Office of Naval Research Contract Nonr-6lO i06) Task Order NR OÖ4-476

'. ■:






Technical Report No. I




AUS Uü 911



by G. C. Sih


U iu

March I966


Department of Applied Mechanics Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Slh Department of Applied Mechanics Lehigh University Pethlehem. .Offtee of Naval Research Contrast Nonr-610 (06) Task Order NR 061-476 Technical Report No. Pennsylvania March 1966 Reproduction in whole or in part is permitted by the United States Government. 1 On the Westergaard Method of Crack Analysis by 0. Distribution of this document is unlimited. C.

Pa.On the Weatergaard Method of Crack Analysis by G. the stresses and displacements may be expressed in terms of two complex functions <fr(z) and \|>(z) of the variable z-x+iy. Surprisingly enough it has yet to be pointed out that the method in [1] suffers severe restrictions for a class of problems dealing with the infinite medium with a crack (or cracks) subjected to external loads at infinity. These restrictions will be derived in the work to follow from the more general consideration of complex potentials originated by Muskelishvili [2]. In the theory of two-dimensional Isotropie elasticity. C. Numbers in brackets designate References at end of Note. 2 3 Professor of Mechanics. D.1 - .C. Slh 2 A survey of the literature on the analysis of crack problems shows that the Westergaard method [1] has been most frequently quoted and used by the practitioners In fracture mechanics for nearly thirty years. . Lehigh University. They are 1 The results presented in this paper were obtained in the course of an investigation carried out under Contract Nonr-6l0(06) with the Office of Naval Research in Washington. Bethlehem.

0 (4) where A is a real constant depending upon the applied load. If the external loads are placed symmetrically with respect to the x-axls along which the cracks are situated. Im [z ♦"(z)+*»(z)] . (4) and letting the stresses take the form K ■ 3 . The shear modulus is denoted by y.ox + 21 xxy .a + a m l\ Re [♦«(B)] (1) oy .z ♦' (z) . then the shearing stress T i. (3) can be satisfied by taking i|i'(z) + z 4>"(z) + A . for y .0 (3) must vanish at y»0. Eq.0 . ..JTzT (2) where K takes the value 3-^v for plane strain and (3-v)/(l+v) for generalized plane stress and v is the Poisson's ratio. Eqs.**v for plane strain.e.2 - . (1) and (2) may be simplified by introducing symmetry conditions as follows: Symmetric Problems. Making use of eq.2[z ♦M(z)+*'(z)] and 2y(u+iv) » ie $(z) .

-2y Re [♦"(«)] and the displacements are 2M U . the constant A cannot be neglected arbitrarily. (4-6) and (9-10) in [1].2 Re IV(z)] .2y Re [♦»(z)] . only if 2 *'(z) . consider the problem of an infinite medium with a central crack of length 2a along the x-axis. Eqs.0 In general. * ■» <J y .2 Re [♦•(«)] + 2y Ira [♦"(z)] .ox .2y Im [♦"(z)3 + A a . the problem Is reduced to the determination of a single complex function $(z) satisfying the necessary boundary conditions.0 xy .Ay Hence.A (7) T . respectively. as (xZ+y2)-1/2 '^« a "60. z . T -a<x<a (9) 1 0. A .3 - . To illustrate this point. The boundary conditions are ay "T xy "0. (7) and (8) agree with eqs. * ■ 0 ' .2(l-2v) Re [*(z)] .2y Im [♦'(z)] + Ax (8) 2y v ■ 4(l-v) Im C*(z)] .

(1) and (2) and separating the real and imaginary parts give ox . Skew-Symmetric Problems.0 It follows that + 2 4>'(z) + z ♦"(z) + IB » 0 (11) I|I'(Z) (12) where B is a real constant.(z)+*»(z)] ■ 0. The same applies to the problem of an infinite row of collinear cracks spaced periodically in an infinite medium [3]. or Re [2<j»*(z)+z ♦ l.(l-e)(o°.The solution to this problem Is given by [2] ♦'(z) = (o"/2)[z/(Z2-a2)1/23-(l-£)(a°yiO (10) *'(z) . the normal stress o is required to vanish at y»0.(a2o"/2)[z/(z2-a2)3/2]+(l-c)(o"/2) Inserting eq. (12) into eqs.2y Im [♦"(z)] y . (10) into (H).*J Re [*'(z)3 . say along the xaxis./2) Note that A vanishes only in the special case of e»l corresponding to the case of uniform tension at infinity. at y .. For loads applied skew- symmetrically with respect to the crack line.4 - .2y Im [♦"(*)] (13) av . Substituting eq. A is found to be A .

T "xy * T . B ■ 0 y Im Z. (13) and (14) may be obtained by selecting an Airy stress function of the form The results are the same as those given above if 2 $»(z) .By (13) (1M) 2W v « 2(l-2v) Im U(z)] .a2)3/2] . as (x2+y2)w ■*■«» Prom [2].Bx The Westergaard version of eqa. The restriction of B»0 leads to a trivial solution for the problem of uniform in-plane shear applied to an infinite medium containing a crack. • y J -a<x<a (15) o x ■ ay ■ 0 .iTaB[z/(z2-a2)1/2]-i(a2T°'/2)[z/(z2. are ■ 0 .5 - . the complex functions are ♦ •(z) .2y Im [+'(z)] .T xy • . ' For this problem.2 Im [#•(«) * >y Re U"(z)] .-(iT°/2)[z/(z2-a2)1/2] + i r/2 (16) #*(s) .2y Re [♦»(«)] .B and 2y u w 4(l«v) Re [♦(z)J . the conditions O«T y xy "0.2.

.«» The constant B may thus be found from eqs. (12) as B . It should be mentioned that the Westergaard method is valid for loads applied to the crack surfaces since in such cases the constants A and B have no contribution.T Hence. „ 6 - . B cannot vanish for a non-trivial solution.

Private communication with I. pp. Holland. 1953» 3.7 - . P.I. Groningen.M. "Bearing Pressure and Cracks". 2. Muskhelishvili. Westergaard. H.. N„ Sneddon.References 1. A 49-53. 1937. Journal of Applied Mechanics. Noordhoff Ltd. N. "Some Basic Problems of Mathematical Theory of Elasticity". 6. Vol. .

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ABSTRACT The Westerpaard method of crack analysis. oiaemrrivt MOTH (Typ* m —pm mm Research Rro. «r PAOM TA. MO.»OTA». •■ ACRORT DATS »•. IMPORT TITLE On the Westerraard Method of Crack Analysis 4. A VA H. The examples of a single line crack in an infinite plate owin? to biaxial tension and pure shear are discussed. The necessary modifications of the Westereaard method are derived from the complex potential formulation of Muskhelishvili.AOU. OP mmn March 1966 MT MMMORAffi) Nonr-6l0(06) A MNOJOCTNO. C. No. is shown to be invalid for a class of crack problems dealing with the infinite medium with cracks under applied loads at infinity. G. n. published almost thirty years ago.. tu. MO.ITV/LMMTATICM MOTKU Reproduction in whole or in part is permitted by the United States Government. MWRT MCUMTTT c UMWMtHII I. DD I JAN «4 14/W Unclassified Security ClaooJficatloa . ! Unclassified DOCUMENT CONTROL DATA • R4D »mmUt •fun«. ORIAIRATIM« ACTIVITY (C»n Department of Mechanics Lehigh University ■- Unclassified tft. TARY NOT» It.IROMSORIMO MILITARY ACTIVITY Office of Naval Research II. 1 • A tfHRRRfMOMT MOfQ <*«r < NR-06^-l76 10. AuTMOAO) (U»t MM Bmtt kMtm) Sih. Distribution of this document is unlimited.lect I. «neu«» ».

Barking la to be 1M accord(3) "U. trade name. REPORT SECUWTY CLAÄHFICATSON: Eater tha ovar(2) " foreign anmnwnrnmsst and Ma a ami nation of this all security clasaiffccette« of the report. 7b. report bom DDC " 2a. DDC Other qualified a ear a 3. 10. ahow rank and branch of service. the suggested length ia from 150 to 22S words. whan nppltraato. month. ft. If military. Tltla« la all caeec ateald be wwcUawiflaw» II a w*«nl«ao>i tltla caaawt ha selected withe«* dneeiftca(5) M AU du«wltioa of this raport la controlled. fitret aam«. lainiiai of p*-=» cooxatotog tafornaCioo. year. 5. e.ART NOTE«: Uae (or additional eapli tory notes.. tee* mmxxu. Tha name of tha principal «uthor ia an absolute «lauaaai requiinmeat 6. alao entar thia «■befi. REPORT DATE: Enter tha data of tha raport aa day. using standard statements sach aa: of the contractor. ABtTBACT Sntor an abstract giving a brief and foctoal ■—nry of tha document tedieatrre of the raport. progress. Ul 1L SUPPLEMENT. military prefect came naaia. mlcVfle Initial. * npnai la* an» obtain eaplec of anc« with appropriate »acsrtty ragwletlotsn. (M). 13.ewtms when covered. GROUP: Automatic flomngi i«11 ag.Katar tha complete report tfeto to all capital letters. La.indicate wNethwr raport by DDC to net "Restricted Data" la kndnded. ftd. asUstarfehtnto oepiee of thto Ued. 9a. NUMBER OF RnTBRSNCB* Eater aha total reference» cited t» tha report. 7a. other than thooe furnish«* to tha Office of Technical of reowaarca..g. or month. Denartsnswt of Defence activity or other org«nis»tio« (cotpormt* author) issuing (1) "Qualified renunntnrs may obtain copies of this tha raport. CONTRACT OR GRANT NUMBER: If appropriate.Unclassi^ied Security Classification 14 KEY WOStDS LINK A KOLI LINK • NOLI LINK C ^racture mechanics Cracks Plane extension INSTRUCTIONS 1. Sa. ot (V) There is ne limitation on the length of (he abstract. DD FORM 1 JAN «4 1473 (BACK) ''nclassi^ici Security Clnuification . Alao.10 and Arssad ftrcee Industrie! iOaaoaL Entar tha group number. ttaaWttwaal space U required. temV cat* thia fact and «hnprlee. TOTAL NUMBER Of PAGES: Tha total pea» coal should follow OMUUU paginationprucanmroa. lb. amen aa project number. IX SPONSORING BUXTART ACTOTTT: Enter tha name of the 4*pmtmamtai prefect office or laboratory apoanoriag (par ini for) the raaaantb ami awvdesaMwL Include addreee. PROJECT NUMBER: Enter the appropriate military department idmtttific atiom. AUTHOR(S): EnteT tha oamo(s) af authoKs) aa ahowa on or In tha report. ma data of publication. to specified in DoD Dituroogh rective 5200. Tbia number must be unique te tula report. DESCRIPTIVE NOTE» If raport. Entar last name.. Interim. Qualtlon. «now tüle dasaificatien In aU capital» In parenthesis ified DDC awara shall request through Immediately following tha title. show that optional marking» hava baan used for Group 3 and Group 4 aa author* (4) "V. REPORT TITLE. 14. KEY WORDS: Key words are technically meaningful terma or short phrases that characterise a raport and may be used ss index sowie« for cataloging Ate report Key werde meet be selected »a met no «ecurtty classification to required Identifiers. represented aa (TM). enter under which the applicable wmber of tha contract or tha raport waa written. The «sstgnmittt of ltoka. such aa «mapmsnt modal dealenatlen. ORIGINATOR'S REPORT NUwBER(B> Entar the official raport number by which the document will be identified and controlled by the originating activity. ft.i. aury he used as key word« hat wiU be feUoerad by an todicatlnn of techoscal context. 9b. aubprojact number «yatem mamlims. y teem DDC Other qualified DDC thia 26. y*ar> If more than one en tha report. etc. 8c. ORIGINATING ACTIVITY: Eat« the name md «ddrwi impoaed by security daaaiflcation. Give tha ind serve. awsemMgdc loewtsno. (C). a continuation sheet ahall k to highly desirable that the ebstract of elessifted reports (nwjlawaifwid Aneh jMmgMpn of the abstract shall «md with am indication of the military security clanerflcarion of the information to the paragraph. AVAIL ABlLTTT/LUCTATIOll NOTICE* Enter any lfabltstlons on fartbar dissemination of the raport. rnlaa. Bowever. grantee. sod wnights la optional. 4. a. even though It matt aJno appear «ieewham in the body of the technical repert. subcontractor. for sals to (he public. OTHER REPORT NUmBEmYS): SI the report has bann esslgnod any other raport wambara Odffter »r the arf4*n*ror or by the mpottmor).

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