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6-11 August 2013 Dadpuszta, Hungary

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Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!

It seems that the end of the world has just been postponed, but the holidays are already on our doorsteps! Regardless of religion, most of us celebrate Christmas and the New Year at this time of year, every one of us in their own special way. The Ozorian Valley is a place of eternal peacefulness now, the Main Stage, the Chill Dome, the Dragon Nest is already covered in snow, Nature has returned to its immaculate divinity. Even so, it gives us the greatest present every year: the traditionally X-mas Eve time of revealing the next O.Z.O.R.A. Festival line-up.
[The booking procedure] is a more complex task than you could ever imagine: we are trying to freshen the lineup while satisfying the requests many times we have to make difficult compromises or heartbreaking decisions in order to make the 2013 scene as colorful and well-rounded as possible. as we wrote last month. We hope everybody finds their favourites in the line-up - as always, we will be adding further artists to the procession this year too. Listen to the O.Z.O.R.A. Festival YouTube Channel! Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!



Whats Happening During The Winter Holiday Season?

Well, we arrived at one of the most beautiful and heartwarming parts of the year. Though probably most of us come from a Christian background, as eager promoters of diversity and multiculturalism, it would be a mistake to overlook other religions holidays of the season and concentrate solely on Christmas. Thus, we decided to briefly present some of the most fascinating festivals and celebrations of December. (Before we begin, wed like to draw attention to the fact that the events included in the following list are more-or-less arbitrarily chosen, 1. based on their closeness in time, and 2. their assumed relative importance.) The preparation for the winter holiday season has been going on since roughly mid-November. For most of us this means that our towns and cities become decorated in red and green, Christmas lights appear on the trees, and shops display fancy Christmas ornaments. No one can ignore that in December, also the beautiful Festival of Lights, Hanukkah arrives. Many argue that the equation of Hanukkah and Christmas is wrong, partly because the former has much less religious and cultural importance than the latter, and apart from their closeness in time, the two dont seem to have much in common. Still, it seems inevitable to mention this holiday in an article like this, even if only because we find it a beautiful way to celebrate ones heritage end deepen family bonds. The second winter festival we found worth mentioning is the North-American Kwanzaa, which was originally created to be the African-American equivalent to Christmas. Fortunately, during the past decades, this colorful holiday has ceased to be a mere copy and gained new, special meanings. Focusing on the importance of unity and faith, this holiday gives a great opportunity to celebrate ones heritage and deepen a sense of community. The winter holiday season does not only affect those with a Western religious background. Followers of the Hindu faith also created their own December holiday, Pancha Ganapati, which concentrates on establishing and mending relationships. During the five days of celebration, participants have an opportunity to deepen bonds with relatives, acquaintances and even ones relationship with culture. The point is to create and extend harmony within the community. Speaking of Eastern religions, one cannot neglect the Buddhist observation, The Bodhi Day on the 8th of December, commemorating the enlightenment of Shakyamuni Buddha. While the previous celebrations seem to have a stronger emphasis on family bonds, The Bodhi Day appears to be more permeated with religiousness. That said, spiritual practices, such as meditation and prayer have greater significance. Still, one could find an endless list of holidays in December, starting with the various forms of celebrating Winter Solstice, not to mention Saint Lucys Day or New Years Eve. Theres one important thing to note though: regardless of ones beliefs and cultural background, each and every one of us has a great opportunity to share love and celebrate unity this season. Chemical


The roots of psychedelic trance part 3.

By Goa Gil / Michael McAteer

Dance is active meditation. When we dance we go beyond thought, beyond mind, and beyond our own individuality to become One in the Divine Ecstasy of Union with the Cosmic Spirit. This is the essence of the Trance Dance Experience.
Of course, some people come to the parties just to have a good time or an unusual experienceand there is nothing wrong with that! But many times, people come with a spiritual agenda. They want to commune with the Universe or experience the full depth of their consciousness. Like so many before them, they use music and dance to accomplish this. For me too, these parties are like my religion - the old time religion. That is why I call it Redefining the Ancient Tribal Ritual for the 21st Century. I think its important, especially

for musicians and DJs, to realize the full potential of what music and dance can do. Its always possible to have a good time with music, but its also possible to turn that good time into a life changing experience. A DJ or musician can be a guide, and help open people up to that very special type of experience. The way I do it has been the same since the beginning going all the way back to when I used to play my acoustic guitar on the beach. I try to relax into a space where I am one with the moment and open enough for what I call the Cosmic Energy to flow through me and through the music to the people. When the music is really good and the dancers are completely into it, we all stop thinking and become one with the music,

with each other, and with the nature all around us. We fall into a Trance, fully aware and open, and let our normal ego defenses down. At this moment, when everything is perfect, Boom! A universal transmission can take place. It takes time to get into these special states of consciousness. That is one of the reasons my DJ sets are so long often 24 hours, and sometimes even longer! Another reason is that once you feel that Oneness and Cosmic Bliss, you want to be there for as long as you can. The longer the party goes on, the stronger the Trance, the Spirit, and the Magic. In the highest moments, its as though my soul, the Cosmic Soul, and the souls of the dancers are all communicating individually but together all at once. People really feel it, and it seems to

help bring positive changes in their lives. I think we have all experienced this in some way or another. A really good party can ignite a special light in our hearts that can blossom into love, compassion and vision. These, in turn, can help us to understand what a wonderful world we live in, and accelerate our spiritual evolution. That is why we all love these parties.

Through the Trance dance experience, hopefully people become more sensitive and aware of themselves, their surroundings, the crossroads of humanity, and the needs of the planet. With that awareness comes understanding and compassion. That is the need of the hour and the true Goa spirit.
Get GOA: 20 Years of Psychedelic Trance via

Goa Trance legend Raja Ram shares with us his thoughts about the future of the Trance
By Raja Ram
Trance music has been going on from the beginning of mankind - since the Caveman started playing with marbles and rubbing two sticks together, then finally hearing the wind blowing through the reeds by the river bank And then he heard the sound And started beating out time on animal skins and rocks scrapping things together and chanting sacred words and sounds the tribes came together round the fire and started to make music For man was attracted to the sound of repetitive beats And started to sway and dance Trance was born. And since then the art of playing music to lift the spirit and soul was established and then the CAVEman became the RAVEman and the parties began Full moons ceremonies parties gatheringss acrifices whatever all needed music To raise the consciousness of the tribal clans, music and beats became part of the fabric of society; a necessary, as well as an enjoyable experience for the meetings and offerings of the tribes. Now here we are, hundreds of thousands of years later, and the beat goes on the parties and gatherings of like minded people go on and on If you think about other forms of music; classical, folk, jazz, all these took a great deal of time and involvement for the musical style to develop and progress into a finer and more evolved type of sound. dance music The first wave was the eighties post disco, and then a miraculous event happened a new form of Trance music was played by the Arabian sea coast of India by the swaying coconut trees and sandy beaches.the full moon revealed a new tribe of travellers coming around the globe to party and dance to the new sounds of electronic dance music. those ancient times gathered around the fires different tribes laying down their weapons to merge and celebrate the glory of mankind to go to a higher and more beautiful dimension instruments and certainly this has contributed to lay folk saying it all sounds the same but it doesnt. As in all things the crap sinks to the bottom of the pool in the everyday world but the cream stays on top and there will always be pioneers and visionaries who probe the frontiers constantly looking for the next way of expressing the age old problem of being unique and different and bringing something completely new to the table And this is what is happening all over from Albania to Australia all over the planet young people are finding out how to get the most out of the creative


Since Computers came onto the scene
everything has changed the memorythe sequencing of melodies and notes and time has become far more sophisticated and evolved technically a quantum leap forward And suddenly instead of everyone wanting a guitar the word was out one could make new sounds on new instruments and the possibilities became endless

open to all and everyone there are no boundaries just sensible behaviour for we all look after each other on this fabulous journey called life and may it go on forever we are the tribe that has evolved in a special way at a special time

So what is the Future?

The only way is UP and its going to get better and better more evolved more involved more discoveries more unbelievable master tracks that will stay with us and like a great wine they will improve with age and bear the marking points of humanitys evolution. Of course without the parties nothing would really happen we needed that Arena to perform the gladiators of trance artists going around the world bringing the sounds of outer and inner space to their fellow travellers and people who need it the sick the incarcerated the lonely the groovers and movers round the Globe THIS is possibly the BEST time ever for trance and if people say trance is dead and finished maybe it is in its present form and like a snake shedding its skin or the butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, new forms appear sounds morph into other sounds new ways of expressing the same eternal message of hope/desire/ feelings/and xtc all come rushing in like a tsunami of LOVE sweeping us along to the path of Nirvana and beyond.

Black lights
A gigantic sound system pumping out the bass to thousands of revellers looking for something to propel them into another cosmic dimension with

their friends and lovers all over the planet meeting on the dance floor to merge with the sounds of the new Trance music that was being created in secret sound studios around the world. Who was making this music? Where was it being made? What substances were being used in the creative process? And how did they manage to make such weird and wonderful music for the world.this was the problemto find outhow this phenomenon was taking place / it was like one had to be a musical detective to find the Source of where and what was happening ONE had to find OUT it was a mission the SECRET WAS OUT TRANCE

Of course there was a downside everyone had more or less the same computers and the same programs to make music the same sounds and beats were now available and millions of young people and even older ones started to put together pieces of musical compositions that expressed the feelings and vitality that was coursing round the universe sounds that were from outer space out of time out of this world, in fact a new wave of creativity was found and the new wave had commenced in earnest.

process to make people want to put down their cup of tea and rush onto the dance floor madly going for it with their friends

And having the best time ever

for as we know a party dancing with our old friends and new ones is one of the Greatest, if not the Greatest thing to do in the world There are so many talented people making music Trance music and maybe it will never be as popular as some of the more commercial forms of music like house or dubstep or whatever but there is nothing like the sound of a great trance tune the climax the breaks the feeling that is conveyed to the dancers on the floor raising their hopes and dreams to make it all a reality as the power of the music sweeps all negativity aside this is truly one of the great art forms of all time and we are blessed to share these bounties with each other for so many are doing it not for money but for the joy and delight of seeing people happy and peaceful There are no fights at Trance parties mostly wLOVE and meeting people of all ages colours and creeds What a great world we live in what fabulous festivals have happened such art such lighting such a perfect environment to experiment with this thing called LIFE We are the chosen people and the gates are

On the dance floor in Goa in the early nineties

something truly amazing was taking place people dancing in a new way to sounds NO ONE hardly knew at all except in the middle of the night under the full moon booming incredible samples were heard in German or in English or some other language which made us smile or shiver, but remained with us for all our lives THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE rang out NO SEX before marriage and many other memorable phrases were heard to be indelibly printed in our minds for ever There is going to be a lot of music that sounds the same the same kick the same tempos the same sounds made on the same

Music had started

and was to NEVER END as long as mankind walked the planet earth it became as essential to life as breathing or eating/. So from those early days millions of years ago till today the sound of tribal music and dance goes on NOW the Future of Trance is so bright one needs three pairs of SunGlasses slowly it evolves year after year mutating into something more advanced and more beautiful and magical as the formless sounds engulf our bodies and souls and hearts and minds and feet to make us remember our roots and feelings that our forefathers discovered in

And where are we now?

MUSIC is probably one of the most important things in all our lives. It is a transcendental experience that raises ones consciousness and creates a sense of well being and comfort not to mention joy and happiness and a feeling of communities bound by a common cause /of getting the groove together/. A lot of notes have passed under the bridges of time so where are we now? In 1990 in GOA India something amazing took place to kick-start the new era in electronic sounds and

The passport is LOVE

If one doesnt like it CHANGE it do better make better the passport is LOVE and the country we are going to though illdefined and difficult to reach, its there always present, always beckoning us to do better. One can only play what one is you are what you play no more or less (well sometimes less)However the missing link to all of this is US. Us to make a sad song better as John Lennon said We have to improve not the music but our capacity to understand and create Future continous on page 4


and the future is so bright and exciting everyday is a new chance to discover something in ourselves and develop our lives and minds to a higher place where we can Party till we die and beyond to our celestial resting place Let us give thanks to all who have made the effort and helped us along the way and into the future the organisers and the partygoers who make it all possible heaven we are in heaven

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Lets Trance
Lets Trance into the future and make this world and living into a better and more positive place through dance/love and friendship TRANCE is alive and kicking and will be with us in some form or another till the end of time What a BLAST lets go and keep on going let the discoveries and wonders reveal themselves to find a better more joyous and exalted place We Came in Peace for all Mankind as the samples say Thanks to the Ozora crew and all those who come this is it it may get better but this is where it is right now and I for one amongst many thousands will be there rocking it see you on the dancefloor and lets travel at least a thousand smiles per hour as ever December 2012 in Somerset

Gbor Gottwald

Bobby C. Alkabes Ivn Herczeg Co-work: Tams Brces Astrology: Pter Antal



Continued from page 3 a positive new intelligent world of music and this has to be with us starting to evolve dissolve and revolve or life structure and ideals

We live in a paradise
a paradise marked with problems which

have to be solved by us and our fellow workers It is happening it will happen and we have to thank all for their efforts in making this wondrous new art form part of everyday living We need parties we need festivals we need great visuals and art to go along with everything And its happening every day a party every night a party the flame has been lit the torch will be carried

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Raja Ram