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#2,MUMBAI- 400028 Tele: +92 22 24467314 ; CELL: 9820600875 e-mail:yogeshlajmi@yahoo.com RECTIFICATION/CORRECTION OF BIRTH TIME It is the experience of almost all of us that no Birth is recorded correctly with regard to the exact hour,minute and second…for a variety of reasons…mainly because in different parts of India different parameters are followed…for example the correct TOB could be at the Time: 1)When the head is seen…or 2)When the delivered infant touches the ground or delivery table...or 3)When the umbilical chord is severed…or 4)At the first breath of the infant usually at the time of the first cry…(the obstetrician is known to hold the newborn by his feet and give a sharp slap to elicit the cry…) as that Is when the infant begins to ‘live on his own’… As per K.P. this is the correct TOB when the infant has to breath in order to cry… ! This is very difficult, as both the Nurse and the Doctor are busy cleaning the infant…naturally the best alternative is to use the Rectify the Time of Birth later,using the K.P. System.... Rectification of Birth Time,or the determination of the Exact Time of Birth,has assumed great importance in the present days,because a consultant expects the Astrologer to give his predictions very accurately,and if possible give the exact date and time of an event ,either yet to take place or already taken place… Several methods came to be devised/prescribed by the different systems of Astrology,the old Traditional Astrological Method,the Tajik System,the K.P System,the Cuspal Interlink System of (CIL),Mr.K.Bhaskaran of Madurai,and Khullar’s KCIL, a slight modification of Bhaskaran’s CIL theory…. Let us now examine the various methods as per Krishnamurthi Padhdhati…I will restrict our discussion to the easily practicable methods,now made possible by the advent of Computers and improved and very accurate,specially designed Software,which removes the cumbersome calculations of the old systems/methods…like using Ghatis Vighatis and the like … Guruji KSK’s system was inspired on reading and studying in depth Brihat Jataka, by the great Varahamihira…Chapter 26,stanza 17,where a method to arrive at the correct Lagna from the Time of the Query is described…KSK drew inspiration from this stanza, which very unfortunately,remained ignored and no worthwhile research was attempted for the past so many years… ! After a great deal of experimentation KSK,discovered that the Time Of Birth and the Time when the urge to work out and erect the Birth Chart,and the moment of the query,have a direct relationship, and there can be no two opinions on this score…in other words,thus was born the THEORY OF RULING PLANETS …and the axiom that at the Ruling Planets at Time of Judgement,or beginning to work, will always govern the Lagna crowning KSK with unprecedented Fame and Glory ! ! The importance of correctness of the Date,Time and Place of BIRTH… The importance and usefuness of the Correct Date and Time of Birth,has increased a great deal,these days…for : 1)Admission to school, 2)Appearing at competetive Examinations, 3)Entry into the service in Govt., or Public Sector,and Private sector too… 4)For Insurance purposes… 5)For marriage purposes…horoscope matching etc… 6)For forecasting future events accurately… 7)For helping choose the most suitable Education Qualification/ Profession… Rectification of Birth Time : A. When the given Time of Birth is suspected to be + or – 20 to 25 minutes from the exact Time of Birth,then the one may resort to a very simple method…Simply adjust the TOB such that the sublord and subsub-lord of the Ascendant appear as the Moon’s star-lord and sublord, that TOB thus computed…will be the Exact Time of Birth. B. In all other cases The Ruling Planets at the time of judgement/query,will surely rule the Ascendant …fully...(with due substitution of the nodes)… Note: If one wants to find out the correct position of the Moon,with that query in one’s mind,note the RPs at the TOJ…and write down the position of the Moon,accordingly… If the correct Birth time is expected/suspected to be more than plus or minus 25-30 minutes,away from the given Time Of Birth(TOB)., then the method is as folows: a) First take the Ruling Planets at the time,when a strong urge arises... b) Then arrange write down the Sign lord,Star-lord, Sublord and sub-sub-lord of the MOON position at that Time... c) Now re-arrange these as : Sign-Lord,Star- lord,Sub- lord and sub-sub-lord as the degree in which the Ascendant is posited...

.. The same as in A… . Principles.Ganapati (eldest son) 2. . The late Shri K.Subramaniam (2nd son) 3. Yet another method is that. whenever one meets with a minor accident or gets a minor cut with a knife or blade.and work out the Lagna at that time.S. C.Sothida Chakravarthy Shri K. Mysteriously. . Sothida Mamani Shri K.Krishnamurthi) 4.Lagna Starlord and Lagna Sublord..P.d) Now work out the time for this position of the Ascendant.. READERS ARE REQUESTED TO PLEASE TRY THIS OUT AND INFORM References: 1... D...Astrosecrets & K...P. .and work out the exact Time.Hariharan (youngest son) (sons of Jyotish Marthand late Shri K.note the EXACT time at that moment. this will be the EXACT TOB.the sublords of the Houses IV.as per K.VIII & XII will be appearing as Lagna-lord.immediately.

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