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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions (Collected from a few sources on the internet not cited here)

What is a thyristor? For a 100kw generator, only 50kw of load is connected. Will the generator generate only 50kw or 100kw. If it generates 100kw what happens to rest of the 50kw. What happens if we connect more than 100kw of load? Why the supply frequency in INDIA is 50HZ What is the power ratio between power in Star and Delta circuit? What is the difference between earth and neutral? What is the difference between Earthing & grounding? What is a u.p.s? At what condition a synchronous motor acts as a synchronous condenser? How is a 100 MVA transformer cooled? What is the instantaneous value of voltage in a 3-phase balanced star connected circuit? What is the difference between regulator and stabilizer? Whats happens when we give DC to a induction motor? Describe How energy is stored in a inductor on electronic level? How do we select a cable for a machine as per standards. Is there is any standard to select a cable as per voltage, or as per KVA and as per amps ratings? Is it possible for a feedback surge to travel over a wireless connection? Would the answer be different in a vacuum? . What is the voltage drop for 100kw motor if the length of the cable is 200m and what is the cable size. What is the different between CGS system and MKS system? How to Simulate an Induction motor? When there is a sudden loss in the demand what happens to the transformer and generation?

How do you measure the leakage current in a house wiring? What are the technical reasons for soaking transformers for various times before allowing them to pick load after a fault or maintenance outage or as a new installation. When we connect the capacitor Banks in Series with the circuit Why is the transformer rated in KVA? What is the function of a choke in tube light? How do you detect the exact location of a cable fault if its cable puncture When we increase load , current drawn from source also increases why ? What is the reason of power development in synchronous generator due to saliency ? What is the purpose of calculating knee point voltage for Current transformers? What will happen if we apply dc volt across transformer? Is possible to increase the voltage without using transformer? Why? Why less loss occurs when we use DC supply than AC supply? Earth has the constant potential so we take it as reference.but in steo & touch voltage we use to calculate Why Transistors are not used as switching devices? What is watt? In a synchronous motor armature current flows due to revolving flux which in turn rotates the load, but in no load condition armature current is zero hence there is no revolving flux then how motor rotates? Does HVDC mode of transmission has an economic advantage over EHV-AC transmission. Justify Why we are using Sinusoidal wave in all electrical systems? Why the generators are made such that they generate only sinusoidal wave? What is the voltage that is supplied to the electric traction trains? What is DIV? What does 100V/DIV or 50A/DIV mean?

How to find the terminals in SCR? Also in BC327 transistor? What is induction motor? What is a Transducer? What is the use of SCOTT connections? What is the difference between P,PI,PID CONTROLLER? What is Synchronous condenser ? How much should be the insulation resistance value of a 5KW motor and 50KW motor? Why we cannot use the capacitive load? What is the purpose of coupling capacitor? What is the purpose of Q-point in transistor? What is meaning by the SKIN effect in electrical circuits Why are we employing star type transformer at transmission end and delta type transformer at receiving end? What is difference between potentiometer and rheostat? What is the value of reflection co-efficient of tranmission line having VSWR? What is a DSM(Demand Side Management)?. What is the main Electrical IS rules?. How much voltage is present in neutral resistance? And how much voltage is present in earth resistance What is the resistance between neutral and earth? What is Particle Swam Optimisation? What is the effect of pole slipping in generator and how it will slip? What is signal? What is GSM?

What about AMPS? What EDGE? What is GPRS? What is Ciphering? Difference Between Noise and Attenuation? Explain the operation of a transistor What is the use of control panels in transmission systems? What is the flyback convertor? What do you mean by traction system, What type of traction system is used in electric train. How snubber circuit works to protect switching devices? What is the difference between AC choke (inductor) and DC choke (inductor), working and design point of view? Why secondary of open delta pt (two element pt) centre tap is earthed? What happen when this earth is removed? Alternators are invariably star connected why? What is the difference between SSR drive& AC drive? What will be change in programming when we use 5/3 solenoid in place of 5/2 in operating of a cylinder? What is isolation Transformer? Why battery is connected in series? Why Transformer in KVA? What is function of pump in DG? why DG neutral is earth? What is the principle of high speed direct drive motor ? Can we load Power capacitors on DG sets?

What are the factors required for selection of transformer rating? Why the frequency is 50 Hz in India can we use some other frequency if so what is the range and what will be the effect in present power system if we change the frequency as you suggest ? Consider a 415v/200v step down transformer can we use it as step up transformer by giving 200v in secondary and taking output from primary? What is the maximum generating voltage in India? How power cable & control cable can be differentiate from each other? We have one ups its neutral is not earthed. Its one distribution MCB has a earth fault .but we cannot put off any MCB. So how to find out that in which circuit is earthed without isolating the breaker? WHAT IS THE MEANING OF KEY SINGLE LINE DIAGRAM? What is the meaning of rms value? What is derating factor in Cable? How we minimize this? How we can calculate the transformer size? How VFD(variable frequency) drive is used as a energy saver? What is effect of unbalanced load -- say R 15A, Y 25A, B ? If i want to build 230kv substation what are the equipments to be installed? How power saving takes place through VFD? How to write program by ladder logic in case of PLC operation? What is surge suppressor? How to find transformer is in normal position? Whether its in charged condition or not? Except humming sound? How to find motor contactor rating and bimetallic relay rating? Of 30kw motor which will operate on star-delta starter? How to calculate the capacitor range for load for pf improvement? Example for 65 hp load how to calculate capacitor range?

As all us know that the capacitor panel is connected to improve the power factor when it is PF is low. Whether we can connect the capacitor panel on D.G. side? If it is yes why? Why voltage drop will occur in 3 phase light load? How a generator is positioned in a hydroelectric power plant? What is the generating voltage of a power station considered generally? How to control the generator output voltage? What r the condition should satisfy for synchronization? What is inrush current in transformer? Why making capacity is more than breaking capacity? What is cathodic protection in Tank and product pipelines? Can you give main difference between ELCB and RCCB? What is GD2(kg-m2) for Squirrel Cage induction Motor? What is the difference between earthed and unearthed cable What are the difference between C-Curve and D-Curve for MCB's. How to select a CT How to select a circuit breaker What are the advantage of selecting micro controller type tripping of circuit breaker than relay type tripping? What is the meaning of BUS? In step down transformer (415/200V), mistakenly secondary side is connected to 415V for some hours, what would be result of this condition? What is the difference between negative dc voltage and positive dc voltage because some circuit uses -24,-5,-12,- 15,volt dc If any lead acid battery is having low or high specific gravity then what will be effect of battery and why? In Airplane what circuitry or method is use for earthing?

What is the difference between two phase & three phase supply? What is the reason for balance of voltage in magnetic balance test? How can we measure and monitor critical performance parameters of Diesel Generator Sets, both electrical and engine? How can you prove that in CE configuration a transistor has 180 degree phase shifted output ? What do you mean by 1 ton in AC`s? Procedure for conducting vector group test on power transformers why it is conducted? How to increase the specific gravity of DG batteries? What is mean CT Saturation? How to calculate? There are 2 Flip_Flop with logic between them. Given Clock to Q delay, logic prop. Delay, set up and hold times specify maximum clock frequency of system. What happens if second output fed back to first input. Any changes? What happens with timing if second output is fed back to logic between the flops? What is difference between start imitation and start interlock for 3 phase motor protection ? Why for transformer protection we protect transformer from 3rd harmonics and 5th harmonics and what is the reason of generating these harmonics in electrical system? Whats the difference between Induction motor and servo motor? How to calculate the size of the conductor for particular load? Why heat produced at junction of two different conductor. What care should be taken to minimize it? How much %age of corona losses increases if frequency is increased to 25%? What happens when ac power transmitted in unity power factor?