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Non-Profit Organization

10052 Reading Road
Evendale, OH 45241
(513) 563-6663
Printed on 30% Recycled Paper Visit us on the web at:
$160: Members

outside brings!

$160: Members
Session 1: June 8-12
Session 2: July 13-17

$195: Non– Members

Session 2: July 20-24

$195: Non– Members
SEEDLINGS 9:30-2:30

Session 1: June 15-19
Limit 24 Campers per Session

Limit 30 Campers per Session
feed and groom goats and chickens.
Come discover the fun and joy being
or playing with stuffed animals, campers

Ages 7-9
Ages 5-6

Farm Explorers
childhood memories.
groom animals, and craft fun

camp our Legos are sticks in the woods. At our tea parties, we

with the harvest of local bees. And instead of watching cartoons
It is easy to forget how many “toys” nature has to offer. At farm
sing songs, play barnyard games,

make our own tea from herbs we grew in the garden and sweeten it
but few actually get to hear a rooster crow, a donkey

not only hear the barnyard symphony, they will taste
food they pick and cook themselves,
bray, or sheep go “meeeeh!” This week, campers will
Young children are experts at imitating animal sounds,

Registration opens Feb. 18 at noon.
Child’s Name________________________
Parent/Guardian Name:_____________________________________ DOB__________________ Age:________
Mailing Address:__________________________________________ T-Shirt Size (circle): child adult S M L XL
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Are you a Gorman Heritage Farm member? Yes No
Would you like to become a member at this time? Yes No
Child’s Name________________________
Members receive a generous discount on camp fees, special events, and other activities.
DOB__________________ Age:________
Evendale Resident Family Membership: $25 Annually
T-Shirt Size (circle): child adult S M L XL
Family Membership (non-Evendale): $50 Annually
Check payable to
Camp Name_________________________
$ ________ Gorman Heritage Farm 1st Preference Session Dates:___________
Total Camp Fees:
$ ________ Visa/MasterCard 2nd Preference Session Dates:__________
Total Membership: (accepted in person or
$ ________ online) Camp Fee $:_________________________
Total Cost:
Priority Registration for Members until March 20th!
Become a member when you register! Child’s Name________________________
Office Use DOB__________________ Age:________
Only Please mail or hand-deliver completed form and full
Rec’ved_________ T-Shirt Size (circle): child adult S M L XL
DPaid:__________ payment to: Camp Director
By:_____________ Gorman Heritage Farm Camp Name_________________________
PM: cc CH_______
Entered_________ 10052 Reading Road 1st Preference Session Dates:___________
C’frmSent_______ 2nd Preference Session Dates:__________
Register Online: Camp Fee $:_________________________
Farm Camp Registration
More Camp Info Ages 10-12
Camp Staff Apprentice Farmers
Gorman Heritage Farm’s talented and dedicated camp staff During Apprentice Farmers Week, campers
are recruited nationally. Camp counselors are selected based begin making connections between the farm,
on their experience with children, passion and creativity for their own lives, and the surrounding world.
teaching, and knowledge of agriculture and the environment. Campers will grind chicken feed and be
They are under the direction of the GHF Camp Director who introduced to the process of
actively participates in creating and leading the program on- raising a chicken. They will chop

site. All summer staff are required to pass a background salsa and learn the importance Session 1: June 22-26
check and complete a week-long training session, which of “local” food production. Session 2: July 27– July 31
includes child safety, first aid and CPR. $160: Members
$195: Non– Members
Limit 30 Campers per Session
Register NOW Before Spaces Fill Up!

Registration Fee Includes:

● camp t-shirt Registration
Ages 5-12
● color group-photo Begins
● all camp materials and Feb 18th! Farm Adventures
This family oriented week
A confirmation packet with additional camp information and a
allows siblings, cousins, and
camper health form will be sent to you upon registration. FARM ADVENTURES 9:30-2:30
Session 1: July 6-10 friends to experience farm
Session 2: August 3-7 camp together. Campers will
Cancellation Policy Session 3: August 10-14
$160: Members feed animals, play games,
Refunds will be given for written cancellations received at
$195: Non– Members fashion crafts, cook, work in
least 45 days prior to the start date of the camp session in Limit 30 Campers per Session the garden,
which your child is enrolled.
and hike.
For cancellations received less than 45 days before camp,
GHF will make a reasonable effort to fill your spot from a
The farm is a space for all kinds of adventures,
waitlist. If the vacancy is not filled, GHF reserves the right to
as small as feeling a pig’s snout or as big as
withhold a refund. A $25 processing fee will be charged for
exploring the forest!
cancelling or changing sessions after initial registration.

Themed Camp Ages 4-5 Themed Camp Ages 8-12
Cost: $180: Members $210: Non-Members
Camps run from 9:30-2:30 Ages: 8-12
Sprouts Session Limit: 8 Campers
When children begin to discover the world,
they feel the sun on their face, smell the soil, Wilderness Camp July 13 – 17
touch slimy worms, taste mint leaves, listen
to birds, and name the colors in the garden bed. Learn skills that will last a lifetime. Campers will
learn how to guide themselves with a map and
There are few places better compass, build a fire without matches and forage
than a farm to facilitate SPROUTS* 9:00-11:30
June 30 & July 1
for native, edible plants. Simple first aid will also
learning. On these morn- $55: Members be taught as campers learn what it takes to be safe
ings, come experience the $85: Non– Members in the great outdoors.
Limit 16 Campers per Session

wonder of feeling a warm
One adult must attend camp with Art Camp July 27 – 31
egg and smelling hay as each child!
you feed the horses with The creative juices on the farm will be overflowing this week of camp.
your four or five year old child. Using natural materials like dye plants and wool, campers will be in-
spired by the line compositions of a llama, colors of flowers and vegeta-
bles, and shadows on leaves in the background. Whether art is written,
sculpted, or painted, a bountiful imagination will run wild on the farm!
Themed Camp Ages 13-15
Cooking Camp August 3 – 7
Farm Hands A farm’s first purpose is to produce food. Cooking Camp is a week long
Much can be learned from hard work. And if you have dedication to the food we raise and grow at Gorman. Campers will ex-
Themed Camps

campers in your family who have grown out of Apprentice perience the wonders of turning a plump, vine-ripe tomato into a zesty
Farmers Week or who’ve never been to Gorman Farm Camp, salsa and the mystery of turning grass into goat meat. Campers will get
close to their food. They’ll prune and groom and mix and braise a sum-
this teen camp is a perfect week to really get their boots dirty mer feast.
and learn what it takes to run a
June 29 – July 2
family farm. Cost: $150 (4 Day Camp)
Science Camp
FARM HANDS* 8:30-1:30 From identifying individual species of plants and understanding the life
June 15-19
cycles of insects and farm animals to grasping the broader connection
$180: Members
$210: Non– Members campers have to their ecosystem and the chemistry of frying an egg,
Limit 8 Campers per Session there is much to learn on a working farm. This week, campers will tear
down the walls of the laboratory and turn their environment into a sci-

ence classroom.
* Themed Camps will participate in different activities than our regular camps.

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