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London Slang Introduction The English language contains a rich array of slang words and phras es.

This can be particularly seen when examining the day to day language of the average Londoner. A great many London slang terms derive from the Cockney tradit ion and fall into the bracket of 'Rhyming Slang'. Other terms have been introduc ed by the influx of other cultures into the capital. The resulting mishmash has created what academics sometimes call 'Estuary English' (after the area of the T hames Estuary), although this term is used more to describe the accent used in t he area. I realise that some words and phrases are perhaps a bit too 'non pc' fo r general consumption and have omitted these. Even so, many of the following wil l offend some people and I would like to state that their inclusion is to provid e a realistic representation of the language, not to be sensational or abusive. It is the nature of slang that it is either used to replace taboo phrases or to playfully enhance them, this is unavoidable when compiling a list of this sort. I have not included an exhaustive list of 'Rhyming Slang' terms but have focused on the specific phrases that are still widely used all around the capital. I ha ve also collected a number of newer phrases that are labelled 'Modern Rhyming Sl ang' which I have come across over the last few years. It remains to be seen if these terms will be accepted as bona fide 'Rhyming Slang' in the future, but I f eel their inclusion at least provides an up to date picture. There are a number of pages on the 'net' that focus on 'Rhyming Slang' in more detail, but these la rgly focus on the historic terms that are only used by a very small group of peo ple which I feel gives a rather cliched view of Londoners. In reality there are very few people who use Rhyming Slang in it's traditional form. My intention is that this book will be used to record the terms that are used by a wide variety of people and I feel that I should stress that a lot of the terms are used in a tongue-in-cheek way. We do not all walk around saying "Cor blimey mate, love a d uck I fell down the apples and pears" ! 1

-Aabsobloodylutely/absofuckinglutely - an exclamation as to resound a definite yes. ace - excellent, great. A rather out of vogue term, probably still used by kids. Adam and Eve - Rhyming Slang for 'believe', e.g. "Would you Adam and Eve it mate!". afters - short for the term 'after hours' meaning drinking in a pub after offici al closing time. Also see 'lock-in'. aggro - short for aggravation or violence, e.g. "He was steaming drunk and well up for some aggro". Alan Whicker(s) - Rhyming Slang for 'knickers'. all over the gaff/shop - general term to describe someone or something that has no direction or that is in a mess. allright/awright - a greeting literally meaning "is everything all fine?". Usual ly used in the form "awright mate!". Annabel Giles - Modern Rhyming Slang for 'piles' (haemorrhoids). 'andsome - (han dsome) - very good, e.g. "That's 'andsome mate" (That's great/brilliant). anorak - geek, nerd. A term that has been used since the 80s. An 'anorak' is alw ays male, unfashionable and possibly a 'trainspotter'. (Sir) Anthony Blunt - Rhyming Slang for 'cunt'. apple core - Rhyming Slang for ' score' (£20). apples and pears - Rhyming Slang for 'stairs'. A rather cliched Rhymi ng Slang term which is more often than not used in a sarcastic manner as if to emulate (o r take the piss out of) cockney speech. arching for it - (like a cat on heat) a term sometimes used to describe a young lady who is sexually fired up. Also see 'gagging for it'. Aris(totle) - Rhyming SlangThis is a complex one. The meaning of the term 'Aris' is 'arse' (rear end). This derives from 'Aristotle' = 'bottle' and 'bottle' is short for the Rhyming Slang term 'bottle and glass' = 'arse'. 2

arrows - the game darts - pron. "arras". arse - has developed over the past few years and can be used in a number of ways. The first meaning is obviously 'bottom' and is the English (and original) versio n of the American 'ass'. The more recent way of using the word is as an exclamat ion of annoyance, i.e. when you do something clumsy or when things just don't go your way. Then you might simply say "Arse !". This almost definitely stems from UK TV productions like "The Fast Show" and "Father Ted". Another meaning would be to simply refer to someone as an 'arse' as an insult. arse about/arsing about - to fool around, e.g. "Stop arsing around!" arse-aboutface - something that is in a mess or crooked, e.g. "Look at the state of that shelf you just put up, it's all arse about face!". arseholed - very drunk, e.g. "I got totally arseholed on Saturday night.". arseover-tit /-elbow - to fall over in a dramatic fashion, e.g. "I'd had a bit to dr ink you see and I just went arse-over-tit!". Aunt Annie - Rhyming Slang for 'fan ny' (vagina). Ayrton Senna - Modern Rhyming Slang for 'tenner' (ten pound note), e.g. "I've only got an Ayrton left to last me the month!". 3

-Bbaby giraffe - Rhyming Slang for 'half' of a pint of beer. backhander - a paym ent given, normally in a secretive fashion. ballistic - to go mad with rage. eg "He went totally ballistic". banged up - to be put in prison. eg "Did you hear J ohn got banged up for that blag". bangers - another name for sausages. Originates from the fact that they explode when cooking if they are not pierced first. A traditional English meal is 'bange rs and mash' (sausages + mashed potatoes). banging - a 'rave culture' term meaning exciting, powerful etc. Has replaced ter ms such as 'kicking' and 'slammin'. A typical example of the term being used would be when a clubber says a DJ was playing 'banging choons' (a lively full-on set). banjaxed - meaning drunk or stoned. eg "I feel really banjaxed". From the word ' banjax' - meaning to smash or destroy. Barclays bank - (normally shortened to 'B arclays'') - Modern Rhyming Slang for 'wank'. eg "Dave's a long time in the khazi, bet he's 'avin a Barclays' !". barf - to vomit. Also sometimes 'barf-up'. barmy - a foolish person, mad. "You m ust be barmy mate". Barnet fair - normally shortened to 'Barnet' - Rhyming Slang for 'hair'. eg "I'm 'avin my Barnet chopped on sa'aday !" (I'm having my hair cut on Saturday). barney - row, violent argument. battle cruiser - Rhyming Slang for 'boozer', mea ning pub (public house). bean flicker - a lesbian. Likening the clitoris to a be an. Also 'to flick one's bean' is for a woman to masturbate. bearded axe wound vulgar term for the vagina. bearded clam - a vulgar term for a woman's sexual o rgans. beast - a common term used to describe an ugly bird. beaver - a common te rm for 'vagina'. American origin. 4

behave ! - pron. 'bee-ave'. Meaning 'sort yourself out', 'stop being silly'. Can be used in an agressive manner as if to say 'stop doing that, or else'. Also, i n these post Austin Powers days can be 'oooh behave !". beef bayonet - a playful name for penis. beef curtains - another vulgar term for a woman's 'bits'. beer monster - a laddish heavy drinker (normally young). i.e. "Did you see Dave from accounts at the Christmas party ? That bloke is a complete beer monster !". bell - a telephone call. eg "give us a bell later" bell-end - end of penis. Comes fr om it's shape. Can be applied to a person as an insult "You total bell-end!". be nder - this term can mean a drinking spree, or a gay bloke (in the latter case, short for 'gender bender'). bent - can mean 'gay man' or 'stolen'. ie "That bloke dahn the market sells bent goods". bent as a nine* pound/bob note - (* denomination varies widely) a term to describe someone thought to be gay. eg "(H)e's bent as a nine bob note mate" and also used to describe something that is illegal/crooked, ie. stolen goods. berk - Rhyming Slang, short for 'Berkshire Hunt', meaning 'cunt'. Most people go around calling people 'berks' for years not realising that it is slang for one o f the strongest swear words in the English language. Bernie Flint - Modern Rhyming Slang for 'skint'. Not used anywhere near as much as borasic lint. biffa - large butch girl. big girl's blouse - a term that has m ore associations with the north of England, but is also used 'down south'. Normally used as a term to playfully ridicule a young man who is a bit soft and shy. The sort of thing your uncle might say to you. e g. "Come on, put your back into it you big girls blouse !". Billy - short for 'Billy Whizz' a character from an English children's comic (th e Beano). 'Whizz' is another name for the drug 'speed'. ie. It makes you whizz. Billy no mates - - this is a term I have heard from about four different unconne cted people and is used to describe a sad bloke who has few friends. It can also be u sed describe yourself, ie. "I don't get out much these days, I'm Billy no mates me". 5

blower .Modern Rhyming Slang .g. "he was completely bladdered" blag .a fairly old term for 'very drunk'. bladdered . "Look at that bloke over there". blinding / blinder . "I've got John on the blower".very drunk. blotto .Rhyming Slang for 'face'.pornographic film. eg. Now the 5p coin. Very common.p olite slang word for fart.general term used by men to refer to an attractive young lady. Used in shor t form. eg. bob . In prison slang a 'bird' is a prison sentence. "He's doing 'is bird in Dartmoor".slang word for a robbery (cor) blimey . blow-off . normally a video. I have also heard 'Bubble bath' used. eg "I got totally blotto last night". e. "He seems like a bit of a knob". bit of awright / stuff / fluff . From the Italian word for little child / baby.shilling(s) in 'old' money.probably the most common slang term for woman/girl/girlfriend. bird . bloke . eg. bit if a knob .corruption of the oath 'God blind me'. eg "You're 'avin a bobble mate". pretty much replaced by newer terms . eg. eg "She looks awright from behind. bobble hat and scarf .for 'laugh'.bimbo . Bobby . blow-job . but you wanna see the boat mate".general term for a man of unknown name.used to des cribe something amazing or wonderful. bluey .com . boat rac e . E specially used when you don't really know someone but your initial impressions a re that you don't like them.a young woman considered sexually attractive but of limited intelligence .slang for telephone. Used as an excla mation. 6 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. Also used in the form "blimey O'Riley".a general term of abuse. This comes from the Rhyming Slang term 'birdlime' meaning 'time'. Can be shortened to 'blow'.the most common term for oral sex (on men).slang for policeman (from Rober t Peel). eg "We 'ad a right blinding time last night dahn the pub".

Modern Rhyming Slang for 'dope' (cannabis). e. bone-on .Rhyming Slang for 'pissed' (drunk). botty boy . bovver .g.this general use term is not as fashionable as it once was.someone who 'bottles' out. see above. To loose ones bottle.large lace-up b oots worn by thugs (especially skinheads) and bovver boys.e. booze (up)/boozer .boys that cause the bovver mate ! box . normally in it's full form. b ottle . Also bovver boots .offensive slang for gay man. Bob's your uncle . "lets go for a booze/booze-up ?"). Used mainly together with a hand action such as a punch or painting a wall. ie. bosh / boche . Lord Salisbury. eg "It wo n't take a second to do that son.Rhyming Slang for 'sleep'. bottler . eg "he lost his bottle". The most common explanation of this term is that it comes from the Rhym ing Slang 'bottle and glass' . "lets go dahn the boozer"). The phrase is used as if to say "and so it is done". 7 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. balls. just go bosh bosh bosh and Bob's yer uncle". Used in it's short form.This term may come from the Irish politician Balfour who in 1887 was unexpectedly promoted to the post of Chief Secretary for Ireland by his uncle Robert. e g "I'm totally borasic !". hit the switch and Bob's your uncle". Can be heard in 70's and 80's police drama's. boozer = pub/drunkard ("he's a right boozer". "You just tu rn on the power.Rhyming Slang for 'skint' (penniless). to drink t o excess.trouble. borasic lint . "I'm off out to get some Bob". From Middle Dutch 'busen'.another name for an erection.this has many meanings such as television ("what's on the box ?") and vagi na. usually fighting. used in it's full form. "he bottled out". i. Bo Peep .'arse'. Brahms a nd Liszt .Bob Hope . to loose ones a rse (incontinence produced by fear). brass (na il) . Also in the cute form 'Bo Bo's'. Also out of your box and off your box are used for drunk or stoned. This stroke of nepotism is said to have inspired the term.booze = drink ('bott le of booze'. "he's got a l ot of bottle".Rhyming Slang for 'tail' meaning prostitute.

brill . e. bum suck . Used commonly and without worry about offending.Rhyming Slang for 'dead'. although it is still u sed. short for Bristol city. eg "I' ve got bugger-all money left"). who 'licks arse' (how they get a brown nose). from so meone who practices anal intercourse.Modern Rhyming Slang for 'greek'. As far as I can see the debate on the origins of this one are still ongoing. bread . eg "Do you fancy a brew ?". (a) bun in the oven . others discount this. Many sources say it co mes from a old naval device for holding cannon balls (called a 'brass monkey'). "How's the bread knife doin' mate ?". Comes from t he saying 'cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey'. After the name of the dish which is left-over cabbage and potato fried up (usually for breakfast). bumhole engineer . eg "You crafty bugger !". "I 'm sure Dave once told me he's dad was a bubble". bum bandit . From the Rhyming Slang 'bread and honey'.short for 'brilliant'.to wet the end of a cigarette or joint when you smoke it. Usually shortened. brown bread .slang for 'money'. bubble and squeek . Used in it's full form.Rhyming Slang for 'wife'. A co mplaint made amongst smokers "Hey man don't bum it !".a mild form of abuse or an exclamation. bread knife . A bit of a schoolboy term. Other forms are: bugger-off (to te ll someone to go away / to leave quickly) and bugger-all (nothing at all. Therefore 'Bris tol's' = 'titties' or 'tits'.a playful name given to male sexual incapasitance due to alcohol consumption.e.cold weather.g.Rhyming Slang. Someone who is 'a bugger' is mo re likely to be 'cheeky' rather than a rogue. brown nose(r) / nosing .meaning pregnant. 'titty'.slang term for gay man.someone who is sycophantic. Bristol's . brew . Used in the term "She's big in the Bristol area". The term derives from the earlier sense. bugger . as in "it's brass monkeys out there". eg "Did you know she's got a bun in the oven ?". i.brass monkeys .com . A popul ar term for a person of Greek origin during the 80's. eg. 8 Mr_doody2004@yahoo.s lang for a cup of tea and sometimes a pint of beer. brewers droop .vulgar term for a gay ma n.

it's the business !".(to) bunk-off .to make an be absent without permission. eg "You wanna see Daves n ew motah. usual examples are "give us a butchers" or "let 's av a butchers".term for sexual intercourse. usually used by children who mi ss days at school. 9 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. bush . bunk-up . eg. "Once Fred er'd the filth were onto him he dun a bunk". butchers . "'allo darlin. A very common example of rhyming slang. buns bottom. short for for 'butchers hook' meaning 'look'.another word fo r . (to do a) bunk .Rhyming Slang . (the) business . fancy a bunk-up!?". leave rapidly. usually used to refer to a mans behind by women.seriously good/wicked/cool.

The meaning for 'ponce' can vary from a dodg y character or idiot or for a homosexual. eg.short for 'Charlie Ronce' . Chan g . cakeh ole . "shut your cakehole !".-Ccabbage . chestnut . Charlie . caned drunk or stoned. A popular 90's .used for tired or stoned . cack . a la Kray era. eg "Shove that in your cakehole !". The phrase dates from the l ate 19th century and is thought to have originated from a scene in a play called 'Broken Sword' by W Diamond. Chalfont St Giles . "I feel totally cabbaged". usually shortened to 'Chalfont's' meaning 'pile s' (haemorrhoids).tea. From Chinese cha. chief .mouth.the scar you get when you have been cut ear to ear is known as a Chelsea smile. Also 'rug muncher'.Rhyming Slang for 'ponce'.an old and predictable joke or situation. "Oooh I'd luv a cup'a char".. cabbaged . (a r ight) Charlie .Modern Rhyming Slang for 'shave'. char / cha . I think this term comes from the criminal underworld of the 60's. Chas'n'Dave . rubbish.sometimes used as an offensive or playful term for someone a bit slo w or foolish. carpet muncher . More recently it can be used as an insult where calling someone 'chief ' is indicating they are a 'bit of a knob'.lesbian. From the likene ss (?) of a woman's pubic hair to a bit of carpet.general respectful term used to address a man.meaning 'Charlie Chang' which in turn is a long form of Charlie. The usual way that the term is used is in the phra se "not that old chestnut !". Normally used in the form 'a right Charlie'.Modern Rhyming Slang. Can also be used for drunk. Sometimes also heard as 'Charles'.widely used slang for cocaine. It can be used to address a superior.faeces. Chalfont St Giles is a town to the north west of London. Also see guv' 10 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. Chelsea smile . slang for cocaine. eg "What a load of old cack you talk sometimes !".

Usually prefixed by 'me ol d'. Two ideas of its origin are i) taken from a cartoon character 'Chunder Loo' taken as Rhyming Slang for 'spew'. short for 'China plate'.Chinese takeaway or person.slang term for a gay man. "I was just about to chuck my muck and the phone rang". claret all over the place !". chutney ferret . clap . "shall we go over the chinky ?" (shall we take a visit to the Chinese takeaway ?).terrible.slang for cigarette. eg. eg "There was a right ding-dong dahn the boozer last n ight.'mate'. "Awright me old china !".clothes. Of Australian origin. eg. chug nuts slang term for faeces stuck to body hair around the anus (who thinks these up ?!).to leave. eg.very happy.from Old French 'clapoir' meaning 'venereal bubo'. chuffed . chinky . e.g.Modern Rhyming Slang for 'trainers' (running shoes).Rhyming Slang. now a cult classic chronic . clobber . kit. Claire R ayner's .term for male masturbat ion. "I've got chronic headache".slang for blood. chuck your/my muc k .to be sick (vomit).slang for penis and also a 1970's popular English bicycle with a banana seat. ii) from the ships used for convict transportation to Australia where the cons w ho were higher up in the ship used to shout "watch under !" before they vomited from sea sickness. ciggy . delighted. chip . claret . e. Often preceded by "a dose of the". catch you later". extreme. "I'm really chuffed with that".venereal d isease .g. "I've gotta go shopping for some new clobber".china .very disappoin ted or overcome with emotion choke/choking the chicken .slang term for a fish and chip shop and also for a carpenter. 11 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. chopper . chunder . Used as a general term to address someone you are at least a bit familiar with. . choked . "I've gotta chip. chippy/chippie . eg.vulgar term used to describe the male orgasm.

probably American origin.police station. orgasm).an expression used to describe an excited or enthusiastic reaction ( notice / see / look at. eg. Derives from the word 'cop'.something that is 'a laugh' eg. Corruption of 'Christ'. 'bread & honey' money. short for 'cobblers awls'.policeman. to get into trouble. (to) cop it . eg "You'll come a cropper if you mess with me mate". A term of ten used by a bit of a rough / 'chicken' out of something or retire early due to laziness. cock .e. craic . Also the term is very much used as a word for 'penis'.(to) clock .an expression of astonishment. Also used for testicles. Derives from the term 'cock-sparrow' and has be en used for at least three hundred years. Of Irish origin. copper . "I'll come over there and clump you if your not careful !". "I bet if you saw his new car you'd crea m your pants !". cocksucker . cobblers .derogatory slang t erm used in many countries. also used to mean to 'get off' with someone sexually. 'balls'. to c atch. Also 'cop a feel' to grope someone sexually. eg. (to come a) crop per .Rhyming Slang. usually punch. cream your pants / knickers . cop-shop . 12 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. to look at. crust . go back on a promise. (to) cop off . (to) cop o ut . nonsense. (to) cop hold . A common phrase heard is "wotcher cock !" meaning 'hello mate'. To 'earn ones crust'. .to fail badly or fall foul of something / someone. clump .to make an excuse to a void something. Probably from bread. Used as a general swear word much in the way 'balls' is. "That's a right load of old cobblers" or as a one word disagreement "Cobblers !".a rubbish story. crikey .to take hold of. cock and bull story .a general term for a hit. "It'll be a right craic".

Also from Hindustani 'khush'. e. cunted . This disl ike probably stems from the aggressive sound of the word which conjures up a nas ty image of the vagina rather than one of a sweet smelling tidy body part like ' quim' or 'muff'.the vagina. i. cunting . I leave you to make your own mind up there ! The word is mostly used as a derogatory term for someone who you have extreme disli ke i. How long the 'C word' remain s taboo will be interesting to see. It has been said that the aggressive way in which men use the w ord is related to vaginal . and is very much disliked by nearly all women. "He's a total cunt !" and sometimes more playfully in male company where it's harsh meaning is somewhat watered down i. All in all it's the one remaining taboo word in the English language intense term of derision. "what a silly bunt !") and it's appearance in film is largely confined to the past ten years. I have left many of the really obvious slang swear words off of the book to save some time but I feel the inclusion of arguably the 'stronges t' word in the English language is necessary.easy.(also kushty) general wor d meaning everything is fine or that something has been resolved. The word can be used to describe a woman's sexual organs.e. 13 Mr_doody2004@yahoo.e. See below. "Cun ting bloody arse ! I can't believe we lost !". You never read it in newspapers or hear it on TV (except in the Monty Python 'Travel Agent ' sketch where it is masked slightly.slang term for a curry. much like buggering or fucking.a 90's term for very drunk. cushy .e.cunt .g. cuzzer . "a right cushy numb er". cushty . From Hindustani 'khush' meaning 'pleasant'. "I was so cunted last night I can't even remember how I got home". "Don't be a cunt John".

dubious person or thing.something that is definite. dead cert . Not used as widely as it once . I think the work diesel simply conjures up images of big trucks and butch things. normally preceded with "a bit of a". deep sea diver .lodgings.variation of the slang term Tom Dick Rhyming Slang for sick (unwell).typical address to female (usu ally of an unknown name). "He 'ad a bit of a ding dong with Dave dahn the boozer last night". dodgy . eg "I w as feeling a bit Dicky". 'what's the damage ?'. eg "It's a dead cert he'll be there toni ght". Dennis Law . dia mond geezer . dog and bone .argument or fight. dipstick .see "skin diver".stupid or slow person.Rhyming Slang for 'shirt'.-Ddamage . 14 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. Gene rally used much in the same way as div..Modern Rhyming Slang for ' draw' (hashish).idiot.a good 'solid' reliable person. fool. eg.. Dicky . diggs . dildo . fool. darlin' . ding-dong . eg.used as an abusive term. eg "He's a bit of a dodg y geezer".one of the most popular words to describe an ugly girl. Dicky (Dirt) . diesel dyke a real butch lesbian. dog . dickhead . Used in it's long and short form (dog). "Has anyone seen Dennis ?" (have you got any 'smoke'?). div/divvy . A familiar (much hated by women) cry from men often heard is "allo darlin'".Rhyming Slang for 'phone'. doddle .something th ats easy / no problem. Terms such as blower and bell seem more popul ar nowadays.

g. to make a car spin by pulling the han dbrake while moving.a co mmon reply as if to say "what did you say ?" or used as an exclamation surprised at what someone has said. do what? . dope . 15 Mr_doody2004@yahoo.another name for a greyhound racing stadium ("I'm just off to the d ogs") or short for the dogs bollocks. duffed in. A vogue term of the 60's only really used in a derogatory way . "He was done up like a dog's din ner" or "You've made a right dogs dinner of this !".slang for penis. A common term for cannabis (see Bob Hope) . eg "Daves new stereo is the dogs bollocks". i. dog's dinner . Doris .e.a term used to denot e something that is 'the best' or exceptional.(the) dogs . eg.e. or someone who's lazy. tramp. e. Normally sh ortened to 'Douglas'. doobry .a slow or fooli sh person i. attractive (usually heavily made-up) woman.down-and-out.beaten up.Modern Rhyming Slang for 'turd'. d ouble bubble .a fairly recent term for a woman who is either plain or unattractive or it could just be used to describe a girl in a derogatory manner as if to say tha t her name is of little importance.a nonsensical word used when you forget the name of something. "I'm working all weekend .e. dosh . Also used in an abbreviated form. dong . "He's a bit of a dope". eg. 'the dogs danglies'.a complete idiot or fool. "Just nipping out for a Douglas mate".a rate of pay meaning 'double time'. eg. 'the mutts nuts'. done over . it's for double bubble though". dolly bird . i. Sometimes shortened to 'the dogs' or 'the bollocks' and often changed to similar sayings ie. "I was out last night with some Doris" or "She's a bit of a Doris".money.overdressed or or in a mess. "This place is dripping with dolly". Douglas Hurd . like a 'thingy'. Apparently this term was invented by city traders i n the 80's. More recently it has been taken on by the younger generation to mean 'cool' or 'excellent' (originating in the US). dosser . doughnut . (the) dogs bollocks . "Most of those girls in mark eting are just dolly birds".

The word is used especially in police and underworld circles and may come from the Romany word drom. dread . dyke . 16 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. but I like to think it comes from the story of the boy who stuck his finger in the dyke.wife. usually the police or some dodgy geezers . drop one . eg. "I feel dred man". Also see diesel dyke. cow and mare are used when the phrase is directed towards a woman. home or building.short for 'Duchess of Fife' . Duch/Dutch .to hide from trouble. .all purpose insulting phrase for someone who's a bit of a fool. Dutch oven . It is of unknown origin. duck and dive .a term meaning wife often heard in the saying 'my old Dutch' though t to be Rhyming Slang .to fart. The term is used throughout the country and in the US etc.a house.a term describin g when you fart and hold your partners head under the covers. but is possibly a back-formation from drummer. Also a Rastafarian term used to des cribe something impressive or cool. dump .dozey mare/twonk/twit/sod/git/cow/twat etc. "I need to take a dump". meaning highway.. Can also be used towar ds a male and is thought to come from the term 'Dutch plate' meaning 'mate'. drum .feeling . either to buy or sell goods or find somewhere to rob.lesbian. someone who knocks (drums) on people' s defecate.

extracting the urine . Meaning t he one at home. Sometimes prefixed with "a ni ce little". eppy .-Eearner .Modern Rhyming Slang for haemorrhoids. Emma Freud's . eg "He threw an absolut e eppy when he found out". freak out or 'go mad'.the wife. not usually honest. Made popular by the character Arthur Dailey from the TV series 'Minder'.a source of income. 'er indoors . 17 different way of saying 'taking the piss'. From epileptic fit.g. "Oooh my Emma Freud's are'narrf playin' up".com .

g. fart-arseing about . "Look at him/her over there.humorous name for male masturbation. but can be heard in the UK. to use in front of your Nan !. e. flippin 'eck / 'ell . Ver y much in the same vein as 'spastic' or 'spaz'. family jewels . Comes from Thalidomide. the drug that caused deformities in baby's.Rhyming Slang for 'balls' (testicles). Derived from the term "shitfaced". fag . e. Of Australian origin... (the) firm .g. but more commonly for a cigarette. flange . fit . short for 'faggot' or homosexu al.g.K.a load of rubbish / a tall story / trickery. he's/she's well fit !".-Ffaced .. e. A fairly recent 90's term especially used by younger generation. (the) filth . five knuckle shuffle . "Don't give me any flimflam". flim-flam .to a ct foolishly and waste time.a classy or flash item that attracts women.a euphemism for shoplifting or thieving general. farmer Giles . . 18 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. it's a right fanny magnet !". e.excellent term for a skinny but attractive girl.e.Rhyming Slang for piles (haemorrhoids). "We got tota lly faced last night".used to describe someone who is sexually attractive and has a well toned body. usually used for an expensive car.g. flid .(flippin heck/hell) a mild form of exclamation which is a euphemism for the word 'fucking'. face-on-a-stick . Could also be used for a bloke.the police.schoolboy humour term usually directed at someone clumsy or stupid.sometimes used in it's American sense be very drunk. The word 'jewels' is pronounced 'jaws'. five finger discount . "You wanna see my new motah.g.a gang of 'dodgy geezers'.slang nam e for vagina. fanny magnet . e. "If you wouldn't have spent so long fart-arsei ng about we'd be their by now".

fu r burger . funny farm . for crying out loud ! . Forest Gump . for fuck sake ! .an occasional bet on a horse race (see gee gee's). the gross ter m 'Would you like to lick the salty end of my fuck stick ?'.Modern Rhyming Slang for 'dump' (defecate).com . fudge packer .slang for penis. folding . i.counterfeit money. Ther e are a few meanings proposed for the phrase 'the full monty'. Can be used "frigging hell/heck" etc. "I'm just off for a Forest".vulgar term for a gay man. 19 Mr_doody2004@yahoo.childish slang term for a French kiss. for God's sake . 'all that is desired'.g. or used as an insult.gross slang term for vagina.a euphemism for 'f ucking'.Rhyming Slang for 'geezer'. full monty .e.e. but the most commonly accepted one is that it c omes from a gambling term where the 'monte' (spanish for mountain) is the kitty or 'pot' of money in the middle of the table. This has been changed to the spell ing 'monty'.float an air biscuit .a stupid person. i. A 90's term used by the same crowd that would use 'banging' and 'large'. "For crying out loud can you hurry up !". "Eeeehh you gave her a Fre nchy !".a expression of fr ustration or fart.a very common expression of frustration.a common expression of annoyance or frustration (and what Robb ie Williams says at the end of the 'Millennium' video)..paper money. fuck stick . flutter . "Have you got any folding on you ?". Frenchy . full-on . with maximum effort. frigging . fo otie . e.mental hospital or institution.'the whole lot'. funny money . fuckwit .Abbreviated form for football.powerful. popularised by the English magazine 'Viz' character c alled 'Terry Fuckwit'.e. i. fridge (and) freezer .

. e.e.Modern Rhyming Slang for 'shitter'. "I got the nod from the missus to come out friday".to receive appro val / permission. jinge) . gagging for it . Used respect fully and for a person of unknown name.a mild threat as if to sa y 'what a load of rubbish !' or 'get out of here !'.g. Also 'dodgy geezer' can be used to describe a man of bad character. e.-Ggabbin . "L ook at the bird over there.e.talking (normally too much).( be very randy or asking for sex in ones mannerisms. Only really used for males. i.popular mildly offensive word for someone you don't like. Gary Glitter .slang for house or place.Rhyming Slang for queer (homosexual). i. The term is often applied to someone interested in computing ..playful name for someone with ginger hair. Originates from the 19th centur y when a 'gaff' was a slang term for a fairground or place of cheap entertainmen t. To 'have a go on the gee gee's' is to place a be t on a horse. 'spod'. ga ff .to lo ok at.e. gin ger beer . geek .g. "give us a gander". i.g. 'propellerhead'.. (the) gee gee's . e. she looks like she's gagging for it".com . get / got off with . gipsies kiss .e. ging'er / ginge . e. geezer .to hav e sexual success with someone. git . A gee k is a socially inept person. i. "Your bird don't stop gabbin !". Also see 'trainspotter'. get / got the nod . "Did you see Shirly the other night ? She go t off with that bloke from behind the bar".a very c ommon term for a man. gander . "I'm dying for a gipsies".g.common Rhyming S lang for 'piss' (to urinate). "some geezer" or to say that someo ne is a bit of a laddish rogue "he's a bit of a geezer". e. There are many disproved origins of the word. used in a similar way to butchers. gercha! . 20 Mr_doody2004@yahoo.g. "I'll meet you round my gaff in 10 minutes" and "He was all over the gaff" (all over the place).a horse of the many American words that have found influence in the UK. "Does she take it up the Gary ?".

"Shut you r gob !". greaser .. Gordon Bennet .g.slang name for a 50's style bloke. e.g. go/go ne/went down a treat . Also this can mean underpants (kecks ). Very similar to the popular word 'minging'. I was totall y gobsmacked".g..someone who talks rubbish all the time. I can't find me Gregs !". 21 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. From northern English dialect. but has an increasing popularity 'dahn saaaf' . goolies .a common word for the mouth.Rhyming Slang for the town 'Burton-on-Trent' meaning 'went' or 'to leave'. e. (to) go down . "Get that pint dahn yer Gregory" (drink that pint of beer quickly). e.balls. i. John's gone down for that blag he did !".an Arsenal fan. Also 'to go down on someone means to carry out ora l sex as it does in other countries. " expose someone to the police.g.similar to 'go off on one'. "Av you 'erd. Derived from the cry "gunne rs !". Supposedly this comes from the Gordon Bennet who founded the NY Herald. Also a slang term for marijuana leaf that is smoked. Taken from the greasy brillcream lo ok of the time. "I couldn't believe it.gob . Strictly a north of England term. goppin' . grass . go/went off on one . Gregory Peck . the clubs nickname (their emblem is a cannon).flabbergasted. gone for a Burton . e.g. grief .something that would be enjoyed. To 'gra ss someone up' is to 'tell on them'.ugly or disgusti ng in some way. To get annoyed or loose control. e. gobsmacked . an informer. "Hey man don't give me grief !". testicles. surprised. gobshite .to get annoyed..e. e. hassle. go into one .g.'to go down' is to be sent to prison. but some say it is a corrupted oath.Modern Rhyming Slang for 'neck'. e. This term is popular in the n orth of England and has recently been used 'down south'. "That'll go down a treat mate". "The missus went off on one when she found out" exclamation much like the antiquated 'good heavens' or 'great Scott'. gooner .

or can be used as a laddish friendly term to ind icate admiration. guv'nor / guv .meaning 'boss'. "After my bird dumped m e I was gutted for weeks !". This probably derives from it's likeness to a furry animal ? The other meaning is: the sort of person who is very drunk in a p ub and is looking for a fight. grub . e. Used much like 'chief'. "Who's guf fed ?".e .Rhyming Slang for 'piss' (urinate).choked or cut up about something..greenie . maybe a mad looking bloke sitting at the bar star ing at people. also 'flob'. "I'm just nipping out for a gypsy's". "A nice bit of grumble and grunt".This term has two sugges ted meaning from two different people... e.g.spit containing mucus. e. gutted .g. "I'd love to see her growler". 22 pass wind.Rhyming Slang for 'cunt'. gypsy's kiss . The first is a slang name for vagina. More often shortened to 'gyps y's'. grumble and grunt .slang word for food. guff . i. growler .

a phrase that has been in use for a few decades meaning to 'have s ex'. half inch .fed up. "I didn't want to sit there watching TV knowing they were having it off in the back room". "Look at the Hampstead's on that bird".horrible or dirty. must 'ave 'ad it away on his toes".to run away quickly. "I 'avn't seen John for a while.. "I was totally hammered last night". Also Lee Marvin.g. 23 Mr_doody2004@yahoo.Rhyming Slang for 'pinch' (steal).(also se e larging it) one of the new phrases that have entered into general use from the clubbing scene. e.-Hhacked off .g.. "T hat bird's hanging mate !". ha mmered . not fully up. "have a banana !" . A lot of the time prefixed with 'totally'. "I dunno where John is. "Shall we go for lunch ? I'm Hank Marvin !". hanging . having it large . e.Modern Rhyming Slang for 'starving'. "had it away on his toes" .short for the Rhyming Slang 'Hampton Wick' meaning 'prick' (penis). "Those tarts down the road charge twent y quid for a hand-job if you're desperate".to exit quickly from a place. e. usually after 'dodgy' act. hand shandy . usually a scene of a cr ime. Harry Monk .a slang term for masturbate. Unknown origin. have it away on his toes .Rhyming Slang for 'teeth'. half mast .g. like a flag at half mast. hand-job . "Were gonna have it large tonight" me aning that you intend to go all out to have a good time. e.g. e.g. e. A overused and clic hed rhyming slang term. Hampton . "I had so much to drink I could only ge t half mast !".com .g.a sill y cockney interjection.a poor erection. annoyed.g. 'e mustuv 'ad it away on 'is toes". e . e. e. usually inserted into a song.g.Rhyming Slang for spunk.. Hank Marvin . Hampstead Heath . have it off .. e.a very common word meaning masturbate the penis.g. . John exclaimed "have some of that !". "I think there upstairs having a bit of how 's your farther !".large 'bong' containing water for smoking cannabis.a common phrase used to describe a cashpoint machine (ATM). hooter .g. i. on the same level of rudeness as 'shag'.used to describe a foolish person or as a mild form of abuse. Especially used by school kids as a mocking term. he's a real headcase !".to have sex. "Can we stop in the High Street on the way. e. Usually said when someone 'goes into one'. "If you don't shut it I'll give you a good hiding !". "You don't wanna mess with t hat bloke. When you inhale on the mouthpiece of the bong the smoke is bubbled through the water whic h cools it (allegedly).nose. Pron. Also see Sloan Ranger. headcase .a mad exclamation used to express pleasure usually after show ing off at something. After destroying the last wave of aliens on the compu ter game. hooters .to get beaten up.g. homo . hump .a term to describe an upper-class twit type character who probably went to public school and who would own a yacht etc.. Herbert .a euphemism for sex.. hole in the wall . Sometim es applied to someone who a violent hardcase. hubbly bubbly . how's your father . e.g. e.breasts. I need to use the hole in the w all.short for homosexual.. The s ort of phrase used in a 'carry on' movie.have some of that ! .e. "aa's yer farva".meaning 'calm down' or 'behave'.g. (a good) hiding . 24 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. Normally prefixed by 'spotty'.". hold it down . h ooray Henry .

g. I had one of those but the wheels fell off !".an old saying that hides a crafty acronym ( iF U C Kate). in stook . 25 . usually in the financial sense. doubtful. inside . "I've 'eard Dave's inside again". Sometimes also extended to "iron hoofter".g.Rhyming Slang for 'poof' (homose xual). iron (hoof) . " You just need to remove the overhead cam slip ring side flange". I had one but the wheels fell off . Compare with 'see you next tuesday'. e. "Oh yeah.dubious.-Iiffy .in prison.a bizarre sarcastic reply that you give when you don't understand what the other person is saying (usually technical). if you see Kate . e.

Scottish man. J. Jack Jones .pint of . j am jar . 'pianna'.Rhyming Slang for 'piddle' (to urinate)..g. i. "Allrig ht John !".lucky.Rhyming Slang for car. 26 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. Pron. Jimmy Riddle .condom. jaffa .hole at end of penis.e. "Fancy a few jars after work ?". jar . Often used to describe a careless driver. Used in it's full form. "yo u jammy sod". Used in it's short form e. John .masturbate.. Normally used in it's short form. (old) joanna .pornographic (usually soft) magazine found in you average newsagent. Jodrell Bank .idiot. i.g. "I'm just off for a Jimmy". e. jazz mag dneck. Jack-the-lad .a cockney term for piano. e. "I was all on me Jack" (I was all on my own).used as a general term for a man if you don't know his name.g. jock . jobby .g.turd. japs eye . "He's a right Jack the lad in hi s car". jerk .Modern Rhyming Slang for fanny (vagina). Arthur Rank .Modern Rhyming Slang for wank..-JJack and Danny . Johnny-bag ..a term usually applied to a young man who is flash and rebellious . US origin. e. a Jaffa is a 'seedless' orange.e. Usuall y shorted by saying 'having a J Arthur'. Also 'Jolly bag'.a term for a man who is sterile. Jodrell Bank is where the largest radio telescope in the UK is sited.Rhyming Slang for 'own'. jerk off ..Modern Rhyming Slang for 'wank' (masturbate) . jammy . e.

juiced / juiced up / juicer .. nice jugs !". jugs breasts. 27 .g. e. "Phwoar.John Thomas .very old affectionate term for the penis. jublies . someone who drinks a lot.

28 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. knock up .Rhyming Sla ng for 'fob' (watch or wristwatch).legitimate.g. I was sure that nutter was gonna kick it off".person of German origin. k nees-up . khyber pass . e.start a fight. kick i t off .. kip .. "I could really do with a kip".exhausted. hones t.g.e. normally with dancing. khazi . knocking shop . Sometimes shorte ned to 'knacked'. knackered .-Kkeep your hair on .party. keep your pecker up . knackers .lavatory (From the Indian). Putting one's knee's up in a danci ng movement. examples . e.. kosher ."I erd she got knocked up by some geezer from dahn the chippy".to get someone pregnant or to wake someone u p. i. "I 'm gonna have a lie in. knock me up when your ready". "There was a real bad atmosphere down the boozer. especi ally after sex (derived from the word describing an old horse). Can also be used for something broken.brothel. kraut . kettle (and hob) . "look on the bright side" etc.Rhyming Slang for . This term can apparently be heard in the TV series 'Minder' but is not often used today.sleep.testicles.a phrase meaning "keep calm". From the Jewish meaning of kosher (acceptable to Jewish dietary laws).meanin g "stay positive".

the law are coming !". leggit .Modern Rhyming Slang for 'flairs' (large trousers).g..a modern term that comes from 'club culture'.g. "five pounds". let one go/rip . To 'have it large' means to go all-out to have a good time.. e.slang terms for lesbian. I understand it to mean "do me a favour !" and can only think 'lemon' must be short for the Rhyming Slang for 'lemon flavour' . leave it o ut .com . e. lezzer / lesser / lesbo .to fart. "He's a right lairy sod". 29 Mr_doody2004@yahoo..g. "Don't give me any of your lip". lairy.cheek. loaf (of bread) ."large portion yes !". large portion . lip . leggit.'got some right lair'.Rhyming Slang for 'head'.a term for a gay man. "don't be stupid . The term is used as if to say "you must be joking !". loaded . lairy .cheek .Rhyming Slang for fiver. used especially towards young people by there elders. "Quick. Sometimes shortened to "Lionel's"..g."stop doing that" or "stop saying that" or as if to say "you must be joking". local . e. leg-over to have sexual intercourse "he got his leg over".. e. limp wristed . An exclamation used to express excitement.-LLady Godiva .g.loud. e. use yer loaf !". larg ing it . "He must be loaded to have afforded that mottah".run away fast.'favour'. lair .someone with a lot of money. (do me a ) lemon . brash..a popular phrase that I have had trouble finding a firm meaning for. Lio nel Blair's .very drunk. "I 'll see you down the local at eight". legless . Similar to the phrase "up for it". e.a common UK term for the local public house.g.

g.lock-in .general (and unliked by mos t women) address to a female.M.R. I just lost it".g.. I'll 'av two pints of best bitter". loose it . lumme .gone crazy/mad. log .money. lolly .D.a daft phrase made popular by the TV series 'Only Fools and Horses' meaning that all is well. love a duck ..a bit of a meaningless phrase indicating loose ones cool. to go crazy . Used as a term t o describe many young city geezers !. 30 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. lost the plot .com .O. e. e. "I dunno what happened.corruption of the oath "Lord love me". luv . jobbie. luvverly jubberly . L.a turd. This may have originated from the Romany wo rd 'loli'. an acronym that stand for Lots Of Money But A Right Dick Head. used by gypsies to mean copper coins.B.where a landlord will close his pub (bar) after official closing time allowing 'friends' to enjoy a late drink. "Awright luv.A. meaning 'red'. similar but mo re acceptable than "fuck a duck". Also see 'afters'.

Also used as an address when the person you are talking too is very much not a 'mate'. minge (pron.g.Modern Rhyming Slang for wanker.a slang expression for a mans 'equipment'.Rhyming Slang for piss (urinate)..g.. mince pies . usually 'the' missus.excellent.. e. An extension of 'mate'. you looking at my bird !".a very common address for either a friend or a stranger of unknown name.g. mate ..g. Usually ass ociated with the criminal underground. "If I see you round my manor again you're dead !". e.drunk. "When I told him about the robbery he went mental". painful.e. minje) a fairly common term for be crazy (sometimes described as a 'mental case') or get very angry.e. he may know". disgusting. "I can't come dahn the pub. mental . Normally used in it's full form. "Look at those right minger's over there !". e. minging . Also sometimes extended to 'matey boy'..g. non plused. May have come from the Irish word 'mullachan meani ng 'strongly built boy' or 'ruffian'.hands. i. "Awright mate !". minger . Mickey (Bliss) . 31 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. i.-Mmalarkey . when someone is described as 'taking the Mickey'. i.stuff.e.. e. they are taking the piss. turf.. "Oi mate.territory. "I was really miffed when he didn't turn up". matey . mint ..Rhyming Slang for 'eyes'.an unattractive person (usually female). "Keep your mitts off of my money". e. A popular 90's term. meat and two veg . area.g. the missus will go mental".g. Also sometimes changed to 'taking the Michael'. e.fed . mitts .g.a reference used for an unknown person. e. e. nonsense. merchant banker .bit of a lad's term for the wife . miffed . manor . mocking. "Ha ve a word with matey over there. Thus. missus . "I was totally minging last night" o r "My head is really minging".

a 'mong' is a dumb or slow person.someone who shouts a lot ot talks too m uch.popular word for vagina or woman's pubic hair. "Don't be a muppet. "I couldn't give a monkey's if she leaves tomorrow".food. morning wood . i.g. moolar ..a slang term for money of uncertain origin. Thought to have come from the word 'mulled'. A popular play on words in recent year s is to say "furry muff" or "hairy muff" instead of "fair enough" and pretend th at the other person must have misheard you !. I can't believe yo ur gonna do that". Originates from the origin al meaning of 'muff' for a fury hand-warmer. "shall we get some munch ?".a term sometimes shortened to 'a monkey's' means you couldn't care less.a fool or victim.a term for 500 pounds. 'maafy'.g. monkey . e. 32 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. To be 'monged' is to be drunk or stoned.a foolish or stupid person. muff . I think it may come from the north of . A saying that I have only heard in recen t years.ugly woman. mo onie . mouthy . muppet .g. e. motor / motah . Especially performed by pissed-up geezers ! moose . Or iginates from the fact that drinking mug's used to be made with ugly faces on them.mong / monged . Made more popular by the 80's song by British comedian Alexi Sayl e 'Hello John got a new motah". e.g.a rather cruel term used as a name for an ugly girl. muff dive .a fairly recent and popular slang for for drunk or generally intoxica ted. erection when waking. munter perform oral sex on a show one's arse to unsuspecting onlookers.. "Shut it you maafy slag !". "She's a righ t moose !". Also for this reason 'mug' can mean 'face'. munch . e..e. mug / muggins ..a common working class t erm for a car. e. mullered . 'ugly mug'. (Thought to be related to the 500 rupee note ?) (don't give) a monkey's chuff/arse/fuck/balls/fart .

Mutt 'n Jeff .Rhyming Slang for deaf. e. 33 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. all-purpose address to male of unknown name. "Wow. After the fortune teller famous for starring on the UK Nationa l Lottery programme. look at the Mystic Meg's on that !".for legs. my / me old fruit . e. affecti onate term of address (normally used by men). In the first sense can be heard in a phrase such as "I hit him in the mush".g.face.Modern Rhyming Slang .g. In the second meaning it is u sed much like the words 'mate' and 'John'.oldfashioned. Mystic Meg(s) . "Awright me old fruit. hows it goin' ?".com .mush .

o r prison..a popular word meaning cheap. not cricket . i.g.e.. a meal. especially of children. nosh / nosh-up . nonce . nadgers . This term comes from the medical term for testicle s 'gonads' and old English sayin g. Popularised by the UK come dy serial 'Porridge'."go aw ay" . A fave saying of mine that uses the word is "does it pump your nadds ?".slang for a 'fifty' (pound note). "He got banged-up in the nick for 6 months". (the) nick .black person.a sex offender. Only really used in a tongue-i n-cheek manner nowadays. "Let's go and get some nosh". naff . does it get you excited ?. "Why don't you naff off". "You look . Recently it has been used to mean oral sex (on men). i. naff off .testicles.e. nancy boy .Rhyming Slang for 'mouth'. e.a late night out. notes . but can be used affectionately between black people. unfashionable. Sometimes used as a general term of abuse much in the way that 'ponce' i s. This is a racis t term if used by a non-black. oral sex. did your bird give you a nosh last night !". nigger . north and south .a small child.a now seldom used term for a gay man. usually drunk.a milder version off fuck off. Can be used as a mild form of "fuck off". naff . The word goes back a couple of hundred year s and it's use in the UK between blacks is probably entirely due to Afro America n influence. 34 term used to mean money in general. The lowest rung on the l adder in prison. If something is 'not cricket' it is not correct protocol as understood by 'de cent' people and certain lines have been crossed.g.e. naff off .police station. (a) night (out) on the tiles .. e. tacky or of poor quality. nifty . in poor taste. nipper ..g.

35 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. nutt er . It derives from the Rhyming Slang 'Nelly Duff' an invented name meaning 'puff' or 'breath ( of life)'.com . e.g.g. "Oi Dave.not many Benny . "You'd have to be a right nutter to start a fight in that place".very popular word for someone crazy or more commonly violent or foolishly daring.a seldom heard phrase now. If anyon e has any idea of the origins of this one I would be old saying meaning 'not on you life' or 'no way !'. Used to indicate agreement.a popular word for a pound coin. nugget . Sometimes pronounced "nuttaah". not on your Nel ly . e. lend us a nugget".

drunk or . "D'y ou fancy popping dahn the offie for some booze ?".to leave. oily (rag) be involved in sexual activity. old fruit . on your bike ! . "Awright me old fru it. Also. "Sorry about the smell. off your face . "I'm gonna do the Frank".Rhyming Slang for 'fag' (cigaret te).-Oodour colon . i.e. old boy / old chap . one-eyed trouser snake etc.g. 'one-eyed' is used as a prefix to m any phrases for the penis. crazy. one-eye(d) . "Last night I was totally off my face !". To 'do the Frank' is Mod ern Rhyming Slang for Frank Bough (off). e. "I'm gonna do the off". Of unknown origin.crazy.g. i.very common term for an off-licence (where they sell alcohol). "L ook at that poor old boy over there". 36 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. "John's got a smile on 'is face.g.e. ou t of your tree . on the game . e. must 'av been on the job all night". be common exclamation for 'go away' or 'you must be joking'.a bit mad. (do the) off /frank . it's my odour colon". off your tr olley / rocker . on the job .the term 'old boy' can be used for an old man. offie . how's it going ?". be very drunk. or can be used as a euphemism for the affectionate address.the hole at end of penis..a pun on 'eau de cologne'.

pants ! . phat .when something has 'gone pear-shaped' it has gone wrong. Probably derived from the 'sagging' shape of a pear. Comes from the supposed pain caused by anal sex. i. "That exam I had to do was piss-ea sy". piss-easy . parky . It can be used as an exclamation of frustration (much in the way that 'arse !' is) or to describe som ething that is bad or rubbish. paki shop . Used in it's full form.e.-Ppaki . 'Pretty Hot And Tempting' and PHysically ATtractive' whe n the term was used in reference to a woman.A 90's term that seems to be very popular recently. e. "I woke up with a real pan handle this morning".e. pen and ink . peanut smuggling what a girl is said to be doing when her nipples can been seen through her . see below. pan handle .a derogatory term used to describe anyone who looks vaguely Asian even though it is an abbreviation for Pakistani.e.chilly (weather). "Did you watch the Arsenal match. 37 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. thus using ones pillow to bite on. wasn't it pants ?". "Pictures of the Queen mate !".the common name given to the act of ejaculating on the upper chest and neck of a woman during sex. "How do you want paying ?". Pete Tong . "Look at that girl over there. Usually used sarcastically.g. "It's a bit parky out there".something that is very easy.a homosexual.g.Rhyming Slang for stink. pictures of th e Queen . Possible origins are 'Pussy Hips And Tits'.an erection. i. e. Some times prefixed by 'a load of old' or 'complete'. A common phrase that can be heard is "It's all gone Pete Tong !". The term is offensive. thus giving the appearance of a pearl neck lace (allegedly).Moder n Rhyming Slang for 'wrong'.paper money. pillow biter . pear-shaped . From Afro American origin. often expensive !) often run by Asians.a slightly racist (but sometimes semi-affectionate) term used to des cribe a corner shop (always open.general term of approval. she's smuggling peanuts !". especially if the person is Indian and not Pakistani. One common phrase that uses the term is "Paki shop". pearl necklace . i. Thanks to Chris Bay.e. i. From the upward angle of a cooking pan handle.

a h abitual drinker or drunkard. Popularized by the UK TV comedy 'O nly fools and horses'..a word with many meanings in the idiot. or "You're pulling my plonker". usu ally on drink. "Stop poncing about.g. plates of meat . 'pissed as a fart'.to spend money foolishly.pissed . e. 38 Mr_doody2004@yahoo.Rhyming Slang for 'crap'. piss off / pissed off .unlike the American version of the word (which means 'annoyed').slang term for £25. "I'm sure that bloke over there is playing p ocket billiards". to be 'pissed off' is to be annoyed or fed up. If you call someone a ponce you could be indicating that they are very flashy or even a bit camp. The term 'ponce about' ("stop poncing about !") is directed at someo ne who is aimless or slow especially when the person using the term is impatient ly waiting for them.a euphemism for fondling the 'meat and two v eg' through the pockets in one's trousers. An example wou ld be "Are you gonna ponce off me all night or are you gonna get your own fags ? ". Also 'spunk it up the wall'. ponce . this i s the most common slang term for being drunk.e. we've got to be there in 5 minute s !". Another term is 'ponce off' meaning 'to scrounge' and comes from the origi nal usage where a ponce is a pimp earning money from prostitutes.a big drinking session. fool. pony and trap .com .g. 'p issed as arseholes'. e. "I can't believe I got payed last week and I'v e pissed it all up the wall !". pissed-up . i. pony . An example of this can be heard in the theme tune for 'Only fools and horses' (UK comedy) which says "I put a pony in my pocket.". plank .. fool or a word for penis. piss-head . piss it up the wall . drugs or idiot.g. Other variants are 'pissed-up'.a well known Rhyming Slang term for 'feet'. "Fancy coming out for a piss-up". e. It's original meaning was similar t o that of the US 'pimp' but it is used more as a term of general abuse now. Used in both it' s short ('plates') and long form. 'pissed as a newt' etc. be very drunk. i. piss-up . "You complete plank ! ".e.telling someone to 'piss off' is a milder version of 'fu ck off'. plonker . pocket billiards / pool . You could say "I'm going for a pony" (going to the toilet) or that something is 'pony' (no good). Also 'boozeup'. "Rodney you total plonker !".e.

The other is to masturbate with a cond om on. nerd. "He's just nipped off to powder his nose". posh wank .a geek.g. Especially used to lab el someone who is into technology/computing but socially inept. "You' re tellin' porkies mate". i. "Time to go home.e. i.means 'authentic' or 'first-rate'. One is to receive a hand-job from your wife/girlfriend/other. pukka . powder your nose . lads. 39 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. Originates from the Hindi word 'pakka ' meaning 'substantial'. pump your nads . just going through the motions. pro .e.porky pies . I've booked a posh wank tonight".e. From the process of eja culation (where 'nads' is a shortening of gonads).there are two meanings for this modern phrase. e.short for prostitute. punter . e. This word was originally used in the Indian colonies.g. Thanks to Tristan Paramor for the first suggestion. i.the paying public. propellerhead .Rhyming Slang for 'lies'.a euphemism for taking cocaine. I've also had an additional meaning se nt in where a posh wank can also refer to a woman who doesn't move about too muc h during sex. .something that gets you excited (sexually or otherwise) or that you really like. a customer. "We really won't know how well the business will go until we start getting the punters in". Mostly shortened to 'porkies'.g. "Where's Dave ?". "Yeah that really pumps my nads".

40 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. Usually quick act of sexu al intercourse.very common term for a gay man. Can also be used as a term for having a qui ck drink. quickie .to be in trouble or in a difficult situation is to be 'in queer street'.-Qqueer . queer street .com .

he'll go Radio Rental !".drunk.see Charlie Ronce and ponce.Rhyming Slang for 'turd' (excrement) or 'bird' (girlfriend). i. "Av you got any readies Jo hn. i. Richard the Third . reefer . horrible etc. result . roger / rogering . you should av' seen the ropey old bird Dave was snogging last night. e.a successful outcome to something. (a) right Charlie . rev up ! . Coined from th e well known chain of TV hire shops in the . Always used in it's short form. Used mainly in it's full have sexual intercourse with.g.e. "We were rampe d after that bottle of wine". ring-piece . ropey .Rhyming Slang for 'tea'. The phrase "Y ou've got more rabbit than Sainsbury's" also comes from the blow a raspberry comes from the Rhyming Slang 'raspberry tart' meaning 'fart'.an exclamation much the same as 'on your bike' as if to say 'get out'.g.e.Rhyming Slang for 'nipple' or 'cripple'. "I see the gooners 'ad a right result yesterday !".g. e. Normally appli ed to someone who talks too much especially a nagging woman. readies . i. e. Rosie Lee .-Rrabbit (rabbit and pork) .common word for a cannabis 'j oint'. " That curry I had last night has scorched my ring-piece !". 41 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. raspberry ripple . N ormally prefixed with 'totally'. he must have been hammered".e. 'you must be joking'.g. e. Used in it's short form. Popularized by the classic(?) Chas & Dave song "Rabbit rabbit(?)". i. I don't wanna put this on plastic ?". usually either a sporting eve nt or something at least slightly dodgy. rat-arsed . Radio Rental .drunk. Often prefixed with "a right". of poor quality. "You wait till Dave sees the state of his car.e. (to blow a) raspberry (tart) . ramped .Modern Rhyming Slang for 'mental' (crazy / angry). "Blimey.Rhyming Slang for 'talk'. "D'you fancy a cup of Rosie Lee ?".relatively common term for the anus. "I gave her a right goo d rogering !".

42 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. "Where that bastard gone ? I bet he's done a runner !".e.Rhyming Slang for 'curry'. After the popular singer. or the scene of a crime promptly.wig.leave an area unexp ectedly. toupee. i.Ruby (Murray) .a fight . rug .com . ruck .g. (do a) runner . From the word 'ruckus'. "Are y ou coming out for a Ruby tonight ?". e. Used in long and short form.

g. all is fine.Rhyming Slang for 'snout'. salt / sort .e. shit for brains .to be treated badly. The old phrase "Can I have a word in your shell-like ?". "I'd give her a good seeing-to".g. Scooby-Do .g. e.very co mmon mildly rude term for sexual intercourse. "That's a real shitter" feel tired.common term for the anus.Rhyming Slang for 'fake'. a 'loose' woman or sexual partner) and has been used since the 19th century.-Ssafe . e. Sexton Blake .good. There are many more. must av been out with some old sort he met the ot her night". 'sort'. "I'm totally shafted if I don't get that job". salmon and trout . Usually pron. e.g. "I 'avn't a Scooby mate". scrounge . shafting .g.term of abus e for someone of low wit or intelligence.k . e. shagged-out . scarpa / scarper .a huge amount.Modern Rhym ing Slang for 'clue'.an very rude acronym (C U Next Tuesday).to run off / leave quickly. shag .very drunk.t he word salt means woman (esp. seeing-to . "I gave her a good shafting". meaning tobacco.Rh yming Slang for Scapa Flow .to beg or sponge off of others. 43 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. "I've got a shed-load of dodgy stuff for sale". shell-like .to perform sexual intercourse. sausage jockey . shed-load . e. shitf aced . shafted .g. It is used in a slig htly derogatory way and is nearly always prefixed by 'some old'. Also see "Garry Glitter". "Dave wasn 't dahn the boozer last night. e. Can be abbreviated to 'faced'.a gay man (a man who 'rides' 'sausages').i. General term used to indicate that everything is o. to be in trouble. e. shitter .com . Ca n also be used as a term of frustration .the ear. see you next Tuesday .sexual intercourse.

a particularly strong variety of marijuana. usually unexpectedly. Used by men and women.Rhyming Slang for 'cunt'. "I'm dying for a slash". Named so because of it's str ong smell. Often preceded with "a bit of".to have no money.a bald per son.Modern Rhym ing Slang for 'cab' (taxi). Thus known because of the star shaped badge of a wild west sheriff. "Fancy a st roll down the pub for a few sherbets ?". sherman (tank) . e. 44 Mr_doody2004@yahoo.Rhyming Slang for 'wank' (to masturbate). sky rocket .a common term for a loose of many slang terms for the anus. Derives from the Turkish word 'sherbet' which was a cooling drink made from fruit juice. stick that in y our sky rocket !". skirt .g. Probably gone for a sherman !" . e.a gay man.a very common slang term for urination. Sir Anthony Blunt . A common 'lads' .to give something a good 'shoeing' is to give it all you've got or to go for it. slash .g.g. e. skin d iver . It can also be used amongst me an insult and can be heard in 70's and 80's police drama's ("Shut it you sl !"). "I never realized this was such a good place to eye skirt" or "What y ou need is a nice bit of skirt to cheer you up". slag .com . Normally used in it's short form. e. Also "deep sea diver". Also see 'berk'.g. slapper . shirtlifter .an alcoholic drink (usually a b eer). e.Rhyming Slang for pocket. Comes from t he fact that ones shirt would have to be lifted before anal intercourse.y oung attractive woman. sheriffs badge . "John's been ages in the toilet. "She n as aaag . "He're a monkey son. skint . Also see 'boracic' and 'potless'.Modern Rhyming Slang for 'fiver' (five pound note). skunk . slaphead .g. sherbert dab . penniless. sherbet / sherbert . shoeing .to have to pay for. e is a right old slag".a very common word for a loose woman or generally a rough looking bird.

spliff . dickhea d. Originates from the West Indies. Also another name for cannabis unpopular young person. weak individual. e. "Nice one son !".an erection. A childish word. i. Popular 90's usually with tongues.g. I 've got a right stork on after seeing that bird".t o loose ones temper. dependable (a solid geezer). sort .g. Another word for a 'geek' or an 'anorak'. 45 Mr_doody2004@yahoo.derived from the word smegma.e.gen eral term of address to a male. spanner . ie "You're 'avin a Steffi mate !". A prison term. son . "I woke up with a real stiffy this morning". e. Steffi (Graff) . Sally got a snog off John after the disco !") or humorously by others ("Fancy a snog luv ?"). sp od . "Have you any sp onds you could loan me ?".". normally a boy. snog . Popularized (if not actually invented) by the UK TV series 'Red Dwarf'.an erection. "When she finds out she'll go spare. Usually used in a friendly way. e. stork .g. "You don't have to worry about Dave.common term for a canna bis cigarette. spondulics . Derives from the fact that the s moking of banned tobacco in prison was often masked by pretending to rub the nos e.a general term of addre ss towards a man similar to 'guvnor'. mainly used by teenagers ("Cor . stoke-on -trent .see kiss. spoof/spuff .g. . snout . "Oh smeg I forgot to post that letter !".Rhyming Slang for 'bent' (homosexual). Usually someone interested in computing or something considered unfashionable. squire . Probably from the Greek word 'spondulikos' a type of shell u sed as an early form of money. Can be used as an exclamation or a euphem ism for fuck.a idiot. spare . smeghead .e. "Aw. stiffy . to go crazy.smeg ! .reliable. e. (suggested by Chris Donnelly).semen.tobacco. Also shortened to 'sponds'. i. solid . This saying was ver y much popularized by the UK TV series 'Red Dwarf'. he's a solid bloke".Modern Rhyming Slang for 'laugh'.

implying something is genuine. suss . e. sweets .savvy/know how. stroll on ! .Rhyming Slang for The Flying Squad .Rhyming Slang for for 'wig'.com .g.slang for 'excellent' or 'cool'.pron. "Awww you got me in the sweets !". syrup of figs . Sometimes preceded by "stroll on". stunner . "He got a lot of suss". strike a light .what someone might say if they catc h you out. sweet . (badly) sussed . e. " See that old bloke over there. o r well adjusted / together.meaning 'nice'.e. is that a syrup he's wearing or what ?". ripped off. 46 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. stuffed . Used as the name for the TV show 'The Sweeny' ("Shut it y ou slaaag !").seriously.straight-up .can mean found out / old exclamation only really heard as a tong-in-cheek Cockney phrase nowadays.g. i n trouble etc. straight-up !". sweet as a nut . e. For example if you disagree with someone on a point and are then proved wrong the other person migh t say "Badly sussed mate !". "I tell ya.a euphemism for testicles. 'simple'. "I'll be completely stuffed if my wife finds out".g. A very good looking bird. i. stuffing .general exclamation of disbelief. e. "I gave her a good stuffing". 'stunnah'.after the demon barber who tu rned people into pies. it cost me twice that. sussed / sussed out .to perform sexual intercourse (male perspective). eg. 'no problem'.done in. Sweeny Todd .g.

Often heard in UK TV police drama's. (on your) Todd . (to) take the biscuit .Rhyming Slang for 'potatoes in the mo uld' meaning cold. toerag . tomtit . "There was a right ruck dahn the pub last night and then these headcases go t tooled-up !". Often abbreviated to "froops". taters . tooled-up . "I've heard that Jim's gonna get the tin tack". The word taters is an abbreviation of potatoes.originally means a tramp or a vagrant but used more as a mild offensive term. tom . After the famous jockey.a 'street walker' (prostitute). e.short for Todd Sloane. "I can't believe what he did.the penis. Vulga r version of 'belly-up'. tadge . e.the penis.g.g.g. tooled .Rhymin g Slang for 'tits'. tea leaf . There is no evidence that the term i s part of a Rhyming Slang get very drunk . usually with improvised weapons like bottles or sticks. thrupenny bits .all gone wrong. tin tack . to be even worse than first thought. e. I still can't find the reason for this but I know that the polic e used to refer to girls from the Piccadilly area as 'Edie' as it was seen as a poor persons name and the Piccadilly / Bayswater Road were considered 'cheap' st reets. a foolish person. tool . e. "There's you lot having a wild time and I'm left here all on me' To dd".Rhyming Slang for 'shit'.see chestnut.-Ttadger.Rh yming Slang for . Rhyming Slang f or 'own'. The t erm goes back many years and was the name given to prostitutes from the Mayfair area of London. tanked (up) .a euphemism for drunk. e. that old chestnut . ar m add insult to injury. that really takes the biscuit !".g. to be made redundant at work.g. tits-up .Rhyming Slang for 'sack'.g. "You complete toerag !".Rhyming Slang for 'laugh'. 47 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. tin bath . "Just nipping out for a tomtit".

Rhyming Slang for 'state' (in a panic etc).g. Named because of t he frequent trip to the khazi if you have this condition. top drawer . two 'n' eight .R hyming Slang for 'wife'. trouble and strife . thermos flask. excellent. "O. From the pointless act of kicking tyres when lookin g round a second-hand car.a euphemism for sexual activity.a socially inept young mal e who records useless information about trains such as number and ! . Also used to describe someone who han gs around a DJ watching him mix.something that is excel lent or a person that is in a position of authority. 'stop that'. trashed .e. tyre kicker . turn it in . (the) trots . e. top bannana . A 90's term. no need to get in a two and eight". turtles/tortoise head .com . trainspotter .similar to 'top bannana'.. 48 hav e the tortoise/turtles head is to need to defecate urgently.common word for an ugly girl. "Quick.g. like a turtles head poking out ! e. trouser action .a time waster.'calm down'. unfashionable shoulder bag and an anorak. trog . The 'classic' trainspotter will have a spiral bo und notebook. 'leave it out'.common term for getting very drunk. "We got completely trashed la st night".diarrhoea. I've got the turtles head !". e. i. quick.k. Used as a term of abuse much like 'geek' or 'spod'.

49 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. usually by mistake. From the song 'Widecombe Fair'. Uncle Tom Cobley and all .to be willing to have a good .to be pregnant.a male homosexual. A 'duff' is a pudding (usually plum). The term is a reference to anal intercourse.-Uup for it .a phrase mea ning 'everyone'. up the duff . so to be up the duff is to have 'a bun in the oven'. Can be used sarcastically as in "I bloody turned up to find Unc le Tom Cobley and all there !". uphill / upstairs gardener . Also for a woman to be sexually available. I leave it to your imagination to work it out.

-Vvinegar stroke . The two most li kely are (1) Ejaculation likened to vinegar spraying from a shaken bottle and (2 ) the face one makes when tasting vinegar is akin to that pulled when orgasming. There are a few meanings. 50 .the assumed last thrust of intercourse or hand stroke (of masturbation) when ejaculation occurs.

"I was dying for a wank". weasel and stoat . From the appearance of a number of folded notes. wank stain . well ard/hard . Examples of it's use are . well up for it .a reply given when someone has made an irrelevant statement in regards to the currently discussed subject.a n old English word that is a very common term of abuse.Rhyming Slang for coat. masturbate wank on .to masturbate.-Wwank . e. "If you want to go out Saturday night I'm well up for it !".to bore. whirly . 51 Mr_doody2004@yahoo. e. they're a load of old wank!".g.g. "I was so off my face last night that I started to get a bit whirly".money.a spot of tomfoolery often engaged in by drunken lads where the victim is lifted by his underpant elastic thus pulling the gusset into the bum crack (v ery painful !).someone or something that is very tough or can be used as an exclamation of appreciation. e.common name for cannabis leaf. e. urinate. tal k endlessly. Can also be used as a neg ative retort "Oh wank!" and more recently to describe a something considered use less etc."I got paid a fair old wedge for doin' that job" or "Are you wedged-up and ready to go ?".com .to be very interested in something. wazz . wanker .g.g. wankered . "Oh for god sake.g. wank mag . From 19th century Yorkshire dialect meaning 'idio t'. A wanker is an idiot or an unpleasant person.the unpleasant spinning feeling one get's when very drunk. what's that got to do with the price of eggs ? . you really wank on don't you!". wedge . well I go to the foot of my stairs ! . wedgie .general term of abuse. "I hate the Spice Girls. weed .a modern term meaning 'very drunk '. "I'm just off for a wazz".an archaic exclamation of surprise.pornographic magazine wank off .

money. cool.g.something that is a potential success. e. woolie woofter . wind up .to . "I've got loads'a wonga since I got that pay rise.someone who specializes in teasing.a name for the sort of 'nutter' who sits next to you on the bus and does something weird. window licker . 52 Mr_doody2004@yahoo.e.excellent. "Be sure to wear a whistle if y our coming to the wedding".". wind-up merchant .whistle and flute . 'wanger'. wicked . e.a character from an Evening Standard cartoon. wonga . Have heard this one from a number of people but Lee Austin sent me a 'survey form' with it on so he gets the credit. "You must have seen from a mile awa y it was a wind up ?". A phrase that has become somewhat over used.g. i. wi nner . Has been replace by 'bad' and 'phat'. From US African American origin.Rhyming Slang for suit. From the Romany word for coal. Taken as Rhyming Slang for 'poofter' (gay man). to perform a prank.

This book was collected and printed through the internet. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means. I just introduced it! For more information send me an email at: Mr_doody2004@yahoo. All rights reserved. "I really must get some zeds before we go out tonight". -Zzeds .sleep. or by any information storage and retrieval system without the written permis sion from Mr. Doody.-XNo Entries -Yyob . e. including photocopying. electronic or Copyright © 2009 b y Mr. From Backslang for 'boy'. zei g heils . recordin g.Rhyming Slang for piles. Doody. 53 Mr_doody2004@yahoo.a horrible or uncouth young man.

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