through your Baby hole-ho-ho-oh-oh. Jess giggles. JESS Than s. (whispers to Casey) She’s growing on me! MYRA Me, Malcolm, and Ronald are going for lunch. Want go join us? JESS Oh well-CASEY A quic bite sounds good. I’m starving. Morrison doesn’t let us get the diner’s food. Jess eyes him, Casey shrugs. MYRA Awesome! Let’s go. INT. FOOD COURT - MALL Myra, Jess, and Casey sit down at a table. MYRA I’m going to grab your food. (smiles) What do you want? Money’s on me. JESS Than s. Fries and a cheeseburger. CASEY You’re so sweet. I’ll ta e the same. Myra nods, starts off. JESS




We’re going to be late. CASEY It’s five minutes away. Don’t worry. Jess rolls her eyes. Giggles. JESS God, I’m a worrywart. CASEY Yup. JESS Shut up! She nudges him. CASEY I’m going to quic ly grab Alex a present. JESS Be quic , and stay away from pervy Santa. You got it. INT. STORE - MALL Casey wal s around a store, he finds a snow globe, it loo s a lot li e his old h ome. CASEY Alex will love this. . . Casey smiles, wal s up to the counter and hands the man behind the counter the g lobe.


CASHIER That’ll be 9.25. INT. FOOD COURT Jess is still sitting by herself when Myra appears right next to her. Jess jumps . JESS Shit. MYRA Jumpy are we? Myra gives Jess a bag with her food. MYRA (cont’d) Sorry, hun. Myra sets Casey’s bag of food on the table next to Jess. Malcolm and other boy sea t themselves across from Myra and Jess.







BOY God that line. . . MALCOLM Hey babe. Myra rolls her eyes. Myra pulls out a fry and goes to ta e a bit when the boy grabs it from her. RONA LD STRODE (17) a totally gee , light brown hair, dar eyes, now-it-all, loves p ot. A id trapped in a teenager’s body. He eats her fry. MYRA Ass! Buy your own. RONALD Whatever. You don’t need to add a couple more pounds to your weight. You’re already big enough. MYRA JESS Don’t mess with a woman and their weight. Myra nods. Ta es another fry, eats it. Casey appears, sits next to Jess.

JESS (cont’d) What did you get him? CASEY Snow globe. MYRA That’s cute. MALCOLM Gonna give him a great big

JESS Fuc off, Malcolm. This isn’t a sappy lifetime movie. CASEY I li e sappy love stories. MYRA You’re such a woman. RONALD Transgender? CASEY Male.














Casey starts eating his burger. MALCOLM You guys are fuc ed up. JESS I should’ve got pizza. Ronald ta es a bite of his pizza.

Boo, you whore. MYRA Oh my God, I love Mean Girls! MALCOLM Here she goes again. MYRA Shut up! Jess and Casey start chowing down their food quic ly. MYRA (cont’d) Slow down, you’re gonna vomit. JESS Sorry. CASEY We have twenty minutes till we gotta go. Don’t want to tal a lot. Myra eats some more of her fries. Starts chewing on a chic en finger. RONALD Why the hell do they call it chic en fingers? It’s not a finger. MYRA Insert drum sound here. Malcolm laughs. Kisses Myra’s chee . MYRA Ew, don’t grease me. JESS What?! Ronald bursts out into laughter. Myra wipes her chee .

MYRA I’ve never seen the noteboo . JESS Oh my God, really? Me neither.











CASEY Wow. MYRA I love how Regina and Karen from Mean Girls get Channing Tatum and none for Gretchen Wieners. Jess laughs. CASEY Dear John and The Vow? MYRA Yup. RONALD What ind of last name is Wieners? MALCOLM Her comes Mr. and Mrs. Wieners. JESS Comes. Nice. CASEY I need new friends. JESS Too late, you’re stuc with us. MALCOLM Avengers, assemble! Malcolm does a fist pump. RONALD O ay, who would we all be if this was the Avengers? I-JESS Tot-CASEY Um-MALCOLM Quiet! Quiet! I would obviously be Captain American. Myra is my Blac Widow. Ronald is Iron Man, Jess is The Hul and Casey is Haw eye. JESS The Hul ?! Fine. (weird voice) SMASH. MALCOLM’S. BRAINS. IN!!!!









Myra laughs hard. She starts to slip and falls off the chair booth. Everyone wat ches and burst out laughing. Myra sits bac down as Jess quiets everyone. JESS (cont’d) Wait-wait-The group turns to her. JESS You guys are coming to the parade tomorrow. CASEY I as ed my aunt she said yes.

MALCOLM Sounds good. JESS Ronald your are not bringing bac a slut to my place. RONALD Let me be naughty behind Santa’s bac . MYRA (sarcastic) Ho. Ho. Ho. Ronald ta es another bit of his pizza. Chews.

RONALD It’ll be quic . JESS You have no class at all. CASEY Jess is right. MYRA Girls are always right, hun. RONALD Really? What’s 25.3 times 12.3? MYRA Uh-RONALD That’s what I thought.



RONALD Christmas eve parade. Lots of drun bitches ready for sex? Hell yeah.



MYRA Of course, you’re gonna roc






Myra throws fries into Ronald’s face. RONALD (cont’d) (eats the fries) Than s! Ass. Ronald rolls his eyes. RONALD You now the saying, you are what you eat? JESS So you eat asses? Myra and Jess burst into laughter. Malcolm and Casey joins in.

Casey pulls out his phone chec s it. CASEY Shit, Jess, 5 minutes. JESS Spam! Spam! Jess and Casey quic ly eating their remaining food.

MYRA What is this gmail? Jess and Casey puts on their coats. JESS We had so much fun. MYRA Text me later? JESS Yeah, I’ll text the deets. Myra blows a iss.

Love ya. JESS Love you too. Than s for lunch. Casey grabs the snow globe, poc ets it, grabs Jess’s fries and dumps it in etchup and finishes them off. CASEY Bye! Than s!




No. No. No. Fuc






RONALD you guys!




The two run off. RONALD Bye losers. MALCOLM Bye guys. RONALD So, Myra want some pot? Myra rolls her eyes. EXT. TRAIN STATION - LATER Casey’s car pulls up. Jess and him exit. JESS We’re early. CASEY Loo , the bus. A nice big express bus pulls to a stop. The door opens and Casey and Jess wait a few seconds. ALEX exits the bus. Bag in hand. He notices Casey. Fa es a smile, wal s over to him. ALEX Hi. Casey is silent. ALEX (cont’d) Anybody home-Casey quic ly hugs Alex.

CASEY I can’t believe it’s you. (beat) It’s been forever. Alex aw wardly hugs Casey bac . ALEX Yeah. . .yeah. . . JESS Aw. Casey and Alex part and turn to Jess. ALEX Who’s this? JESS Jess Potters. Casey’s secondhand woman.







Casey rolls his eyes. JESS (cont’d) I always wanted to say that. Alex nods. ALEX Nice to meet you. The two share an aw ward smile and nod.

Casey pulls out a wrapped up present from his poc et. CASEY (cont’d) I got you something. Alex ta es the present. Smiles. Feels the wrapping paper. It’s been so long. . .he slowly begins to tear at the paper, li e a curious excited child on Christmas m orning. Alex sees the snow globe. Stares at it in amusement. ALEX It’s--beautiful. Casey smiles. CASEY I new you would li e it. (beat) Sha e it. Alex loo s to the snow globe and to Casey. He begins to sha e the snow globe, sl owly at first, then speeds up. Alex stops and watches as the tiny little snow slowly raises from the globe and sprin les around on the house and the trees.

ALEX Whoa. Focus on the little snow globe in Alex’s hands -INT. LIVING ROOM - JONES HOUSE - LATER The door is heard slamming shut as Aunt Phyllis is eating Chinese food. She turn s to her head to see -JESS and CASEY. Casey drops two suitcases as steps aside. ALEX appears as Phyllis stands. She wal s over to him. PHYLLIS You must be Alex!










CASEY (brea ing the silence) Oh Alex.




Phyllis quic ly hugs Alex as Alex aw wardly hugs her bac . CASEY Alex meet Aunt Phyllis. ALEX Hi. Phyllis doesn’t let go. CASEY Phyllis, I gotta show him his room. Phyllis bac s away.

PHYLLIS Sorry. But come bac down. Casey ta es Alex up the stairs as Phyllis and Jess watches.

JESS Wow. I mean, I heard about him. It’s terrible what happened. PHYLLIS Yes, it was terrible. I was the last relative they had left. (beat) Alex saw many doctors, they tried to help him. They sent him away. Jess listens as Phyllis sighs and wal s away. She continues to loo upstairs. INT. LIVING ROOM - HOUSE - EVENING Lois sits, she’s wearing her PJS and holds her apple computer. She’s wearing glasses and listening to a news reporter. REPORTER (o.s.) Snow will be expected for the rest of the wee . . . Lois clac s away at the eyboards.

REPORTER (cont’d) So have a wonderful snowy Christmas! LOIS Oh, for God sa es. Lois grabs the remote and mutes the channel. LOIS (cont’d) That was terrible. The house phone rings. Lois grabs it quic ly, answers. LOIS Mrs. Greene spea ing.















Beat. LOIS (cont’d) Yes, I’m quite aware of Claire being bullied. Don’t worry about the winter brea , Claire will be left alone. (beat) They will be punished. I will not accept bullying in my school! (beat) Don’t worry. Lois hangs up. Dials a number. Ring, ring, ring. BOY (o.s.) Hello? LOIS Thomas Ranger. CASEY No, this is Casey. Mrs. Greene? LOIS Shit--wrong number. (beat) I mean, sorry Casey. I meant to call someone else. CASEY No harm done, have a nice night. LOIS You too, Casey. BEEP. Lois sighs and redials another number. LOIS (cont’d) Are you Thomas Ranger’s mother? (beat) Your son has been harassing one of our students. . . INT. BATHROOM - JONES HOUSE - LATE EVENING Alex stands in the bathroom. Just showered. He’s wearing his pjs, gray shirt, shor t batman boxers. Casey enters. CASEY Boxers fit? Alex nods. ALEX Than s. Casey smiles. CASEY


No problem. I’ll be across the hall if you need me. ALEX Alright. CASEY Goodnight. Alex nods again, smiles. Casey leaves the bathroom. Alex sighs, pulls out a cup of pills. Opens it, searches it. Alex stares in horror and drops the cup. He loo s in the mirror, sha ing. ALEX NO. BLACK. SUPER: CHRISTMAS EVE EXT. STREET - JONES HOUSE - DAWN The house loo s peaceful. Snow falls. The decorations are still up. Beautiful as ever. EXT. TOWN SQUARE It’s being set up for tonight’s parade. INT. SHOE STORE Myra and Malcolm are hanging out. MALCOLM So, why the hell are we here? MYRA My mom wants me to loo after the store till noon. (beat) I didn’t want to be alone. MALCOLM What about Casey? MYRA His brother just came home. MALCOLM Ronald? MYRA Drugged up. MALCOLM Jess?





MYRA Practicing for tonight. (beat) You’re an asshole. This is a good time to hang out. MALCOLM I need my beauty rest. MYRA Isn’t that a girl thing? The bell rings as Myra and Malcolm turn to see Lois as she strides in. She smiles. MYRA (cont’d) Mrs. Greene. It’s li e 6am. LOIS I was on the way to the airport and I thought I’d grab a pair of shoes for my sister. MYRA What type are you loo ing for? LOIS Nice shoes. Winter-y. Myra nods. Scans a section. MYRA Size? LOIS Ten. Myra pulls out a box with a pair of shoes. Shows it to Lois. MYRA How are these? LOIS Beautiful! They wal over to the counter.

MALCOLM I don’t li e them. Myra glares. MYRA You don’t li e anything. Hey. Hey. Hey! Myra rolls her eyes.







MYRA Ignore him, Mrs. Greene. He’s stupid. She laughs. MYRA There’s 6.25. LOIS Wow, cheap. MYRA We cut off more than half of the price. It’s the holidays. Plus, it’s smart. We have LOTS of costumers. Lois smiles. LOIS Wonderful. Lois hands the cash. Myra pulls out wrapping paper and wraps up the box and hand s it to Lois. LOIS (cont’d) Than s ids, merry Christmas. MYRA Merry x-mas, Mrs. Greene! MALCOLM Happy Christmas, Mrs. Greene. Lois leaves. MYRA She’s so awesome. MALCOLM Someone’s got a school-girl crush. MYRA That’s Jess, hun. MALCOLM Why do you say, hun? MYRA Why do you do pot? MALCOLM Touche. INT. BEDROOM - HOUSE Ronald lies on his bed. RONALD (on phone) It’ll be twenty for a stash. M’ ay?



He listens. RONALD (cont’d) Good. Good. I’ll give it to you during the parade. INT. GUEST HOUSE - JONES HOUSE RONALD (o.s.) Yeah. Yeah. Alex’s bed is empty. . . RONALD Alright, bye. EXT. ROAD Lois’s car drives by. INT. CAR Lois is driving quic ly.

She listens. LOIS (cont’d) I’ll see you real soon. (beat) I love you, mom. See you guys this afternoon. EXT. ROAD In the distance we see a figure wal ing. Lois’s car passes by slows down. The door opens and Lois steps out, moving towards the figure. CLOSE UP. Lois wal s up to the boy.

LOIS Are you o ay, sweetie? He reaches for her, she ta es his hand. LOIS (cont’d) For God sa es, what are you doing out here? We see it’s -- ALEX. ALEX Help me, I’m lost.






LOIS (on phone) Yes, I’m almost there.


Lois chec s her watch.

LOIS The police station isn’t far. . . I’ll drop you off. Alex stares, unblin ing.

LOIS (cont’d) (loo s at Alex’s clothes) Aren’t you cold?

Lois ta es Alex to the car.

LOIS Everything’s going to be o ay. ALEX Stop him, please. She helps him into the passenger’s seat, she enters the driver’s seat and drives off . INT. CAR LOIS We’re going to get you to the police, they’ll ta e care of everything. ALEX It’s too late. . .he’s-Alex stares at Lois -BUZZ. BUZZ. Alex’s eyes widen. He grabs his head. Screaming. LOIS What’s wrong?! Alex loo s at Lois, loo s away -- and loo s bac to see -- THE KILLER. ALEX NO! Alex STRIKES -- slapping THE KILLER/LOIS. ALEX (cont’d) LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE.







ALEX illed them. . .






LOIS Do you live far? ALEX I don’t now where I am.



He STRIKES AGAIN. He CONTINUES TO STRIKE. The car swerves. ALEX WHAT DID YOU DO????!!!!! The car continues to swerve. EXT. ROAD Lois’s car CRASHES INTO A TREE. Smo e rises from the hood. The passenger seat open s and Alex steps out. ALEX (whispers) He can’t hurt me anymore. Alex begins to wal bac the way he came leaving Lois dead/possibly dying/wea . INT. KITCHEN - JONES HOUSE - LATER Alex enters the itchen. Sits at the counter. CASEY enters seconds later.

CASEY You’re up early. Alex turns to him -- quic ly -- snaps out of it. What the-CASEY Happy Christmas eve! (beat) --morning. ALEX . . .hi. . . Casey pulls out a bowl, mil , and cereal box and ma es cereal. CASEY Are you o ay? I’m fine. PHYLLIS enters. PHYLLIS Good morning guys. Where’s the food. Casey chuc les. Hands Phyllis a bowl of cereal.



CASEY Enjoy. Phyllis starts it. PHYLLIS Than s hun.












CASEY I’ll ma e some eggs for later. Casey pours two more bowls of cereal, hands one to Alex and chows down his. ALEX Than s. Casey nods, eats his cereal quic ly and begins to wor on Phyllis’s eggs. ALEX (o.s.) So--what’s tonight’s plans? CASEY Well, we’re going to decorate the CASEY (MORE) Christmas tree. Go do some shopping. Go to the Christmas parade then go to Jess’s for an hour and hang out with Phyllis for the rest of the night. ALEX Sounds good. CASEY Are you o ay if we stop by to see Jess practice? Why not. PHYLLIS This is just, cute. Alex and Casey loo at her.


PHYLLIS (cont’d) I hate being pregnant. I’m getting emotional. Group hug? Alex budges, Casey gives Phyllis a hug. Alex finally does so too. PHYLLIS Now, go get ready. We got a lot to do today. INT. LIVING ROOM - JONES HOUSE Phyllis is still in her PJS, the boys are hanging out -- in sweatpants and sweat ers. They’re all decorating the tree. PHYLLIS Alex, honey, would you li e to put on the star? ALEX








Um. . . CASEY I don’t mind. Casey hands the star to Alex. He blushes, ta es it. Puts it on the tree. Phyllis smiles. INT. GARAGE - POTTERS HOUSE - LATER JESS is in the garage, holding a mic. Her bandmates are playing, guitar, drums, and piano. JESS That was great guys, ta e five. The door to the garage that leads into the house opens and CASEY and ALEX enter. The bandmates scatter as Jess rushes over to them. JESS (cont’d) Hey! CASEY You’re practicing this early? JESS Practice ma es perfect. ALEX I--um--can’t wait to see you tonight. Jess blushes. JESS Your brother is so, cute Casey. Casey rolls his eyes. CASEY What about me? JESS Eh.

ALEX What song are you guys singing? JESS A Mariah Carey classic, All I Want for Christmas. CASEY (singing) is you.



(wal s off) idding.





JESS My poor ears. The three laugh. JESS (cont’d) My parents will be out tonight. We got the place to ourselves. CASEY Nice. (beat) Loo we gotta go, see you tonight. Bye guys! Jess waves. Alex smiles. ALEX Bye. Casey and Alex leaves. JESS Alright guys, let’s ta e it from the top. The bandmates go bac to their positions.






CAROL. FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA! END SONG/MONTAGE INT. LIVING ROOM - JONES HOUSE - EARLY EVENING ALEX and PHYLLIS are quietly tal ing. Alex is wearing a cute Christmas sweater a nd jeans. Phyllis is wearing the same. Casey wal s in, the same outfit also. A group famil y picture has already been ta en. That was fun. PHYLLIS Yup! Now, go ahead enjoy the parade. CASEY We will. PHYLLIS How are you getting there? CASEY Malcolm’s driving us in his van. PHYLLIS Cool. CASEY You sure you don’t wanna come? PHYLLIS Nah. You guys have fun. We can hang out when you come bac . Watch a Christmas movie. . . ALEX I haven’t seen one in a while. That sounds great. Alex smiles. The doorbell rings -Casey goes for it. Alex eyes widen. He goes into the trance again. Dull and quiet. PHYLLIS Alex, honey? He snaps out of it. ALEX Yeah? RONALD (o.s.) up, the guys are


Hurry the fuc waiting.






CASEY (o.s.) Alex we gotta go. Casey comes bac in. Grabs his coat.

He isses her chee . Casey does the same.

They both their coats on and leave the room. PHYLLIS Boys, they just wanna have fun. INT. VAN Malcolm sits driver. Myra’s passenger. Ronald, Casey, and Alex are crammed in the bac . Malcolm starts the van and drives. MALCOLM Woohoo! RONALD Time for some action. MYRA do you actually thin they are attracted to you? All they care about is your pot! RONALD That sounds hot. MALCOLM Dude, rad. MYRA Don’t support him. MALCOLM Whatever. RONALD Two against one. May the odds be ever in your favor. MYRA That didn’t even fit the convo.




ALEX Bye, Aunt Phyllis.


PHYLLIS Love you guys, stay safe and have fun. ALEX/CASEY Bye!

RONALD See if I care. MYRA You’re both assholes, I only li e Casey and Alex. RONALD Gee, than s. No problem. Ronald pulls out a bag of pot, opens it, ta es out a piece of paper. Pours the p ot onto the paper, puts away the bag, rolls the paper and lic s it. He grabs a l ighter and lights it. Begins to smo e it. ALEX Ew. Malcolm sees the smo e. Loo s in the mirror. MALCOLM Pass it. MYRA (hits his arm) Malcolm, you now what this shit does to you. Relax baby. Ronald hands the pot. Malcolm has a blow. MALCOLM (cont’d) Damn, this is some good pot! RONALD (nods) It’s groovy. MYRA High already? Oh dear. ALEX He’s goes on 70’s mood when high? MYRA No, he just does that to annoy us. ALEX Oh. Malcolm continues to smo e it. Myra becomes annoyed. Fuc it. She ta es the pot from his hand, rolls down the window and flic s it ou t into the open air. MALCOLM















Hey--I wasn’t finished-MYRA Yeah? Well, too bad. RONALD You can’t change us. MYRA We girls tend to try. RONALD Yet, you still believe your species own this world. MYRA What’s that suppose to mean? Ronald chuc les.

Ronald starts ma ing a fresh cig.

Myra crosses her arms. MYRA Hate to say it, but my bf may be right. MALCOLM Ewe, don’t use that word.




Myra goes to spea

-CASEY Can’t we all get along for a second?

Nope. (whispers) It’s because of my genes. MYRA Don’t you mean personality? RONALD Isn’t that the same thing? MYRA I don’t really pay attention in school. MALCOLM Guys, Casey’s right. It’s Christmas eve for fuc s sa e. Let’s go to the parade, have a good time. Go to Jess’s house and have fun.




RONALD You now what it means.


MYRA What-Ronald starts coughing. MYRA (cont’d) See, smo ing ills. Alex stares. ALEX Yi es. . . MYRA Ronald, you’ve got to stop with the pot. One day you’re going to murder yourself with that shit. Alex stares at Myra intensely. CASEY She’s right. Alex turns away from Myra and too Casey. He’s eyes slowly widen again. MALCOLM (loo s in mirror) Dude, you alright? Alex snaps out of it. Turns to Malcolm, who watches from the mirror, worried. ALEX I’m. . .good. CASEY You sure? ALEX Yeah. MALCOLM We’re almost there. MYRA You can hear them! Suddenly -- faintly loud music/cheers. RONALD Totally rad. MYRA Stop using rad, it’s not going to happen. RONALD You need to get over Mean Girls. That was li e 6 years ago. (beat) Besides, Lindsay’s a crac whore.







MYRA Li e you? RONALD . . .Touche. Touche. MYRA Myra: two. Ronald: zero. RONALD Bitch. MYRA Sorry, what was that? RONALD Nothing. Ronald fa es a smile. Myra rolls her eyes. The car slows to a stop. MALCOLM Here we are! The group pile out as Malcolm loc s up. RONALD WOOHOOOOOO! LET’S PARTY!!!! MALCOLM Let’s go! They start wal ing. Alex’s slow. Casey notices. Slows down too.

You alright? Alex’s embarrassed. ALEX Fine. Not used to lots of people. CASEY Ah. Well, just hang out with your friends. Ignore the others. Just have fun. (beat) Wow, that was lousy. Alex chuc les.

ALEX No, it’s fine. It helped -CASEY What happened to your ear? Alex feels, there’s a cut. ALEX






No idea. Maybe I hit it against something. CASEY Weird, well let’s hurry up and join the others. Alex nods. The two jog to catch up. EXT. TOWN SQUARE - EARLY EVENING JESS and her band come on stage as the gang push through the crowd. Malcolm and Ronald are chatting. RONALD You’d be Fred. Malcolm nods. MALCOLM And you’re Shaggy. RONALD Sounds legit. MALCOLM Casey is Scooby, since he follows everyone around. CASEY Hey, I heard that. MALCOLM Myra’s Daphne. RONALD Reason? MALCOLM Her ass. MYRA Eat shit. MALCOLM Jess is Velma. RONALD Don’t even see it. CASEY Oh jin es! And Alex. . . MALCOLM Scrappy Doo? ALEX Hm?



RONALD Scooby Doo tal . ALEX The show--I watched it when I was younger. MALCOLM Did you li e it? Alex nods. They all turn to JESS. JESS Hi. I’m Jess. And we’re playing All I want for Christmas by Mariah Cary! Everyone whoops. Jess nods as the music begins to start. JESS (cont’d) (sings, when there is silence) I don’t want a lot for Christmas. . . Ronald tal s to a girl, flirting.

JESS There’s just one thing I need. Myra smiles. Enjoying the music. JESS I don’t care about the presents. . . underneath the Christmas tree. Ronald leads away the girl. Alex watches. Eyes widen. Follows, silently. No one notices. JESS I just want you for my own. More than you could ever nown. . . EXT. ALLEY - TOWN SQUARE Ronald leads the girl -- BRITT (18) redhead, nice boobs, cute outfit into the al ley. He pulls out some pot and ma es it. Lights it up and hands it to her. Nice pot, bro. RONALD No shit. She smo es. Hands it to him. Puffs it out.


RONALD (puffs it)







Wanna fuc ? BRITT Dude, not cool. I’m hear just for the pot. RONALD Don’t I deserve a little something? BRITT (ta es pot, smo es it) No. RONALD Come on. I got your pot. He pulls out a small bag. She raises a brow. BRITT I don’t do sex. RONALD Fine with me. (beat) Blowjobs? BRITT RONALD On top of the clothes stuff? BRITT You wish. RONALD Hand job? BRITT A minute. RONALD Sounds good.

BRITT (under breath) Fuc . Fine.



Ronald continues to smo e it. Unbuttons his jeans, etc. Britt goes down on her nees --





Britt smir s. Passes bac

the blunt. He gets a whiff.

RONALD (cont’d) Do the hand job first. (beat) Never now when people tric you.









A figure appears watching. Britt notices. Jumps bac . BRITT (cont’d) SHIT! RONALD (re: figure) GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE, PERVERT! The figure doesn’t move. BRITT I’m out, no money, no hand job. RONALD No, wait, I’ll deal with this fuc er. Ronald ta es a whiff of his blunt.

BRITT Beat this guy’s ass. JESS (o.s.) (faintly) YOU BABY!!!!! Ronald ma es his way over to the figure, blunt in mouth.

RONALD Get lost. He can’t tell who it is -- as they are hidden in dar ness. He STRIKES at the figure -- hitting their face. The figure reacts violently. FIGURE (o.s.) NO! YOU CAN’T HURT THEM! The figure rips the blunt from Ronald’s mouth and shoves it into his eye. Ronald S CREAMS. Britt watches -- stumbles bac ward -- FALLS. She hits her nee hard. Ronald bends over in pain -- the figure then shoves the blunt into Ronald’s ear. Ronald screams loudly. He grabs the lighter from his poc et, lights it and goes for the figure -- but stopped with the figure’s other hand. RONALD Shit-FIGURE (o.s.) YOU CAN’T HURT THEM! The figure moves the lit flame closer to Ronald’s face. He screams. Scared, in pai n. The lighter reaches is face -- hits his chin. Ronald sha es -- his chin becomes a dar , burnt blac .











RONALD NO!!!!!!!!!!!! The small flame begins to surround his chin. Burning every part of it. FIGURE (o.s.) DIE! DIE! DIE! LEAVE US ALONE! Ronald cho es, struggles. The figure drops him, the blunt and the lighter. Raise s his foot -- RIGHT INTO RONALD’S NECK. Killing him.

FIGURE (o.s.) LET MY PARENTS GO. Britt screams -- she gets hit in the bac again. The music is slower getting lou der. Lights are brighter. Britt turns to see -The figure is ALEX. ALEX STOP HURTING THEM! His eyes are dull. His face is blan . Nothing but -- anger. Britt notices people . HELP! She pic s up speed.


ALEX YOU’RE GOING TO PAY! Britt stumbles into the street -EXT. TOWN SQUARE She dashes for someone. Not too far. BRITT HELP ME! The person begins to turn their head -BRITT IS GRABBED AND SHOVED INTO THE ALLEY/DARKNESS. The person loo s around. Sees no one, shrugs it off. EXT. ALLEY Britt is bac ed up into a wall, Alex begins to cho e her. BRITT (wea ly) NO! PLEASE-BAM! BAM! BAM! Britt is slammed into the wall over and over and over.


Britt SCREAMS, finally gets the strength to stand and run -- the figure is quic er, hits her in the bac .










Blood oozes, she groans. Yet Alex doesn’t stop.

She whimpers. BRITT No. . . And one more slam -- Britt’s head CRACKS open li e a egg. Alex lets her go. She slides down the wall. Alex wal s away. EXT. TOWN SQUARE

CASEY The crowd’s going nuts for Jess! They turn to Jess. To watch her finish. JESS (sings) ALL I WANT FOR. . .CHRISTMAS--IS YOU-----! END SONG. Everyone claps. Whoops. MYRA Way to go, Jess! As Jess and her band leave, marching bands begin to come, putting on a show. Elv es roll around and play in the streets -- later SANTA comes in a sleigh and the crowd goes wild -INT. VAN - LATER The show’s over and everyone is leaving. The gang is in the van. MALCOLM Where the hell is Ronald? MYRA Probably pic ed up a girl.

CASEY Well -- good for Ronald, getting right up on the old horse. MYRA There’s a horse? CASEY No -- it’s just -- a metaphor --


A really drun

JESS girl.


He ma es his way through the crowd, silently -- CASEY GRABS HIM. He jer s bac o himself.




He continues slamming her head HARD into the bric






MYRA What? JESS No girl can be this stupid. MALCOLM Dude, I have to agree with Jess. MYRA Screw you guys. Are we going to have fun or not? INT. VAN - LATER CASEY (sings) I wanna get wasted!!! Yeah, yeah. I wanna get so wasted. Mhm, yeah. He nods his head. CASEY (cont’d) I wanna get sooooo wasted!! MYRA O ay, how the fuc does that sound li e Jingle Bells at all? JESS Change the station, cause if I hear this song one more fuc ing time I’m going to ill someone. MALCOLM That’s. . .depressing. JESS If you say so. CASEY If I don’t get out of this car, I will go insane. MYRA Too late, hun. They laugh. ALEX So, what are we gonna do at the house? JESS Well, we’re gonna eat and watch A Charlie Brown Christmas-MALCOLM Boring.






JESS Shut up and drive. CASEY Isn’t that a song? It sounds li e a song. MALCOLM We’re here. Malcolm par s the van.

MALCOLM (cont’d) Get out bitches. JESS Someone’s getting a lump of coal. INT. LIVING ROOM - POTTERS’ HOUSE A beautiful living room. Fancy and modern. A huge Christmas tree, filled with gi fts and stuff underneath it. JESS (o.s.) Welcome to the Potters sexy place. ALEX (o.s.) Nice. Jess and Alex enter -- the others following. Jess grabs a note: food in the fridge, enjoy. JESS I’ll prepare dinner. MYRA I’ll help. CASEY Me too. The three leave leaving Alex and Malcolm. MALCOLM (turning on T.V.) So, how long were you loc ed up? ALEX Excuse me? MALCOLM Ya now, getting help. (frowns) Oh. Seven years. MALCOLM Holy shit, dude. You missed a lot.






ALEX I guess? Malcolm turns on a Charlie Brown Christmas, that’s starting. MALCOLM Hurry up -The others come in. Plates, food, and drin s. Diet co e and beer, leftover tur e y, mashed potatoes, and green beans. ALEX Yum! EXT. ROAD Lois’s car is still there. The door opens and she falls out. LOIS (wea ly) Help me someone! Lois sha es in pain. Begins to stagger down the road. INT. LIVING ROOM - POTTERS HOUSE Myra is on her phone. MYRA It’s a miracle you have internet, being so far away from town. JESS (mouthful) I now right. Food has been served. Everyone’s eating and watching A Charlie Brown Christmas. MALCOLM That. Is. One. Fugly. Tree. MYRA It’s a cute tree. CASEY (ta es a sip of soda) So you’re that couple, huh. Shut up, Casey. Myra playfully pushes him. ALEX This is really good, Jess. Your mom is a great coo . JESS (blushes) Than s. You’re so ind.











(smir s) Nothing li e Casey. Rude. JESS Quiet blue boy. Casey stic s out his tongue at Jess. Who smiles.

JESS (cont’d) I’m going to go change. She gets up and leaves the room. MYRA I’ll come with. JESS It’s fine. MALCOLM Where you thin you going, (moc s) hun? Myra stic s her tongue at him. The two iss. MYRA (whispers) Want to go to the van? MALCOLM Jess, can we borrow a room? JESS (o.s.) If you’re gonna fuc , do it in my little brother’s room. Myra giggles. MYRA We’ll use the van. CASEY Nasty ho. Myra pushes Casey again. MYRA Shut up! The two chuc le as Malcolm helps Myra up.

MALCOLM Don’t wait up for Secret Santa. I’m already giving her my present. CASEY











Alex and Myra laugh at Casey’s jo e. Ha ha, fuc you. No than s. MYRA Casey, hun, you’re on a roll tonight. Malcolm leads Myra out of the room. MYRA (cont’d) We’ll be bac ! They leave. Alex and Casey loo at each other. Love birds huh? Casey nods. CASEY Yup. You enjoying your dinner? ALEX Yup, it’s delicious. CASEY I’m getting more soda. You want beer or -ALEX Diet co e, sounds good. CASEY I’ll be right bac . ALEX Than s -Casey leaves the room. INT. GARAGE - POTTERS’ HOUSE Casey enters -- goes to the fridge, ta es out two diet co es then shuts the frid ge and enters the house again. EXT. VAN - POTTERS HOUSE Myra is shirtless already and so is Malcolm. They are passionately ma ing out. G rinding against each other. HARD. Myra is into this, Malcolm -- not as much. MYRA Oh, Malcolm. Malcolm unbuttons Myra’s bra revealing her beautiful breasts. She smiles, unbutton






Your baby dic

in a box?









s his pants as he ic s off his shoes and soc s. She pulls off his pants as he p ulls off her shoes and soc s. Then he pulls off her pants. They then pull off their underwears and began to ma e love. INT. LIVING ROOM - POTTERS HOUSE Jess and Casey are bac in the room. Alex is still eating. They are all watching A Charlie Brown Christmas.

ALEX I haven’t seen this in forever. Casey loo s at him, smiles sadly.

ALEX (cont’d) I loved this movie. JESS It’s a classic. Alex nods. CASEY I’m glad you’re home. Alex loo s to Casey.

ALEX I’m glad I’m home too. The two share a smile. JESS Well -- that’s just cute. ALEX Than s for inviting us, Jess. JESS No problem, sweetie. CASEY What time is it? JESS Seven. CASEY We’ve got another hour. JESS Well, let’s ma e the best of it. Jess wraps her arms around Casey -- isses his chee . CASEY What was that for? Alex gives a chee y grin.












Well, than s. Casey isses Jess on the lips.

JESS What was that for? CASEY Merry Christmas. Jess blushes. JESS So -- eggnog? ALEX Sure. Casey gives a chee y grin.

Yeah. Sure. Jess stands. JESS I’ll be bac . She slips out of the room. Casey and Alex jump into a convo. ALEX What was that all about? Casey shrugs. CASEY Nothing. ALEX Yeah, because friends don’t iss li e that. CASEY Shut up, Alex. ALEX You li e her. Casey pushes Alex. CASEY Do not! ALEX Do too! CASEY



A good luc







Eat me. Jess comes bac in, hands eggnog to them both.

Than s Jess. No problem. Alex and Casey has a sip. ALEX This is really good. JESS Family secret. Wor s every time. CASEY Nice. Casey ta es another sip as Jess does too -- she uses a wine glass.

Hm? JESS Drin ing grape soda in a wine glass. Casey laughs. JESS (cont’d) Ma es me feel. . .professional. ALEX That actually sounds really cool. JESS I now right! CASEY Crap, now I wanna try that. JESS Too bad. I don’t have any. CASEY Boo!!! Jess giggles.



JESS now what I love? CASEY








JESS Enjoy. ALEX Than s a lot. CASEY JESS


INT. VAN Myra and Malcolm are sweating -- groaning in excitement. Malcolm grunts then fal ls off Myra’s body. MYRA That was amazing. MALCOLM Yeah. Best sex ever. MYRA (turns to him) You loo cute when you’re tired. Li e a sad puppy. Nasty. MYRA You’re an ass. MALCOLM Yup. Malcolm digs in his pants poc et pulls out a cigarette and lights it. Has a drag . Puffs out smo e. Want some?

MALCOLM (ta es another drag) Whatever. Myra coughs -- opens the van’s bac door. She gets out, grabs her underwear and pu ts it on. She grabs her t-shirt and slips that on also as Malcolm does the same. They don’t put on the rest of their clothes. MALCOLM (cont’d) Cold? MYRA I’m fine. I’ve dealt with worse. MALCOLM Baby, come here. You now I love you. Right? MYRA I just hate it when you act so tough. It’s not you. Li e you create a new person.



MYRA Once again -- cancer










MALCOLM (cont’d)


I’m sorry. MYRA I’m going to go inside. Coming? MALCOLM After I finish up. Malcolm ta es another drag. Fuc it. Myra ta es the cig and ta es a drag from it . MALCOLM (cont’d) Bad ass. Myra hands it bac , coughing.

MYRA YOLO. MALCOLM Yup. MYRA Hate it -- but it’s true. Myra coughs. She turns around coming face to face with -LOIS. MYRA (cont’d) WHAT THE FUCK. PRINCIPAL GREENE? LOIS Help me. Please. I’m in pain. MYRA Oh my God. What happened? LOIS Car crash -MYRA Malcolm! Malcolm hops out of his car. Shirtless. Throws away the cig. MALCOLM What -MYRA Help me get her inside. Malcolm eyes widen. MALCOLM Shit. MYRA Don’t worry -- we’re gonna call for






help. Everything will be o ay Ms. Greene. Myra and Malcolm help grab Lois and they help her towards the house. INT. LIVING ROOM - POTTERS’ HOUSE Alex groans. JESS You o ay? ALEX I don’t feel well. Alex stands. ALEX (cont’d) Where’s the bathroom? JESS Ta e a left, last door on the right. Than s. Alex runs off. Jess and Casey share a loo . JESS Was it the eggnog -The door opens as Myra and Malcolm come in with Lois. CASEY What the -JESS Guys -- what happened? INT. BATHROOM Alex sha es in pain. Stares at himself through the mirror.


ALEX No -- not again. Alex grabs his head in pain -FLASHBACK: INT. UPSTAIRS HALLWAY - OLD JONES HOUSE Young Alex stares at his parents body as Officer Daniels rushes to him. Alex tur ns and his eyes widen as -The man ATTACKS. He digs his nife into Officer Daniels’ bac , in and out, in and out. Blood spurts. He screams. Falls. ALEX







NO! The man repeatedly shoves the nife in and out Officer Daniels’ bac . Alex whimper s. The man GUTS the poor guy’s bac open. He then loo s up to Alex giggling. He grabs Alex as Alex tries to get out of his grasp. He pulls down Alex’s pjs but Alex ic s out.

Alex grabs Officer Daniels gun and aims it at the man and fires, falling bac . A bullet enters the man’s stomach as he falls bac . The man stands and begins to li mp away. Alex fires again -The man falls against the railing -- brea ing it and falls -Alex gasps as Casey’s door opens. CASEY (sweepingly) Alex? Alex ignores him and goes over to the edge and peers down -THE MAN IS GONE. Alex sha es -INT. BATHROOM END FLASHBACK. Alex’s eyes widen. LOIS (o.s.) This boy -- he attac ed me. INT. LIVING ROOM Everyone sits next to Lois expect Alex. Listening. LOIS (cont’d) I pic ed him up he was lost, stranded. He then -- attac ed me and I lost control of the car. CASEY Do you have any idea who did this?



LOIS I don’t now -- I didn’t -He was just a --

now him.
















CASEY (staying calm) It’s probably the snow. Where’s the fuse box? JESS Out bac . CASEY Me and Malcolm will go. MALCOLM Me? Motherfuc er -- you must be idding. CASEY Malcolm. MALCOLM Fine. Damn! Jess grabs some candles and lights them. LOIS Ugh! Myra tries to use the house phone. MYRA Nothing. JESS That’s. . .weird. MYRA We’ll have to wait a bit. (beat) Will you be fine till then? LOIS Ugh -- yes. MYRA Just hang on. Hurry up guys. Malcolm and Casey find flashlights, they hand one to the girls and they start of f. Myra and Jess shift feet aw wardly. JESS Well. . .this Christmas Eve is a fail. Myra gives her a glare. JESS (cont’d) What? We were all thin ing it. EXT. BACKYARD - POTTERS’ HOUSE






Casey and Malcolm exit the house. MALCOLM I’m cold as fuc . CASEY It’ll be a second. It snows softly. MALCOLM Snow? It’s wea as fuc , man. I thin it’s your bro-CASEY (stern) You shut the fuc up. You don’t what he’s been through. Malcolm’s shoc ed -- shuts up. INT. LIVING ROOM - POTTERS’ HOUSE MYRA Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus right down Santa Claus lane-JESS Shut up. BANG! JESS (cont’d) SHIT! MYRA What the hell was that? JESS I’m going to chec it out-Myra grabs Jess. MYRA Are you crazy? Haven’t you seen horror films? You chec out a noise you die! JESS This isn’t a fuc ing horror movie. Lois groans. JESS (cont’d) Mrs. Greene are you o ay? LOIS My stomach --













JESS Would you li e some water? Yes please. JESS Myra, go get her water and an ice pac . MYRA ME?! Why me?! JESS Just go! MYRA Fine. Myra ta es a candle and leaves the room. INT. KITCHEN Myra enters. MYRA This is so fuc ed up -A shadow rushes by -- Myra spins. MYRA (cont’d) (to herself) I really hope that was Barney the MYRA (more) fuc ing dinosaur. Myra moves forward. Nervous. MYRA (cont’d) Hello? Alex enters. Myra jumps bac . MYRA You scared the shit out of me. ALEX Sorry -- what the hell happened? MYRA Fuse box bro e or something. Oh. MYRA Grab me a icepac please?



Alex listens -- does what she as s. Myra ma es a cup of water, ta es the icepac .












ALEX I’ll help the guys. MYRA Alright. Be careful. Alex leaves and the two go separate ways. EXT. BACKYARD - POTTERS’ HOUSE Alex exits the house. Finds Malcolm and Casey quic ly. ALEX Need help? CASEY we got it.

MALCOLM (hands Alex the flashlight) Your turn. Sore hands. CASEY I wonder why. Alex chuc les.

And fixed! The lights turns on. Malcolm claps. MALCOLM Hell yeah! They clap and Casey shuts the fuse box. They start ma ing their way to the scree n door when ALEX doubles over in pain. Screaming. Groaning. CASEY ALEX?! MALCOLM HOLY SHIT, ALEX?! Alex ic s at the snow. Coughing, sobbing. On his eyes -Flashes of his parents bodies. The man stabbing Officer Daniels’. ALEX NO! NO! MALCOLM You better not be a werewolf, man!



Naw, I thin

CASEY (cont’d)




They both grab Alex as he squeals in pain. Hot tears fall down his chee s. CASEY Alex?! What’s wrong?! Alex gasps. Cho es. Suddenly -- his face suddenly becomes cold. INT. LIVING ROOM - POTTERS’ HOUSE Music starts up -- Rudolph the red nose reindeer. MYRA The guys did it! Lights turn on. The Christmas tree begins to light up, flashes. JESS Mrs. Greene how are you feeling? Did the water help? Lois nods.

MYRA I’m going to call for help. LOIS Than you. Jess bites her lips. JESS Hang in their.

JESS You got it. Would you li e to call your relatives? LOIS Yes, please. Jess helps wrap a blan et around Lois. She then grabs her cell and gives it to L ois. Lois dials a number.

LOIS (cont’d) (puts phone to ear) Mom -- I’ve been in an accident.






The bac

door is heard slamming. Charlie Brown starts up. MYRA Way to go, guys! JESS Are you cold? LOIS Yes, I’d li e a blan et please.


Yes, than

LOIS you girls.




Jess and Myra move into the foyer, giving Lois time for herself. LOIS A car crash. Nothing serious. INT. FOYER - POTTERS’ HOUSE Myra and Jess stand there. Waiting for the guys. MYRA What’s ta ing them so long? DRAG. DRAG. JESS Do you hear that? MYRA You mean that creepy dragging noise? Yeah, I thin we heard that. Jess sha es.

JESS Guys, this isn’t funny. Come out. Seconds pass. Nothing. Alex appears. MYRA You guys got us. JESS Jer , where’s Casey and Malcolm? Alex pulls out a nife.

The fuc ?! Alex digs it into Jess’s stomach. She groans and falls. Myra screams -- tries to r un when Alex grabs her by the hair and slams her against the wall. She goes down . INT. LIVING ROOM - POTTERS’ HOUSE Lois hangs up the phone and turns to the gap opening to the foyer. LOIS (wea ly) Girls are you o ay? ALEX RUSHES INTO THE ROOM. Lois gasps -- she tries to move when ALEX JUMPS AT HE R SMASHING HER THROUGH THE COFFEE TABLE. She lands with a thud and --










BLACK. INT. LIVING ROOM - POTTERS’ HOUSE - LATER UNKNOWN POV: We flutter awa e -- we see the living room -BLACK. We struggle to open our eyes -- Alex turns -BLACK. We open our eyes again and Alex sees us. END POV. Casey is GAGGED AND BOUND. Strapped to a chair. Alex wal s over to him. ALEX This time, I win. Casey sha es his head as Alex wal s over to the Christmas tree where -- LOIS is neeled over by. Wrapped by rope. She loo s up. LOIS NO! She ic s, both legs. Alex leaps bac . Stomps on her foot. She screams in pain. YOU ASSHOLE! Alex grabs her by the shoulders and lifts her up. She screams again. LOIS NO! NO! STOP, PLEASE! ALEX You must suffer. Alex raises her body to the Christmas star. LOIS NO!!!!!! He drops her as the Christmas star pierces through her nec . She’s dead. Blood spl atters. Alex turns to Casey -- a grin on his face. Christmas lights beam on his face, bl ood is splatter everywhere. Creepy as fuc . Casey sha es, scared of out his fuc ing mind. INT. KITCHEN - CLOSET It’s filled with canned goods and cleaning supplies. MYRA AND JESS are both tied u p without tapes on their mouths. JESS

LOIS (cont’d)












Don’t worry, we’ll get out of here. MYRA Oh God. I don’t want to die. Jess groans. MYRA (cont’d) Jess, what’s wrong? JESS (teary-eyed) Nothing. Let’s focus on getting out of here. Jess tries to sit up, but groans. MYRA How’s your stomach. JESS Lovely, just lovely. Myra gulps. MYRA Sarcasm for the win. (beat) Someone’s coming. JESS SH! Footsteps. . .coming closer and closer. Jess bites her lips. Nervous. MYRA Oh God, oh God. A shadow runs over the closet door. Myra gulps -JESS (whispers) Shit. Tears spill down Myra’s chee s. MYRA (whispers) Please no -The door opens -MALCOLM STANDS. Head bleeding. JESS Malcolm.


MALCOLM Sh. MYRA Than God, help us! Myra sha es. Malcolm groans wor s on Jess’s binds.

What happened? MALCOLM Alex attac ed us. Knoc ed me out. MYRA Hah. MALCOLM Do you want out of those binds? Myra goes silent. Malcolm finishes Jess’s binds who stands. Grabbing her wound. MALCOLM (cont’d) (helping Myra) You’re hit. JESS I’m fine. MALCOLM Grab a rag towel and press it to the wound. Jess nods, watches from the itchen. INT. KITCHEN Jess grabs a rag and presses it to the wound. Staring out into the hallway. Malcolm and Myra exit the closet. MALCOLM (cont’d) We gotta go. Malcolm goes for the bac door -- Jess grabs him.

JESS Not without Casey. MALCOLM Loo , either we get Casey or live. JESS (crying) He’s my best friend. CASEY (o.s.) What have you done to my friends?









ALEX (o.s.) I’ll finish them later. MYRA I’m not leaving without him. MALCOLM Damn it! JESS Quiet. MALCOLM Fine. We need a plan. MYRA We’ll stab Alex, help Casey and run to a nearby house and call the police. Malcolm and Jess are shoc ed. Wow. MYRA Fuc you, it’s not time to be shoc ed by my smartness. It’s go time. Malcolm grabs a meat cleaver. JESS Careful -MYRA A nife is fine. MALCOLM I wanna cut his leg clean off. No one fuc s with me. I do. Malcolm glares at her. INT. LIVING ROOM Casey continues to struggle. Alex ta es off the tape for his mouth. CASEY (groans) Alex, why are you doing this? ALEX You now what you did. CASEY I didn’t do anything. ALEX










How could you ill them? ALEX’S POV: CASEY isn’t tied up -- yet the MAN from the opening. MAN/CASEY I swear I didn’t do anything! Let me go! END POV. ALEX I hate you. Casey sees Malcolm with the meat cleaver. ALEX (cont’d) You’ve must pay for what you’ve done-Alex goes for Casey when MALCOLM tac les him. Myra and Jess jumps into action. T hey start wor ing at Casey’s ropes. ALEX SCREAMS. ALEX NO. STOP HELPING HIM ESCAPE! YOU CAN’T LET HIM GET AWAY WITH IT! Alex BITES Malcolm on the nec , RIPPING SKIN. Malcolm SCREAMS driving the meat c leaver into Alex’s bac who sha es in pain and lets go.

Casey nods runs off. MYRA I never seen a dead person. MALCOLM Now you have. Jess wal s up to Alex.


Malcolm grabs his nec

runs over to the girls as they help Casey up. MALCOLM GO. GO. GO. GO. CASEY Wait we need to see if he’s dead. MALCOLM FUCK THAT. CASEY Jess, does your dad still has his shotgun for hunting season? JESS In my dad’s business room.








MYRA JESS, DON’T DO THAT. Jess ic s Alex’s leg. NOTHING. CASEY (runs bac in) JESS?! Jess turns around -CASEY (cont’d) The gun’s gone. Behind Jess -- ALEX rises. Shotgun in hand. CASEY JESSLOOKOUT! Jess spins around -- jumps bac . Alex fires a bullet into Malcolm’s leg. Everyone screams. Malcolm goes down. Myra panics runs off. Jess and Casey are held at gunpoint. INT. FOYER Myra dashes down the foyer. Scared.

INT. LIVING ROOM Alex wraps a fresh pair of ropes around Jess’s hands/legs and goes to Casey. ALEX (cont’d) Don’t move. EXT. HOUSE Myra dashes out of the house. MYRA HELP!!!!!!!!! Tears spill down her chee s. She dashes for the van. Opens it and gets in. INT. VAN MYRA Key. Key. Key. She hits the wheel. MYRA (cont’d) FUCK YOU, MALCOLM.


Get down on your move.

ALEX (o.s.) nees and don’t





ALEX exits the house. Chills runs up and down Myra’s spine. She jumps into the bac seat and duc s from out of window view.

INT/EXT VAN - MONTAGE Alex circles the van -- shotgun in hand. ALEX Where are you?

The bac door opens and MYRA fires a ic to Alex’s groin. He doubles over. MOTHERFUCKER! EXT. VAN Myra hops out, goes to run to the side when Alex grabs her and slams her against the truc over and over. Myra head butts Alex, who angrily noc s her into the van. INT. VAN Myra goes to climb over the seats when Alex grabs her leg and pulls her. MYRA Shit! Myra ic s and squirms as Alex manages to hold her down and point the shotgun in to her mouth.

MYRA (cont’d) (muffled) GO TO HELL! EXT. VAN BOOM. BLOOD SPLATTERS ALL OVER THE WINDOW. INT. LIVING ROOM - POTTERS’ HOUSE Malcolm screams in pain as Jess and Casey watches. Jess sobs. JESS Casey, I’m scared. CASEY I won’t let him hurt you, I swear. Jess smiles, wea ly.





Myra sha es. Holding bac








sobs. ALEX

There you are --



I hope Myra got away. ALEX enters. Jess tries to squirm and get away. ALEX She’s dead. Alex is bloody. He turns -- smiles. JESS NO! YOU FUCKING BASTARD! GOD! Alex laughs. ALEX You’re all are going to pay. JESS GOD, FUCK YOU! Alex ic s Jess in the stomach who starts screaming and sobbing louder.

Alex grabs Malcolm and turns him around to see Lois’s body on the Christmas tree. He smir s.

Malcolm squirms as Alex lets go of him and sets down the shotgun. Alex goes to the stereo and turns on; “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer” ALEX (cont’d) I love this song. Alex sways left and right. ALEX (sings) Rudolph with your nose so bright. . . won’t you guide my sleigh tonight? Alex grabs the shotgun. Jess flinches. JESS Shit. CASEY Relax, we’ll get out of this. MALCOLM Motherfuc . . .




ALEX That’ll be you real soon.

Alex turns bac to the stereo and changes the song; “Baby, it’s cold outside” Alex then turns around. Giving a chee y grin. ALEX (coc s shotgun) Who’s next? Malcolm struggles in his binds. MALCOLM No. Shit. NO-CASEY Malcolm, get it together.

Malcolm continues ic ing and trashing around. Alex then smac s Malcolm in the f ace with the shotgun, stopping him. Jess gasps. Squirms closer to Casey.

Jess turns her head to loo behind Casey’s bac . Tears streams down her chee s. ALEX Let’s play catch the reindeer. Alex undoes Malcolm’s binds and he’s off. CASEY Malcolm, don’t leave us!

Alex leaves the shotgun behind and follows Malcolm. Once they’re both out of the room. Casey jumps into action. CASEY Jess. Get it together. Jess loo s up.

Huh? CASEY The meat cleaver -Jess loo s over to see the bloodied meat cleaver.

CASEY (cont’d) Get it and cut your binds.


Shit -- fuc






CASEY I’ll protect you. Loo





MALCOLM you, I ain’t gonna die!







Jess nods, she begins to move li e a worm towards it. CASEY What the hell’s wrong with Alex? JESS He’s been getting help. Sometimes -(gets closer to cleaver) -- people never get over things. Slowly drives them insane. CASEY Where’d you get that? JESS The Ellen Show. Casey nods. Jess reaches the cleaver. JESS (cont’d) Now what? CASEY Put it in your mouth and start sawing. Jess nods, goes down and bites it. CASEY (cont’d) Hey Jess? JESS (mouth full) Huh? CASEY Than s for coming bac for me. Jess nods. Tries her best to saw the ropes with the cleaver. CASEY (cont’d) You’re doing good. . . INT. KITCHEN Malcolm doesn’t try to unloc the bac door. HE JUMPS THROUGH IT. Glass shatters e verywhere. INT. LIVING ROOM Casey and Jess hear it. CASEY Shit. . . eep going Jess. EXT. BACKYARD - POTTERS’ HOUSE Malcolm stumbles out of the house and falls into the snow. Alex exits the house also, and grabs a shard of glass.






MALCOLM HOLY SHIT. STOP! Alex coc s his head.

Alex smir s. Malcolm rises and begins to run for the wooden fence. Alex is hot on his heels.


JESS Oh my God. CASEY Don’t listen. Don’t. Casey loo s again. Jess sobs. JESS We’re gonna die aren’t we? CASEY NO. NO. We’re not. JESS Yes -- yes we are. CASEY We need a way to escape. Malcolm is dragged by into the living room. ALEX Malcolm roasting on an open fire. Casey eyes widen as his eyes travel to the lit fireplace. JESS MALCOLM NO! CASEY JESS. Jess turns to Casey as Malcolm is dragged over to the fireplace and the screen i s removed. CASEY (cont’d) Loo into my eyes. Don’t loo bac .


Malcolm drops, Alex grabs him by the hair and starts dragging him bac use. Malcolm is in pain, he coughs.

to the ho


Malcolm tries to jump over it. Alex grabs him and shoves the shard into his bac .








MALCOLM (cont’d) You’re a crazy, motherfuc er.

JESS Malcolm. . . CASEY Don’t loo BACK. Try to bloc it out. Tears spill down her chee s. JESS No. No. Why is this happening? Jess digs her head into Casey’s chest as Malcolm tries to fight his fate. Alex grabs a fire po er and begins STABBING at his body forcing him to fall into the fire. Malcolm SCREAMS as his torso/head burst into flames. Alex uses the po er to bend Alex’s legs into the flames and Malcolm is devoured; s creaming and sobbing. Jess cho es, sobbing when his screams are cut short. Alex turns to them. ALEX Two left. CASEY Leave us al-DING DONG. Alex raises a brow. Leaves the room dropping the po er. Casey gets an idea. INT. FOYER Alex goes up to the door, opens it -OFFICER SMITH stands, (32) smart and tough. SMITH Howdy. ALEX (grits teeth) Officer, what’s wrong? SMITH People nearby heard a loud bang. Decided to chec out this place. Alex coc s his head. Smiles.

ALEX We’ve heard nothing-JESS HELP US PLEASE! Smith raises a brow.









SMITH Step aside, id. Alex grits his teeth again. Steps aside next to the umbrella stand. INT. LIVING ROOM

SMITH Shit-(goes to the foyer) Damn it! JESS Please help us. Smith goes for Jess. Unties her bounds. SMITH Help your friend. Is there a bac door? JESS Yes. SMITH Go there, go to a next door house and call The police, alright? JESS (helping Casey’s binds) O ay. Once both are free, they stand. Smith pulls out his gun from the hostler. SMITH Go, go, go. JESS Than you. Casey ta es Jess’s hand and they rush off. Smith stal s down the hallway. EXT. BACKYARD Jess and Casey exit the house. Casey stops. Jess turns. JESS COME ON! CASEY We can’t leave him, he’ll die. JESS But -CASEY We have to help him. No I have too. (beat)




Smith enters, hand on hostler. He sees the






Go next door, call the cops-Jess steps forward and isses Casey.

INT. HALLWAY Casey stal s down the hallway. Nervous. ‘Silent Night, Holy Night’ plays. He grips a nife in his hand. INT. LIVING ROOM Casey enters to find -- MYRA, SMITH, and LOIS piled up on top of each other. Chr istmas lights devour their bodies. A blac umberella stic s out of Smith’s eyeball. Myra has a gunwound in her head. Lois’s nec is ripped. Casey cho es out. Whimpers. He notices a picture of Jess -- with a bloody handpr int.

CASEY Jess -He bolts. CASEY (cont’d) NO JESS! Casey runs off -PAN UP TO SEE JESS AND ALEX on the stairs. Who has a devilish grin and a hand ov er Jess’s mouth. ALEX That wasn’t so hard was it? Jess grunts. Alex pulls out a gun. Jess’s eyes widen. She elbows Alex in the gut He grunts as pulls the trigger -- boom! Jess screams, the bullet gazes her thigh . CASEY JESS?! ALEX Stupid shit! Alex PUSHES Jess who tumbles down the stairs, screaming and crying out in pain. She lands on the floor with a thud. Casey enters, runs for Jess. Helps her up -He turns to see Alex coc ing the gun and pointing it at them --



She turns and runs off. Casey gives a wea use.



JESS I’ll always love you Casey Jones. smile before running bac into the ho






JESS NO -BOOM! A bullet fires. Hits Casey. Jess screams. INT. LIVING ROOM BOOM! The wall bursts with dust and debris. Footsteps hurry down the stairs. Jes s falls onto the floor. Casey bac s up against the wall -ALEX RUNS IN. Casey stabs Alex in the nee. He screams -- fires a bullet which hit’s the Christm as tree star, that bursts and the remains hit Jess.

INT. KITCHEN Casey and Jess dash through the itchen. Alex is right behind them, aiming the g un. Carefully though, his last three bullets -He fires -- misses. EXT. BACKYARD Casey and Jess are out of the house. CASEY Go to the shed, grab an axe. Alright? Then go to the ice-s ating rin . I’ll meet you there. Jess nods, runs off. Alex exits the house. Casey grabs his hand -- Alex fires a bullet. Misses. Alex points the gun at Casey’s stomach fires it. Casey screams falls bac , Alex th rows away the gun. ALEX Merry Christmas. . .

The two wrestle, slamming both their bac s against the side of the house. Casey noc s Alex down and goes for the shed where Jess is seen running off. Alex stands and follows -Casey goes into the shed and comes out with a shovel and hits Alex in the stomac h with it. His stomach slits. Alex groans. Falls bac , dead. Casey sighs. Drops the shovel and runs off, wea ly. EXT. ICE SKATING RINK - MINUTES LATER







Alex dives for Casey who tac les Alex.

ic s him in the face. Alex flies bac . Casey -- wea ly



Casey grabs Jess and pulls her up after ripping out the run as Alex gets up and grabs his discared gun.






nife. The two begin to




Jess runs over to the rin , falls down, clutching the axe. She huffs and puffs. Shit. A hand flies onto her shoulder she turns -ALEX STANDS. Smiles. Blood all over. SHE SCREAMS. She tries to use the axe to hit Alex, but he rips it out of her han ds. Jess runs off across the ice but Alex digs the axe into it. The ice crac s.

NOOOOOOOOOO The ice brea s underneath JESS and ALEX. They go down. Jess comes up.

HELP! A pair of hands grab Jess. Pulls her out of the icy waters. Her hair is wet, and she’s sha ing. Casey is hugging her. CASEY I got you, I got you. Where is he? JESS I-in t-the w-water-s-s. CASEY It’s over, it’s finally over. AN AXE HITS THE ICE. Jess screams and jumps bac . ALEX RISES -- SLICES THE AXE -Casey ta es the blow -- it slits his throat. It’s a minor cut. He groans. Alex smir s.

ALEX IF I GO DOWN, YOU’RE COMING WITH ME! CASEY UGH-Jess grabs the axe and slices it into Alex’s shoulder and digs down underneath. He screams. CASEY (cont’d) Ho, ho, ho, MOTHERFUCKER! Casey ic s his snea er into Alex’s jaw -- a loud sic ening crac . Alex’s head BENDS bac ward -- the bone rips through his throat as his body crushes on the ice -he begins to sha e in pain, struggling for a gulp of breath when --









JESS (cont’d)








Jess sobs as Casey closes his eyes. PAN UP ON THE SCENE -- “SILENT NIGHT, HOLY NIGHT” begins again -Jess sobs and roc s Casey in her arms. The sound of sirens are heard. EXT. UNDERWATER Alex’s body sin s down, down, down. . . IT’S OVER. END. “SILENT NIGHT, HOLY NIGHT” continues as -CREDITS ROLL



Casey falls bac

with Jess, who holds him in her hands. JESS Casey -CASEY It’s over, Jess. It’s all over. (smiles) Everything’s gonna be alright now. . .