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Aces in places starategy Agility Analyzation Ascertainment Basis for comparision Burgeoning enterprises Capitalization Cash flows budgets

Centralization Commensuration communication Comparative study Comprehensiveness Confabulation Confabulation Consistency Control over corruption Controlling Cooperation Coordination Cost ascertainment Cost control Cost determination Cost reduction Decentralization Decision making Deflation Determination of polices Determination of selling price Develop qualitative and quantitative conglomerates Development Economy Efficiency Estimates Evaluation Exploitation of resources Facilitate overall working Facilitate sales Financing Flexibility Formulation of policies Goals Growth Guidance to management Helpful to management and administration Helps in reporting How to do in a debauched sector Identification Imbibe cost Implementation of techniques Increased production Inflation checking

Integrated development Interpretation Interrogation Know about an appropriate working capital Know about inventories Know how strategy Know the exact sales mix Know the input Know the output Know the total demand Know total supply Knowhow feasibility Maintain standards Marketing Methodology Minimum input and maximum output Motivation Not vague Objectices Optimism Optimum exploitation of resources Organizing Planning Poised an action for any problem which is imminent Prbability Precision Present market value Profit maximization Profitability Proper economy Proper financing which include banking,loans,cash flows,balance sheet,ledger,etc Proper principles Proper taxation Provide data and information Provide leverage Provide utility Provides operating measures Records Reduce stiffness Reporting Resoure acquistion Scope Stability Staffing Tenacity of cash flows Total opportunity cost Total standard cost Unambiguity Unvague Less deceptive Check on debauchment Use of obsolete and gratituous object Inventory Quality

Quantity Design Transport Quality strategy Product strategy Process strategy Location strategy Layout strategy Human resource strategy Purchasing and just in time strategy Inventory tactics Scheduling techniques Software simulation techniques Satisfaction Channelling Layout Training Trading Capacity Promotion Sales mix Marketing mix