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Testatika-Swiss M-L Converter Plans(1995)30pp, at scribd.com THE SWISS M-L CONVERTER, It’s Secret: Why it operates at 'Over-Unity' – Harold Aspden, (2000) Ten Energy Science Reports, by Harold Aspden, 1994-1997 130 Energy Innovations, by Gary Vesperman, Testatika p. 51 New Energy Technologies, Issue 15, Jan-Mar 04, Testatika p. 46 Galactic Sea of Energy, by PesWiki, Testatika p. 84 The MRA, by McClain & Wootan, at Panacea-bocaf, Testatika p.19 ZPower, Zero Point Energy, Testatika p.97 KING_the-energy-machine-of-t-henry-Moray(05) Testatika p.143 Testatika at TVWiki Radiant Energy, Over-unity, Panacea-bocaf, Testatika occurs 5 times About “Polarity Inverters” used in the Testatika About “Capacitors doped in Radium” used in the Testatika Movie “The Testatika Diode” from Nuenergy.com Free Energy Secrets of Free Electricity, by Peter A. Lindemann, D.Sc., Testatika p.61 Testatika Demonstration with over 30 Engineers, Energy-21 The Testatika by Paul Bauman, at scribd.com Testatika Free energy machine demonstration, English & German Generalized-Classical-Electrodynamics-and-the-SCALAR-field, Testatika p.2 Magic Donut inside, by Pompe, Testatika p.17

Testatika_construction _plans --------------------------LINKS-----------------------------------

Methernitha community The research work of Methernitha on the field of the so called free energy For the first hand information from the makers themselves!

Yahoo! discussion group dedicated to testatika Testatika forum on overunity.com Testatika Nachbau von Jorge Resines - A testatika replication. Testatika vs Staticgenerator (on the page that appears, click on "Projects", then click on "Testatika vs Staticgenerator") Prinzipversuch zur Testatika - For an English translation try here. If that doesn't work you could also try going to altavista's translation website and paste in the address

Kapazitiver Transformator - Capacitor transformer experiments. For English translation, go to altavista's translation website and paste in the address

Back-Engineered Methernitha - by Paul E Potter - Paul Potter has a wealth of details
and food for thought.

REAL IMAGE - For the pictures. The Swiss ML Testakica - For the first-hand information under the heading "Report
supplied by Albert Hauser". Also on that webpage, the first hand information from Stefan Marinov starting at "Here are some Infos from Mike Watson which Marinov told him:".

A Secret in the Swiss Mountains - Paul Baumann and the Thesta-Distatica Shows you just how small the small machines really are.

Testatika Plane - Miscellaneous other speculations. Paul Baumann: Testatika Generator - Rex Research Stromgeneratoren - For English translation, go to altavista's translation website and paste in the address

Power from Rotating Disc Machine - Amended version of a presentation given at
Exotic Research Conference in Mesa Arizona, July 26, 1998, by Calvin Bahlmann owner & research director at International High Technology, Shiner, Texas

"Electrostatic Discharge Power Transformation - An Approach to Understand the Working of the 'Thestitika' Free energy Device". (PDF file)Sven Bosnich,
ELEKTRIE, No. 5-8, 2003, Berlin, ISSN 0013-5399

"THE SWISS M-L CONVERTER - It's Secret: Why it operates 'OverUnity'" Copyright, Harold Aspden, (2004) Pavel N. YABLOTCHKOV - Over-Unity Electrostatic Amplifier
linden-test-testatika.zip at Testatika files Testatika related Patents: pat1415779.pdf ; pat2522106.pdf ; pat252210677.pdf ; pat3094653.pdf ; pat3239705.pdf ; pat3323069.pdf ; pat3411027.pdf ; pat459678.pdf ; pat4743275.pdf ; pat4897592.pdf -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------YOUTUBE VIDEOS:

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