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This file and the older Sustainable files are a visual affirmation of what my other files posted on Scribed are warning us about. It is visual, we here in the San Fernando Valley can see the high density apartments off of Vanowen and Variel, Reseda and Plummer, Corbin and Plummer, Sherman Way and Wilbur, De Soto and Victory and Hollywood’s high-rise apartments. Redistribution of wealth is to punish the productive and reward the takers. It is about a country’s sovereignty. It is about race baiting and the hatred of capitalism. The importation of socialist and communist. It is about the United Nations agenda to create their One World Order and how the Obama administration is advancing this, see the Leon Peneta file. It is about how the Obama administration is giving the Middle East and Africa to the Muslim Brotherhood.

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In this file, on PDF page 10, you will find LA’s effort to solve the housing crisis in the coming years: nributor_web_content/lacityp_005875.pdf The city will partner with the private sector to spend $5 billion in affordable housing. This is part of that redistribution of wealth Obama was talking about and the Agenda 21 the United Nations is pushing.

Here are a few paragraphs:
A central challenge in the Los Angeles affordable housing market entails bridging the gap between the housing we produce and the housing we need. Housing That Works tackles this challenge by directing public resources toward the production and preservation of 20,000 homes across the income spectrum.

Adding Housing for Families at Every Income Level
The Mayor’s plan focuses on the disparity between what is built and what our community needs, and set specific goals for housing across the income spectrum.

Creating Sustainable Transit Communities
The Mayor’s plan focuses new development in the areas where it makes the most sense – along public transit corridors and close to job centers. Under his leadership, this plan creates 20 transit district plans in 5 years, launches a sustainable community initiative, protects the environment, connects homes and places of work, and improves the quality of life for every Angeleno.

Promoting Mixed Income Housing
Under the Mayor’s leadership the City will adopt a mixed-income housing ordinance, ensuring that every community and every new development includes housing for families of all income levels and expands the housing options for LA’s workforce.

So do you get that kids? Villaraigosa is going to force his Social Engineering, his Integrated communities on us by building massive apartment buildings along the transit lines. That is what he means when he says Mixed Income Housing. Our government is going to select the winners in this world.

The city already owns 30,000 units and he wants to add another 20,000 units. He explains this a little better on PDF page 16. PDF page 19 has a clear map, incomplete, but clear.

Here’s my problem with this.
First of all, I have to cross Canoga Ave. and the Orange Line everyday and I already see that the Orange Line makes me wait too often three green lights to get across. The same thing happens on De Soto crossing Victory. It will become much worse when they densify it with their mixed-use-high-density apartments, some with retail on the ground floor. I know that this is Redistribution of Wealth. The government should not be building housing and they should not be selecting the developers that will profit. Our city was much better off when we attracted the educated and the high achievers, the high tech employers and aerospace. The high achievers moved out of the San Fernando Valley when they tried integrating our kids thru forced bussing in the 70s and 80s and now they are trying it again. Subsidized housing creates people dependent on the government and fosters single parent families. Dependent people become violent when what they perceive as entitlements are cut back as demonstrated in Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Argentina, Wisconsin, Michigan, the LA teachers and the LA dock workers. I read the white papers listed below. I see that 4 of our 4 mayoral candidates are going to proceed with this path to ruin. I want my house value to go up, not down. They just built two new low-income-high-density units in my neighborhood. The busses are all subsidized, they can’t stand on their own.

they give examples of sustainable communities. is available for download here. The people getting off the busses make the right lane useless when they are crossing the street. BS.lacity. a “White Paper” of findings and recommendations. It is not about smog anymore they You will be taken to 110 pages of Villaragosa’s white paper titled Developing and Implementing the City of Los Angeles’ Transit Corridors Strategy Coordinated Action toward a Transit-Oriented Metropolis I’ve read it. They would sync the eastbound lanes on Victory and the westbound lanes on Sherman Way.lacity. they would sync the southbound lanes on Topanga and the northbound lanes on De Soto. The city has been taking away parking and street lanes in order to make walking and bicycling more attractive.htm Under transit Orientation is a link at the line that says “One product of this process. that tax will never go away. I like my own backyard. To them this is all about transportation and relieving congestion. It is safe for my kid and pets and I grow my own vegetables. In these white ents/contributor_web_content/lacityp_022367.” http://mayor.The Brown Streak Train that is being built is intended to make a Radiator Springs from the movie “Cars” out of every town it bypasses and Brown says he will pay for it with California’s Cap and Tax. Now at this link: www. They would take the busses off those routs because nobody that rides them needs an onramp anyway.mayor. . If they wanted to relieve congestion. Once built.

and Singapore. community center and offices). The housing and commercial components remain incomplete. They failed to segregate the housing components from the rest of the village’s uses. and a child care center (Head Start). Market Creek. in Oregon.000 square ft. Making the sustainable part of the city unfriendly to cars is their main tool. a senior center. One of the cities. has already gone bankrupt. In Copenhagen. California Fruitvale Transit Village Plan includes La Clinica de La Raza. Most of the sustainable cities are failures with a few exceptions. a property is taxed on the potential value. some place in Brazil. forcing people to move after about 5 years. San Diego. Oakland. and a coffee shop). I’ll highlight what is in it from memory. Cesar Chavez library a charter high school. . This negatively impacted the project’s ability to garner financing. and a surface parking lot.Fruitvale. An outdoor amphitheater sits within the Chollas Creek drainage way with a bridge connecting Market Creek with the Jacobs Center. they forced people out of their cars and into bike paths by taxing the cars so that they cost 3 times what they would sell for anywhere else. the project consists of the commercial center (including a grocery store. one in Virginia. Other cities they use as examples are Hong Kong. The City of San Diego operates the Malcolm X Library. But in Virginia. It has not spurred additional real estate investment. California Currently. I’ll finish going through these white papers later. The second phase is on hold. a bank. But first. These white papers compare Los Angeles to what other cities from around the world has done. This resulted in a retail development component that was not attractive to tenants. Jacobs Center (an 80.

The Orange Line goes to Chatsworth now and now they have one in the planning stages going up Van Nuys to Foothill .

curbed.php LA's First Parking Space Park Opens With Reservoir Dogs Imagery in Highland Park http://la. San Diego.lacity. China Curitiba. Metro and PDC Owner Team Up for WeHo Mega-Development .pdf Both of the above plans are for radically changing the City of Los Angeles. California Ottawa. California Copenhagen.php South Park Tower Developer Planning Two More Towers Nearby DevelopmentWatch contributor_web_content/lacityp_022367.curbed. Canada Singapore http://mayor. California Market Creek. Denmark Hong Kong. The high density housing will integrate all levels of income and _towers_nearby. contributor_web_content/lacityp_005875.php . Virginia Market Creek. Business corridors will also be located on the transit lines. dense housing and limited or no parking and paid street parking. Brazil the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor in Arlington. California The Beaverton Round.DevelopmentWatch development. San ir_dogs_imagery. San Diego.curbed. They based their studies on Fruitvale Village. $5 billion housing plan for LA’s families http://mayor.pdf A 5 year. Villaragosa explains how we will discourage cars by using the transit corridors.110 pages of plans for Los Angeles This document was prepared by the University of California Berkely with the team leader being Ian Carlton.

com/archives/2013/02/pricey_new_samo_apartments_hoping_residents_g o_carless.944 to $5.curbed. Leading this kind of lifestyle will save residents thoudsands of dollars in car-related expenses. work and play without ever needing to get into their cars.curbed.php Fifth Street.curbed. “residents will be able to live.395 sq development.874. they will rent from $2.php Pricy new SaMo apartments encourage carless living http://la. 100 units.” From 525 to 1. WeHoans unhappy about surprise PDC-Adjacent megaproject http://la. .com/archives/2013/02/wehoans_unhappy_about_surprise_pdcadjacent_m egaproject. residential. Huge mixed-use complex with two high-rise towers.Metro and PDC Owner Team Up for WeHo Mega-Development DevelopmentWatch http://la. retail.php Santa Monica near San Vicente in West Hollywood. and hotel space plus a movie theater and open air amphitheater and sheriff’s station and underground bus garage.

400. ground floor retail and a top-floor sky lobby. 1. 900 hotel rooms.php 73 stories.000 sq ft of office space.curbed.php 92 market rate condos on Sunset and est_tower.New Wilshire Grand will be the west coast’s tallest tower a_year_out.100 foot tall. . Are a year out http://la. It will be called 1111 Sunset.curbed. Echo Park’s metropolitan water district apts.

400 new apartments and condos plus shops and restaurants. subway construction kerfuffle http://la. Wilshire Grand Tower rendered. The affluent living side by side with the city’s poorest. .curbed.Can Huge Jordan Downs makeover change its whole character? I have no idea what they said.curbed.php hole_character. Something about cars.

curbed. annually.SaMo: Buldings with affordable units to go to head of the line _fete_at_disneys_house. But rest of huge mixed-use plans still on hold http://la. The Vermont reaches for Ktown sky. never built fete at Disney’s house http://la.php?page=2 Giving 15 percent of units to very-low income families and five percent for moderateincome units. parks and a 620.php 3.000 mostly for-sale homes.curbed. a hotel.000sq ft retail space.php 22 and 28 stories mixed-use towers Hollywood Park getting casino Reno. Very low income household are for families of three who earn $37.

com/news/ci_22373843/councilman-richard-alarc-243-n-helpslaunch-new Affordable housing apartment complex opens in Reseda with a 1. Councilman Richard Alarcón says son is homeless. Chronicle Columnists Bay Area bridge commuters will be ponying up $37 for each of the 150.200-person waiting list http://www.curbed.000 square feet of groundfloor commercial space on Santa Monica Bouleard between Formosa and Detroit. mixed use As Gold line ridership plateaus.Prolific Westside Developer planning 150 apts.php 42.curbed.236 round trips Gehry-killing mixed user in WeHo could start very soon http://la.000 people expected to walk across the new Bay Bridge span during the big Labor Day opening celebration. theater and a fitness room.php The Domain add_speed. 2013 | Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross. lounge. Bay Bridge party toll: $37 per walker [San Francisco-Oakland] 2/13/2013 7:58:58 PM · by Lonely Bull · 10 replies San Francisco Chronicle ^ | Warner Center developer proposes 600 apartments on Catalina Yachts property http://www. For dt SaMo 6 stories. 17 units will be for moderate-income tenants and 16 units for low income.dailynews.dailynews. Metro looks to add speed _very_soon. helps launch housing project in Sunland-Tujunga http://www. February 13. The amenities will include a pool. a six-story building with 166 apartments and 9.6 million in toll money going toward the public side of the public-private celebration marking completion of the new eastern span. That's the breakdown on the math for the $5. or 21.476 for an average Preliminary work begins on The Village at Westfield Topanga in Canoga Park .

Obama finally admitted that gun control was an urban problem.The American City Is DyingPosted By Daniel Greenfield On January Pasadena to unveil dedicated Bicycle Boulevard http://abclocal. 945 housing units and 210 hotel rooms L. “The reality of guns in urban areas are very different from the realities of guns in rural areas.4896850.curbed.FrontPage | 5 Comments In an interview with the New Republic.go.php 888 Olive St. That admission might have been welcome if it had been packaged along with a serious conversation about what is wrong with cities like” he said.story College campuses.FrontPage Magazine .php The American City Is Dying-And why the country will inevitable follow FrontPage Magazine ^ | January 30. 2013 @ 12:55 am In Daily Mailer.latimes. Major mixed-use plan announced for fashion district downtown Olkd Koreatown Mixed-Use tower plans back at 25 stories 25 story tower with 227 units http://la. 32 stories with 283 apartments and groundfloor retail http://la. 5_stories. 2013 | Daniel Greenfield . Instead all the big problems are covered over with more claptrap about.curbed.0. City Council sends group home plan to task force union_station. .com .

com/archives/2013/01/las_first_parklets_open_in_feb_sidewalk_updates_ ^ | Jan 28 [2013] | Michael Cabanatuan It’s no secret that San Francisco hasn’t invested much money in bicycling improvements — almost nothing until the past couple of years. as much as $500 million over five years] www. LA’s first parklets open in Feb.php . Sidewalk updates on Sepulveda http://la. Over the past decade the number of trips being taken by bicycle have increased by 71 percent.curbed.Big bucks for bikes? [San Francisco.sfgate. Now. But even those relatively small investments have led to a surge in the number of commuters riding their bikes in San Francisco. bike advocates — and the Municipal Transportation Agency — would like to see what happens if they put some real money — perhaps as much as half a billion over the next five years — behind biking.

the government is running out of taxes and will start charging us by the miles we drive. And. but that is a problem. Atwater Village. with the cars being mandated to get better mileage.New Plans launched to create LA River District in Northeast LA http://la.php Eight miles of river.curbed.php There is only one mass transit project in America that makes money. Here are SoCal’s 40 planned transportation Projects http://la. They will sell our freeways to companies that will turn them into toll n_northeast_la. Elysian Valley and portions of Lincoln cts. the people that generally become gangbangers. Cypress Park and Glassell Park The plan is to make the concrete LA River look like a real river and introduce bike parking and bike and car sharing. All the rest are subsidized by the people that drive cars. The purpose here is to create a barrier that prohibits cars from crossing their China Wall and thusly forcing us into their subsidized apartment buildings on the transit system corridor mixed with one third of the people they have imported with no marketable skills. . they are redesigning our cities based on their proximity to the government owned mass transit system.

php In another incident of the hatred for manufacturing the city is replacing the manufacturing site of the Apollo modules with a market place called Tierra Luna g_box_complex. .curbed. LGBT Oldsters getting Hollywood & Western apartment complex http://la.curbed. gentrification in Culver City with 3 mixeduse buildings http://la. Developer attempting Washington Blvd.php 149 apartments.curbed.php The government spending your money.Downey’s Apollo Program past torn down for big box complex ent_complex.

Some people get it. .Highland Park doesn’t want transit village threatening parking reaten_parking.php 80 condos and apartments with reduced parking. 225 spots would be lost.

com/archives/2013/01/mixeduse_complex_planned_near_downtown_sam o_expo_stop. .php 421 units near the Santa Monica Expo Line with retail on ground floors.Mixed-Use complex planned near downtown SaMo Expo stop http://la.curbed.

196 room hotel with four extended-stay or residential units. It will expand to Long Beach and Fullerton in April. Honda Center or Anaheim train station have the first bicycle sharing service in Southern .com/archives/2013/01/longdelayed_james_hotel_on_sunset_strip_sells_t o_europeans.html Visitors to Anaheim Convention Center.php Six-story.Long delays James hotel on Sunset Strip sells to Europeans http://la. Bicycle Sharing rolls out in Anaheim http://www.ocregister.

curbed.Gold Line-Adjacent Highland Park Transit Village ready to go eady_to_go.php 80 units. . 20 condos and the rest apartments including affordable units next to the Gold Line station.

.Another 600 new apartments on the way in Warner Center rner_center.php 600 new apartments will join the 300 unit Warner Park complex and the 395 units being guilt on Variel Avenue.curbed.

curbed. Plans are for a future station to the Purple Line. Light Rail or Busway in for Van Nuys Boulevard http://la.Century Plaza’s two-tower makeover is a go in Century City http://la.php Both towers will be 46 stories century_city. The hotel will have 394 rooms and suites and 63 luxury uys_boulevard.php .curbed. Streetcar Out.

2 mile light rail running along a dedicated route. It will cost between $1.3 billion and will serve 37.8 and $2.11.000 daily riders. and a 12 mile bus rapid transit project. . mostly along Van Nuys Blvd.

a brutalist cylindrical skyscraper with a hollow core that drops 54 floors to a ragged base of exposed _housing_in_la. and Jan Perry agree there should be more housing in Los Angeles.Mayoral candidates agree: There should be more housing in LA http://la. Wendy Greuel. Making downtown less dodgy (Urban renewal in South Africa) The Economist ^ | Jan 12th 2013 DAYLIGHT filters through the ether in Africa’s tallest residential building. .. But the outward-facing windows offer breathtakingly clear views. during the race-segregated era when central Johannesburg boomed. some of the best in Johannesburg. a dim light giving it a sci-fi feel that recalls the film “Blade Runner”.curbed. The view into the interior is eerie. Ponte City was a posh address when it opened in 1975 at the edge of what was then the trendy innercity district of Hillbrow. South Africa’s commercial capital.php Eric Garcetti.

Also.dailynews. Riverwalk Reseda. Debs Park.000 multi-family units will be built at the Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne lot. Rim of the Valley project could draw Griffith Park. and El Pueblo de Los Angeles City They are spending $15 million on a 46 unit apartment complex for the homeless and lowincome mentally ill. .dailynews. helps launch housing project in Sunland-Tujunga ark_la_river_el_pueblo_into_national_park_system. LA River. will have 77 units and open 2014. http://la. Tears over death of SaMo Norms and Denny’s.php Mixed-use projects will replace them with 100 units each near the Expo Line. another affordable housing project at 18425 West Kittridge St. Sepulveda Basin.dailynews. Councilman Richard Alarcon says son is homeless.curbed.php The plan would also include Hansen Dam.curbed.Affordable housing apartment complex opens in Reseda with a ts_on_furniture. Pets on Furniture http://la. Canby Woods. Catalina Yachts moved to Floriday 2 years 18 of the units will be live/work apartments with businesses at the front. another affordable housing project in Reseda will be open this spring. Warner Center developer proposes 600 apartments on Catalina Yachts property http://www. 8 of the buildings will be 5 stories tall and one will be 6 sotries with a six level parking garage to accommodate 990 cars. Los Encinos State Park. El Pueblo into National Park System. A 300 unit complex is nearing completion at 6701 Eton Ave.200-person waiting list http://www. Sherman Village a 73-unit affordable housing apartment building. there will be a 395 unit complex across Variel.

.Another plan would increase the land grab of more of the Simi Hills and Santa Susana Mountains and edge north toward Los Padres National Forest.

” A somewhat more arcane milestone.lacity. engineering marvels — and make those in the U. 11. 9. Census Bureau estimates. Hoping to discourage car trips downtown. by midcentury. 2) Seoul's local government has launched a $44. Lucky No. Has America's early leadership in technology and engineering evaporated? Or is it hidden at first glance? 1) The Shanghai Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) floats on magnets and is the world's fastest commercially operated contributor_web_content/lacityp_005875. seem outdated. The juxtaposition is visible from the moment your feet leave the plane. energy.S.About That Overpopulation Problem Slate ^ | Jan. according to U. Asia's cities are continuing to widen the perceived technological gap between its American counterparts.S.pdf http://mayor. and clean water.lacity. Take away that requirement. Supporters of the move say the minimum requirement has caused a parking surplus downtown. the 7 billionth living person came into existence.pdf http://mayor. buses and rail. “living conditions are likely to be bleak for much of humanity.. lacityp_005875. as the Los Angeles Times noted in a five-part series marking the occasion. Many of the airports in Asia's biggest cities are stunning. they say. 2013 | Jeff Wise The world’s seemingly relentless march toward overpopulation achieved a notable milestone in 2012: Somewhere on the planet. Austin may drop parking requirement American-Statesman ^ | Dec.000. Should this trend contributor_web_content/lacityp_022367. meanwhile. (excerpt) 16 Ways Asian Cities Are Making Their US Counterparts Look Like The Third World Business Insider ^ | 01/03/2013 | Joshua Berlinger Despite the global economic slowdown.pdf lacityp_022367..pdf .000. and eventually garage parking will become a more scarce (and expensive) resource. traveling at speeds up to 268 mph. encouraging people to use their cars rather than bikes. 2012 | Ben Wear Austin might soon ditch a three-decade-old policy of requiring downtown buildings and tenant businesses to have a minimum number of parking spaces tied either to square footage or the number of condos and apartments in a building.000 probably celebrated his or her birthday sometime in March and added to a population that’s already stressing the planet’s limited supplies of food. encouraging people to use alternative transportation. 7. generated no media.

Designed just for Millenials.php 235 unit Condo development .curbed. Tops out in Glendale http://la. ditches units for the help http://la.Eleve _in_glendale. two-bedrooms. 14 affordable units. restaurants and retail ng_ditches_units_for_the_help. Richard Meier-Designed 9900 Wilshire adds parking.php 208 units—micro-one-bedrooms under 400 sq ft. and two-story lofts on six levels.

curbed.000 sq ft of groundfloor retail .php 526 apartments and 14.Geoff Palmer Building big Fauxtalian mixed-user in Bunker Hill _in_bunker_hill.

The near-empty trolleys that often shuttle by at barely faster than jogging speeds serve as a constant reminder that the car is still king in Silicon Valley -.10 miles of new sidewalks in SaMo’s Bergamot Area Plan http://la. “They’re just so big.php San Jose. 20 percent time — that’s the work time you can use to pursue independent projects. Another Silicon Valley Perk — Free Shuttle Service 12/27/2012 12:39:28 PM · by Lorianne · 21 replies Transportation Nation ^ | 27 December 2012 By now you’ve heard about the perks that come with working in Silicon Valley. the creative director of Stamen Design in the Mission District of San Francisco.. said Eric Rodenbeck. another perk? A private bus that picks you up in your neighborhood in San Francisco and shuttles you down to your corporate campus about an hour south in the suburbs of Silicon Valley. Well.and that the Valley Transportation Authority's trains are among the least successful in the nation by any metric.curbed. Free lunch. “These buses are. During rush hour in San Francisco.” Rodenbeck _area_plan... CA light rail among the nation's worst San Jose Mercury-News ^ | 12/27/12 | Mike Rosenberg there was no grand celebration this month as Silicon Valley marked 25 years of light rail. you see them everywhere. .

a UN panel of heads of state and environment ministers said Monday. not treated separately. and into a revised measure of wealth that goes beyond the narrow calculus of gross domestic product (GDP). if we are to deal with the global food security crisis".N. more sustainable course for the future." the 100-page report seeks to shape in broad strokes the agenda for the Rio+20 summit this summer. Led by Finnish President Tarja Halonen and South African President Jacob Zuma. Taking Over City Councils Across America! Youtube ^ | 1/5/12 | WACCTV Stacy Lynne educates We Are Change Colorado about the International Council on LOCAL Environmental Initiatives. The panel challenged leaders to recognize that "current global development is unsustainable. the report warned." UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said in Addis Ababa to mark the release of the panel's report.a new nexus between food. "All three need to be fully integrated. These needs are emerging "at a time when environmental boundaries are throwing up new limits to supply. The June 20-22 event in Rio de Janeiro takes place 20 years after the landmark 1992 Earth Summit that set down the UN conventions for protecting biodiversity and tackling global warming. The report called for:" "We need to chart a new. Continuing along the same path as today risks "irreversible damage to both ecosystems and human communities. one that strengthens equality and economic growth while protecting our planet. the 22member panel said a new blueprint for growth and low-carbon prosperity must be "mainstreamed" into economic policy as quickly as possible. Jan 30. An arm of the United Nations Agenda 21 and how they are using "GREENWASHING" to take over America http://news. "Our report makes clear that sustainable development is more important than ever given the multiple crises now enveloping the water and energy.• U. it said. which outlines more than 50 policy recommendations. 2012 The world can no longer afford to ignore the environmental cost of economic growth and must redefine the very concept of national wealth. Social and environmental costs must be factored into how the world prices and measures economic activity." Zuma said in a statement. Resilient Planet: A Future Worth Choosing.html UN panel says retool world economy for sustainability AFP – Mon." Entitled "Resilient People. By 2030. the planet will need at least 50 percent more food. . 45 percent more energy and 30 percent more water." it said.

And based on UN documents dealing with “sustainability. many experts — especially in the United States — fear that the UN actually envisions a global government. an erosion of private-property rights. said it should be a "wake up" call for action. says Paris is a good example of a healthy city that Pittsburgh could become. The small areas permitted for use by humanity. But even though the erection of a global so-called “green-economy” regime is a top UN priority. and even an end to the individual freedoms enshrined in the U. who base their opposition to the schemes on the content of UN documents.a stronger interface between science and policy. Snip According to critics and the UN itself. Richard Jackson. . Constitution.” a controversial concept the UN equates with “saving the planet” in what would ultimately entail a radical and complete transformation of human civilization. leaked minutes of the meeting revealed that the term itself remains undefined.thenewamerican. would be tightly regulated. and you also have that wonderful next to the river walking pathway." Hedegaard said the Rio+20 summit was an opportunity to "kick off this global transition towards a sustainable growth model for the 21st century.” says Dr. It is not. "Government support for fossil fuel industry is about seven times more than for renewable energy. healthyfocused city planning? “Pittsburgh has wonderful parks. so-called “sustainable” settlements would involve cramming people into compact “human habitation zones. and a destination for millions of tourists — could that be the future Pittsburgh with some sensible.reducing social exclusion and closing the widening gap of social inequality.-. a physician and urban designer. -.Pittsburgh ^ | 12/26/2012 PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Paris — the city of lights and love.” the concerns appear to be justified. who teaches at UCLA. the global body and its allies around the world have ambitions that go far beyond simply protecting the environment. United Nations boss Ban Ki-moon and his top deputies gathered in secret last year to chart the future course of humanity through “sustainable development. Jackson. And consumption would also be severely restricted. one of the report's authors." • UN Bosses Secretly Plot Global Govt Through “Green Economy" for Rio+20 http://www." she said in a statement. meanwhile. Could Pittsburgh Be The Next Paris? (gag) KDKA . In fact.S. European Union Commissioner for Climate Action Connie Hedegaard. "We simply can't continue as if business as usual was the cheapest solution.” Much of the world would be off limits to people. "We must define what scientists refer to as planetary boundaries" beyond which human activity could wreck the planet. Snip According to critics.

tops out in Glendale http://la.dailynews. They will close along with Mission Burrito because the new zoning in the San Fernando Valley has made the property worth more than the _and_car_use.curbed.php Richard Meier – Designed 9900 Wilshire adds parking.php Draft South and Southeast LA Plans limit density and car use http://la.curbed. Pratt and Sierras opened 43 years ago.Sierra’s.php A 235 unit condo development on the edge of Beverly Hills Eleve Lofts.curbed. Sierras is on Canoga. Look for even more high density housing and traffic. designed just for millenials. across the street has already planned to close and has sold its land to a developer. a Canoga Park landmark. First locations announced for LA’s huge bike share program. parallel to the Orange Line ng_ditches_units_for_the_help. _in_glendale. to close its doors http://www.php . ditches units for the help http://la.

php 115 apartments with 17 units for low-income residents and groundfloor restaurant space.Downtown’s Canvas LA converting empty retail to live/work in_palms. .php 204 apartments with ground floor retail has had zero retail tenants Motor Makeover: Second mixed-user starts work in Palms o_livework.

Expo-adjacent mixed-user _mixeduser. 17 stories over retail .php 10-story.php 538 residential units. _new_approval. Here’s West LA’s huge.curbed.WeHo’s Redesigned Movietown Plaza might need new approval http://la. 371 unit mixed use to be scaled back to 7 stories.

php The city planning commission approved the Cornfield Arroyo Seco Specific Plan for the area of Chinatown north of downtown surrounding the Los Angeles state historic Park. no maximum.curbed. There will be no parking requirements. LA announces (t)expo line tech corridor along the Expo Line _expo_line.php .curbed.No Parking required in mixed-use plan for Cornfield area http://la.855 people. no minimum. The EIR estimate is for nfield_area.

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