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Capt Julius Garrett, Commander


Winter 2012 Edition


Greetings members: The past two years and three months have been a good time for the Fredericksburg Composite Squadron. The unit grew in both cadets and actively participating senior members. I have seen many cadets grow in knowledge, ability, and self-confidence. I have seen many of them become good young leaders. Of course, this is part of the goal of cadet programs. They have learned to make good judgments, decisions, and responsibilities for cadet activities. The cadets have participated in many activities that have been educational, fun, and rewarding. We have had many new senior members who have joined and become active participating members. They have taken on duties that supported both cadet programs and senior activities. They all have been dedicated to the cadets and the unit. Their goal has always been to see each and every cadet succeed and excel, as well as the unit.

Saturday, January 14 Squadron Dining-out Awards Ball Fredericksburg Country Club Saturday, February 4 NCSA Applicant Interviews VA Wing HeadquartersRichmond VA Saturday, February 25 Encampment Staff Selection Interviews VA Wing HeadquartersRichmond VA Fri-Sun, March 9-11 VA Wing GSAR College Part I Thur or Fri, March 22-23 AFA CyberPatriot Championships Gaylord National Hotel, D.C.

Part of making the decision to accept a command or staff position involves knowing it is the right time for both the individual and the unit. Just as important, knowing when the time is right for the individual and Fri-Sun, April 13-15 the unit to step down from that position. For me, this is the right time to VA Wing GSAR College Part II step down as the unit commander. I feel quite confident that Captain Richard Leonard, as the new commander, is more than capable of commanding the unit. He has held several positions within the unit, most all of them simultaneously. He has the wisdom needed to be a unit commander and leader. I personally thank all of the senior staff members for all of the work, time, and commitment that you have given unselfishly to make the Fredericksburg Composite Squadron what it is today. It is you, collectively, that have grown it, not me. It has been quite the learning experience for me. There have been good times and not so good times. I will dwell on the good times that I have enjoyed during my tenure. I ask each of you to continue to support the new command and staff. Under their leadership, I am confident that the unit will continue to grow and become even better. Farewell, Capt Garrett
L to R: Capt Julius Garrett, Squadron Commander; Lt Linda Tabb, Deputy Commander for Cadets; Capt Richard Leonard, Deputy Commander for Seniors, at WAA Ceremony Quantico. Capt Leonard takes command of VA-108 on January, 14, 2012.




Full Virginia Wing Call-out for Search and Rescue Mission
By C/CMSgt Daniel Sylvia, Certified Ground Team Member 1 Late Thursday night, October 27, I received an e-mail from Virginia Wing headquarters requesting a full Virginia Wing call-out for anybody certified as a ground team member. They wanted certified and available members to report to the CAP command center at 7:30 am sharp Friday morning to look for a lost autistic child who had been missing in the woods for five days. The search had just become a Civil Air Patrol mission on Thursday, so they could finally officially start calling members for the search. I arrived at the CAP command center Friday ROBBIE morning 15 minutes early to make sure I had plenty of time to have my gear ready. I signed in IS FOUND and started getting briefed on the situation and ALIVE! the details of the child missing. After getting the information we organized a ground team and got a grid assignment (search area), then headed out. The temperature was somewhere below 40 degrees and our grid was full of thorns, mud, and other not very welcoming conditions. But we pushed on for 4 hours before taking a breather. After the breather we kept pushing for another two hours before we got the call that the child had been found about a mile from our location, which was amazing news to the team. We went back to base, signed out, and left with a feeling in us that honestly, was one feeling you can't forget. Being a part of finding 8 year old Robert Wood, Jr. was an honor and I will gladly sacrifice my time again to find any others in need. I encourage all cadets and senior members to utilize the emergency services training offered through CAP so we can be a squadron known for our readiness to serve our community.


Fredericksburg, VA Saturday, December 3rd Cadet Commander C/2dLt Rachel Boelsche and First Sergeant C/2dLt Jairus Tabb lead the march down Caroline Street for the annual nighttime parade. It was a Hollywood Christmas theme and our cadets performed Lights, Cameras, Action!




By 2dLt Lisa Sylvia, PAO The Fredericksburg Composite Squadron participated in its sixth ceremony supporting Wreaths Across America (WAA)at Quantico National Cemetery in Virginia. At the ceremony, which takes place at noon the second Saturday of December each year, Squadron members stood in formation as their former cadet commander Trevor Leon Guerrero served as master of ceremonies. Leon Guerrero explained the symbolic tradition of first placing a ceremonial wreath in honor of each service and an additional wreath for Prisoners of War and soldiers Missing In Action. The ceremonial circle was completely surrounded with hundreds of spectators which included boy scout troops, girl scout troops and members of military veteran motorcycle clubs. They watched as C/1stLt Nathan Leon Guerrero, a 2011 Honor Guard Academy staff member and another former cadet commander for the Fredericksburg squadron, escorted each service representative for wreath placement and salute in front of a Marine Corps Color Guard. High on the hill above the event, a marine played taps on his bugle to close out the sentimental ceremony. After the color guard marched out, all the spectators proceeded up the road to where the cadets opened the boxes and passed out 2700 wreaths. Wreaths Across America is gaining in support each year and Quantico is no exception. Each year the public participation and wreath sponsorships have grown. 1st Lt. Maria Leon Guerrero, the Quantico WAA Location Leader, has assisted at each one since the beginning and says, "I am so grateful to be able to serve such an important mission to 'remember the fallen, honor those that serve and their families, and teach our children the value of freedom.'" This year Lt. Leon Guerrero, a squadron member since 2004, also served as the Virginia Wing WAA Project Officer. "The Fredericksburg cadets are doing a great job spreading the word to family, neighbors and businesses and gaining more and more wreath sponsorships each year to ensure that those who gave all are not forgotten," says Lt. Leon Guerrero.
Left to Right: Lt Col Liz Sydow-Professional Development Officer, Capt Julius Garrett-Squadron Commander, C/ SSgt Lydia Eley, C/CMSgt Jairus Tabb, C/A1C Conor Roberson, C/2dLt Matthew Papandrea, C/CMSgt Gabriela Duncan, C/SrA Isaiah Padgett, C/TSgt Rebecca Montanaro, C/SMSgt Rachel Sydow, C/SMSgt Daniel Montanaro, C/Amn Jeremiah Browne, C/A1C Nikyla Wardrop, C/TSgt Nicholas Leake, C/CMSgt Daniel Sylvia, Cadet Katherine Andrews, C/CMSgt John Boelsche, Cadet Shawna Mumma, C/SSgt Allison Eley, C/A1C Nicholas Swann, C/SrA Michael Vandevander, Capt Richard Leonard-Deputy Commander for Seniors, C/Amn Elise Ivory, Cadet Paul Eley, Cadet Maria Barber, 1st Lt Linda Tabb-Deputy Commander for Cadets.




By Lt Col Liz Sydow, Deputy Commander for Cadets


Air Show at Stafford Regional Airport, Oct.15th

Congratulations to our January to June Cadet Staff!

Cadet Command Staff: Cadet Commander: C/2dLt Rachel Boelsche Cadet Executive Officer: C/2dLt Matthew Papandrea Cadet First Sergeant: C/CMSgt John Boelsche Cadet Line Staff: Eagle Flight Cadet Flight Commander: C/CMSgt Duncan Cadet Flight Sergeant: C/MSgt Hoang Cadet Element Leader, Alpha: C/SSgt A. Eley Cadet Element Leader, Bravo: C/SrA Horne Cadet Element Leader, Charlie: C/SrA Roberson Falcon Flight Cadet Flight Commander: C/CMSgt Sylvia Cadet Flight Sergeant: C/SMSgt Sydow Cadet Element Leader, Alpha: C/TSgt L. Eley Cadet Element Leader, Bravo: C/MSgt Leake Cadet Element Leader, Charlie: C/SSgt Vandevander Phoenix Flight (New Cadets/Cadre) Cadet Flight Commander: C/2dLt Tabb Cadet Flight Sergeant: C/TSgt Barber Recruiting Cadet: C/SMSgt D. Montanaro; Assistant: C/Amn Browne Aerospace Education Cadet: C/SSgt Thompson; Assistant: C/Amn Browne Drug Demand Reduction Cadet: C/MSgt Leake; Assistant: C/TSgt Thompson Safety Cadet: C/TSgt R. Montanaro; Assistant: C/TSgt L. Eley Personnel/Admin Cadet: C/CMSgt Duncan; Assistant: C/MSgt John Strickland Logistics Cadet: C/TSgt A. Eley Public Affairs Cadets: C/MSgt Leake (IT), C/TSgt R. Montanaro, C/SrA Woods CyberPatriot Cadet: C/2dLt Clark
Above: 2d Lt Lawrence Watson discusses cadet program.

Above: C/A1C Luke Strickland shares WAA information.





NCSA applications may be submitted in e-services from 1 December to 15 January. Go to for information on all of the National Cadet Special Activities that are available to cadets who have completed an Encampment. Each NCSA has different age and qualification requirements. Read about all the different programs available and talk to cadets in the squadron who have been to some.


This year the squadron was able to assist cadets with costs associated to attending National Cadet Special Activities. After applications were turned in, the committee awarded NCSA scholarships to C/SMSgt Rachel Sydow for Powered Flight Academy, C/CMSgt Daniel Sylvia for National Blue Beret, and C/2d Lt Jairus Tabb for Civil Engineering Familiarization Course. So if you would like to attend an NCSA but are unsure about finances, talk to one of our senior members about NCSA scholarship opportunities.


By C/2d Lt Rachel Boelsche

Whats Your Resolution?

The holidays are a chance to relax and celebrate all that we have to be thankful for. With the coming of New Years, however, it is also a time to look towards the future. Now that weve welcomed the year 2012, I hope that you all take the opportunity to consider your personal goals and plans. While you are making your annual resolutions, do not forget Civil Air Patrol! I can personally guarantee that CAP has a great deal to offer its cadets. However, we cadets must be willing to go out and experience it! Take this new beginning as a chance to evaluate your CAP to-do list. Where do you see the Cadet Program taking you? What grade would you like to attain? Is there a leadership position at the squadron you want to hold? Do you want to get involved in Emergency Services? Whatever goal you have, make sure you plan a way to achieve it! There are a great number of opportunities outside of the squadron as well. From encampments to national activities, there are many aspects of the Cadet Program that go well beyond weekly meetings. Do some research and find what interests you. Ask veteran cadets about their experiences, and take advantage of online resources to read about the many Cadet Activities. There are a ton of CAP opportunities out there, I promise. So go find one for you! I hope that you make the most of your chance to plan. Every cadet has the potential to achieve great things during their time in Civil Air Patrol, but it is up to each individual to decide what those things will be. You dont want to miss out on amazing and one-of-a-kind experiences just because you did not think ahead. Consider where you see yourself next New Years, and find your way there!



SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: 1st Lt Linda Tabb, Flying High

By 2d Lt Sylvia, PAO

1st Lt Tabb never thought she would be hiking in the woods or wearing BDUs. Her interests were always administrative and involved dressing up and having creature comforts. There are many examples of parents who will do anything for their kids. Lt Tabb is no exception. When her daughter, C/2d Lt Jairus Tabb, told her she wanted to be a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol, she not only supported her but she joined-up with her. She quickly went from being a girlie girl mother of one to a combat boot-wearing mother of sixty. Lt Tabb began assisting the squadron as our Logistics Officer. She organized the cadets to assist with dissemination of storage items and the acquisition of uniforms. She monitored the maintenance of the CAP van and worked as a liaison for several squadron activities. Throughout 2011, Lt Tabb served the squadron as Deputy Commander for Cadets. She began the year with an exciting and aggressive schedule of squadron activities that has created an unforgettable year for cadets and senior members. Under her enthusiastic charge, the cadets successfully completed their first nationally televised parade in Washington, D.C. and we had more cadets attend encampment than ever before. Lt Tabb is no stranger to hard work. Prior to volunteering for our squadron she was the Director of Public Relations for the Heart for Homeschool Radio Program. She also worked as a management analyst for the Department of State. Lt Tabb, a communications and speech pathology graduate from SENIOR MEMBER George Washington University, also served as an administrative ACHIEVEMENTS officer during Desert Storm. By Lt Col Liz Sydow, Professional Development Officer It was a whirlwind year for the Tabb family. Many may not realPromotions: ize it, but Lt Tabb easily put in 20 2d Lt Lawrence Watson -30 hours a week volunteering for the squadron. On many occaCorporate Learning Course: sions, I personally observed as Capt. Richard Leonard she continued volunteering while battling illnesses and medical isOfficer Basic Course sues. 2d Lt Lisa Sylvia Squadron Leadership School: 2d Lt Shari Barber, 2d Lt Gregory Brown, 1st Lt Tyler Floyd, Capt. Jeffrey Smith, 2d Lt Lawrence Watson Yeager Award: 2d Lt Lisa Sylvia So when you get the chance to thank her for all her efforts, dont forget to thank her husband and daughter too. There were many times that the work as DCC took away personal time with their wife and mother. So this spotlight goes out to the entire Tabb family!

Pictured above: 2d Lt Garland Tabb standing guard all day in the heat, watching over our squadrons personal belongings at Memorial Day Parade , The wind beneath our DCCs wings.




By 2d Lt Lisa Sylvia, PAO 2d Lt Curtis Padgett wears two deputy hats. When he is not volunteering as Deputy DCC for our squadron, he is working as a Spotsylvania Sherriffs Office Deputy. In October, Deputy Padgett arranged for CAP cadets to participate in the Sherriffs Office Joint Search and Rescue Training Mission at Luck Stone Quarry near Massaponax High School. The cadets who participated had Saturday morning classes in SAR legal aspects, land navigation tech- Above: 2d Lt Curtiss Padgett wearing niques and map read- his other uniform. ing. The cadets learned alongside members of the VA Defense Force, Stafford County SAR Team, Dogs East and the Spotsylvania Mounted SAR. After completLeft to Right: C/Amn Jeremiah Browne and C/A1C Isaiah Padgett stand outside the Incident Command Trailer before ing a they enter to take turns manning the radios during the train- night ing mission. search, the cadets camped in tents during the overnight mission. In the morning, most of the exercises involved training aspects of Project Lifesaver. The program involves distributing watch-like tracking devices on autistic and AlzWELCOME NEW heimers patients. The In- Above on far right: C/SSgt Michael Vandevander and MEMBERS! cident ComC/A1C Nicholas Swann (far right) get instruction on mander for the use of the hand-receiver for tracking PL wristbands. Cadets: Katherine Andrews, Maria Barber, Kyle training mission, Senior Deputy Mike Christie, is also Spotsylvania Bettis, Bunteero Bulatindo, Alexander Countys Project Manager for Project Lifesaver. His goal durHoffman, Bethany Shields ing the exercises was to train more volunteers in tracking and locating the devices with one of the countys four handSeniors: receivers. He said that in five years of using the Project LifeCadet Sponsor Member, James Mead saver wristbands, there have been 40 searches and all have been alive finds.



Congratulations to the following cadets who have promoted in the past 90 days:
Gen J.F. Curry (Achievement 1) C/Amn Paul S. Eley, Jr, C/Amn Georganna Grizzard, C/Amn Shawna Mumma, C/Amn Nikolas Rivera, C/Amn Julianna Veldhuyzen Gen Hap Arnold (Achievement 2) C/A1C Elise Ivory Mary Feik (Achievement 3) C/SrA Garrett Horne, C/SrA Conor Roberson, C/SrA Nikyla Wardrop

By 2d Lt Lisa Sylvia, Public Affairs Officer C/2dLt Justine Strickland and C/2dLt Jairus Selena Tabb Earn Mitchell Awards C/2dLt Strickland and C/2dLt Tabb joined the Fredericksburg Composite Squadron within months of each other in 2009. They had fiery determinations to become officers and accomplished their goals in just two years. C/2dLt Justine Strickland also completed high school quickly and at the age of 18, she is already a junior in college. C/2dLt Strickland spends her time outside of CAP and school, teaching piano and working as a mentor and teacher in debate and speech.

MilestoneWright Brothers Award Phase I Completion, The Learning Phase

C/SSgt Allison Eley, C/SSgt Isaiah Padgett, C/SSgt Joshua Turbyfill, C/SSgt Michael Vandevander, C/SSgt Ian Woods Eddie Rickenbacker (Achievement 4) C/TSgt Jacob Barber, C/TSgt Lydia Eley, C/TSgt Allison Eley, C/TSgt Joseph Thielman, C/TSgt Alexander Thompson Charles Lindbergh (Achievement 5) C/MSgt Nicholas Leake, C/MSgt John Strickland Robert Goddard (Achievement 7) C/CMSgt John Boelsche Neil A. Armstrong (Achievement 8) C/CMSgt Justine Strickland, C/CMSgt Daniel Sylvia, C/CMSgt Jairus Tabb

C/2dLt Jairus Selena Tabb flew the squadrons Cessna 182 planes at the age of 15 before taking her drivers license test. In 2011, she served as the Virginia Wing Civil Air Patrol Encampment Staff First Sergeant, volunteered at Mary Washington Hospital, tutored kids and assisted at area food banks. The Virginia Wing Commander, Colonel David Carter, CAP, is presenting their Billy Mitchell awards at the squadrons annual military dinner ball on January 14, 2012, at the Fredericksburg Country Club. Approximately 15% of cadets in the Civil Air Patrol are See Cadet Spotlights, Page 9

C/2dLt Strickland at Virginia Wing Encampment 2011

MilestoneBilly Mitchell Award Phase II Completion, The Leadership Phase C/2dLt Justine Strickland, C/2dLt Jairus Tabb



awarded this honor of being a cadet officer which is comparable in training to receiving an E-3 (Airmen First Class) in the U.S. Air Force. Billy Mitchell is known as the father of the U.S. Air Force. To achieve this Mitchell award milestone, C/2dLt Strickland and C/2dLt Tabb have passed ten physical fitness tests, nine leadership exams, eight character development forums, seven aerospace exams, regularly participated in squadron activities, attended the week-long Virginia Wing Cadet Encampment more than once, written essays and delivered speeches. On January 18th, 2012, C/2dLt Strickland is heading to Pretoria, South Africa for ten months to serve with a youth mission program for the Hatfield Christian Church. She heard about through a friend. Good luck Justine! We will miss you. C/2dLt Tabb plans to major in medicine in the fall 2012 to become a doctor or nurse and then join the U.S. Air Force. This year she will be training all of our new cadets. Congratulations her Cadet Advisory Council Member Ladies!
Shoulder Cord. C/2dLt Tabb wearing


By C/2dLt Jairus Selena Tabb Attending a Virginia Wing Conference is three days of Civil Air Patrol socialization. The first day is check in. Most cadets carpool to the conference and share hotel rooms. On the second day, we woke up around six o'clock, put on our dress blues and headed to breakfast. The rest of the day was Far Left: C/SMSgt Rachel Sydow next filled with Drug to C/2dLt Tabb with other female cadets. Demand Reduction activities, Cadet Advisory Council meetings, National Cadet Special Activities, and leadership classes. After the classes, we change into our formal wear for the yearly banquet. Awards, certificates, and promotions were presented at the dinner. During the banquet, the 2011 Encampment video was shown. Once we were dismissed, we changed into our civilian attire for the dance. At the dance, the cadets pulled their music ideas together to create the ultimate party play list. In the cadet hospitality room all kinds of delicious snacks were provided. On the third day everyone met for a time of laughing, sharing exciting encampment and conference stories during breakfast then we said good bye and headed home. This year was especially important, because CAP VIP financial supporters of the Virginia Wing where present. Thankfully, the VIPs were enamored with our professionalism, organization and spunk; therefore our financial support was increased, which will result in more orientation flights, uniforms, and scholarships. Personally, seeing all my encampment friends, making new friends and being a part of the CAP adventure was a blast! I highly recommend attending the 2012 Virginia Wing Conference. Each year the conference is more entertaining and informative about the new adventures happening in CAP. Just like encampment, you won't want to miss out on the teamwork, fun, and learning at a Virginia Wing Conference.




For as long as anyone can remember, the Fredericksburg Composite Squadron has spent the Saturday before each Christmas at the main entrance of Spotsylvania Towne Center Mall. Cadets have faithfully opened doors for mall customers coming and going while others in the


Virginia National Guard Armory 1700 Jefferson Davis Highway Fredericksburg VA (Senior meetings on 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month) MAILING ADDRESS: Fredericksburg Composite Squadron 27 Spring Lake Drive Stafford VA 22556 SQUADRON COMMANDER Capt Richard Leonard 540-408-3149 DEPUTY COMMANDER FOR CADETS Lt Col Liz Sydow 719-201-8599 DEPUTY COMMANDER FOR SENIORS 2d Lt Gregory Brown 540-710-3270 CADET COMMANDER C/2dLt Rachel Boelsche 540-834-0155 RECRUITMENT & RETENTION OFFICER 2d Lt Shari Barber 540-373-5215 PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICER 2d Lt Lisa Sylvia 540-207-5028

Above: One of our newest cadre, Bunteero Bulatindo, jumped right in to participate in this activity that collects funds for those in need in our community.

squadron ring bells at the Salvation Army bucket we are trusted with each year. It is always cold, but everyone has warm hearts. This year, our hospitality coordinator Linda Leake, provided hot Above: Our squadron Testing Officer, 1st Lt Agata Thompson with cocoa and treats for the C/TSgt Alexander Thompson. cadets.

L to R: Cadet Commander 2dLt Rachel Boelsche and First Sergeant Jairus Tabb show their bell-ringing swag.