Market provides a key to gain actual success only to those brands which match best to the current environment i.e." imperative" which can be delivered what are the people needs and they are ready to buy at the right time without any delay. It is perfectly true but this also depends on availability of good quality products and excellent taste and services which further attract and add a golden opportunity for huge sales. This also depends on the good planning approach and provides ample opportunity plus sufficient amount of products for sales in the coming next financial year. This survey report introduces comparative study of consumer’s preferences for COCA COLA and PEPSI. After going through a detail analysis of market behavior and future prospect, it may also provide an opportunity to COCA COLA and PEPSI to frame a good future plan to satisfy maximum needs of the customer’s andestablished its guiding role in the market of TRICITY in particular and throughout the country as a whole. The study report will also provide an opportunity to delineate its market potential business areas, products & services are to be offered by the company to the customers. This study report also provides the various factors affecting the services. Marketing Division of COCA COLA and PEPSI has to keep in mind various factors specially while preparing a plan for marketing its product or services. Detail description along with analysis of surveyed data is being presented in this report.


1903." Ingredients Pepsi-Cola contains basic ingredients found in most other similar drinks includingcarbonated water. The drink was first made in the 1890s by pharmacist CalebBradham in New Bern. high fructose corn syrup. PepsiCo bought out its partners and ended the joint venture in 1994. with Pepsi arriving on the market shortly afterwards. The caffeine-free Pepsi-Cola contains thesame ingredients minus the caffeine.INTRODUCTION Pepsi was founded in New York in 1965. Others claim that firstly Pepsi was banned from import in India. for having refused to release the list of its ingredients and in 1993. when the use of foreign brands was allowed. phosphoric acid. and natural flavors. restaurants cinemas and from vending machines. North Carolina. colorings.PepsiCo gained entry to India in 1988 by creating a joint venture with the Punjab government-owned Punjab Agro Industrial Corporation (PAIC) and Volta’s India Limited. in 1970.Pepsi arrived on the market in India in 1988. Pepsi is a carbonated beverage that is produced and manufactured by PepsiCo. These controversies are a reminder of "India’s sometimes acrimonious relationship with huge multinational companies. It is sold in retail stores.caffeine. The brand was trademarked on June 16. . It is Producing Non-alcoholic beverage and Food processing items. the ban was lifted. sugar. citric acid. some argue that PepsiCo and The Coca-Cola Company have "been major targets in part because they are well-known foreign companies that draw plenty of attention. This joint venture marketed and sold Lehar Pepsi until 1991." Indeed.


t h e t u r n o v e r o f t h e c o m p a n y. The companies are struggling a lot to keep up their market share in the industry and to i m p r o v e t h e s a l e s o f t h e i r p r o d u c t s i . By the use of comparative analysis the companies can understand the position of the company and the strength of the company in the market. F o r t h i s t h e company has to know their position in the market and the opinion and the loyalty of the customers and the retailers when compared to their competitor.NEED FOR STUDY In the present scenario the competitions between the soft drinks increased very high. Because of this reason the comparative analysis is very important and useful to the Company. . e . Through the comparative a n a l ys i s w e c a n u n d e r s t a n d t h a t w h a t s t r a t e g i e s t h e c o m p e t i t o r s a r e u s i n g f o r t h e increase their sales volume. From the study we can gather the information regarding the opinion of the retailers on the companies comparatively and this will help to plans for the future to increase the performance of the company and to gain the loyalty of the retailers when compared to the competitors.

To know and compare the merchandising of Pepsi and Coke in retail outlets.OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY To study the overview of Pepsi and coca cola Company. To identify the retailers opinion towards Pepsi products when compared t o c o k e products. . To offer some finding and suggestions to the company for the improvement of its performance.


The c o l a products are: Pepsi Pepsi Coke Coca-Cola Thumps up Coke Company has the two cola brands. mainly in the case of cola sales.T h e p o p c u l t u r e h a s m a d e r e s i s t i n g t h e t e m p t a t i o n o f s u g a r b a s e d c a r b o n a t e d beverages virtually impossible for most. They will invest lots of amount on advertising. whereas Pepsi has only one brand of c o l a . This cola wars became very common to the soft drink Companies. s u c h a s c e l e b r i t y appearances to sell their products where as Coke’s realistic approach has placed them at the top of the soft drink industry. The reason for changing the Logos of Pepsi continuously was it merged many of the largest Food Companies with Pepsi like Tropicana. P e p s i C o m p a n y i s u s i n g e x c e l l e n t m a r k e t i n g s t r a t e g i e s . They will hire the famous persons and the celebrities for their Ads. Previously the name of Pepsi is Pepsi-Cola. The soft drink war between Pepsi and Coke keeps increasing day by day. But in case of Coke Compa ny it tried to create a brand image of the Company with the same Logo and different Slogans about the products. But in case of Coke Company. They prepare the Ads to compete with one another.From the above picture we can observe that from origin itself. Through the advertising only the sales of the soft drinks are in creased. and etc. Coke Company is confined to the soft drink production only. Fritos Lay and Galaxy Co. In this manner the two giant Companies in the soft drinks industry compared and differentiated with each other. They are using the different techniques to attract the customers towards their products mai nlythe cola products. From this it is concluded that Pepsi Company tried to create a brand image of the C o m p a n y i n the minds of the customers using its different Logos but the same Slogans about the products. Even though Pepsi Company changed its Logos continuously. it is totally fixed in the minds of the people of the w o r l d . it has not changed its slogans that much frequently. As Coke Company has not changed its Logo. From this we can understand that Pepsi Company has been trying to create some place in a differently with its new Logos where as Coke Company tried to fix the same Logo as brand name. every time when merged with any Company it changed its Logos. Pepsi has been changing its Logos but Coke has not at all changed its Logo form the beginning. We can observe the cold war through the Advertising of the two companies in the television. sometimes thrice and trice’s a year. T h e p e o p l e o f t h e w o r l d h a v e s o m e w h a t c o n f u s i o n o n t h e L o g o o f P e p s i Company as it changed its Logos Continuously. Even though Pepsi trying to get the No-1 place in the . Soft drinks became a part of everyday life of the people in all over India and other countries of the world. and now its changed to Pepsi. because of this reason Pepsi became the largest food based products producer in the world. it has not at all changed its Logo but changed its slogans very frequently.

soft drinks industry the statistics have shown that they are not able to get that position when compared to Coke Company for the past few years. . Pepsi Company is using the famous celebrities when compared to Coke Company and this increases the influence of the advertising on the customers. The war is going on in every country all over the world. Pepsi changed its Logos frequently 9 times from its origin but Coke Company has not at all changed its Logos. Both companies are conducting their operations successfully in more than 200 countries in the world. this is a great thing that we can observe. I n c a s e o f Advertising Pepsi dominated Coke because most of the customers are attracted toward the Pepsi Company’s Ads only not to the Coke Company’s Ads because Pepsi is spending more on advertising preparation when compared to Coke Company.

s t a k e s a r e n a b y t h e m s e l v e s . and although there are other colas in the market. followed by Pepsi in 1898. . non threatening contender. these giants o c c u p y t h i s h i g h . and Pepsi after the beneficial effects its creator. These two American companies long ago took their battle worldwide. while Coke relies more heavily on images of happiness and togetherness. but the new owner. For many years. ADVERTISING HISTORY & COMMERCIALS Pepsi has definitely leaned towards the appeal of celebrities. professional advertising became more and more important. Advertisements began to appear on billboards. popul ar m u s i c . perpetually trying to cash in on its original lead. the jingles. . Roy Megargel. At this time.all still popular. But as the market got mor e and more lucrative. Coca -Cola had the cola market cornered. Coca-Cola and Pepsi were served in drugstore soda fountains. you could sum up the strate gies as Coke: Old. it was disaster. P e p s i w e n t bankrupt again. when Coca-Cola tried something new. The memorabilia. Coca-Cola was named after the coca leaves and kola nuts John Pemberton used to make it. T h e i m p a c t o f C o k e a n d P e p s i o n popular culture is indisputable. In 1909. and I have observed in my time managing this website that America has not become jaded about the cola wars. I n 1 9 3 1 . Caleb Bradham. automobile race driver Barney Old-field. Pepsi went bankrupt. as we will see. tradition. These soda companieshave been leading the way in advertising ever since. . Coca-Cola was invented and first marketed in 1886. in newspaper ads. Pepsi was adistant. and glasses with the cola's name on them. he marketed Pepsi in a 12-ounce . Pepsi used its first celebrity endorser. a n d young people in television commercials.OVER A CENTURY OF COLA SLOGANS. IT ALL STARTED . but continued to appear on the scene. Although not nearly so successfully as Coca . would hit upon an idea that would finally give Coca-Cola some competition. the trivia . Pepsi: New In fact. In a simplified sense. In 1921. So I am offering this page in an attempt to assuage wee bit of the Coke and Pepsi thirst that is thriving on our planet. The first magazine ad for Coca-Cola appeared in Munsey’s in 1902. COMMERCIAL BLUNDERS AND COUPS There's little doubt that the most spirited and intense competition in the beverage world is between Coca-Cola and Pepsi. and nationalism. newspapers. In 1934.C o l a . and street cars. claimed it had on dyspepsia. Soon there were serving trays with images of people enjoying Coca-Cola.


In the new century. Recently. both colas continue to battle it out on the television screen. among others. . And celebrities continue to be important promoters. Pepsi has had commercials by Bob Dole and Faith Hill.

including both Pepsi and Coca-Cola. had dangerously highlevels of pesticides in their drinks. a nongovernmental organization in New Delhi.CONTROVERSY ON PRESENCE OFPESTICIDES In 2003 and again in 2006. the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE). Both PepsiCo and The Coca-Cola Companymaintain that their drinks are safe for consumption and have published newspaper advertisements that say pesticide levels in their products are less than those in other foods such as tea. fruit and dairy products . claimed that soda drinks produced by manufacturers in India.

Pepsi has targeted the youth segment instead of trying to be something to all segments. SELLING PROCESS Pepsi has a very well managed selling system.Pepsi soft drinks are produced in our plant in different SKUs (Stock keepingunits) and distributed to our distributor and they further supply to the retailer. .Our plants also have some agency in each rout.For every route there is a Routs Agent.Sahibabad (GZB) has been divided around 14 routes which are called direct routes.Pepsi has since beginning strove to achieve its international position as `a drink for the new generation’ in India. so that regular supply of Pepsi soft drinks is made. Pepsihas been successful in positioning itself for the younger generation. Helped by HTA’s forceful visuals and creative. It takes as lot of care to ensurethat the products (Pepsi bottles) are available to the consumers. These areas are called indirect-routes. Pepsi has gone in for concentration segmentation.PEPSI’S MARKETING STRATEGIES Pepsi’s approach is radically different from that of Coke. They supply in the areas wherePepsi’s trucks are not able to reach.Routs agents take the order from the shopkeepers and then with the help of loadersthey give the required number of crates to the retailer or shopkeeper & then move tonext. Route Agent moves with the company ownedtruck and ensure that maximum shops are covered each day.

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