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Contact Information 

Contact Information 
Stephanie Chang Engineers
Our Mission
Without Borders
Faculty Adviser:
To improve the quality of life in
David Schaad Duke University
underserved communities worldwide through the implementation of
environmentally and economically
Honduras Contacts: sustainable engineering-based projects.

Joanna Gross EWB-Duke was started in 2005 by Deirdre McShane and Jean Foster, two
Civil & Environmental Engineering
undergraduate students in the Pratt
Bolivia Contacts: School of Engineering. The group’s first
project was a mechanical aerator
Patrick Ye designed to increase dissolved oxygen in water. This device was tested in the
summer of 2005 in Banda Aceh,
Uganda Contact: Indonesia, to help local shrimp farmers
recover from the devastating tsunami
Matt Ball the previous winter. The students also worked on a riverbank erosion-control
project in Papua.

Since then, EWB-Duke has grown from

five students to over 25 active
members in addition to a seven
member executive board. We’ve
worked on diverse projects, including
solar-powered computers, rainwater
harvesting systems, peanut shellers,
water quality testers, and water
distribution systems. Our projects have
spanned the globe: from work in
Indonesia to Uganda to Peru.

Engineers Without Borders

Duke University
Durham, NC 27708


International Projects
Honduras  Uganda  Bolivia 
DukeEngage students will travel to the Las The Duke team will work on community EWB-Duke is designing a bridge in Bolivia.
Mercedes in Honduras to build a development initiated and studied by EWB During the rainy season, rivers in the
sustainable simple clinic. This is a members and other Duke engineers. Many Obrajes Valley flood, separating farmers
continuation of the site-assessment trip projects have strong business and from markets, children from schools, and
carried out last summer, where students sustainable development components for livestock from pasture. After a site
travelled to Honduras to collect team members specializing in economics, assessment trip last May, students are
topographical surveying data of the site, public policy, and political science. Much currently designing a bridge in the CE 142
population statistics and pricing of of the work will be done through NGOs Engineering Sustainable Design and
materials. such as the Rural Agency for Sustainable Construction. We plan on returning to
Development, an organization that Bolivia to implement a bridge design the
Partner Organizations:
provides technical assistance and training summer of 2009. 
• COMIPRONIL to local farmers.
• Heifer International
EWB would like to thank our sponsors:
Current Projects:
Plans for the clinic include: • DukeEngage
• Biomass Charcoal • Engineering Alumni Council
• Photovoltaic system
• Rainwater Harvesting • Lord Foundation
• Water filtration system
• Waste Management • Center for Latin American and
• Student designed building structure
Caribbean Studies
• Engineering Student Government
• Duke Student Government

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