Issue #7 (Open on the gladiator arena. Inside is a crowd craving bloodshed.

The thunderous roar of the crowd echoes throughout the land. Inside are two bodies, armed and ready for the battle ahead. Inside the Royalty Quarters sits Doom with his right-hand man; Sentry. Doom gives the go-ahead for the two men in the arena to be sentenced to death. The crowd ignites into a full-on chaotic mob, a hive-mind with only one thought: excitement of a public execution.) Sentry (With a booming voice) Silence! Doom Countrymen, loyal patrons, I humbly ask you to lend me your ears. The two men you see before you are intruders. They come to our sovereign nation, looking to assassinate your king! (the crowd grows angry, riotous) But your noble leader will not allow such insolence! The terrorism these two men and their soon to be seen comrades have committed, shall face what all perpetrators of our land face; death! But, instead of carrying out this sentence with a silent whim, I wanted to give you, my people, the pure, unadulterated, no holds-barred, violent execution you so well deserve! Does any man here oppose the sentence these men have been given? Cap (Narration, Inner monologue): No one amongst this crowd has any reason to speak up in our defense, I know that. Even if there was, Doom wouldn’t stop this assault. More than anything he wants to see us taken out of the equation. I’ve gone into battle against Doom and his ploys time and time again. This time doesn’t feel any different. Except one thing; for the first time, the crowd is cheering for me to lose. I’m seen as the bad guy, the last time I felt this was during the superhero civil war, where I surrendered. But, hell if I’m going to surrender to Doom. I’m calm. I know I shouldn’t be, but this battle doesn’t worry me. What does worry me is standing right next to Doom. The uncertainty of what Sentry is doing here and why he is here scares me more than anything else right now. Doom schemes, he plans, he acts on his plans and relies on his contingencies in case “Plan A” doesn’t work. He’s worked something out, he knows it is very likely we will make it through his little trials. What comes next, is my immediate concern. Then it comes to me: Castle. Do I help him or let him fend for himself? Fury sent him here to keep tabs, I guess the bottom line is: for the first time, he’s a victim. This man knows warfare, he knows hand-to-hand combat. He knows killing. (To the Punisher) How you holdin’ up? Punisher This s%#! don’t scare me. Let him talk. Cap I’m referring to whatever’s waiting for us behind those gates. Punisher Killin’s killin’, Steve.

Cap (Narration) He doesn’t say much, but he’s right. But I don’t think it’s your garden variety alleyway thug about to come at us. (To Punisher) With Doom, it’s never that simple, Frank. Punisher Yeah it is. No matter what these super freaks throw at me, I always find a way to take em down. That’s why I’m still standing and they aint. Whatever comes outta there, I’ll gut it like the rest of them. I’ll pretend its Fury (smiles). Cap (smiling back) Whatever works for you. (Narration) Again; simple, to the point and right. Hell, even I might benefit from picturing whatever it is being Fury. Maybe I should let Frank take the lead on this…Get outta your head, Steve. There’s a reason this man once idolized you, be that man. Hell, show him up! (back to the Punisher) All right, I’ll make you a deal, Castle. I bet I kill whatever comes outta those gates before you do (smiling again). Punisher (Narration) Who’da f^*$in thought?! The Captain America and I, fighting, killing alongside each other. *&#damn, I guess dreams do come true. (To Cap) Yeah right, Captain America doesn’t kill, but you got yourself a deal, Rogers. (smiles) Doom (Narration) Yes, keep smiling, work out your strategies, do whatever you need to. This is only the first chapter…(to the crowd) Let the battles begin! Cut To: Gates opening inside the arena. (Battle Time!! Two Minotaur and four Cerberus walk through the opposing gates. Cap shoots Castle a glance of concern. Castle doesn’t take his eyes off of the opponents, he has gone into his crazy place, his kill mode. The Two Minotaur usher in the four Cerberus on leashes. The crowd goes into a frenzy, losing themselves to the savage barbarism that is about to ensue. Cap readies himself, places his shield in front of him and his spear ready to strike. Castle, armed to the T, takes as many of his bladed weapons in his hand as he can hold and stands his ground, blackness in his eyes. The Minotaur release their Cerberus and raise their clubs, embracing the crowd. As soon as the leashes are released the Cerberus take off in full sprint toward our heroes. Cap takes a defensive stance, readying himself for impact, as he looks over he sees Castle has sprinted toward the enemy to greet them with a warm blade. Castle does not hesitate, he acts on pure instinct, the one thing he is good at, exceptional at. Castle hurls his spear in the air at the nearest Cerberus, impaling the middle head and takes a giant leap in the air to land on top of the beast. He wastes no time once he has straddled the bloodthirsty monster. He takes his sword and decapitates the other two heads, killing the first beast before Cap has encountered one.)

Punisher One-nothin, Rogers. (As Castle says this another Cerberus jumps into the air in an attempt to pounce on Castle but before the Cerberus makes contact, a shield slices through the air and deflects the attack. As Castle turns around to see what happened, he looks overhead to see a silhouette of a man making the kill stroke on the Cerberus as he touches back down skewering all three heads with his spear. Castle, lost in wonder in watching his idol work doesn’t see the third Cerberus lunging for him. Moments before impact cap tackles him to the ground taking him out of the line of fire. Looking down at castle…) Cap Taking notes? (Castle, frustrated by his lapse, sees another Cerberus leaping toward them. Ripping Cap’s shield out of his arm, Castle lunges all of his strength into slitting the throat of the left head of the Cerberus with the side of his borrowed tool. Wasting no time he grabs a dagger from his belt and thrusts it up through the chin of the center head into its brain. Before he can contend with the final head cap rips the second dagger from Castle’s belt and lunges under the beast gutting it from chest to belly, spilling its insides. Cap now covered in blood, a sight Castle has never seen, almost scares him. He’s never seen his idol act so savagely, it is a strange novel sensation for him. But there is no time to dwell on this thought because both Minotaur have decided to finally get involved. One Minotaur does a full on bull-rush toward Cap. Cap, who has thrown all courtesy to the wind, throws both shield and spear down to the side and catches the Minotaur’s horns in his hands. The Minotaur and all his momentum make Cap slide back as he tries to gain his footing but finally Cap wrestles this enormous beast to the ground. Castle leaps in to help Cap deliver the final blow but is swatted away by the Minotaur’s club. Castle goes hurling through the air toward the other Minotaur and Cerberus. Punisher regains his footing and goes for the defensive stance, armed with no defensive weapons, awaits the attack of the beasts. Meanwhile Cap still has the Minotaur by the horns and his legs wrapped around its neck in an attempt to choke it out. The Minotaur gets up with Cap still holding on and charges the wall, sending cap smacking hard into the side of the arena. The Minotaur then picks Cap up by the neck and throws him into the middle of the arena. Punisher, alone, ready to take on the three headed Monster of myth and the Horned beast from the nightmares of Greek heroes decides to employ his tactical training (if you’re outgunned, then outsmart) Observing his surroundings Cap realizes he needs the high ground. Unfortunately in this flat arena the only high ground is on the back of the beast. Jumping as high as he can he manages to gain purchase on the back of the Cerberus. The Cerberus enraged at the pest on his back bucks like mad trying to dislodge him but Cap has the Punishers daggers lodged into his back. He realizes he has some rudimentary control over the enraged beast with the twisting of his daggers in the Cerberus’ shoulders and he sends it careening into its master bowling them both over and throwing him from the beasts back. The Cerberus was impaled on the horn of the Minotaur who was trying to free himself. Berserk with rage that he disemboweled his own beast, he starts bucking and roaring loud. Castle sensing his foe’s moment of

weakness, plunges his sword into the tough hide of the Minotaur’s back trying to disable him. But, Castle’s whip of his sword is unable to penetrate deeply enough for a killing strike. After Cap is thrown from the Cerberus, he is confronted by the other Minotaur, the one he had in a choke hold, and it would seem this beast has not forgotten. Cap finds himself surrounded by dead beasts but no weapons. He does not make the same mistake as before and does the only thing he can do; sprint to the closest weapon he can find and figure a way to kill this monster with it. As he looks around, he is backing up, getting close to being backed into a wall. Then he spots his spear, still making a “shish-ka-bob” of the Cerberus’ head. It’s his only chance; he takes off, sprinting as fast as a Super Soldier can, almost gliding across the sand, he hurdles the dead beast and realizes the spear is stuck harder than he expected and spins around the spear like a stripper pole kicking the minotaur. As the beast stumbles back a couple steps, Cap tries to remove the spear from the three heads but it’s no use. Finally, he just snaps the spear in half and uses the blunt end as a weapon. The beast re-establishes his ground and charges our star spangled hero (drenched in blood) but Cap intends to finally end this. He dodges the beasts swipes of his club, an astonishing display of acrobatic skills and gets close enough to the beast where he blasts off the ground like a rocket and takes the broken end of the spear and sticks it in the eye of the beast. Cap GRRAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! (Angrily) But Cap knows that is not enough and doesn’t try to fool himself. The beast roars in pain and Cap picks up the beast’s club, does a hard roundhouse kick to the Minotaur’s back sending it plummeting to the ground on its stomach. And like De Niro in the Untouchables, uses that club to finally take that beast out of the equation. Simultaneously, our hero, Castle has a matter of his own on his hands. The Minotaur finally frees himself by breaking off his own horn, throwing it aside, and disposes of the dying Cerberus. The Minotaur searching desperately for his foe enraged with pain and loss sweeps the arena for Castle who takes the only cover available: under the dying Cerberus. The Minotaur, feeling unbalanced from the recent loss of his horn, rushes head on toward the Cerberus where Castle is hiding. But Castle is unarmed having lost his weapons in the melee and searches desperately for a weapon. He finds the horn of the Minotaur. Pulling it out of the Cerberus he waits for the Minotaur to come closer when he hears a thud like a shovel hitting wet concrete. Cap had slung his shield at the Minotaur hitting it in the stomach and bending it over. Seeing his chance castle emerges from under the beast and buries the Minotaur’s own horn through his mouth, with it emerging out of the back of his neck. Both our heroes look at each other; Cap looking half ashamed and half ecstatic glances to see that Castle looks like he has just ordered a cup of coffee. Doom, sitting in his Royal box seats, looks unpleased but not surprised, menacing.) Cut To: Inside Holding Cells Hellstrom Well, this whole F-in trip got screwed up didn’t it?! I didn’t sign up for this shit!

Spider-man Hey! No one twisted your arm to get you here, this was voluntary on all our parts! We were doing this as a favor. Hellstrom Some favor this turned out to be, huh webs?! We’re stuck here, some 2000 years in the past, as prisoners, stripped of any means of getting out of here, even if we do we don’t know how to get back, and to top it all off, the strongest force any of us has ever come across is waiting for us to try and escape so he can turn us all into a human Twizzler. (Indicates to Ares) Ares There is an escape, demon. Spider-man Say wha-? Cut Scene to: The Arena (Cap looks at Castle and then back to Doom and Sentry) Cap (Shouting to Doom) All right, Doom. We played your little game. Doom No, Captain. Your round in the arena is not finished… I see two survivors. (indicating to Cap and Castle) (Cap is taken by surprise) Cut Scene to: The Holding Cells Hellstrom Is that right?! Mr. “God of War.” Because it looks to me like this pooch is standing on its last leg. Our “fearless” leader is out there right now fighting off god-knows-what, with his life on the line, you’d think if he knew there was another option, he would have taken it. Dr. Doom and Sentry teaming up is pretty much as bad as I can think of it getting, with these limited resources. (Indicating to the whole group) Ares (still not having made eye contact with anyone, sitting calmly against a wall, using a rock to sharpen his blade) Silence your tongue, coward. This is not impossible, the solution is simple. Ironman All right, I’ll bite, what’s the solution, Ares?

Ares (Smiling, still not making eye contact) Kill Sentry. Cut Scene to: The Arena (Cap eyes Doom, then Sentry and knows he is powerless against them) Cap (Inner Monologue) So, this is what Doom has planned for us…This is his contingency plan. His plan B was employed before his plan A by making us enter the arena in pairs. How far am I willing to go? Am I even considering this?! (Looks over at Castle who appears to be waiting for Cap to just do it) Is this what a leader must do for his team? Is this the sacrifice I have to make in order to buy more time and get my team out of here? (to Doom) No. Cut Scene to: The Holding Cells Spider-man Ooooohhhhh!! See, here I was thinking of something on THIS SIDE OF POSSIBLE! Ironman If I may be permitted a cliché; yeah, easier said than done. You wouldn’t happen to have a plan on how, would you? (Ares just smiles) Spider-man Taking a break from the crazy here for just a minute! Does anyone have a plan to help out Cap? Ares Again, the answer is simple. Hellstrom Yeah, once you kill Sentry, you come talk to us, but we need a planAres The plan is we do battle as Doom has intended us. Spider-man I don’t know if I like that plan… Cut Scene to: The Arena Doom

Ahh, I must apologize to you, Captain. I see that I have left you under the impression that you have a choice. Punisher Just do it, Rogers. (Picks up a dagger, pointing it at his chest) Cap (Looks over at Sentry, then Doom) You’re a coward, Victor! Cut Scene to: The Holding Cells Hellstrom Stark, you’ve been sitting there very quiet, please tell me you’ve been thinking of an exit strategy. Ironman Ares is right. We do battle. Spider-man Since when did you condone having a defeatist attitude, Tony? You’re telling me that you, Mr. cavalier, playboy, genius see absolutely no other way of getting out of here except going through Doom’s stupid gladiator battles? Ironman Ares is right. Sometimes there’s a time for thinking and a time for action. This is one of those times where there is no use in trying to think our way out of here, we have to fight. Spider-man You think I don’t see what you’re doing here? You just want to test out your new armor, see what it can do, this is nothing more than a science experiment to you! A test run! Reality check Mr. Stark! Our lives are in danger! This is Victor Von Doom we’re talking about here, this isn’t Stilt Man, The Tinkerer or even Baltroc the Leaper! This is one of the most notorious super villains we’ve ever faced and never been able to put out of commission for long! He’s always two steps ahead as he has proven already by us landing in the past! Whatever you think you’re going to do is gonna spider-bite you in the ass! Those itch like hell, Tony, let me tell ya. Cut To: The Arena Punisher Rogers! What the hell do you think you’re doing?!

Cap Stand down, Soldier! (to Doom) Victor! Come down here and settle this yourself! You want to rule a people?! Show them they aren’t being lead by a coward! (Addressing the audience) You hear me?! I’m throwing down the gauntlet! Would a true leader, a God-King, showcase cowardice in front of his entire people?! (the crowd roars, Cap addresses Doom again) That’s right, Victor, I am formally challenging you in the arena! So you can turn tail and run the other way, send Sentry in after me and let your entire nation see you cower from a mere mortal or you can come in here and show your people how you deal with things yourself. (then Cap spots something in the audience and sees there’s an out) Punisher (Grabbing Cap by the shoulder and whispering to him intensely) What the &%$# are you doing? Cap All right, Doom! Is this what you want?! (takes the dagger from Castle, thrusts his elbow into the bridge of Castle’s nose and thrusts the dagger into Castle’s chest. Just as he does a cloud of smoke takes the place of the Punisher) Is that what it took?! To show you I would do it?! Then you cast your voodoo to make sure I don’t?! Coward! Doom *(Doom seems to have reached his boiling point of public humiliation) Enough! Enough! Enough! I grow weary of your empty threats! (Sentry Removes his cape, readying himself) Cut Scene To: The Holding Cells Hellstrom Yeah, come to think of it, Stark; you’re the only one left with his original means of getting out of here and you’ve just stood by letting us become prisoners? What the Hell is that? Ironman A smart man waits for the right time to make his move, Daimon. With Doom it’s never simple, defeating him is like playing a game of chess; something I’ve beat Reed Richards at time and time again. Doom has declared himself “King”, well how do you defeat the King in chess? Ares Kill the pawns. Spider-man Take his Queen…(Wide-eyed) Cut Scene To: The Arena

Doom Where is he?! (To Cap as Sentry slowly enters the arena) Cap You tell me…(calmly) Doom I will not be made a fool! Where is Castle?! Cap No. Not a fool. A coward. Doom Your defiance will prove to be a real disservice, Captain. Mr. Reynolds? Sentry Of course, my Lord. (jacks Cap in the jaw with a right hook) Cut Scene to: The Holding Cells Ironman Exactly, the Queen is the most powerful token on the board. Take her out of the equation and your King suddenly looks wide-open. Spider-Man Just remember, Tony, a pawn in the right spot can change the whole game. Cut Scene to: The Arena Cap Do it again, Bob. (sticks out his chin and points to it) Sentry (looks to Doom for the OK) I can do this all day. (Punches Cap in the gut and flies his knee in to Cap’s forehead)

Doom Still unwilling to comply, Rogers?

Cap I’m not the one backing down from a fight, Victor. (Sentry lays into him again) Doom (Looks around, seeing his audience in silence as they witness their King assign someone else to do his bidding) That is enough, General. Take him back to his chambers, he will greet Death soon enough. (Sentry takes Cap by the arm as Cap just smiles back at Doom. He knows he won this round) Let us continue (he says in anger feeling a small defeat) Cut Scene To: Outskirts of the Arena Punisher Thanks, mutie. Nightcrawler (revealed!) Quite appreciative, aren’t we? How are you here anyways? Punisher (Just looks at Kurt) Bigger fish, Kurt. But for a second I really thought Rogers was gonna do it there. Nightcrawler He is a smart man. Death is not an option for him. He saw me in the audience and had faith. Punisher Sonuvabitch didn’t need to break my F*&^in nose though. Ya think I’d be used to it.(trying to put it back in place) Nightcrawler Small price, my friend. So, what do we do now? Punisher What? You tellin’ me this as far as your plan goes? Nightcrawler It was more of an impromptu rescue than a plan. (smiles) So, how do we get the others out? Punisher (Just smiles)

Cut Scene To: The Holding Cells Ironman Then what we need is a game changer, I never was much for the rules…(shows his suit is completely charged) Spider-man Well that will help. But brute strength alone will just drain that glowing energizer bunny you call a heart. We need a strategy, proactive not reactive. (Sentry enters and throws a beaten Cap in with the rest of the group, shoots them a look and exits) IronMan You were saying? Hellstrom Delightful. My dad would love him. Spider-man Oh my god, Cap!Cap I’m fine, really. Ares Where is Castle? Cap (Cap scans the room) Gone. Hellstrom You mean he’s dead?(Sentry re-enters) Sentry (Grabs Ironman and Spider-man by the arms and ushers them toward the gate. As they come to the weapon rack, Sentry pauses) Last chance, Stark. Ironman No.

Sentry So be it. Cap Good luck, boys. (Sentry shoves the two out of the gate and out of sight) Hellstrom (to Cap) So, if you’re not bleeding out right now why do you look like the prom scene from Carrie? Cap Compliments of Blondie (wipes his chin) Ares What beasts shall we face on the sands, Captain? Hellstrom And where’s Castle? Cap Should be right in your wheelhouse, Ares. These creatures were something straight out of a Hercules tale. As for Castle, he made out alright (signals behind Ares and Hellstrom) Night Crawler Guten Tog. Vel, aren’t we cozy. Hope you don’t mind leaving? Hellstrom Kurt?! I’ve never been more glad to see a demon lemme tell ya. Night Crawler (affronted) I am a mutant of god and you would do well to come to the light. Punisher We get it, Keebler. You mooks want out or not? Cap Sure as hell wouldn’t be opposed to it. How’s the nose?

Punisher (Just stays his look) Make with the Poofing, kid. Night Crawler (Nightcrawler attempts to teleport into the cell but poofs back into reality when comes to the cell.) I cannot get in. Doom must have figured me out after rescuing ze Punisher. Can you pick Frank? Punisher Not too bright are ya? If Doom’s got some hocus pocus keeping you out, think I’m just gonna pick the lock? Night Crawler Sometimes genius men over-look details average men do not. Archimedes forgot to dress after making a discovery, Einstein couldn’t remember to comb his hair, and I personally have seen Professor Xavier roll into a screen door. Cap As much as I would have liked to see that… are you two done? Obviously you guys aren’t coming in here, so you’ve gotta find a way for us to get out there. Night Crawler What about the son of Satan? Can you not undo his magic with yours? Helstrom I might be able to. If I had my trident. Unfortunately, Doom has it with the rest of his silverware. Night Crawler Then it is settled. Frank, we must retrieve ze demons pitchfork. Punisher Sounds like a shit job. Cap Might get your nifty little gadgets back, Castle. Ares Anything that gets me to the Sentry faster, blood is owed. Hellstrom

I’m thinking anything that gets me away from this lunatic. Ares Your services are not required demon. I shall be the debt collector. Punisher We’ll be back, let’s go, Kurt. Cut Scene To: The Gate Before The Arena Spider-Man Really? I have to be the one to try a last “talk-em-out-of-it”? Okay, well, I have a question then: Bob, why are you helping out Doom? I mean, you were one of the good guys!IronMan -Pete. Spider-Man No! You may not care Tony, but I really do want to know what’s in it for Mr. Reynolds here. Sentry You have become an interference that needs dealt with, you are in MY way. IronMan You really think you’re the mastermind behind this whole thing? Sentry You would do well to keep quiet, Stark. Spider-Man No, Stark actually has a point here Bob. This is Dr. Doom we’re talking about, the guy has a PhD in back stabbing for Christ-sakes. Sentry Doom is merely a pawn. IronMan You think you are really the one pulling the reigns? You’ve never been anything but a lackey, a thug doing someone else’s bidding. Or need I remind you about Norman? Spider-Man

Easy Tony, this is the Sentry, he’s as dangerous as the hulk and even less stable than a Cesium atom. IronMan He’s nothing but a puppet. Spider-Man Are you crazy? What happened to that genius intellect of yours?! Sentry He must be, do you have any idea how outclassed you are in raw power? IronMan You aren’t the first lunatic I’ve faced with a substantially higher power level than me and you wont be the last. Sentry I can guarantee I am the last you will ever encounter (Grabs Tony by the throat) Spider-Man Bob! Let him go! (Sentry chucks him aside) IronMan What’s the matter, Bob? Afraid what Doom might do if you do it? Spider-Man Tony! Stop provoking him! Bob, just let him go. IronMan Shut up, Peter. C’mon, what’s the difference? I’m going out there to meet my end anyways, right? Why not just put me out of my misery now? Spider-Man I’m not your employee Stark! I’m your teammate and you’re endangering all of our lives! So why don’t you shut up and listen to the freaking voice of reason! Sentry You should listen to the spider. Besides you’ve taken away the satisfaction by begging for it. (throws Stark back down) IronMan

Yeah, you thinking you’re in control is actually laughable, Bob. Spider-Man Gahh! ( Spiderman throws his hands up in disbelieving exasperation) Sentry You think I am the one lacking in control? Take a look at where you are, Stark. IronMan No, you’ve got plenty of control, Bob. Hard to get out of a control with a leash tied to your neck, isn’t it? Sentry Stark, I am going to celebrate your death (Punches the wall right behind Tony) IronMan Good boy. (the platform is raised with Spider-Man and IronMan on it, entering the arena) Spider-Man See ya later, Bob! (waves) Sentry (Internal Monologue while walking through the caverns to see Doom) Damnit, Stark! Why did you have to go and make me think about it?! Doom IS helping me…isn’t he? No… he is a villain. I am a good guy, a hero, I was one of the greatest heroes there ever was. But, you were forgotten, erased from memory. What?! No! You’re not here with me. I haven’t left, Bob, I’m always here. Guiding you. No! No! I am in control! You don’t exist. I do exist, Bob. If it weren’t for me, we wouldn’t have survived this long. I’m not the enemy, Bob, I am your friend. I am not who you should be worried about. What are you talking about? Doom is betraying you. No! he is ridding me of you! He is helping me to vanquish you, getting you out of my head, there isn’t room for us both! Come on, Bob. You don’t really believe that do you? There has always been us, there has never been one without the other. I am you, Bob. To kill me would be to kill part of yourself, Bob.

I don’t care, I am the one who is in control, this is my life. It’s been our life the whole time, Lindy was our wife, we both made love to her, carried her, comforted and loved her. No! You killed her!! Did I, Bob? I thought you were in control? WE killed her….or maybe….YOU killed her. No, Doom is helping me rid myself of you, you killed Lindy, you have destroyed my life! You destroyed your own life. You were on top of the world, an Avenger, back in the public eye, your own comfortable house on the top of Avengers mansion and you screwed it all up. Stark screwed it up! What about Norman?... Norman, he was trying to help me. Then why is he now in prison as an enemy of the state, Bob? He…he…-he used you, Bob. Just the way Doom is using you. No, this is just about self-preservation for you, Doom is ridding me of you, you’re scared. You want control of me, I cant trust you with the power within me, you will use them for evil. Look at your track record, Bobby. How have you exactly been helping mankind? You killed a god, tried to kill another, turned the most sinister mind in America into the most powerful man in the world, and now you are sentencing the world’s finest heroes to death, tell me exactly where you were doing good, Bob? You wont be around much longer…Void (Steps into a machine and into a blinding flash)

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